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It is only natural that some of the globe’s 

best places to grow crops and raise livestock are also the least likely to have complete cellular coverage. Still the Internet of Things holds a great deal of promise for agriculture, whether it’s irrigation, soil management or ripeness: yield optimization for both horticulture and livestock is paramount to the farmers’ success – and feeding the world for the next hundred years.

From local growers to heavy equipment manufacturers to irrigation systems suppliers, MultiTech devices can be found on farms around the world, improving both yield and efficiency by monitoring:

  • Soil moisture and nutrient content
  • Animal activity and location
  • Building temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Feed systems
  • Water usage
  • Equipment health

MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station

IP67 Conduit for Outdoor LoRa® Deployments

The MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station (MTCDTIP Series) is a highly scalable, ruggedized IoT certified gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa® public or private network deployments.


MultiConnect® mDot™

Long Range RF Modules

The MultiConnect® mDot™ (MTDOT Series) offers significantly longer range and improved radio performance compared to traditional wireless solutions—resulting in greater transmission range and reduced capital expense. Inexpensive LoRaWAN™ Ready, Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) RF module, capable of 2-way communication over distances in excess of 10 miles / 16 km with excellent noise immunity and the ability to penetrate deep into buildings and through structures. 


MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series

Cellular Routers

The MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series supports multiple cellular technologies, is certified by the major carriers, has a durable design and a long stable lifecycle. In addition, its complimentary remote device management platform lowers the total cost of ownership. 


MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series

Cellular Modems

MultiConnect® Cell 100 Series cellular 2G, 3G and 4G-LTE modems (MTC Series) are fully certified and carrier approved. Deliver secure remote data with multiple interface options for fixed and mobile assets.


MultiConnect® AW

Analog-to-Wireless Converter

MultiConnect® AW (MT200A2W Series) analog-to-wireless converter connects legacy dial-up devices to cellular networks. Ideal for home healthcare monitors, ATM and POS terminals. 


MultiConnect® Dragonfly™

Cellular System-on-Module

The MultiConnect® Dragonfly embedded cellular SoM's are fully certified and MNO approved, ready-to-integrate modules that offer developers the functionality of a programmable computing platform with the convenience of an onboard cellular radio all in one compact design. From a software perspective, Dragonfly is compatible with the ARM® mbed™ programming platform allowing for rapid prototyping, development and deployment. With its integrated Cortex®-M4 processor, developers can host their application and have access to a full suite of interfaces for connecting sensors or other remote assets.


SocketModem® Cell

Embedded Cellular Modems

Complete, ready-to-integrate 2G, 3G and 4G-LTE, embedded cellular modems (MTSMC Series) using MultiTech's Universal Socket design.