Analog-to-Ethernet/Wireless Converter (MT200A2EW Series)

The MultiConnect® AEW analog-to-Ethernet/wireless converter is a convenient turnkey solution that allows legacy equipment with built-in analog modems to connect to the cellular packet data network. By emulating the traditional dial-up PSTN network and using integrated or external cellular modems, the affordable MultiConnect AEW converter gives new life to devices currently using traditional analog dial-up communications. 




  • Extends the life of legacy dial-up devices by connecting them to cellular or Ethernet internet networks
  • Saves time and money on post purchase industry-specific certifications


  • 3G HSPA+ cellular radio
  • Outbound and inbound calling 
  • Certified in North America, European Union, and Australia/New Zealand (Pending)
  • Supports packet data and PPP pass-through modes
  • RJ-11 port provides dial tone and DTMF detection
  • Supports analog modem connections from 300 baud to 33.6K bps with error correction and data compression
  • Open VPN with Open SSL Encryption for secure connections
  • Plastic chassis for indoor environments

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