Fax Server (FF240-IP-2 Series)

FaxFinder® has a new home. 
Visit www.faxfinder.net 

The FaxFinder® IP fax server is a network attached appliance that replaces all the fax machines in any operation. This centrally located solution lowers the cost of fax operations by enabling users to send and receive faxes electronically through a SIP trunk interface with T.38. The FaxFinder IP supports 2-channels of simultaneous faxes and can be upgraded to 24-channels using the FF240-IP-UPGRADE codes. 

All FaxFinder IP hardware (FF240-IP-2 & FF240-IP-2.R1) and channel upgrades are now compatible with the etherFAX® network, providing users a dedicated fax network built for speed, reliability and security. While SIP/T.38 faxing is still available, MultiTech has selected etherFAX as the preferred method of fax transport with FaxFinder IP. etherFAX is available for all customers in North America. 

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