3rd Generation Partnership Project

The Mobile Broadband Standard

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP™) unites [Seven] telecommunications standard development organizations (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA, TTC), known as “Organizational Partners” and provides their members with a stable environment to produce the Reports and Specifications that define 3GPP technologies.

3GPP is a trade mark of ETSI

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CBRS Alliance

LTE-Based CBRS Technology

The CBRS Alliance is an industry standards body, composed of member companies who all work together in support of the development, commercialization, and adoption of LTE solutions for the US 3.5 GHz Band (i.e. Citizens Broadband Radio Service or CBRS), and evangelizes the benefits of LTE-based CBRS technology, use cases, and business opportunities. Through its OnGo™ Certification Program, the CBRS Alliance promotes interoperability and coexistence amongst different wireless technologies operating within the CBRS Band.

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Energy Telecom and Electrical Association

ENTELEC is a user association focusing on communications and control technologies used by petroleum, natural gas, pipeline and electric utility companies.


Global Certification Forum


The Global Certification Forum (GCF) is a non-profit, global membership driven organization that promotes mobile and IoT certification programs for conformity to agreed standards of interoperability.   With certification programs continually evolving, GCF provides the confidence in connectivity wherever you are.


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IoT M2M Council (IMC)

Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

The IMC is a trade organization for the machine-to-machine communications industry, and it brings a new approach - it will stant for M2M as its own global  industry - it will not see M2M through the narrow lens of a single product category, nor will it see M2M solely as applied to a single vertical industry. The IMC will strive to bring together M2M Solutions Providers and Adopters of M2M technology into a single membership organization.

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International Sanitary Supply Association

Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

The leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA has a membership that includes more than 9,300 distributor, manufacturer, manufacturer representative, building service contractor, in-house service provider, residential cleaning, and associated service members. 

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LoRa Alliance

Wide Area Networks for IoT

The LoRa Alliance is an open, non-profit association of members who believe that the Internet of Things era is now! Our members are collaborating together and sharing experience to drive the success of the LoRa protocol, LoRaWAN®, as the open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWA connectivity. With a certification program to guarantee interoperability and the technical flexibility to address the multiple IoT applications be they static or mobile we believe that LoRaWAN can give all THINGS a global voice. 

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Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Ready for Change. Ready to Grow.

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is the state's largest and premier business organization, representing more than 2,300 businesses of all types and sizes across Minnesota. Your needs are our priorities as we work with you to make Minnesota a better place for businesses to locate, stay and grow.

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Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc.


Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. is a trade association serving the communication and signal segment of the rail transportation industry. RSSI continues to grow with over 280 member companies. The association was incorporated in 1966 as the Railway Signal and Communication Suppliers Association Inc. The governing body of the RSSI is made up of fifteen directors from fifteen member companies and meets two times a year. 

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Utilities Technology Council


The Utilities Technology Council (UTC) is a global association focused on the intersection of telecommunications and utility infrastructure. UTC gives voice to the men and women in the utility workforce who create and maintain critical communications systems that help keep the lights and the water flowing.  UTC sits at the nexus between the energy and telecommunications industries, which are rapidly converging and becoming more interdependent.


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