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MultiTech MultiConnect® xDot™ Introduction

Long range, low power endpoint to connect the unconnectable! The Multiconnect xDot! http://ow.ly/giW630akDWY

How the FDA could impact machine learning, IoT

The Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act gives the FDA oversight of both drugs and medical devices. http://ow.ly/YXWs30bVMIK

MultiTech on Twitter

We're at the Twilio Signal Conference, Pier 27 - San Fran. The event is SOLD OUT!! If you're at the event we're in the maker area of the exhibition space. Stop by ! Michael Finegan, Daniel Quant, Chance Agnew https://lnkd.in/eceDD_m

QuickCarrier® USB-D | USB Cellular Modem | Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

QuickCarrier dongles are approved for use on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint networks and more. http://ow.ly/bMv730airb5

MultiTech HIMMS 2016

The IoT is taking healthcare by storm. Make sure you're connected to your patients. http://ow.ly/4JV730akD0y

MultiTech’s Developer Kit Used by Twilio for Connected Fleet Monitoring Blueprint

Visit SIGNAL Developer Conference, #SIGNALConf. to see MultiTech's award-winning MultiConnect® Dragonfly™ and customized development board being used in the Twilio-powered Fleet Tracker blueprint for fleet monitoring. For an overview of how to build a fleeting tracking device with Twilio’s programmable wireless, view this video (https://lnkd.in/d2FNuYW). https://lnkd.in/d4NrxSS


Environmental monitoring. Emergency alerts. Automated meter reading, and more. We'll keep you connected. http://ow.ly/Ema430akCxK

Analog Replacement Campaign | Multi-Tech Systems, Inc

Cellular connectivity gives you the flexibility and control to make sure you are receiving your data. http://ow.ly/Wt7Z30ako5Q

3 Benefits of IoT in Healthcare and How it Will Change the Healthcare Industry | CustomerThink

The Internet of Things is the propelling force behind a revolution in healthcare industry. http://ow.ly/1Gtu30bJomo

MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series | Cellular Routers | M2M | Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

The MultiConnect rCell 100 Series of cellular routers offers a long, stable lifecycle, Importantfor M2M solutions. http://ow.ly/lfro30aiqFd