Get to market quickly with MultiTech's pre-approved and ready-to-integrate embedded device networking solutions with Universal Socket connectivity and Universal IP®. Once deployed, your initial design and host application can quickly adjust to new technologies, essentially future-proofing your solution.

Universal Socket Connectivity

MultiTech's Universal Socket is a flexible, comm-port architecture that allows you to utilize one system design and populate it with your connectivity module of choice:

  • Interchangeable socket devices
  • Provides cellular, Ethernet, PSTN or Wi-Fi® network access
  • Quick-to-market
  • Global approvals
  • Easy migration to future networks - Simply upgrade your connectivity module and keep your product current and design intact


Universal IP®


A consistent development interface


  • Designed for applications where enhanced M2M communications connectivity is required
  • Future-proofs applications as new technologies are introduced
  • Allows developers to write a unique host application with freedom to select from a growing number of Universal Socket communication devices

The following products feature Universal Socket and/or Universal IP:

SocketModem® Cell

Cellular Embedded Modems

Complete, ready-to-integrate 4G-LTE Cat 4, Cat 1 and Cat M1 cellular embedded modems (MTSMC Series) using MultiTech's Universal Socket design.



Embedded Analog Modem

SocketModem® (MTxxxx-SMI Series) embedded analog modem integrates data/fax at high speed over a standard telephone line. Small size allows OEMs to integrate in any product platform.


SocketEthernet IP®

Intelligent Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server

SocketEthernet IP® (MT100SEM Series) connects serial devices to IP networks to remotely monitor, control and configure your equipment. Universal Socket enables migration to future networks.