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Over the past century, much of technology has been fast moving -- but some has been enduring. In fact, the copper wire backbone of the world's first telephony systems began rolling out more than 100 years ago -- and is still operational today. For more than 45 years, MultiTech has been making devices to connect machines to this network, leading the business transformation that has come to be known as the Industrial Internet of Things.

The time has come. Costs for telecom companies to support analog lines are large and growing larger -- which is why carriers want to move customers to lower-cost methods of connectivity, like Cellular. Learn More.

To do so, machine connectivity will need to learn to speak a new, digital, language. 

Thankfully, MultiTech has the products and expertise to help you move your analog connectivity product to an IP or Cellular solution. Now is the time to begin developing your migration plan.

Whether your goal is to outfit your enterprise with the latest in communications technology, or to maintain legacy systems in place, MultiTech is here to apply decades of experience and unparalleled customer service to your transition to keep your business processes running seamlessly throughout the entire process.

MultiConnect® AW

Analog-to-Wireless Converter

MultiConnect® AW (MT200A2W Series) analog-to-wireless converter connects legacy dial-up devices to cellular networks. Ideal for home healthcare monitors, ATM and POS terminals. 


MultiModem® ZBA

Desktop Business Modem

MultiModem® ZBA (MT9234ZBA Series) provides high speed data/fax capabilities, remote configuration for centralized set up and management, call back security. Globally approved for worldwide business.



Embedded Analog Modem

SocketModem® (MTxxxx-SMI Series) embedded analog modem integrates data/fax at high speed over a standard telephone line. Small size allows OEMs to integrate in any product platform.


MultiModem® ISI

Multiport Analog Modem Card

MultiModem® ISI (ISI Series) multiport analog modem card provides dial-up remote access or dedicated fax solutions with Universal PCI and PCI Express.