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Making it Easy to Learn and Integrate Connectivity Technologies


Program Overview

MultiTech makes it easy for schools and universities to learn and apply new connectivity technologies. This program focuses on Low-Power Wide-Area Neworks (LPWAN) using LoRaWAN. LPWAN is a wireless network designed for long range communications using low power consumption and a low bit rate to connect a wide variety of "things".


University Program Benefits

  • Working with a leader in LoRaWAN technology and standards
  • Integrated, standards based, product kits
  • Discounted products for evaluation
  • Developers website portal:  www.multitech.net
  • Visibility of your program wtih press releases, case studies and workshops

MultiConnect® Conduit IoT Starter Kit for LoRa® Technology

MultiTech helps you integrate connected devices for the Internet of Things by supplying connectivity hardware, software, and expertise. It's easy to get started with the MultiConnect Conduit IoT Starter Kit for LoRa Technology.

This kit provides everything you need to rapidly get your LoRa proof of concept up, running, and connected to the cloud - all in one box.  

Key Benefits

  • Pre-configured Conduit programmable gateway, MultiConnect mDot Box, and cloud connectors simplify and quicken Proof of Concept or site surveys
  • Out of the box connectivity to cloud platforms enables data insight, analytics, and visualization in minutes
  • All MultiConnect Conduit LoRa components for connectivity from edge sensors to the Cloud bundled together in one box to simplify IoT connections and ordering
  • Remotely monitor and optimize the Conduit performance through DeviceHQ® Device Management



  • Temperature, light, pressure, and accelerometer sensors plus GPS are included in the MultiConnect mDot Box.   
  • Flexibility to develop end-to-end LoRa proof of concepts from scratch support virtually unlimited IoT use cases.

Get Started

Call 1-888-288-5470 or email mtsmktg@multitech.com

Additional LoRa products can also be purchased independently or to complement the Starter Kit

MultiConnect® ConduitTM

Programmable Gateway for the Internet of Things

The MultiConnect® Conduit is a quick-to-deploy and simple-to-scale, programmable gateway designed for the Internet of Things (IoT).


MultiConnect® ConduitTM IP67 Base Station

IP67 Conduit for Outdoor LoRa® Deployments

The MultiConnect® ConduitTM IP67 Base Station (MTCDTIP Series) is a highly scalable, ruggedized IoT certified gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa® public or private network deployments.


MultiConnect® mDotTM Box

Portable LoRa® Site Survey Device

The MultiConnect® mDotTM Box (MTDOT-BOX Series) is a portable, handheld LoRaTM end-point device that simplifies and speeds up LoRa proof of concept development and is ideal for LoRa site surveys. This flexible device enables the user to quickly evaluate how LoRa can help in solving a wide range of IoT needs and requirements. 




Cloud-based Application Store and Device Management

MultiTech DeviceHQ® is a cloud-based tool set for managing the latest generation of MultiTech devices. DeviceHQ takes remote device management and maintenance to a new level, by providing an application marketplace, allowing users to browse applications or build their own then easily deploy them to and customize them for remote devices from anywhere.


MultiConnect® mDotTM

Long Range RF Modules

The MultiConnect® mDotTM (MTDOT Series) offers significantly longer range and improved radio performance compared to traditional wireless solutions—resulting in greater transmission range and reduced capital expense. Inexpensive LoRaWANTM Ready, Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) RF module, capable of 2-way communication over distances in excess of 10 miles / 16 km with excellent noise immunity and the ability to penetrate deep into buildings and through structures. 


MultiConnect® mDotTM

Developer Kit

The MultiConnect® mDotTM Developer Kit (MTUDK2 Series) allows customers to plug in the MultiConnect mDot module and use it for testing, programming and evaluation.  


MultiConnect® mDotTM

Micro Developer Kit

The MultiConnect® mDotTM Micro Developer/Programmer Kit (MTMDK Series) allows a developer to plug in a MultiConnect mDot, MultiConnect mDot EVB or MultiConnect mDot Box and start developing their own application. 


MultiConnect® mCardTM

Gateway Accessory Cards

MultiConnect® mCardTM gateway accessory cards (MTAC Series) provide the flexibility needed to manage a wide range of interfaces and communication protocols required to connect sensors, appliances, and assets to the MultiConnect® ConduitTM programmable gateway.