Customer Focus

We deliver technology solutions that help our customers grow revenues and increase market share. Through the years, the MultiTech Custom Solutions Group has supported the design and commercialization of billions of dollars in global products sales.

Our team has extensive experience in gathering and recording field data providing our customers with detailed marketing information that allows them to know exactly how their customers use their products.  This provides our customers with valuable insights making them leaders within their industry.

We proactively bring new technology and innovation to our  customers to provide them with competitive advantages in your markets.

One-Stop Shop

We pride ourselves in innovative solutions that provide our customers the competitive edge to be leaders within their respective markets. We specialize in low power circuit design which enables our customers battery powered products to operate up to 10 years on a single set of batteries. Learn more.

  • Best-in-class sensors with purpose build ASIC & circuit design
  • Ultra low power energy circuits and energy management systems
  • Custom ASIC development
  • RFID tags & readers
  • Wireless communications – Cellular LTE Cat. 1, WiFi, LoRa, BLE, NFC
  • Wide variety of automatic user sensors including active and passive IR, capacitive, optical, audio
  • Data logging / tracking / reporting products
  • Locking/Lock out mechanisms. Learn more.

Product Development

MultiTech develops electronics and electromechanical delivery systems with market leading clients in markets such as, health care, pest control, hygiene, plumbing, and chemical dilution and delivery. The SmartWave team is skilled at applying technology solutions within new market segments. Our technology solutions include a variety of miniature sensors, IoT communication, component authentication and APP development. Learn more.

Manufacturing Expertise

For more than 25 years the MultiTech Custom Solutions Group has manufactured products onshore and offshore, utilizing internal and partnered manufacturing facilities. We create custom and proprietary solutions for our customers.

  • We offer world class PCBA manufacturing capability for high and low volume product applications
  • Low cost and high quality manufacturing both onshore and offshore
  • Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified.