Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new customer experiences and unparalleled economic value, while improving quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing products and services to connect “things” to the Internet with IoT technology, MultiTech delivers deeper understanding to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals. Our IoT devices transform the way we live and work, by helping you:

Make Money

• Create new service offerings by leveraging remote, new and on-demand data sources
• Open up new product categories not available before due to lack of timely information
• Easily improve and optimize your customer experience for repeat sales
• Reduce reliance on labor-intensive solutions by using device data 

Save Money

• Enhance predictive and preventative maintenance by optimizing site visits
• Improve process optimization by having the right part at the right time
• Implement "exception monitoring" by leveraging intelligence at the edge where your assets reside
• Cut operating costs

Ensure Compliance

• Improve worker safety with predictive modeling
• Easier tracking and reporting on industry-specific regulations
• Receive peace of mind with our carrier compliant devices



Why MultiTech?

Find a Solution

MultiTech IoT hardware and communication technologies leverage a variety of protocols. We provide you with a selection of products fine-tuned to meet the needs of  your application. Our goal is to help you solve your most pressing problems - and the ones you didn't realize you had - with effective IoT solutions. View our selection of devices to find hardware that will make your life easier.


IoT by Industry


Our industrial solutions are well suited to the needs of heavy industry, enterprise and critical infrastructure including: 

Oil & Gas


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Smart Buildings

Leverage the latest LoRa® and private or public cellular technology to gain insights into your building systems for:

Facilities Management

Video Surveillance

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Transportation & Logistics

When it comes to transporting high-value assets across the industrial supply chain, MultiTech solutions enable:


Maritime Shipping

Cold Chain

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Your Connectivity Options


• Transition to LTE and 5G network technology
• Expedite product development
• Reduce your cost of investment


Expand your data transmission footprint
• Less power required for data transmission
• Save money with reduced operating costs

Private LTE

• Provide wireless coverage where none exists
• Increase available capacity
• CBRS OnGo for U.S.

Migrating to LTE

A transition is taking place in the cellular communications. Cellular service providers are beginning to shut down their older 2G and 3G wireless networks. Find out exactly what you need to prepare for the future of LTE and other communication technologies.

Case Study: Innovating Overhead Outdoor Lighting

Taking their lighting designs to the next level, Illuminating Concepts reached out to MultiTech to provide a top-of-the-line remote device management (RDM) solutions to enhance the capabilities of their lighting arrangement.  The MultiConnect rCell 100 Series of cellular routers was the perfect fit.

Learn more about innovating OOD lighting.

Learn more about MultiConnect rCell.