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Directory of Resolutions

This page has been shrunk intentionally. Please click the Resolution link to view the resolution full-sized or use the search page to find a specific resolution.

Resolution 31: Disable Advanced PPP options in DUN session properties.
Resolution 33: status light is blinking green and red
Resolution 46: Printer losing data
Resolution 54: FlashWizard does not see HEX file
Resolution 55: Dial_Up Networking Error 670
Resolution 62: Won't Answer
Resolution 65: Cannot connect to Ascend Router
Resolution 71: MAC address no longer programmed
Resolution 80: Lost data during xon/xoff file transfer
Resolution 87: Qwest (US West) DSL Customer can't connect
Resolution 91: XSG led always lit on FXS channel with nothing attached to channel.
Resolution 93: Checked boot code and it was not compatible with OS(Win2k, Mac OS 9 and X).
Resolution 95: XSG led always lit on FXS channel with nothing attached to channel.
Resolution 97: XSG led always lit on FXS channel with nothing attached to channel
Resolution 110: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 111: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 112: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 113: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 114: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 115: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 116: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 117: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 118: Is product upgradeable to V.92
Resolution 120: Delete ISI Cards and Let RAS auto detect and add new cards.
Resolution 121: Stuck Trunk \ Locked Out T1 Channel - preventing the channel from being used
Resolution 122: Explain how to initally setup the system
Resolution 124: The fail light stays on, how do I get the router back to a functional state
Resolution 127: TACACS+ accounting problem
Resolution 131: IPSec pass-thru on RF500S
Resolution 132: H.323 VOIP and RF500S
Resolution 133: modem stuck in ONLINE forever
Resolution 134: Virtual server mapping using port number>24000
Resolution 136: Static IP address assigns problem
Resolution 137: Static IP address assigns problem
Resolution 138: NT driver does not recognize ISI card
Resolution 140: Told user how to set idle timer in RAS Express
Resolution 141: DHCP problem with some area using @home cable modem
Resolution 144: Linux mgetty disconnects call after login prompt
Resolution 145: can not add ISI card after driver is installed
Resolution 146: Modem locks up after repeated dial outs
Resolution 148: Modems listed out of order in RAS Console
Resolution 149: Sharing IRQ among ISI cards in Linux
Resolution 151: TFTP problem
Resolution 152: The FR221 or FR221/V2 (with version 3.01 firmware) is not detecting DLCIs.
Resolution 154: RS232 Command Port not working.
Resolution 156: 'IP Already in use' in server.msg
Resolution 157: Async port idle timeout does not hangup modem
Resolution 158: MTPRI_HD23B Lock Up, solid heartbeat LED
Resolution 159: Installation in NT 4
Resolution 162: Modem not detected
Resolution 166: Calls are not being logged.
Resolution 167: ISDN ISIHP modems disappear in RRAS in Windows 2000
Resolution 168: Incoming RING locks up Windows 2000
Resolution 172: Modem not detected at power up
Resolution 173: Can I upgrade my MT3400ZLX to V.90 56k
Resolution 175: Can I upgrade my MT3410ZLX to V.90 56k
Resolution 176: Enter more than six entries in the Pass filter list
Resolution 177: Rlogin protocol
Resolution 187: Distinctive ring
Resolution 189: random reboots
Resolution 192: Set S54=56 to force 56Kbps.
Resolution 193: Linux with SMP machine
Resolution 203: Define Valid Trap IP Address
Resolution 204: Adding internal MT5634ZPX in to SCO UNIX.
Resolution 207: After flashing the TAs, the server must be turned off (hard reboot) before flashing the modems with Flash Wizard or else modems will become defective.
Resolution 225: Installing products in Mac OS X
Resolution 243: Linux MT5634ZPX-PCI Installation.
Resolution 253: Won't install in DOS
Resolution 254: Installs but doesn't work in Windows ME
Resolution 257: Won't access Novell network in DOS
Resolution 258: Can't install MT5634ZLX/E in Novell
Resolution 260: Can't install in a DOS/ Novell Network
Resolution 268: Windows XP driver not digitally signed
Resolution 269: Windows XP warning 'Can't install hw'.
Resolution 270: Modem on Hold not initializing modem
Resolution 271: Modem on Hold not initializing modem
Resolution 272: Does this modem support remote configuration
Resolution 273: How long is the warranty
Resolution 276: Release notes for 8.18i to 8.19d
Resolution 277: Are Mac drivers shipped with the MT5634ZBA_USB
Resolution 279: Does the MT224EH or MT224EH5 support Voice Data Dialing ($VDx)
Resolution 280: Does this modem support Caller ID
Resolution 282: Does this modem support DTR dialing
Resolution 283: What is the MTBF for this modem
Resolution 284: Modem responds to the ATI command with FLASH Vs 4.3.
Resolution 285: What is the phone line impedance for this modem
Resolution 286: What is the speaker and microphone impedance
Resolution 287: Does this modem transmit at 0db in leased line mode
Resolution 288: Does the MT1932ZDX support 11 bit (word length) operation
Resolution 289: Can you enable callback security using remote configuration
Resolution 290: Is the MT3334ZDX Flash upgradable
Resolution 294: Does this modem support 11 bit operation
Resolution 296: Windows XP installs MT5634ZPX_PCI as Actiontec modem
Resolution 297: How to set the transmit level in the MT5600BA/BL
Resolution 298: B1 Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data B')
Resolution 300: Capability R Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data I')
Resolution 301: I2 Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data I_1DN')
Resolution 302: J2 Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data J').
Resolution 303: J3 Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data J_1DN')
Resolution 304: Capability S Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data M')
Resolution 305: M5 Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data M_1DN')
Resolution 306: Capability C Line Provisioning--ISDN Ordering Codes (IOC)--(previously 'Generic Data C')
Resolution 307: Does the MultiModemZDX support MNP10 error correction
Resolution 308: Does this modem support 11 bit operation
Resolution 309: Is an RS232 serial cable shipped with this modem
Resolution 310: What is the function of the comands&J0 and&L0
Resolution 311: Gets garbage lines when receiving faxes in Winfax software, but sends ok.
Resolution 312: Can the Global modem's power supply be used in Europe
Resolution 313: Can the speaker volume be lowered or turned off on this modem
Resolution 314: Does this modem support the ITU-T V.8 standard
Resolution 318: ISI Hybrid ISDN card has poor throughput with internal Eicon DIVA card.
Resolution 319: Does the MT5634ZBA_USB operate under Windows NT
Resolution 320: How do you disable the answering machine / independent mode
Resolution 322: Does not install in Linux
Resolution 323: Upgrade manually to stop boot light from flashing constantly.
Resolution 324: Upgrade manually to stop boot light from flashing constantly
Resolution 325: The modem can't access the answering machine through phone tools software.
Resolution 326: Does this Proxy Server support IPSec VPN pass thru
Resolution 327: Receive fax errors when using the Windows NTversion of VSI FAX software. Lines are overlapping.
Resolution 328: Modem does not hang up and records dead air until the message time limit is reached.
Resolution 330: Won't install in Compaq laptop
Resolution 331: The Proxy is not allowing a terminal emulation software package to get to a web site.
Resolution 333: How do you change the inactivity time
Resolution 335: What are the ratings / specifications of the power supply
Resolution 336: Fixed - A 'Windows was unable to add this modem' install error message.
Resolution 337: How do you track the phone calls
Resolution 338: How do you view the modem's parameters / configuration
Resolution 339: Can you use 2 wire digital phones with the VoIP
Resolution 340: How do I enable IPSec pass through
Resolution 341: How do I reset the router
Resolution 342: The RASFinder answers on the first ring regardless of the setting in the software.
Resolution 343: Why do I get intermittent call disconnects
Resolution 344: Why are users getting rejected
Resolution 346: Why do I receive more and more 'Intrusion-TCP fr', when I bring up the monitor.
Resolution 348: What is the pin out configuration for the command cable
Resolution 349: How do I reset the VOIP password so that I can gain access to it
Resolution 350: How do I find out the IP address of my Voip
Resolution 352: Will the Voip work behind a NAT router that connects to the Internet with a dynamic IP
Resolution 356: Why do I get a 'No MultiVOIP was found' message when I try to configure it thru the serial cable
Resolution 357: I can't connect to the MultiVOIP to configure it The boot light is always on.
Resolution 358: How do I set up the Cisco router 3620&1750 to work with the MultiVOIP
Resolution 359: Does the MultiVOIP support reverse polarity (answer supervision) on it's FXS ports
Resolution 361: How do we setup priority for voice traffic
Resolution 362: Can we configure the MVP200 to work behind NAT Translation
Resolution 363: How do I make a transparent connection between 2 VoIPs
Resolution 364: Why can't I add or edit the numbers in the proprietary phone book
Resolution 365: How do I setup the UDP ports to use the Microsoft Proxy Server
Resolution 366: The logs button is inactive, so how can I access the call logs
Resolution 369: What is the maximum number of characters that can be stored in the phone number location
Resolution 370: Do you have a MultiVOIP that provides 12 ports
Resolution 371: What is the WEB login&password for access to advanced settings
Resolution 372: What is the best way to configure the DNS IP
Resolution 374: Do the MT5634ZBA modems work on 2 wire dedicated leased lines
Resolution 376: How do I change the date in RasExpress
Resolution 377: Do you have a Linux driver for this model
Resolution 378: How can I access my network remotely through PC Anywhere
Resolution 379: I can't use MultiVoip Manager (SNMP) with my MVP200 version 2.01F. I've set the variables, but it doesn't work.
Resolution 380: How do I set up this modem for even parity
Resolution 381: How can I change the country selection, the Global Wizard doesn't recognize this modem
Resolution 382: My modem won't answer an incoming call, when a call comes in, the modem just beeps
Resolution 383: I can't get the Caller ID feature to work.
Resolution 384: What is the number of the MultiTech BBS The number in the manual does not answer.
Resolution 385: I am having trouble getting a dial up connection to work from Windows 2k. How do I configure RAS on Windows 2K
Resolution 386: Does the RF300E support V110 connections
Resolution 387: Is there any way to disable (turn off) the wireless part of the RF802EW temporarily
Resolution 388: I can't call into a RF300E and use the Windows 2000 Server Radius server functionality.
Resolution 389: I am unable to establish a connection via VPN with another office.
Resolution 390: Can I map a couple of public IPs to internal LAN IP addresses.
Resolution 391: What is the power consumption of this modem in sleep, normal and handshaking modes
Resolution 392: Will DHCP work in a AppleTalk environment
Resolution 393: Can I use this modem in sync mode to access an AS400
Resolution 394: I need to setup an office of 6 people with a shared dial up ISP account. This location does not have DSL or Cable options, so we want to share a dial-up modem connection to access the internet. Will the RF102S work in this situation
Resolution 395: Can I increase the speaker volume
Resolution 396: What is the command used to enable / disable DTMF tone detection
Resolution 397: What does the automatic coder function do
Resolution 400: Can a single VOIP use multiple interface types
Resolution 401: What is the E&M pin out configuration for an Avaya Magix analog 4 wire setup
Resolution 402: How do I troubleshoot voice quality problems on a MultiVOIP network
Resolution 403: How do I add another MVP800 to our local PBX
Resolution 404: When should I purchase a Gatekeeper for my voice network instead of using the master/slave phonebook built into the MultiVOIP
Resolution 405: What IP information do I need in order to configure my MultiVOIP
Resolution 406: How do I get my MultiVOIP to work through a firewall or proxy server
Resolution 407: What types of connections will the MultiVOIP support
Resolution 408: Is there a way to test a single MultiVoIP without another voip in place
Resolution 409: Will my MultiVOIP software function on Windows 2000
Resolution 410: Can I view the MultiVOIP logs or print console remotely
Resolution 411: Can I upgrade my MultiVOIP remotely
Resolution 412: Does the MultiVOIP support H.323
Resolution 413: Can I use a dial up modem connected to the voice channels
Resolution 414: Why is the Remote Down led on
Resolution 415: Why do my print jobs have text missing
Resolution 416: The Remote Down led is off. Why won't the MultiMuxes pass data
Resolution 417: The Remote Down led is off. Why won't the Multimuxes pass data
Resolution 418: Why aren't my terminal function keys working
Resolution 419: How do I configure the MultiMux with factory default settings
Resolution 420: Why is the MultiMux losing my stored configuration changes
Resolution 421: The Buffer Fullness leds all com on and I am losing data. Why
Resolution 423: What is the ISIHP_30
Resolution 424: What are the minimum hardware requirements for the ISIHP_30
Resolution 425: What versions of Windows Operating System does the ISIHP_30 support
Resolution 426: Are Windows 2000 drivers available for the ISIHP_30
Resolution 427: Are Linux drivers available for the ISIHP_30
Resolution 428: What type of ports does the ISIHP_30 provide
Resolution 429: How many ports does one ISIHP_30 PCI card provide
Resolution 430: What Line parameters does the ISIHP_30 support
Resolution 431: Why aren't the RAS-capable devices present after adding the MTSWAN adapter
Resolution 432: How many cards can be installed in one computer
Resolution 433: How do I install multiple ISIHP_30 Adapters
Resolution 434: How I do I install the modems into Windows
Resolution 435: Do I need RAS Services installed
Resolution 436: How do I fax with the ISIHP_30
Resolution 437: Does the ISIHP_30 Support V.120 or V.110
Resolution 438: Can I dial out with the ISDN ports
Resolution 439: Can I Support RAS and Fax with one ISIHP_30 simultaneously
Resolution 440: Does the ISIHP_30 Support DTMF
Resolution 441: Does the ISIHP_30 Support DID
Resolution 442: Do I need special drivers to use my modem with Windows 95 / 98
Resolution 443: What initialization string should I use when dialing into the Internet
Resolution 444: My modem connection keeps disconnecting from my ISP, what should I do
Resolution 445: My modem will not connect with my ISP's modem.
Resolution 446: Windows 95/98 does not automatically detect my internal/external modem on the initial installation, what could be wrong
Resolution 447: Card chose wrong driver
Resolution 448: Does Multi-Tech provide the modem script for my Mac
Resolution 449: Does Multi-Tech provide the system extensions (drivers) for my Mac
Resolution 450: I downloaded the Mac modem scripts, but now what do I do with them
Resolution 451: I installed the Mac modem script(s), but where do I select the one to use in Classic Mac OS
Resolution 452: I installed the Mac modem script(s), but where do I select the one to use in Mac OS X
Resolution 453: How do I install my USB modem system extension (driver) in Mac OS 8.5.1 or Mac OS 8.6
Resolution 454: How do I install my USB modem system extension (driver) in Mac OS 9.x
Resolution 455: How do I install my Multi-Tech modem or terminal adapter in Mac OS X
Resolution 456: I want a Multi-Tech serial modem that is easy to install for my Mac. Which modem would you recommend
Resolution 457: My Mac has a USB port, what modem do you recommend
Resolution 458: The RouteFinder says that it cannot find the DHCP server. Can the cable company prevent the RF500S from finding the DHCP server so that it remains one computer per cable modem
Resolution 459: Is there CHAP (outgoing WAN) dial-out support on RF500S
Resolution 461: Is it possible to connect to a windows 2000 server using PPTP
Resolution 462: I can not access the RF500S via my http browser.
Resolution 463: How I can use the RouteFinder to map multiple WAN IP addresses to multiple internal Address/Ports
Resolution 464: Can I install the RouteFinder as a gateway router with dynamic DNS
Resolution 465: The software Installation is incomplete, how do I get the installation to complete or uninstall the software
Resolution 466: How do I setup a 56k modem to use the RouteFinder async port
Resolution 467: When I attempt to install new utilities and firmware I receive Error 142. Could not open key: Software\\RouteFinder Utilities\1.00.0000.
Resolution 468: Every 5 minutes (when the lease for my IP requires renewal) it drops the DSL sessions.
Resolution 470: I plan to map TELNET to a specific server on the LAN, how do I protect the server
Resolution 471: How do I reset the RouteFinder to the factory default settings
Resolution 472: Is there a limit on the number of WAN Ethernet Ports that can be mapped
Resolution 475: Have you heard of port 513 being open on the RouteFinder without IP Mapping/Virtual Server running
Resolution 476: How do I setup RouteFinders as routers to route IP traffic between two LANs using an Async port
Resolution 477: How do I configure the RouteFinder to work with static IP addresses for the LAN PCs
Resolution 478: Can the RouteFinder pick up its own address off of a DHCP server (e.g Time Warner Road Runner)
Resolution 479: When I run Netmeeting with my RouteFinder, I can't receive inbound video or audio.
Resolution 480: If the cable/DSL connection goes down, can you use the backup modem to get back on the internet
Resolution 481: What is the easiest way to find out what the WAN IP address is that the RouteFinder gets when it logs in
Resolution 482: How do I set up the RouteFinder for PPTP internet access
Resolution 483: What is the purpose of TCPSESS.MDB, which seems to get automatically created and appended
Resolution 485: Does the MTASR2_203 router support NAT
Resolution 486: How is load sharing configured
Resolution 487: What Windows communication applications can be used for dial-out
Resolution 488: Is there a default Channel Number setting
Resolution 489: Once configured, does the MTASR3 still need to be hooked up to a PC
Resolution 490: By unchecking the IPX enable box, does this mean we can't access a Novel server, even if it is running IP
Resolution 491: We have forgotten the administration password, can we reset the password
Resolution 492: Does the RF650VPN support IPX or Netbeui protocols
Resolution 493: Does Multi-Tech provide the modem driver, script or system extension for my Mac OS
Resolution 494: I meed to know the type of chip set this card uses, Hermes or Prism.
Resolution 495: What virus protection does the RouteFinder use
Resolution 497: How many UDP/TCP connections can the RF650VPN support
Resolution 498: How many entries can be entered for Definition and Packet Filter Rules
Resolution 500: How to restart after adding jobs:
Resolution 501: How do I setup internal mail server
Resolution 502: List of DoS attacks that can be detected by RF650VPN:
Resolution 503: Up2date services fail to upgrade:
Resolution 504: IKE manual key does not allow entering SPIBASE, it keeps returning invalid values:
Resolution 505: How to setup SSH IPsec client:
Resolution 506: How do I safely remove SSH Sentinel
Resolution 507: How do I change IP addresses using command line via Secure Shell ssh
Resolution 508: Set the system time and hardware clock via Secure Shell ssh
Resolution 509: Types of log files.
Resolution 510: Automatic handling of logs files.
Resolution 511: View and copy log files:
Resolution 512: Log File list:
Resolution 513: How do I delete all email from the SMTP Proxy queue
Resolution 514: How do I set up Windows PPTP
Resolution 515: How to change webadmin password using console:
Resolution 516: How do we activate the modem port on the RAS Finder 300E
Resolution 517: Why can't I use IPX routing instead of tunneling the IPX in TCPIP on the line
Resolution 518: Does the MTASR3_200 support encryption or decryption of the password
Resolution 519: Is there any way to turn off the RIPing broadcasts on my 56k numbered wan links
Resolution 520: How to set the date&time for the log file on the RASFinder:
Resolution 521: When dialed in as telnet session it will not accept a Control-C or Control-Break. Is there a setting to allow this option
Resolution 522: How do I set the number of rings until answering
Resolution 523: How do I set time limits (disconnect time) for the dial-in clients
Resolution 524: Do you have Solaris 8 drivers
Resolution 525: Can this device be upgraded to a faster processor and additional RAM without voiding the warranty
Resolution 526: Can the DMZ port be configured as another incoming WAN interface
Resolution 527: When using dial backup, does the 550 use the same static IP settings as the WAN interface
Resolution 528: Can you create a backup VPN connection
Resolution 529: Will the RouteFinder automatically switch from dial backup to my Cable or DSL connect when it comes back up
Resolution 530: Does the MTASR1_100 support NAT( Network Address Translation )
Resolution 531: Can I put an e-mail server behind the RF500S
Resolution 532: Install with XP embedded driver causes Voice features to fail.
Resolution 534: Does the RouteFinder support SPI
Resolution 535: How do I update the firmware and drivers to operate with Windows XP
Resolution 536: Can I use the RF550VPN with a dynamic IP and connect to an RF650VPN with a static IP
Resolution 537: I can't call the local Voip using E&M, the 2 wire Dial Tone is not working, just silence.
Resolution 538: How to remove the Multitech ISI cards from Windows 2000.
Resolution 539: I can't find Commap software, How do I remove it from my client machine
Resolution 540: Does the RouteFinder VPN support the MPLS Protocol
Resolution 541: A telnet session will work for a while, never the same amount of time and then reports 'the connection has been lost'.
Resolution 542: Does this modem support V.33
Resolution 543: I have the ISI card installed on a Windows NT computer, how do I switch over to Windows 2000
Resolution 544: Windows 2000 does not see modem after moving to new PCI slot
Resolution 546: What is the maximum distance for leased lines
Resolution 547: The modem disconnects every 30 minutes for several seconds when in leased line mode.
Resolution 549: Can I record incoming messages that are longer than 60 seconds
Resolution 551: ISI PCI card installation procedure for Windows 2000
Resolution 552: Web and Telnet Management software installation procedures for ISI windows 2000
Resolution 553: Windows 2000 modem installation procedures.
Resolution 554: To manage ISI cards using a Web Browser.
Resolution 555: To manage ISI cards using a Telnet client.
Resolution 556: Flashing new ISDN-TA or Modem firmware via Web browser in Windows 2000
Resolution 557: To remove the ISI driver from Windows 2000.
Resolution 558: To remove ISI Management software in Windows 2000
Resolution 559: ISA Card dip switch and jumper settings.
Resolution 561: I have more than one segment (more than one RASCard) in my CommPlete server; how can I use RASExpress Local Security without having to repeatedly enter usernames and passwords into each RASExpress Server
Resolution 562: How do I upgrade the RouteFinder RF500S firmware
Resolution 563: Does the RouteFinder support the ability to disable ICMP requests from the outside world
Resolution 564: How can I associate a filter with a user
Resolution 565: RADIUS authentication is not working. How can I troubleshoot RASExpress and RADIUS problems
Resolution 566: My TACACS+ server is not authenticating, what could be the problem
Resolution 567: I have RADIUS (or TACACS+) Accounting enabled, but I'm not getting any information sent to my authentication server from RASExpress. How can I be sure that Accounting is working in RASExpress
Resolution 568: I receive an 'ERROR' message when I try to configure the Terminal Adapter to use the V.110 protocol.
Resolution 570: To remove ISI drivers from Windows NT.
Resolution 571: To remove the ISI driver from Windows 95/98.
Resolution 573: When we use the RADIUS Server we can't connect using CHAP.
Resolution 576: How do I open port 443 for both send and receive
Resolution 577: How do I get scripting working so I can dial up my isp
Resolution 578: Why do I receive garbage data on my terminal
Resolution 579: The command modem won't answer.
Resolution 580: The channel LED is stuck on.
Resolution 581: My MMH9xx mux won't communicate with a MMV32/16 series mux.
Resolution 582: Why am I receiving link alarms
Resolution 583: My muxes drop their connection every 4 hours and 15 minutes.
Resolution 584: I receive garbage on the command port after a reset.
Resolution 585: The internal V.34 modem won't DTR dial.
Resolution 586: Turning off a channel causes the mux to continually reset.
Resolution 587: Turning on echo causes the mux to not transmit data.
Resolution 588: I receive random 'e' and 'g' characters.
Resolution 589: The mux won't detect my internal ISDN Terminal Adapter.
Resolution 590: The mux won't detect my internal MMH2834 Modem.
Resolution 591: I'm receiving retransmits.
Resolution 592: Why do I receive 'receive block errors'
Resolution 593: The internal DSU passes the T4 test, but fails an external loopback test.
Resolution 594: Flow control problems with the mux.
Resolution 595: Command modem won't answer.
Resolution 596: Command port sends garbage on reset.
Resolution 597: Receiving FC lights on all channels.
Resolution 598: The telephone doesn't ring with a FXS connection.
Resolution 599: Voice echoes.
Resolution 600: I can't set the Auto Reporting baud rate.
Resolution 601: Sync channel doesn't work.
Resolution 602: The mux continually resets when voice becomes active.
Resolution 603: Flow control won't work when down line loading 7 data bits.
Resolution 604: The mux continually resets when down line loading is enabled.
Resolution 605: A mux channel transmits garbage after it receives a break.
Resolution 606: Does this CSU/DSU work on a 64k DDS circuit.
Resolution 607: Will this CSU/DSU work on a 56k DDS circuit.
Resolution 609: What are the options for configuring the phonebook
Resolution 610: Does this CSU/DSU support 2 wire digital circuits
Resolution 614: Firmware upgrade procedure for the ISIHP_2x.
Resolution 615: I can't configure my Terminal Adapter card for 2 lines.
Resolution 619: When I make a call to a MN128 adapter (made by NTT-ME) they don't connect.
Resolution 620: Does the Terminal Adapter support V.25bis
Resolution 622: Does the Terminal Adapter support On/Off of a UI frame
Resolution 624: Does the Terminal Adapter support modification of Frame packet or Frame buffer size
Resolution 625: Instructions for configuring ISDN Terminal Adapter that ships with MMH90XCa muxes.
Resolution 626: Does the Terminal Adapter support dynamic bandwidth allocation with call bumping and line monitoring
Resolution 627: Does the Terminal Adapter support ML-PPP
Resolution 628: Under the virtual port setup, set up per wan, what is the Idle Timeout rated in minutes or seconds
Resolution 629: Will the MCSI redirector work with Windows RAS
Resolution 630: How do you change the supervisor's password after the initial setup
Resolution 631: Does the CC4000 support IP Multicast
Resolution 632: Can I import users from a Novell Netware 4.11 server (bindery).
Resolution 633: Can I utilize VPN connectivity through the Commplete 4000
Resolution 635: Is there an upgrade for the RF300E to support V.92
Resolution 636: I'm using regular DUN and it takes 20 seconds for my users to authenticate once the modems have negotiated a session. Can I speed this up
Resolution 637: Can I use external modems to communicate between muxes
Resolution 638: What is the power consumption of this VOIP
Resolution 639: Does this modem support V.23
Resolution 640: When configuring the modem for Call Back Security I receive an error in response to the command AT#SMODEMSETUP.
Resolution 641: Does this Terminal Adapter support CAPI
Resolution 642: How to setup netopia to work with the RF550VPN.
Resolution 643: Can the PPTP 40 bit and 128 bit encryption strength be mixed
Resolution 644: Does the RouteFinder support igmp over the vpn connection
Resolution 645: How to setup the proxy for a dynamic wan address.
Resolution 646: Will the RouteFinder support multiple persons to use PPTP through the firewall
Resolution 647: What RISC processor is used in the RF550VPN
Resolution 649: Can't get rid of 'Found new hardware, IWay Hopper' on bootup of Windows
Resolution 650: How do I configure the Terminal Adapter to connect at 128K (Channel Bundling)
Resolution 651: How do I check the configuration (setup) of the Terminal Adapter
Resolution 652: Does RouteFinder work in stealth mode
Resolution 653: Is there any way to get set up a IPSec connection from behind a NATFirewall
Resolution 654: The smtp proxy does not seem to work.
Resolution 655: We have upgraded the software to RAS550, how do I copy the user data base from RAS530 to RAS550
Resolution 656: How do I view a history log for IPsec
Resolution 657: How to set the time of day so that it will be correct when the answering service reports on the time of a call
Resolution 658: Which of your modems is BELL 202 compatible in a leased line arrangement
Resolution 659: Is this modem Hayes Auto Sync Compatable
Resolution 660: I can't write new settings to the S22-register.
Resolution 661: Can I install this card in a Windows 2000 computer
Resolution 662: How do I remove specific Call Back passwords and numbers
Resolution 663: What is the escape sequence for remote configuration
Resolution 664: How do I change the setup password
Resolution 665: I can't set the S7 register below 35.
Resolution 666: The terminal adapter dials but cannot make a connection.
Resolution 667: I receive an error response to AT+VCID=1, does this modem support caller id
Resolution 668: How to change modem Transmit Level.
Resolution 669: How do I configure the modem for voice and speakerphone operation
Resolution 670: Will the modem or phone ring when the phone is plugged into the phone jack and a call comes into the modem
Resolution 671: The RF550VPN has a problem with IPsec pass-thru when using a Nortel client.
Resolution 672: The RF500S has a problem with IPsec pass-thru when using a Nortel client.
Resolution 674: You cannot place two simultaneous data calls.
Resolution 676: Does the VOIP support the G.711 codec
Resolution 677: I can only install one PCI modem in Windows NT.
Resolution 678: Does the Terminal Adapter have an inactivity timer
Resolution 680: I'm unable to configure the VOIP with Windows XP using a com port.
Resolution 681: The LS LED is flashing, and I can't make a call out on a known working ISDN circuit.
Resolution 682: What is the command to set the serial speed to 9600
Resolution 683: is this modem TAPI compliant
Resolution 684: Is there a way to turn off this modem remotely as a security measure
Resolution 685: Does this modem support Multi Drop (Multi Point) connections (Lines)
Resolution 686: On the TCP/IP tab listing under event message, the times are 1 hour ahead of the actual time, where do these times come from - does the RF500s insert them
Resolution 687: In the PPP log files, the user name and password are in clear text view for each dial in, can this be disabled
Resolution 688: Even when no one is trying to get out, the modem starts dialing.
Resolution 689: Does this RouteFinder support multiple public IP addresses on the WAN port
Resolution 690: Does this product work well with the Mac OS
Resolution 691: I can't change the Radius port numbers.
Resolution 693: Is there an OID for SNMP to give a userlist of connected users on RASExpress
Resolution 694: Is there an OID to disconnect a channel also via SNMP
Resolution 695: Does RASExpress support MS encryption
Resolution 696: I'm interested in a broadband solution, with voice, fax and video.
Resolution 697: What is the firewall, is it ipchain
Resolution 698: How to force the speed on the Intel Ethernet cards in the RF650VPN:
Resolution 699: It takes 90 seconds to free the port for the next call after disconnection of last call.
Resolution 700: I can't get the dial-backup feature to work with the RF300E.
Resolution 701: What is required for mlppp connections
Resolution 702: Will RAS allow for cross domain authentication
Resolution 703: Problems connecting with some ISPs when using PPPoE.
Resolution 704: PPP connect problem when calling into some ISP's.
Resolution 705: PPPoE connect problem when the ISP is trying to negotiate using MLPPP.
Resolution 706: LCP NAK packet length error.
Resolution 707: When I setup virtual server using port zero (DMZ), it is not able to handle higher port numbers properly.
Resolution 708: FTP file transfer problems when using PPP async dialup link.
Resolution 709: Problem when remote access is enabled and IP is assigned by an external DHCP server.
Resolution 710: Problem when remote access does not assign dynamic DNS from ISP.
Resolution 711: Problem when using Unix traceroute and UDP.
Resolution 712: Problem when using Activate PPP ACCM (LCP) negotiation.
Resolution 713: It will not receive any RIP packets.
Resolution 714: PPPoE initial connection problem with some ISP in France.
Resolution 715: PPPoE LCP rejects if remote MRU>1492..
Resolution 716: PPPoE Confirm packet error check.
Resolution 717: PPPoE reconnect problems on some ISP's.
Resolution 718: Problem with mIRC pass-thru.
Resolution 719: Loopback problem when name is or
Resolution 720: Support for multiple dialpad users.
Resolution 721: Support for multiple WOWcall users.
Resolution 729: Windows XP cannot find usbser.sys when trying to install my USB modem.
Resolution 730: Updating 5634ZBA_USB driver in Windows XP, cannot find usbser.sys
Resolution 732: 10100ZLC does not install
Resolution 737: To recover a Proxy Server from Fail mode you should do the following:
Resolution 738: I have forgotten the password so how can I access the RouteFinder
Resolution 739: What is the RTS/CTS delay time
Resolution 740: Does this modem support call back security
Resolution 741: Can I transfer calls using the VOIPS.
Resolution 742: When adding users to the proxy database, I cannot see previously created users.
Resolution 743: I updated my drivers for the Multitech II MT5600BA and saved 5600.exe to my server, but when I unzipped it, there was no .exe file.
Resolution 744: Do you have an IPsec client for Windows XP
Resolution 745: Is the MT5634ZPX supported by Windows XP
Resolution 746: Will the VOIP work over a private network
Resolution 747: The Hook Flash command ' ! ' Causes the modem to go on-hook for one-half second, then off-hook, Can it be adjusted
Resolution 749: Does this modem support remote configuration
Resolution 750: Does this modem support modem-on-hold If it does, how do I enable it
Resolution 751: What is the difference between the U.S. version and the European version
Resolution 753: How to switch from the RS232 to the V.35 interface.
Resolution 754: How do we assign the PBX extension numbers for the 4 ports available
Resolution 755: What is the technical difference between the MVP110-EURO&MVP120-EURO
Resolution 756: Does Mail Server of the Proxy Server work properly on WINDOWS 2000 SERVER
Resolution 758: I'm trying to do a remote loop back and I keep getting and error on AT&T6, what is the procedure
Resolution 759: Can the RF650VPN act as a bridge between the WAN and LAN
Resolution 761: Which wires are the send (transmit) pair and which are the receive pair
Resolution 762: Where do I put DNS servers
Resolution 764: Does the Multivoip support fast ethernet
Resolution 765: What is the cable configuration (pinout) for the 9 pin to 25 pin command port cable
Resolution 766: How do I save the call logs
Resolution 767: Does this modem work on a digital line
Resolution 768: What is the Reset Device option under System Tools doing
Resolution 769: How do I clear the Intruder Detection Log
Resolution 770: What do I need for a new install to a Unix network
Resolution 772: I tried to add an 8 meg EDO ram, but it didn't work.
Resolution 773: The phone company is reporting that the frad is sending amber frames. (NOTE: Amber frames are frames with the DE or Discard Eligible bit set).
Resolution 774: How do I open a port for a special data acquisition device
Resolution 777: Does this modem have Automatic Line Speed Selection
Resolution 778: Does this modem automatically adjust to receive levels between 0 and 43 dBM
Resolution 779: Does this modem support MNP_5 and ITU-T V.42 ( LAP_M) protocols
Resolution 780: Does this modem have its own on board processor, or is it Windows based
Resolution 781: Can I decrease the time the modem takes when dialing back a number when set for call back security
Resolution 782: I receive a fhng:52 or fhng:54 error when I try to send a fax.
Resolution 783: What is the maximum number of cards and max number of simultanious calls
Resolution 784: PPTP pass-thru does not work.
Resolution 785: How do I recover from a lost password
Resolution 786: I removed an 8 port modem card from windows NT and now I see errors in the event viewer.
Resolution 787: Can I use this proxy on an Internet connection using PPPOE
Resolution 788: The Fail RED error light stays on and when we try to configure the Proxy, we get a message that the ProxyServer is not found.
Resolution 791: Does the VOIP use ports 1025 and 1027
Resolution 792: How do I create a report and view logs like the Number of calls made from the particular interface
Resolution 794: Proxy connections keep dropping and redialing.
Resolution 795: Incoming PPP call disconnects in UNIX SCO Open Server 5
Resolution 796: Incoming PPP call disconnects in UNIX SCO Open Server 5
Resolution 797: Incoming PPP call disconnects in UNIX SCO Open Server 5
Resolution 798: Incoming PPP call disconnects in UNIX SCO Open Server 5
Resolution 799: X_Off (XOFF)characters continuously output.
Resolution 801: Missing data (lines) when receiving faxes.
Resolution 803: Where can I find the voice command documentation
Resolution 804: Where can I find the voice command documentation
Resolution 805: Does the T1 VOIP support AMI or B8ZS line coding
Resolution 806: How do I setup the modem for a specific distinctive ring
Resolution 807: How to setup the RF550VPN and Sentinel.
Resolution 808: How do I access NT domain
Resolution 809: Does this modem support DID (Direct inward dialing)
Resolution 810: I set my modem to answer after 8 rings, but the modem times out and won't connect.
Resolution 811: Is it possible to use a ISDN TA via Serial Port of the RF500S and a DSL Modem via the Wan Port at the same time
Resolution 812: Can this ProxyServer be setup to be used with an ISDN modem If so, how
Resolution 813: Will this ProxyServer allow for automatic connection when a request for the Internet has been sent from a PC on the LAN
Resolution 814: Commands that PhoneTools sends when playing a message to the speaker jack.
Resolution 815: How do I view the ip address assigned by the DHCP server of our ISP once we get connected to the internet
Resolution 816: Does this MultiVOIP support detection of Caller ID on FXO interface and passing that caller ID info to a slave unit
Resolution 817: How do we configure the Multi-Tech RASExpress to use our Tacas server for authentification
Resolution 818: Can I use AOL with this modem
Resolution 819: I can't remotely manage and configure the RouteFinder from my office PC . Also I'm not able to telnet to the RouteFinder using the global IP.
Resolution 821: We have a routefinder rf802ew installed, which keeps attempting to install 'RouteFinder Utilities'.
Resolution 822: Which type of DSL modem would give me the faster connection- USB or Ethernet
Resolution 823: About every hour I receive an email message stating 'RASExpress Server at has log file full'.
Resolution 824: This solution is for two banks and I'm wondering how secure the voice is. Would it be better to use a VPN
Resolution 825: When configuring two dial up lines with each connected to a different ISP, the connection becomes very slow and sometimes we don't get the requested pages.
Resolution 826: What command do I send to the Iway Hopper that sets it up as ppp async
Resolution 827: The Bell Rep mentioned a terminating device called an NT-1 which is required to complete the ISDN circuit, Does your Terminal Adapter (TA) have this device built-in Does this TA support the U interface
Resolution 828: Can this Proxy support multiple wan ips
Resolution 829: I'm able to call into the FXO channel and get dial tone, but can't break dial tone when trying to dial a PBX extension.
Resolution 830: How do we go about forwarding POP3 and SMTP ports on the RouteFinder to point at the Novell box
Resolution 831: I downloaded drivers from your site and they do not work with my Toshiba ZPW.
Resolution 832: I can't find the drivers for the ZPW in my Hewlett Packard Pavillion computer.
Resolution 833: H.323 VOIP and RF550VPN
Resolution 834: Can the H.323 firmware be used with dynamic IPs
Resolution 835: Can I connect two DSL modems back to back over private wires
Resolution 836: A Voip channel does not hang up after the caller hangs up.
Resolution 837: The MVP110 will either not give a dial tone or not have any audio after connection.
Resolution 838: Calls connect, but can't talk through the voice channel when using the automatic voice coder.
Resolution 839: USB modem installed with wrong drivers for the OS
Resolution 840: Boot up problem with G-Force video cards(lines on screen).
Resolution 841: Does this modem have a line problem command
Resolution 842: USB installed with wrong drivers for the OS
Resolution 843: Can I disable remote configuration
Resolution 844: How can I get a key pair for IPSec with RSA
Resolution 846: Is there only one subnet for PPTP Pool
Resolution 847: Is there an upgrade for MultiExpress
Resolution 848: I can only make 4 simultaneous calls on my MVP800.
Resolution 849: Which DSL is supported by the RF500S
Resolution 850: What is the max speed of the RF500S with xDSL and Cable Modems
Resolution 851: Does the Antivirus send e-mail to the sender and the recipient of an e-mail that had a virus
Resolution 852: Will the MultiVoip work on a frame relay network
Resolution 853: How do I factory default the modem
Resolution 854: Is there a 56k modem for the CC1600 modem rack
Resolution 855: When I dial out I get to the username - password and thats all the further that I can get. I can't authenticate.
Resolution 856: Does this modem support V.26 Differential PSK
Resolution 857: Do you have drivers for Windows 3.11
Resolution 858: Can the MVP2400 be connected directly to a T1 line provided by the Telco
Resolution 859: Do I have to use the serial cable to configure it all the time
Resolution 860: How do I store a telephone number in the modem
Resolution 861: Does the RF650VPN work with 3rd party products for some filtering web, virus etc...
Resolution 862: How do I turn on the Denial Of Service (DoS) feature
Resolution 863: How do I enable the firewall on the RF500S
Resolution 864: Can I change the port that the http proxy listens on when in non transparent mode
Resolution 865: How do I configure the Proxy using Terminal Mode
Resolution 866: The ZBA will not connect with other manufacturers modems in leased line operation mode.
Resolution 867: Does this modem support V.92
Resolution 868: The GUI intermittently reports 'Error writing date and time' depending on the date and time values specified.
Resolution 869: Intermittent yellow alarms displayed in the T1/E1 statistics when all 24 voice channels are active.
Resolution 870: Problem detecting a square wave ring signal.
Resolution 871: Modem is not detected at power up.
Resolution 872: Speakerphone option for the MT5634ZPX and MT5634ZPX-PCI V90 modems in PhoneTools
Resolution 874: Long delay when running modem diagnostics in Windows XP.
Resolution 875: Is there a command that indicates the fax classes that the modem supports
Resolution 879: Does this modem have a Dial Backup feature for 2-wire leased line operation
Resolution 885: How can I setup multiple PC Anywhere hosts
Resolution 886: Can your MVP200A voips send through E&M voice
Resolution 887: Channels 1-5 are configured as a hunt group using FXS and Channels 6-8 are FXO. If the 5 FXS channels are all busy, will calls roll over to the FXO channels.
Resolution 889: Can the Routefinder allow the definition of more than five tunnels
Resolution 890: The card installed successfully in Windows 2000, but after a reboot the first modem disappears...
Resolution 892: How do I delay the voip answer time, at present it answers the line almost immediately
Resolution 893: Why does the maximum filter address range stop at 254
Resolution 894: I get a message 'Unable to register as an SNMP agent' when I run the MVManager on Citrix.
Resolution 895: Is there a way to make the login into my NT domain more automatic
Resolution 896: Does this modem support MH, MRH and MMR compression
Resolution 897: Does this modem support MH, MRH and MMR compression
Resolution 898: Will the MultiMux connect over an async composite link
Resolution 899: Can we use RVS-COM on this in order to enable faxing
Resolution 900: PPTP is not working, windows client returns error everytime it connects.
Resolution 901: I don't get any options in the CAS protocol drop-down box in T-1 config
Resolution 902: The modem is installed on Win 2000 SBS with MS Fax running, but when a fax call comes in, it will not work.
Resolution 903: What type of integrated modems are installed and are they fax capable
Resolution 904: Does this RouteFinder work in Windows NT
Resolution 905: I setup the RASFinder to connect through the radius server, but it is not authenticating clients.
Resolution 906: I have two MVP110's, how can I use one as FXO and the other as FXS
Resolution 907: I can't communicate to the RASFinder with WinMCSI for Windows 2000.
Resolution 909: Can the phone number start with zero
Resolution 910: Is there a way to set time limits for usage (ie no internet access after 10pm)
Resolution 911: After installing the modem in a Windows NT 4.0 system it locks up when I try to use the modem.
Resolution 912: How do I transfer the phonebook to a replacement VoIP
Resolution 913: Trouble installing the modem in a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system.
Resolution 914: How do I open up the Firewall to a client on the LAN
Resolution 915: When I send the command AT>DT1 to enable DTMF tone detection I receive an error message.
Resolution 916: How do I get the ISDN Terminal Adapter to work for Fax Communication
Resolution 917: Are there any issues when using AOL as the ISP and using a RF500S RoutFinder
Resolution 918: The modem is not responding to AT Commands.
Resolution 919: With the callback function enabled, the Password>prompt only comes when there is an error correction connection.
Resolution 921: Do you have an MT5634MU global model
Resolution 922: We are calling the Multi-Tech modem with an old 300 bps modem and it will not connect at 300 bps.
Resolution 923: Configure Reject packets to include/display the CCP options rejected.
Resolution 924: Crashing problem with FTP when the username exceeds the maximum limit(48).
Resolution 925: Crash due to buffer overflow in FTP.
Resolution 926: Crashing problem with FTP when junk characters are received.
Resolution 927: Crashing problem with lan-to-lan port on dialout.
Resolution 928: Caller/called party id problem for analog calls on PRI. This is for a Radius callback problem.
Resolution 929: Problem sending the actual account terminate cause to radius server for accounting.
Resolution 930: Crashing problem with autotelnet on a terminal dial-in.
Resolution 931: Crashing problem with radius authentication for Win2k MCSI client.
Resolution 932: An invalid radius accounting packet sent to radius server for MCSI client authentication which could crash the server.
Resolution 933: Terminal authetication problem with hybrid card and 'PPP detect enabled' for the PPP port.
Resolution 935: Can the Terminal Adapter aggregate and provide 128Kbps sync clear channel
Resolution 936: Error in the ip address reported in the RADIUS accounting packet for a multilink connection.
Resolution 937: Problem saving the authentication option using telnet/web for ppp ports.
Resolution 938: Connect problem in IPX AG Server while restarting RASExpress.
Resolution 939: TACACS accounting problem.
Resolution 940: Assignment of a stale static ip address of an earlier user for all subsequent users on that port.
Resolution 941: Static IP address assignment problem on ISDN PRI where a user with a static ip address who called in is not able to call in again until the port occupied earlier is used by a different user with another ip address or a port assigned address.
Resolution 942: Fixed - A ppp chap authentication problem with the local database.
Resolution 943: 'IP not open' problem due to resetting an active PPP port. Problem fixed for Server console, Manager, Telnet command line and menu interface, and Web.
Resolution 944: Truncation error in setting session timeout from radius server.
Resolution 945: Proxy-arp problem when the port is not up. This solves a proxy-arp problem with lan-to-lan ports wherein the local/remote ip address is on the same subnet as the ethernet port.
Resolution 946: Port number problem in radius accounting for telnet dialout which could crash during shut down.
Resolution 947: Upon disconnecting, a modem does not drop carrier. Now we wait for the idle timeout, disconnect, and if the carrier is not dropped in 2 minutes time, again force disconnect and reset the port.
Resolution 948: - RASCON.EXE : Crashing problem in ISA card port testing.
Resolution 949: Extra LF seen by the telnet client for telnet auto dialout.
Resolution 950: Slow authentication when CCP is disabled on the server.
Resolution 951: Does the Terminal Adapter support autodial on DTR
Resolution 952: Call hangup/disconnect problem with 2 MultiVOIP 800's connected FXO - FXO, both sides to PBX Extensions.
Resolution 955: Does the VOIP support the ground start interface
Resolution 956: How do I setup this modem to autodial another modem upon power up (turn on)
Resolution 957: Is there a way to use these modems on a leased line instead of a dial up connection
Resolution 958: Can I use cable or DSL to connect the RASFinders
Resolution 959: Does this VOIP support flash hook
Resolution 960: How do I configure this VOIP on a Magix PBX
Resolution 961: Can I use a headset with this VOIP to autocall another voip
Resolution 962: Is DES supported
Resolution 963: Do you have a VPN/firewall that supports the Macintosh
Resolution 964: What options do I have to authenticate to the network
Resolution 965: Is there some way to do virus protection for the PCs without each PC executing the software
Resolution 967: I tried to save settings to the virtual mappings area and it would not accept them...
Resolution 968: Can I convert the MVP120 into a MVP110
Resolution 969: The VPN router connects OK to a Sonic Wall VPN. The other network has a subnet that needs to be accessed. Can the router be configured to reference both subnets
Resolution 971: How do I disable the inactivity timer
Resolution 973: Does this VOIP support DTMF relay which enables us to send a DTMF tone over the channel that is carrying the voice
Resolution 974: How is hunting enabled
Resolution 975: How is hunting enabled if we have the phone book in the Gatekeeper and not in the host VOIP
Resolution 976: Is it possible to dial sub(extension) number after answering PBX.
Resolution 977: How and where do you produce the Ring Back Tone when the channel we are calling is busy
Resolution 978: Can the voips also be used as routers as well as voips
Resolution 979: How do I set-up the modem to dial (voice/data dialing) via the toggle switch
Resolution 980: Is it possible to set S0=0 through the panel buttons
Resolution 981: Won't work through Cisco 678 even though ports are open.
Resolution 982: Does this RouteFinder offer a command line interface
Resolution 983: Is the MultiVOIP gatekeeper software able to readily log H.323 (H323) call statistics
Resolution 984: I have a dynamic Sentinel internet connect going to a RF550vpn and it will not establish a VPN connection.
Resolution 985: How do I send Super G3 faxes (V.34) with Phonetools software
Resolution 986: I have Linux Server 7.1 and would like to connect it to my Proxy Server. Do you have any information on the setup
Resolution 987: How do I get the RASFinders to auto dial
Resolution 988: What model of single port voip can be used to just autocall between handsets at each end
Resolution 989: Which connection type is remote configuration supported in, Dial up or leased line
Resolution 990: After loading configuration and running diagnositics it says ethernet port error. The node ID currently is :ffffffffff ..
Resolution 991: Will this modem support a dedicated (leased line) connection to a remote computer with a point-to-point link through the PTT
Resolution 992: I built an IPSec Tunnel between two RF550VPN but I cannot access to share folder of opposite computer.
Resolution 993: Modem not detected at power up.
Resolution 995: PCAnywhere Host connection problem
Resolution 996: In Mac OS 9.1 or 9.2, uninstall ARA 4.x, install ARA 3.5 to avoid dial-up bug
Resolution 997: Is it possible to set up/configure via the serial port through a direct cable rather than a browser interface/IP Address
Resolution 998: Do you plan to issue a Windows XP compatible driver for your MT5634ZPW modem
Resolution 999: How to configure and use Dynamic DNS on the RF550VPN and RF560VPN.
Resolution 1000: What does the DMZ setting in the RF550VPN do
Resolution 1001: Can the MVP400 (analog) work with the MVP3000 (digital)
Resolution 1002: I updated the firmware on my RasFinder from version 3.02 to 3.18. Now only the first account in my remote user database is able to login to a WAN port.
Resolution 1003: Does the RF550VPN support IPsec authentication with group names
Resolution 1004: Does this modem have CTR21 certification
Resolution 1005: What is the sleep mode power consumption
Resolution 1006: What are the factory default dip-switch settings
Resolution 1007: Can the voips get their IP addresses via DHCP
Resolution 1008: How do I enable remote administration
Resolution 1009: Can I use a DSL device that has a USB connector
Resolution 1010: What is the command for enabling the quick connect feature of this modem
Resolution 1011: I want to use the +VXT command(Translate Voice Data option), but I receive an 'ERROR' response.
Resolution 1012: How many extensions or MVP can the host unit in Proprietary Mode manage
Resolution 1014: How many digits can be set to each channel
Resolution 1015: Is there an update for this MultiVOIP that supports the SIP protocol
Resolution 1016: How do I disable the V8 tones to get faster connection times
Resolution 1017: I want to be able to use a G.711 voice codec but this option is not in the list. What do I need to do to get this codec on the VOIP
Resolution 1018: Can the proprietary firmware be used over the internet
Resolution 1019: Does this modem support MNP10 error correction
Resolution 1020: Does version 5.61 of RasExpress support WINS
Resolution 1021: What is the amount of time that a hard RESET must be asserted
Resolution 1022: I'm trying to set up one phone entry in the MVP200 but the software is refusing accept the IP address.
Resolution 1023: Will this RouteFinder work over frame relay
Resolution 1024: Does the Proxy Server support ISDN modems
Resolution 1025: Can I bond and connect at 128K 384K
Resolution 1026: Does the RF550VPN support the X509 certificate
Resolution 1027: What is the power consumption(watts) and heat dissipation (btu/hr) for this modem
Resolution 1028: Is using NT Domain the best way to authenticate users
Resolution 1029: Will this RouteFinder work with Windows CE
Resolution 1030: How do I set up bridging
Resolution 1031: What options do I have to increase wireless security
Resolution 1032: Will telnet work over the vpn
Resolution 1033: Is there any type of traffic priority for the router and the vpn link
Resolution 1035: What does the OS lite on the wan mean
Resolution 1036: The E-mail Anti-Virus Protection isn't working.
Resolution 1037: What is the tolerance for the input voltage on this modem
Resolution 1038: Can I use MVP400s to connect two PBXs together
Resolution 1039: If we use two RF802EW on the same network, how can they both communicate with each other
Resolution 1040: Can I attach IBM 5394 bi-sync controllers to the channels
Resolution 1041: I'm trying to establish a VPN connection to a Cisco Pix and it isn't reliable.
Resolution 1042: How do the wan users get their lan IP addresses
Resolution 1043: Is the echo canceller G.168 or G.168-2000 compliant
Resolution 1044: What effect will disabling the DHCP server in the router have
Resolution 1045: Do Multitech VOIP products support T.38 faxing (standard fax protocol over IP)
Resolution 1046: Do you have an ISDN terminal adapter card for this rack series
Resolution 1047: Does this modem support modem on hold (MOH)
Resolution 1048: What H.323 ports are used by our (H.323 version of) VOIPs
Resolution 1049: I setup WAN Filter to allow a certain group of ip addresses to access the telnet and ftp server and to receive mail from anywhere, but now I can't access the internet using a web browser and my mail server was not working.
Resolution 1050: I setup my modem to receive a class 2 fax, but I don't recognize the incoming data using HyperTerminal.
Resolution 1051: Is there a way to save a Voips settings and have them loaded into another unit
Resolution 1052: Does this RouteFinder provide a V35 interface
Resolution 1053: Can I Bridge to three different sites with ISDN links
Resolution 1054: Does this embedded modem have voice support (AT+V commands)
Resolution 1055: Does this modem support call back security
Resolution 1056: Is it possible to make a call with 'DTR Dialing' using the AT$D1 command
Resolution 1057: Does this Voip support H.450.3 or other H.450 series specs
Resolution 1058: Does this Voip support Forward Facility message
Resolution 1059: Does this Voip support Empty Capability Set
Resolution 1060: Does Voip support IRQ messages sent by gatekeeper
Resolution 1061: Does this modem support 11 bit operation
Resolution 1062: What is the maximum speed of the serial async port of the RF500S
Resolution 1063: The MVP800 with H.323 firmware doesn't recognize the short re-order tone of 250ms, which is generated when someone ends the call.
Resolution 1064: Can a Microsoft mobile client connect to the RF550
Resolution 1065: Does this modem support call discrimination
Resolution 1066: Can we copy the configuration from one of the already functioning Multi-Frads to the new ones
Resolution 1067: I have a problem configuring a RF300E to work with a Shiva access port.
Resolution 1068: Can the RF550VPN be configured to allow Shared resources to be accessed from the Private to the Public side
Resolution 1069: Does the RASFinder support the LDAP protocol
Resolution 1070: Does this modem have connector pins on board to allow a connection to a seperate Sound Card in Computer
Resolution 1071: Can I use the MT2834BL on a 56K DDS line
Resolution 1072: Why is the device status set to (On Hook) for every channel after I cycle the power
Resolution 1073: Is there a way to adjust the MTU on the device Or, does the RouteFinder only go by what the attached modem provides it
Resolution 1074: Will WinFax retrieve the stored faxes in the Message Saver once the computer is turned on
Resolution 1075: Can the RF550 establish multiple dynamic tunnels
Resolution 1076: Is the RouteFinder VPN device IPSec Compliant
Resolution 1077: Can I put a RouteFinder in a remote office, (with a high speed connection), and have it VPN back to our Netscreen 5XP
Resolution 1078: I have been trying to use the RADIUS server on a Windows 2000 Server, however I continue to have problems with users being authenticated.
Resolution 1079: Added support for SIP protocol.
Resolution 1080: Where do I get a report that get me totals of the calls, outbound numbers called and total in Dollars..
Resolution 1081: Added QSIG PRI protocol.
Resolution 1082: Added DHCP support.
Resolution 1083: Added flash hook capability to T1/E1 CAS protocols.
Resolution 1084: Is RSA supported for remote security on any of the CommPlete 4000 products
Resolution 1085: Installation of your software drivers went well on Win2K, however the drivers won't install on WinNT.
Resolution 1086: I have installed my VOIP dynamically as a client, but it's not getting a phone book from the host which has a static IP.
Resolution 1087: Does this modem support V.23 HALF DUPLEX
Resolution 1088: Does the Dial Backup device automatically place a call to the ISP and then route all traffic thru the serial port if the DSL connection goes down
Resolution 1089: How do I register this product using your BBS as instructed in the Manual supplied
Resolution 1090: I have MVM installed in XP and I can't add the voip. I click on Add from Voip View and get a box asking to create groups, rather than the voip IP box I should get.
Resolution 1091: Where can I get a replacement power supply transformer for my MultiModem
Resolution 1092: How many PCI slots does the server have
Resolution 1094: The manual says that the Analog to Digital barrier on the drawing is really a safety isolation barrier between TNV and SELV. What does this mean
Resolution 1095: Virtual server mapping not working when Async port is in use as a Wan link.
Resolution 1096: Remote webadmin not working when Wan ethernet is setup as a PPTP client.
Resolution 1097: Problem setting IPsec VPN when the Wan ethernet is using a PPTP client.
Resolution 1098: Sentinel will not reconnect.
Resolution 1099: Sentinel reconnect problem after active for 1 hour.
Resolution 1100: Timeout and reconnect problem between the RF550VPN and RF650VPN.
Resolution 1101: DHCP problem working with Comcast in certain areas.
Resolution 1102: Can Windows 2000/XP establish a IPsec tunnel with the RF550VPN without using the Sentinel client
Resolution 1103: Can I display the IPsec negotiation messages without have to run the Syslog server on the LAN
Resolution 1104: IPsec Unique Identifier support in IPsec setup.
Resolution 1105: Will the RouteFinder send an email alert when someone tries to login to webadmin using the wrong username and password
Resolution 1106: What is the end to end propagation delay for my modem
Resolution 1107: How does the message waiting indicator light work
Resolution 1108: How do we force an error correcting connection
Resolution 1109: How do I know that I am running at 128K bps
Resolution 1110: I have connected my PC to the serial port of the SBC card, but I don't see the menu. I can't configure RASExpress.
Resolution 1111: When running Checkpoint IPsec client behind the router, it is not able to connect to the Checkpoint VPN gateway on the Internet.
Resolution 1112: Can I have 4 voips on the same LAN with a shared public IP, communicate over a DSL link with a host at a different location
Resolution 1113: I have 10 voips to setup, is it possible to save the configuration to a floppy to aid in configuring another voip or reconfiguring a voip that gets messed up.
Resolution 1114: The call traffic window occasionally disappears and the explorer view contracts.
Resolution 1115: We are able to dial into our network with all our field laptops, but not the Jornada running Windows CE.
Resolution 1116: Does the MultiVoip Manager 1.03 work in Windows XP Pro
Resolution 1117: Does the 56K DSU have an RS-232 interface
Resolution 1118: Does the MVP210 / 410 / 810 allow us to set the Tone Disconnect cadences to detect when a call should be hung up
Resolution 1119: Does the MT5634ZBA support class 2.0 faxing
Resolution 1120: Does the MT5634ZBA-V92 support class 2.0 faxing
Resolution 1121: Can the modem be setup to dial once carrier drops.
Resolution 1122: Can we use our Windows 2000 Server to authenticate Dial-In Users on the CC4000
Resolution 1123: Can the User Name be changed from admin to something else
Resolution 1124: We observe erratic behavior: random characters, erratic NVRAM configuration change, freezing...
Resolution 1125: Does your telnet server in the RASExpress support the RFC2217 'Com Port Control Option'
Resolution 1126: Will I need to buy the IPsec client if I use two RF550 routers
Resolution 1128: Is this unit capable of handling more than one phone on each channel
Resolution 1129: What is the maximum number of characters the command buffer will hold
Resolution 1130: Does the ISIHP-30 PRI Card work with Linux or Unix
Resolution 1131: What does the statement of 'Allow Call if Security Server down' mean
Resolution 1132: Can this 3.3V modem handle a 5V interface
Resolution 1133: What needs to be done to make the MVP400 with 3.01x firmware work with the MVP2400
Resolution 1134: Caller ID is not working.
Resolution 1135: Do you support or are you aware of any pc based software that will work with your Multi-VOIP units
Resolution 1136: When I use the MT5634MSV modem as the link devices on the async ports of the RF102S, can I still use phone tools through it
Resolution 1137: How do I configure the modem to automatically detect the DTE rate (serial speed)
Resolution 1138: Can I connect two phone lines to this modem
Resolution 1139: Is the RouteFinder capable of doing aggressive mode VPN through an analog modem using a dialup internet account
Resolution 1140: How can the voice quality be improved....sometimes we get dropouts and lose words
Resolution 1141: I can't connect to a 3 Com modem(U S Robotics) at 1200 or 2400bps, it drops to 300bps.
Resolution 1142: I can't set the Abort Timer (S7 register) below 35.
Resolution 1143: How do I disable/enable command mode
Resolution 1144: Can I clone or change the MAC address on the WAN port
Resolution 1145: How does the Multi VOIP intergrate with a NEC/Nitsuko DS 01 System. (Key System)
Resolution 1146: Does the MT2834BR modem support dial backup in leased line mode
Resolution 1147: Does this modem support the Super G3 fax standard
Resolution 1148: Does this modem support Caller ID
Resolution 1149: Win2k claims it has a driver for this modem, it 'installs', but has a driver problem, and can't open the device.
Resolution 1150: How do I access the log files to get the billing totals according to the amount that I set up for inbound and outbound
Resolution 1151: We connected the MVP-800 to the Toshiba DK-24 analog telephone system, but it doesn't seem to work as an extension. But if we were to connect it as a CO line, we can both dial in and out.
Resolution 1152: How do I setup a Client-to-LAN VPN connection using RouteFinder 650VPN and an SSH Sentinel Client
Resolution 1153: How do I set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection using RouteFinder RF650VPN Assuming both sites have public static IP address
Resolution 1154: How do I setup Client-to-LAN VPN connections using a RouteFinder VPN
Resolution 1155: How do I set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection using RouteFinders RF650VPN and RF550VPN Assuming both sites have public static IP address
Resolution 1156: How do I set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection using RouteFinders RF650VPN and RF550VPN Assuming RF650VPN has a static IP address and RF550VPN has a dynamic IP address
Resolution 1157: How do I recover from a Hard Drive Failure on the RF650VPN
Resolution 1158: How do I setup Windows so it can share and map a drive across a VPN tunnel
Resolution 1159: A LAN-to-LAN VPN configuration between an RF550/560VPN at Site A using a static IP address and an RF550/560VPN at Site B using dynamic IP addressing through their respective WAN ports.
Resolution 1160: A LAN-to-LAN VPN configuration between Two RF550/560VPNs. One at Site A and one at Site B. Both RouteFinders using static IP addresses at their WAN port gateways.
Resolution 1161: A Client-to-LAN configuration between an RF550/560VPN at Site A with a SSH Sentinel Client.
Resolution 1162: How do I set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection using RouteFinder RF650VPN and RF550VPN Assuming both sites have public static IP address
Resolution 1163: A LAN-to-LAN VPN configuration between an RF550/560VPN at Site A using a static IP address at the WAN port and an RF550/560VPN at Site B using dynamic IP addressing through a modem connected to the serial port.
Resolution 1165: How do I set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection using RouteFinder RF650VPN and RF550VPN Assuming the RF650VPN has a static IP address and the RF550VPN has a dynamic IP address
Resolution 1166: Configuring IPSec Tunneling in Windows 2000 / XP and connecting to an RF550VPN / RF560VPN.
Resolution 1168: How do I configure the SOHO RouteFinder RF550VPN so a SSH Sentinel Client can be set up behind a Firewall / NAT box
Resolution 1169: Is this RouteFinder compatible with WatchGuard VPN appliance
Resolution 1170: File Sharing across a VPN tunnel.
Resolution 1171: How do I upgrade firmware on the SOHO RouteFinder RF550VPN
Resolution 1172: How do I set up PPTP server on the RF650VPN so remote Windows PPTP client can connect and access network resources behind the RF650VPN network
Resolution 1173: Is it possible to use the SIP protocol with the MultiVoIP to be able to connect with other SIP devices
Resolution 1174: Is there Central Management software for multiple RF550VPN's
Resolution 1175: When I try and run a Checkpoint VPN client, I am denied access.
Resolution 1176: What is the name of the file that stores the user names and passwords
Resolution 1179: I can't see shares in Network Neighborhood.
Resolution 1180: Problem when trying to connect through ISDN BRI lines to our RAS server. The lines ring and then sound as if they had picked up the lines, but no tones would follow the pickup.
Resolution 1181: On what TCP or UDP port does WinMCSI communicate with the CommPlete 4000
Resolution 1182: Does the CommPlete 4000 support Extended Telnet Options RFC 2217
Resolution 1183: Can the Commplete 4000 be configured to allow only outbound calls and prohibit any inbound calls
Resolution 1184: We can't access web based Management of our RouteFinder.
Resolution 1185: Do you have to open up any specific ports in the RF550 to support NetMeeting or will it work without opening the ports as it works on H323 and the RF's are H323 compliant
Resolution 1187: We are not able to get a callback from the RAS Server on Windows 2000.
Resolution 1188: Do the ISI cards support voice (#V commands)
Resolution 1190: How do I set up a Client-to-LAN PPTP connection using the PPTP server in RouteFinder RF650VPN with a RoadWarrior PPTP client
Resolution 1194: Do I need to remove the old driver completely from Windows 2000 before installing the new version of the ISI driver
Resolution 1195: What is the floppy drive used for and how do I use it
Resolution 1196: Problem storing phone numbers through the LCD.
Resolution 1197: Wrong LCD passwords may be accepted. More LCD password characters accepted than necessary.
Resolution 1198: Command to reset the modem on loss of carrier.
Resolution 1199: I receive an error message 'Time Out Attempting to Identify Devices' when I try flashing my modem.
Resolution 1201: These features may change if using the \N or&E commands: DCD callback fix, Linux callback fix, Character abort, Quick connect, Reset on loss of DCD
Resolution 1202: I'm having intermittent connect problems in leased line mode, how can I improve my connections with older (legacy) modems in Lease Line mode
Resolution 1203: How do I make two fax machines communicate at two sites via the VoIP box
Resolution 1204: Does this modem support Auto Sync (&Q4 command)
Resolution 1205: Can the RF550VPN connect directly(across the internet) to a BEFVP41 Linksys router to create VPN without any additional software.
Resolution 1206: Does the RF650VPN support connections through a DSL modem
Resolution 1207: Is it possible to alter the transmit level of the MT3334ZDX
Resolution 1208: The modem installs properly in Windows, but when I reboot my computer the modem is not present or detected.
Resolution 1209: Can I set up a RF650VPN so it accepts incoming VPN connections from both multiple RF550&IPSec clients both on dynamic IP
Resolution 1210: What port numbers should I use with IIS
Resolution 1211: How to do UDP dialing on the T1 VoIP.
Resolution 1212: Problem using RouteFinder Manager software.
Resolution 1213: Does the RF550VPN support DHCP Server and Client
Resolution 1214: How to setup DHCP Server and Client.
Resolution 1215: I forgot the IP assigned to the RASFinder. Is ther any way to find out it's IP address to configure it by WEB Browser
Resolution 1216: How do I view the front panel lights of the voips in the MVM software
Resolution 1217: Does this product support Unixware 7.1.1
Resolution 1218: I want to access our internal LAN from a remote location. The LAN will be protected by the RouteFinder SOHO firewall/gateway with Nat. The remote users are also behind a NAT/DSL gateway(w/IPSec pass-thru only).
Resolution 1219: Does this product support Microsoft's L2TP/IPSec VPN client for Windows 98 / ME
Resolution 1220: How to configure the RF550VPN and RF560VPN as a virtual server to allow a remote workstation to create a Telnet connection to a LAN through the VPN.
Resolution 1221: How to setup and use LAN Filters on the RF550VPN and RF560VPN.
Resolution 1222: How to setup and use WAN Filters on the RF550VPN and RF560VPN configured as a virtual server.
Resolution 1223: How to install and use a Kiwi Syslog Server to capture Syslog messages sent from the RF550VPN and RF560VPN.
Resolution 1224: How to setup Windows 2000 IAS Server to run as a Radius Server.
Resolution 1225: How to configure a RASExpress Server for Radius on the CommPlete 4000.
Resolution 1226: Does the RF550VPN only use 1 tunnel with a LAN-to-LAN connection Can I use several PC's to connect to remote site at the same time without problems
Resolution 1227: How do I set the RF650 VPN to factory defaults, is there any command for that
Resolution 1228: Can I enter a range into the inbound phone book channel number
Resolution 1229: Can the SOHO RouteFinder work with another manufacturers SOHO VPN or does it have to be connected to a RouteFinder
Resolution 1230: When do you need VPN client software
Resolution 1231: Does the Multitech VoIP gateway mark the packets with Diffserv, or TOS
Resolution 1232: How to adjust MTU size.
Resolution 1233: Can this modem send a sending fax time as a parameter
Resolution 1234: How do we find out who is online and how long they have been connected to the RouteFinder
Resolution 1235: I have a game and for me to run a server it tells me to 'use port forwarding for port 5121' so that others may see my server from behind the firewall. How I should do this
Resolution 1236: How many SSH clients does the RF550VPN support
Resolution 1237: Can I call a phone connected to my VOIP box from NetMeeting
Resolution 1238: Is it possible to set these up so that they assign dial-in clients a WINS server assignment
Resolution 1239: What is the default setting for V.25 data calling tones(-Cn) The developer guide (rev c) says the modem defaults to disabled.
Resolution 1240: I own a RF500 and I am having trouble allowing video images to get to the web.
Resolution 1241: Can I setup a DSL modem on the serial port(backup) and the WAN port and then connect both at the same time to do load balancing
Resolution 1242: MT5634MSV and FaxTalk
Resolution 1243: There is a pin labled AA in the developer guide (pin 25), but no explaination of it's function.
Resolution 1244: Can a pair of your RAS servers be setup to work as a bridge and use the full 150K from all three modems to connect to the same device on the other end
Resolution 1245: Does this RouteFinder support port triggering to forward traffic through only on demand
Resolution 1246: When using the router in a LAN to LAN VPN configuration, do all of the clients still have Internet access in addition to VPN access
Resolution 1247: Does NetBIOS data pass across the VPN connection to provide name resolution, or is an internal DNS or WINS server required
Resolution 1248: I'm using the CC4000 as a 16 line dialup server, does it have NAT inside
Resolution 1249: What are the safety/technical specs: Heat in BTU, Current in AMPS, Power usage in Watts, Leakage current in MilliAmps.
Resolution 1250: Firmware 3.34c or newer will allow two connections for one SPID number
Resolution 1251: Does this card work with Windows 2000
Resolution 1252: Does this modem support V.34 fax and Class 2.1 commands
Resolution 1253: How can I reset the voice channel totals statistics on the MultiVoip
Resolution 1254: Does this RouteFinder have a command line interface
Resolution 1255: Is there any way to get a status of the analog modem connection Particularly the connect speed.
Resolution 1256: How do I setup a user/group based internet access policy using user authentication
Resolution 1257: When Outlook checks for new mail, the dialing process takes approx 25-35 seconds to connect to the ISP. However, Outlook times out in about 15-20 seconds when trying to talk to the POP3 is not waiting long enough for the modem to connect.
Resolution 1258: Does this RouteFinder support caching
Resolution 1259: Does the MTPSR3-200 support IPsec pass-thru
Resolution 1260: If I start with the CommPlete 4000 and an 8 modem card, will it be possible to upgrade to an E1 card in the same chassis
Resolution 1261: What are the options to increase the ports Does the Commplete 4000 only use the ISI.... cards
Resolution 1262: Can I connect to wired LAN's using two RF802EW like a bridge Or will they only accept USB or PCMCIA cards as their clients.
Resolution 1263: When I open up the America On Line dialer and try to connect, AOL responds with a message 'AOL cannot initialize the modem' and the modem will not dial out.
Resolution 1264: Can I configure this MultiVoip in terminal mode or via telnet
Resolution 1265: How do I enable Cisco fair queue on my 3620 router to use along with your diff serv
Resolution 1266: Can't find LE100.INF or TX100NDS.SYS
Resolution 1267: Event reporting
Resolution 1268: How can I get the logs file stored on the hard disk automaticlly
Resolution 1269: What is the pinout specification of the special Remote Configuration Cable used to connect the Command Port to a modem
Resolution 1270: How do I setup a User Data Base filter
Resolution 1271: How much ring voltage do the FXS ports supply
Resolution 1272: Can the dial in user change their password when they are connected
Resolution 1273: How can I see the IP addresses assigned to dial in users
Resolution 1274: I want to buy the RF550 to connect to the internet through an ISDN modem, do I need a router between the RF550 and the modem
Resolution 1275: What is the difference between the 'STATUS' and 'STATE' in the VPN Status Page
Resolution 1276: Is there a standard set of port numbers the RF550VPN uses
Resolution 1277: The manual and the FAQs mention the 'SSH Sentinel' software that installs and runs on the remote PC wanting to connect to the 550, however I can't seem to find that software on the included CD to load.
Resolution 1278: How are the email notifications sent
Resolution 1279: How do I create a Telnet connection through the RouteFinder RF650VPN using DNAT and Aliasing
Resolution 1280: Does this VoIP support Multicast
Resolution 1281: I have three computers on my system, how can I allow only the main computer for .mp3 file sharing with the outside world
Resolution 1282: Does this RouteFinder support multiple VPN clients behind a NAT box
Resolution 1283: Do the MVP410s support analog caller ID, with the H.450 services.
Resolution 1284: Can the RasFinder send a legal popup warning to unauthorized users coming in using dial up networking
Resolution 1285: Can the gatekeeper be used for video conferencing...supporting H.323 video
Resolution 1286: What does the DHCP log show
Resolution 1287: Is it possible to have a PPTP Server behind a firewall
Resolution 1288: Can we monitor internet traffic and see the web sites that each user goes to
Resolution 1289: We have a mail server (with a web interface on port 80) set up behind the firewall. We cannot access it using standard URLs, we have to use IP addresses.
Resolution 1290: Does this card support leased line
Resolution 1291: Does this internal modem support Wake on Ring
Resolution 1292: How do I activate SNMP on the MultiRouter
Resolution 1293: Does the 210-810-2410-3010 series VoIPs support configuration via Telnet or a Web browser
Resolution 1294: Is it possible to upgrade a MVP200\400\800 to a MVP210\410\810
Resolution 1295: What are the differences between the MVP200 and MVP210
Resolution 1296: The manual states that this router should have a log that will show up to 32 incidents. I can't get it to show more than 1 page of incidents (12).
Resolution 1297: Is there any provision for using the serial port for backup ISDN connectivity in the event of an outage on the WAN interface
Resolution 1298: The SMTP proxy seems to take a long time to clear out its queue if it gets backed-up due to an outage on a mail server. Is there some place that adjustments can be made to the rate at which the queue is emptied
Resolution 1299: Is there a way to reset a tunnel without taking down all tunnels
Resolution 1301: I changed the IP address for the ISP and saved it to the Proxy. However, the change did not get saved.
Resolution 1302: Not all statistics are available to click on, some are greyed out in the config software, is this normal
Resolution 1304: Does this modem have a watchdog feature built in
Resolution 1306: How do I setup a LAN filter
Resolution 1307: Does this RouteFinder support RIP 2 and SNMP
Resolution 1308: Does this modem operate at 3.3 volts and the industrial temperature range
Resolution 1309: What is the operating temperature range for this modem
Resolution 1310: Which product replaces the RF500S
Resolution 1311: What is the USB specification for this modem, will it run at 3.3 volts
Resolution 1312: I tried to start my configuration program for the Proxy, but I get this message: 'TFTP Server Error, Socket Table Full'.
Resolution 1313: I believe my RF802EW has been flashed with the firmware for another RouteFinder, is there a method to re-flash with the correct firmware
Resolution 1314: What is the max speed on a PPTP tunnel passing through connection Mobil->MS VPN Server connection
Resolution 1316: Does this RouteFinder pass protocol 1723 through the firewall so my Mobil user can access the LAN using NAT
Resolution 1317: TCP sessions randomly disconnect during periods of high network traffic (browsing).
Resolution 1318: Where do I find the CC4000 Single-Board Computer (IPC-623C) Video / Ethernet Drivers
Resolution 1319: UNIX MT5634ZPX_PCI V90 V92 does not display IRQ or Addresses
Resolution 1320: UNIX MT5634ZPX_PCI V90 V92 does not display IRQ or Addresses
Resolution 1322: What is the power consumption of this card
Resolution 1323: What is the power consumption of this card
Resolution 1324: What is the power consumption of this card
Resolution 1327: How can I enable static mappings for one of my internal servers
Resolution 1328: Added support for multiple public IP address mapping in the virtual server.
Resolution 1329: What is the operative range between 2 MultiVoIP's in terms of latency (ping time)
Resolution 1330: How can I get remote dial-up IPSec clients on the network with a fixed IP address
Resolution 1331: I am using my RF550VPN to create a fulltime tunnel to my RF650VPN router. Is it possible to set it so the user can not access the internet through the 550 as long as the VPN connection is active
Resolution 1332: I've configured 2 Multitech RF102S together with Multitech modems for IP routing and managed to establish a connection. But when I try to ping from the other router, I don't get a return.
Resolution 1333: What security features are supported
Resolution 1334: What type of software is needed for the clients to dial out.
Resolution 1335: If two CommPlete4000 servers are in use, is there the possibility to mirror the configuration (redundancy)
Resolution 1336: Is it possible to program a time of day schedule, (i.e. turn on @7:45am and off @5:00pm)
Resolution 1337: How can I track individual user internet access usage, (i.e. web sites visited, time online, etc)
Resolution 1338: How can I make a printout of the current RouteFinder configuration How can I save a copy of the configuration to a file
Resolution 1339: If I select Secure Association = Manual and then select Encryption Protocol = Null, will this actually encrypt the traffic
Resolution 1340: Which encryption protocol is the fastest, Null, DES or 3DES
Resolution 1341: What TCP port is the RASFinder using when communicating with RADIUS
Resolution 1342: Can a MVP 410 be upgraded to support more ports
Resolution 1343: How can I forward PCAnywhere ports (TCP 5631, UDP 5632) to a specific internal computer
Resolution 1344: My Voip is not being seen in the MultiVoipManager (MVM) software.
Resolution 1346: DoS attack causes the router to reboot. When Remote Web Admin is enabled, some DoS attacks via HTTP cause the router to reboot.
Resolution 1347: When adding more than 2 manual IPSec connections, the router will not operate at all.
Resolution 1348: The URL redirect error page does not provide a link for the user to go to a different Web site.
Resolution 1349: Port 113 (Ident) is not passing to the internal mapped server when the virtual server is enabled with this port open.
Resolution 1350: Web Admin does not work when using a Netscape browser to configure the device.
Resolution 1351: After adding a fifth VPN connection and performing a save&restart, all the settings are wiped out and returned to the factory default settings.
Resolution 1352: When entering the \ character in the async modem initialization string, it shows a double \\ after save&restart.
Resolution 1353: Fixed the IPsec manual keys so Webadmin only allows 8 characters for DES, 24 characters for 3DES, 16 characters for MD5, and 20 characters for SHA-1.
Resolution 1355: VPN statistics are not showing the information properly when the VPN connection is doing manual mode.
Resolution 1356: Some V.90 and V.92 modems take a long time to connect and the Async port is hanging up and redialing too quickly.
Resolution 1357: Added an option to configure a TCP session timeout. This will prevent telnet or SSH sessions from disconnecting after sitting idle for a long period of time.
Resolution 1358: Added a VPN option for keep-alive. When this is enabled, it will automatically establish the VPN connection after power up or after a save&restart.
Resolution 1359: Added a VPN option for Netbios Broadcast. When setup as peer-to-peer network, this will allow Network Neighborhood to see the other computers on the other side of the VPN tunnel.
Resolution 1360: Added port redirection support in the virtual server. This will cause the virtual server mapping to use an external port number that is different from the internal port number.
Resolution 1361: Added a startup syslog message to be sent when the device boots up or restarts.
Resolution 1362: Added a manual update button for Dynamic DNS in the Device Status page. This allows the administrator to perform a manual update on the dynamic DNS account.
Resolution 1363: #, $ and % characters are now allowed in the VPN preshare key setup.
Resolution 1364: If someone sends a large email message (e.g. 20M) then the smtp proxy stops sending messages because the anti-virus software is scanning this large email. This disables email-service for 20 mins or more.
Resolution 1365: Errors installing in Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Resolution 1366: Loop Back Testing the MT128ZLX-ST in Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Resolution 1367: Connect problems when the modem is configured to connect at 2400bps only.
Resolution 1368: Do you have drivers for Windows CE
Resolution 1369: Is it possible to use a dynamic private IP-address (e.g. 10.x.x.x) on a VPN-client and connect to a RF650VPN or must I use a public IP-address on the client side
Resolution 1370: Does this modem support fall back and fall forward
Resolution 1371: Is the MultiVoIP compatible with the Avaya MultiVantage operating software on an IP enabled PBX platform
Resolution 1372: Do you have a seperate model for the Mac
Resolution 1373: When I try to access an online banking account, using Internet Explorer 5.5, through the Proxy Server it will let me access the account about 1 time in 10 login attempts. The rest of the time it just re-displays the login page.
Resolution 1374: Does this Proxy support DDNS Updates
Resolution 1375: Does this RouteFinder support DDNS Updates
Resolution 1376: What Protrocol does the RouterFinder use for management of traffic monitoring and reporting
Resolution 1377: Do you have a seperate model for the Mac Does Multi-Tech provide the modem driver, script or system extension for my Mac OS
Resolution 1378: Is there a limit on the number of possible users
Resolution 1379: What are the power requirements / specifications for this MultiVoIP
Resolution 1380: Does this device configured as a VPN gateway work with a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain configured in native mode
Resolution 1381: How is IP and Netmask assigned to a remote user
Resolution 1382: I'm trying to setup dynamic mapping for MS PPTP. I have no idea what to put in the global address box, since the IP on the dialup side is always changing.
Resolution 1383: Is it possible to connect to a VPN using SSH sentinel when accessing the internet through a RF550VPN
Resolution 1384: We have set the WinMCSI Redirector application on a Windows 2000 server, but we are not detecting a change in the carrier line (DCD).
Resolution 1385: The DSL cable from the wall is an RJ11, but it's an RJ45 on the WAN side of the router. When plugged in, there is no link light and the txd light flashes. Is there a cable that can make this connection
Resolution 1387: Our mobile device uses the DOS operating system. Do you have or know where I can get a DOS driver for your modem
Resolution 1388: How do I remove SAM settings
Resolution 1389: Does this product support frame relay
Resolution 1390: I want to make sure my RouteFinder is working properly, how do I perform a back to back test
Resolution 1391: Does this modem support the Bell 208 standard.
Resolution 1392: Roucon crashes when clicking on statistics through TFTP.
Resolution 1393: Is it possible to connect to a Windows XP Professional located on the Internet using Remote Desktop Sharing going through the SOHO RouteFinder VPN
Resolution 1394: We use the RF550 with a modem connected on the serial port. The problem is that some LAN traffic initiates the RF550 to use the modem to call our ISP, this happens every 3-5 min and costs us money.
Resolution 1395: Can I make a Client-to-LAN VPN connection between a Multi-Tech Soho VPN Router (RF550VPN) and 'Cisco System VPN Client' (software client)
Resolution 1396: I'm having trouble using the Voice feature in MSN. It's working fine within the LAN, but it's not working when trying to communicate over the Internet. Is there some port I have to open
Resolution 1397: What is the power consumption of the RF102S
Resolution 1398: How can I completely hide Port 113 (Ident Port) from Internet Port Scanners on this RouteFinder
Resolution 1399: How do I back up my CommPlete 4000
Resolution 1400: Can I use one FXS interface port and one FXO interface port on the same MultiVoIP
Resolution 1401: Can I save the call logs of my device to a file What options do I have to view the logs
Resolution 1402: I set-up a VPN tunnel over a dial-up connection and it is very slow.
Resolution 1403: I'm trying to map a DMZ port on the RF550 to a pc on a public IP address and it won't work.
Resolution 1404: Does the Radius software need to be installed on the PDC (primary domain controller) or a Windows 98 workstation
Resolution 1405: Windows 98 callback does not work.
Resolution 1406: My MiniArray III reboots itself at random times and I think I have a bad ISI card. Is there a way to disable this card without physically removing it
Resolution 1407: My Internet Provider uses a login name with 33 characters, but the RouteFinder seems to have a 32 character limit. How can I overcome this problem
Resolution 1408: Does the RF500S check the IP address every 5 minutes - compare it to what it last sent to DYNDNS - and then send updated data (if needed) Or does the RF500S update DYNDNS as soon as the IP address changes
Resolution 1409: Instructions for establishing a VPN connection to Linux Freeswan.
Resolution 1410: I have a multilink connection using two ISDN B channels, but the monitor doesn't report 128k it only reports 64k for each channel, is this Normal
Resolution 1411: What is the UL certification file number for this modem
Resolution 1413: I have a pair of MTASR1-100 routers connected to Kentrox 78620 DataSMART DSU/CSUs. I am not getting a CTS light on either of the routers, and there is no connectivity across the serial ports.
Resolution 1414: I need to change the communication parameters to (7, Even, 1), how can I configure the Asynchronous communication parameters (character format)
Resolution 1415: Does this RouteFinder require more than one entry for multiple Sentinel clients
Resolution 1417: How do I stop the modem from adjusting its baud rate from the desired rate I typically want to connect at a baud rate of either 1200, 4800, 9600 and I don't want the modem to fallback or fallforward.
Resolution 1418: What is the maximum number of phone book entries
Resolution 1419: We have setup a Multi-Tech RF550 on an xDSL line with a Multitech 56k modem for dial backup, but the modem answers incoming calls. How do we stop this
Resolution 1420: I'm ordering a new frame relay line and I need to know whether to get AMI or B8ZS line coding.
Resolution 1421: Authentication fails, user1 and other alphanumeric usernames / passwords work. Error 734
Resolution 1422: What is the current consumption and power specifications for this modem
Resolution 1423: SIMM upgrade specifications.
Resolution 1425: Will the modem operate from a 12-14VDC power input in lieu of the 14VAC transformer power input
Resolution 1426: Where can we change the date and time setting on the RF300E
Resolution 1427: I'm connecting the MultiVoIP directly to a telco T-1 line, what is the pin-out of the voip's T-1 connector
Resolution 1428: What H.323 version does this MultiVoIP support
Resolution 1429: How is it possible to call in both directions between a MVP120 and MVP110 gateway, and what should I expect when the MVP120 answers
Resolution 1430: Problem when sending a fax to a few fax machines. One page gets stretched into two pages.
Resolution 1431: Procedure for recovering the RASFinder, Proxy Server, MTASR3, and MTASR1-100 routers.
Resolution 1432: It seems the antivirus software can only check outgoing email (if we use the SMTP proxy). There's no POP3 proxy or transparent virus checking with POP3 protocol, so obviously the antivirus cannot check incoming emails. Is there a fix for this
Resolution 1433: The modem crashes Redhat 7.3 with USB (2.0)
Resolution 1434: The RF550VPN will not connect to a SonicWall (Firewall/VPN).
Resolution 1435: How do I monitor Internet usage by my users with the RF550VPN RouteFinder
Resolution 1437: What ports are needed for the MultiVoIP Manager (MVM)to work
Resolution 1438: User Database filters are getting deleted upon reset.
Resolution 1439: User Database accounting information is not displayed correctly.
Resolution 1440: User Database error message 'Malloc Fails' is displayed on the terminal when the Database is cleared.
Resolution 1441: User Database filter changes through TFTP are not working properly.
Resolution 1442: MLPPP link resets every two hours when all three WAN ports are connected. The error message logged is 'Not Enough Buffers'.
Resolution 1444: What is the difference between the (&F and Z) commands, Is it possible to send a reset command (&F or Z) with other commands in the same line, (i.e. AT&F0E0S0=2) Is it necessary to wait some amount of time after sending a reset command
Resolution 1445: Does this RASFinder support Windows 2000 Professional on the remote user PC
Resolution 1446: Does this RASFinder support callback (for security purposes) on a Windows 2000 / XP remote user PC
Resolution 1447: Does this RASFinder support a Windows 2000 domain environment
Resolution 1448: Enabling / Disabling the Ethernet port via a Telnet session.
Resolution 1449: Node address configuration for WAN ports was allowed even if the remote port is of the Client-Only type.
Resolution 1450: Multiple people using a Web browser for configuration may cause a lockout.
Resolution 1451: The user database log page may not show all information if the log size is large.
Resolution 1452: Support for WINS servers added.
Resolution 1453: The TCP / UDP port numbers in the User Database filter setup accepts values greater than 65535.
Resolution 1454: Modem connect speed messages are not recorded in the general log.
Resolution 1455: Does this ProxyServer support H.323 Communications
Resolution 1456: Does this MultiVoIP support a hunt group feature
Resolution 1457: I am trying to get a DOS program to access one of the modems on my ISI5634PCI card. What settings do I need to make in order for it to work
Resolution 1458: Does the RF650VPN support LAN to LAN VPN with an E-Soft Intagate with IPSec
Resolution 1459: Is there a way to use a VPN tunnel from the Windows 98 client in a similar way to the Win2K \ XP (i.e. with the Windows tools)
Resolution 1460: Why do I have to reboot my PC's in order for the keyboard to work I'm running Windows 2000.
Resolution 1461: I'm trying to FTP to a Linux server over the Internet through this ProxyServer. How can I setup the ProxyServer so that I can do an FTP from it.
Resolution 1462: How do I configure the router to allow me to access the Internet through our broadband connection when dialed in to the router
Resolution 1463: I receive an error message when sending the command AT$FC=1, Does this modem support the quick connect feature
Resolution 1464: Where on your web site will I be able to download the latest firmware for the RF650VPN How do I upgrade this RouteFinder
Resolution 1465: Does the MVP210/410/810 support T.38 faxing over SIP
Resolution 1466: Does this RouteFinder support UDP Encapsulation
Resolution 1467: Windows 2000 crashes when a fax is received on an SMP machine.
Resolution 1468: Is it possible to configure this device remotely over the Internet
Resolution 1469: Is there a quick way to enter a large number of addresses to block / filter Or perhaps use a zone file to IP deny
Resolution 1470: Can I use this RasFinder to share an internet connection over the LAN
Resolution 1471: Can I use this RouteFinder to share an internet connection over the LAN
Resolution 1472: What is the cable configuration / pin out
Resolution 1473: How can I change the MAC address on this ProxyServer
Resolution 1474: Does this MultiVoIP have built-in SysLog Server functionality
Resolution 1475: Does this MultiVoIP support call forwarding
Resolution 1476: Does this MultiVOIP have any remote configuration options like WEB browser
Resolution 1477: Is it possible to close incoming / outgoing port 1900 to both LAN&WAN access
Resolution 1478: We have several sites with only 48v DC power available. Do you have a solution for this
Resolution 1479: I selected Lock Console from the About menu of the MultiVOIP Manager. Now I'm being prompted for a password, what is the default password
Resolution 1480: I want to block certain ports that I know should not be used, (i.e. the port 36794 that the bugbear.worm virus uses).
Resolution 1481: I want to block certain websites, Do I need to add each private IP address and create a packet filter rule
Resolution 1482: What are the benefits of setting up the http proxy
Resolution 1483: I cannot Access my Yahoo Inbox when URL Filtering is Enabled.
Resolution 1484: I recently upgraded the software / firmware in my RF500S to version 7.30 / 4.61, Was NAT removed I need to route several WAN IP's to internal machines (NAT).
Resolution 1485: If I open the 'Voip view' option and click 'Display' and if I happen to close out of the program, I can not open it back up. I have to reinstall the program to make it work.
Resolution 1486: I use Windows NT authentication. Is there a way for this product to use NT authentication
Resolution 1487: I set the module in standby / sleep mode, but I don't experience any power reduction. The developers guide has very little information.
Resolution 1488: Does the RF650VPN come with a DHCP Server
Resolution 1489: What is the limit on the number of users over a VPN connection
Resolution 1490: The time in the logs on my RF550VPN are 1 hour behind. I have the correct timezone (central) selected, but can not find where to reset the actual time.
Resolution 1491: In the Commplete 4000 how do you specify a different radius port We are using one that is not the default port.
Resolution 1492: We have set up an RF650VPN and I receive this message once per hour 'Your eMail with the following data could not be delivered within the last 1 hour(s)'. How do I disable this message
Resolution 1493: Will the RF550VPN pass IPsec
Resolution 1494: Is this card certified for Novell 5.1
Resolution 1495: Does this ProxyServer work with windows XP
Resolution 1496: How do I configure the MTASR3-200 (RASFinder) to work with the Radius of Novell BorderManager Do you have a SCRIPT What ports are used
Resolution 1497: Is this MultiVOIP capable of doing E&M
Resolution 1498: Does this ProxyServer support VPN pass-thru
Resolution 1499: Can I disable NAT on the RF550VPN and use the device as a router
Resolution 1500: Can I dial into an ISP using a long dial string like this: 9999999,,,,,,,9999999,,,,9999999 (I live in a rural area and have to use this to gain local access to my ISP)
Resolution 1501: I want to have two simultaneous digital connections from two remote sites but I have disconnect problems.
Resolution 1502: I want to use my own authentication process on the PPP server, Can I disable the PPP authentication on this ProxyServer I use PPP for transmission purpose only.
Resolution 1504: Everything had been working fine until we changed Internet Service Providers. I must have something set wrong because dial-in users can no longer get to the Internet.
Resolution 1505: What must I do (if anything) to change from an analog modem to a cable modem (roadrunner)
Resolution 1506: I have just updated my RF500S to firmware version V4.61. Prior to this firmware I was able to have 2 DNS server IP addresses, now I'm limited to 1. Is there a way I can add a second, if not, is there a way to revert back to an earlier version
Resolution 1507: Can I use a MT5634ZBA-USB-MAC Modem on a PC with a Windows 2000 / XP OS and a USB port
Resolution 1508: What is the range of the flash hook timer
Resolution 1509: How do I configure the CC4000 for Modem Pooling, (The ability to install it in a LAN , and to have multiple users dialing out through the machine , using your client software)
Resolution 1510: I have a problem with Ras Dial Out using the MCSI redirector, How can I troubleshoot this
Resolution 1511: How can I setup a pcAnywhere TCP/IP Host behind an RF550&RF650 VPN Router The Router has DHCP on.
Resolution 1512: Windows messaging does not work.
Resolution 1513: Does the proprietary firmware work with the MultiVoipManager MVM105
Resolution 1514: Is this modem capable of using Direct Inward Dialing (DID) provided by our phone carrier
Resolution 1515: Does this RouteFinder's 'Stateful Packet Inspection' allow for filtering based on TCP ports as well as IP protocol ID's
Resolution 1516: How can I reset RAS to default settings
Resolution 1517: If a user is enabled for callback and they dialin they are prompted for the callback box. By pressing cancel they should bypass the callback. On firmware 1.14, this stops working.
Resolution 1518: I am attempting to set up our RF650VPN router to accept connections from our SSH Sentinel client software, Is a static IP address required on the software side
Resolution 1519: I'm using PPTP Roadwarrior with the RF650VPN, Can I use it in an automatic changing encryption environment
Resolution 1520: What is the default password for SSH login
Resolution 1521: Do any of your international modems support caller id
Resolution 1522: Does this RouteFinder support voice over IP prioritization (DiffServ)
Resolution 1523: Does the MultiVOIP need to be connected to a computer at all times
Resolution 1524: I went to the about pull down menu and locked the console, What is the default password
Resolution 1525: Does the CC4000 support callback security
Resolution 1526: Is it possible to set up a VPN connection between two RF550VPN's when both are located behind a NAT device
Resolution 1527: Can the MTASR3-200 be used with Radius Server for remote user authentication. If so, how do I configure it
Resolution 1528: The complete 4000 RAS is continuously rebooting during the intialization and BIOS process, after checking memory and during hardware checkup it shows unable to add 2 ISI cards in bus 0 and bus 2 slots.
Resolution 1529: Does this MultiVOIP support centralized voice mail with Avaya Merlin Messaging or Intuity Audix and turn the message waiting light ON
Resolution 1531: I have Windows 2000 with Active Directory installed. How do I setup the Complete 4000 to use Windows 2000 authentication Do I need to install a Radius server
Resolution 1532: I want to have 20 channels at one local location, can I connect three MVP800s to get 20 channels
Resolution 1534: I tried to upgrade the firmware, but now I can't get past the User Name - Password prompt when attempting to open the configuration.
Resolution 1535: What are you using port 8080 for, is it the web caching Squid Can we block this port
Resolution 1536: We have the optional email anti-virus protection, how do we set the virus update time
Resolution 1537: How do we set up IPSEC HOST to NET connections
Resolution 1538: How can I increase the volume of the ear piece connected to the MultiVOIP
Resolution 1539: What are the limits on Key Life and IKE Life Time Can it be set to unlimited
Resolution 1540: Does this Terminal Adapter support async and sync communications Does it support the AT&Mn command
Resolution 1541: Does this MultiVOIP work with any Radius based billing software
Resolution 1542: Can I dial into an RF550VPN the way I can my RF500s (RADIUSauthentication)
Resolution 1543: Does this modem support DTMF detection and distinctive ring
Resolution 1544: What are the cable specifications (pin out) needed to make a cable that connects the T1 or E1 from the PBX to the RJ-45 jack on the Digital MultiVOIP
Resolution 1545: E&M calls do not hang up.
Resolution 1546: How does the AIOISIX.nlm assign port numbers It shows when the nlm loads that it is assigned board zero with 8 ports, Are these ports 0-7
Resolution 1547: Can I set up the MTT1DSU MultiDSU on 56K DDS lines
Resolution 1548: Does this RouteFinder support spam filtering
Resolution 1549: Can I put multiple class C networks behind this RouteFinder and get VPN access for them
Resolution 1550: Which port is the T1 ISDN PRI signalling done on
Resolution 1551: Is there a way to print out the PHONEBOOK entries
Resolution 1552: I want to implement my own DAA for this modem, but it has a built in DAA, how should I proceed.
Resolution 1553: Can I adjust MTU values on this RouteFinder
Resolution 1554: What is the power consumption(watts) and heat dissipation(btu/hr)
Resolution 1555: Where do you specify DNS settings for the system I'm trying to use the http proxy, but Squid can't resolve names in order to retrieve the pages.
Resolution 1556: We are looking for a RAS Server with UDP forwarding support (Broadcast / Multicast), Does your Commplete 4000 support UDP forwarding and how do we configure it
Resolution 1557: How many characters will the user field support
Resolution 1558: Does this terminal adapter (TA) support nailed-up provisioning
Resolution 1559: Garbage / connection problems when some V.92 modems dial and the ISI card answers. V.44 negotiation problem with some modems.
Resolution 1560: I have an RF550S and I cannot access yahoo mail through it. I can login and then see my calendar, but I cannot view my email.
Resolution 1561: Can I configure the Proxy without software
Resolution 1562: I downloaded RAS562_NOV18 and ftp'd the upgrade.exe to the RAS. However, the option to (upgrade server) option 4 does not appear in the menu. I can see the file on the RAS so I know it was sent.
Resolution 1563: The date / time portion of the RF550VPN syslog entries is blank.
Resolution 1564: How do I find out what version of firmware I am running and how much memory my RASFinder has
Resolution 1565: Will the Internal ZPX-PCI Multi-Modems operate at 3.3 volts
Resolution 1566: We have download the MultiVOIP User Guide On E1 Parameter Definitions. It indicates values including (MFR2 China&MFR ANI), But in the firmware we only find the protocol MFR2ITU.
Resolution 1567: Does this Socket Modem support 'Caller ID'
Resolution 1568: Is there a way to print out a log of all faxes received in Phone Tools
Resolution 1569: The firewall performance is fine, the Internet is responsive, but when I use the VPN to my office, performance drops dramatically.
Resolution 1570: I have implemented a WAP interface into my web server, but the data doesn't seem to be getting across. I can go to an HTML page and it works fine, but when I request a WML page it doesn't.
Resolution 1571: Can an alternate IP address be specified for calls to go to if one site is down
Resolution 1572: I have a Dell OptiPlex SX260 with an Ultra Small Form Factor (USF) Chassis, Do you have an internal modem that will fit in this chassis
Resolution 1573: I need to allow ports 8081 and 7755 to the entire private subnet, Is there any way to do this
Resolution 1574: How do I disable the modem from answering incoming calls
Resolution 1575: I have 2 RF650VPN's and I need RADIUS Authentication to be enabled for going out the (HTTP/SMTP Proxy) from the LAN, but only one box has the authentication option visible.
Resolution 1576: We have 2 Multi-Tech PCI cards installed in our Linux system and the Bios allocates IRQ 10 for both cards. We can not access the PCI card (stty -F /dev/ttyS3 gives an IO error).
Resolution 1577: The modem is not working correctly after a reset.
Resolution 1578: I'm having a problem faxing consistently between a MVP410 and a MVP400.
Resolution 1579: Does this modem support the V.13 specification
Resolution 1580: The modem will not answer or connect when a call comes in and the modem has Caller ID enabled and Caller ID information is not provided by the phone line.
Resolution 1582: RAS is not answering calls after a few days of operation.
Resolution 1583: New command used to set the User-User Information Element user information that can be sent out with the SETUP message when a call is originated.
Resolution 1584: What is the maximum echo tail length supported by adaptive echo cancellation
Resolution 1585: The manual states that the S30 register (inactivity timer) is in units of 10ms, How can I set it to 15 minutes
Resolution 1586: Modem answers a call even if DTR is not present.
Resolution 1587: After a V.23 connection, the first V.90 connection was non error correction, but the following V.90 connections were error correcting.
Resolution 1588: V.90 connection improvements on some lines that would formerly fall back to V.34.
Resolution 1589: Full duplex throughput improvements.
Resolution 1590: When a multi-page fax is sent with different resolutions on each page, the modem will send the first page, then receive an error message and disconnect.
Resolution 1591: +FHNG:43 error when sending a fax.
Resolution 1592: I can't get my MT128ISA Terminal Adaptor to install in Windows 2000. It's been in the machine for ages and works fine under Win 98. Under device manager it's marked with an exclamation.
Resolution 1593: Unix Modem Configuration readme file.
Resolution 1594: I set up my ProxyServer so it can be configured via the web interface. This works fine, but you can access the web interface from any computer on the Internet. Can I set it up so that the firewall can only be configured from our LAN.
Resolution 1595: Are the MultiVOIP 210, 410, 810 series available in a DC voltage version
Resolution 1596: Does the MultiVOIP 210, 410, 810, or digital series support configuration via Telnet or a web browser
Resolution 1597: VPN tunnel is frequently going down.
Resolution 1598: We can't establish a LAN to LAN connection between two of these RouteFinders.
Resolution 1599: Is this module modem able to record / playback voice&sound
Resolution 1600: I have one LAN and five other single computers connected to the Internet, is it possible to configure six RF550's, with one (the one at the LAN site) as a central device - providing VPN access to the LAN for the five single stations
Resolution 1601: Is the IWAY Hopper suitable for Linux
Resolution 1602: Remote configuration does not work with MNP5 connections.
Resolution 1603: How do I make the ports roll over
Resolution 1604: We use the Commplete 9600 series for dial up access. We have several Apple / MAC users that have problems connecting with us, but in turn are able to connect to other ISP's.
Resolution 1605: Reset parameters to factory default procedure.
Resolution 1606: When connecting the RouteFinder back to back with a computer using a crossover cable from the lan port, it works, and then suddenly, it hangs.
Resolution 1607: Does this card support standard RS232 control lines, (i.e. RTS, CTS, RD) Is RTS / CTS flow control supported
Resolution 1608: Can I connect two SOHO RouterFinders, one in a branch office and the second at headquarters, or do I need the RouteFinder for the HQ and smaller SOHO for the Branch
Resolution 1609: Using the WebUI, I ran the update utility several times. Prior to each attempt, I powered the RF500S down and up again. Each time, the firmware upgrade failed with the following message: Upload Data Error.
Resolution 1610: Can the RF650VPN authenticate PPTP remote users with Windows Domain
Resolution 1611: Windows domain locking out the user when using IAS Radius in Windows 2000.
Resolution 1612: RAS reboots when adding filter entries or when Radius authentication is done through Steel Belted Radius with a class attribute of more than 48 bytes.
Resolution 1613: Resetting problem in hybrid cards where it continuously switches between out of service, waiting for call, and init.
Resolution 1614: When an AG owned port is reset, it is not available for re-use.
Resolution 1615: Crashing problem which occurs when configuring through Telnet.
Resolution 1616: Modified Telnet module to prompt for user name and password for dial out clients using third party dial out applications, (i.e. Tacticals- EZ-Dial Out).
Resolution 1617: Included an option in RASCON to enable / disable authentication when dial out via a custom port, (i.e. 8000).
Resolution 1618: Problems with Z-Modem file transfers when using a MCSI client.
Resolution 1620: Port 10 has a problem connecting when using a DHCP server to assign the address.
Resolution 1621: Improper display of Date and Time.
Resolution 1622: Changed the default values of the RADIUS Authentication&Accounting port numbers.
Resolution 1623: Slow throughput when using MLPPP MultiChassis bonding.
Resolution 1624: Added support for WINS (NBNS Negotiations).
Resolution 1625: Modified SNMP module to support WINS Configuration through Multi-Manager.
Resolution 1626: Problem with CHAP authentication when using Windows 2000 IAS.
Resolution 1627: Authentication problem with an empty User Database, when the Windows 2000 dial-up client uses authentication protocols other than PAP&CHAP.
Resolution 1628: Problem with IP Assignment through a DHCP server, when the authentication fails for the first time due to a bad Username / Password, and connects successfully in the subsequent attempts after entering a correct Username / Password.
Resolution 1629: Terminal connection problem when using a DHCP Server to assign addresses.
Resolution 1630: Problem terminating a Telnet Session after hanging up a dial out session.
Resolution 1631: Administrative users are now given access to perform FTP.
Resolution 1632: The RouteFinder broadcasts packets on the LAN interface only (I assume that is some sort of broadcast address). What is this, Can I turn it off
Resolution 1633: Does this modem support Multi Drop (Multi Point) connections (Lines)
Resolution 1634: RAS AT commands get wiped out after a reboot.
Resolution 1635: Active PPP sessions or connections are not getting reset.
Resolution 1636: Problem If some applications are looking for the CTS signal for flow control.
Resolution 1637: GLOBAL MODEL: Out of Service (OOS) control via pin 25 of the RS232C interface does not work.
Resolution 1638: The modem may lock up in leased line mode during a disconnect. A power cycle is required to free up the modem.
Resolution 1639: The CallBack Security (#DB) command is not stored. After an ATZ or power cycle, the modem always goes back to #DB0.
Resolution 1641: If the LAN interface IP is not known to me, how would I connect to the management interface via a web browser
Resolution 1642: How do I change the username for the web interface on this ProxyServer, I can't find anywhere in the configuration utility to do it
Resolution 1645: What baud rate does the terminal program need to be set at to bring up the configuration menu
Resolution 1646: In Multitech's web page I found the following announcement - MultiVOIP Now Provides PSTN Fail-over Capabilities - How do I set this up
Resolution 1647: Why does my active connection show as steve_tmp0 on the host VPN log Steve shows as inactive, What is the tmp designation
Resolution 1648: Can I backup both the RAS configuration and the Remote User Database to a drive on my PC How would I transfer the configurations from an existing RASFinder to an emergency backup RASFinder
Resolution 1649: We have a problem with the RASFinder. When it starts up, the fail led is always lit and we are not able to configure the RASFinder.
Resolution 1650: I want to set up a multi-point solution with the main location having an MVP410 and the other 3 remote locations with MVP210's (all fed with DSL @ 512k), At what point do I need to use a router in a MultiVOIP solution
Resolution 1651: What 300 bps standard does this modem support, the Bell 103 or V.21 standard
Resolution 1652: Does this modem have a watchdog feature built in
Resolution 1655: We will be using a separate power supply, not the wall transformer that comes with the RF500S, What is the power output of the wall transformer
Resolution 1656: I access the Internet from home using a dial-back connection to my employer's network. That is, I dial in, and get dialed right back, is this supported
Resolution 1657: We lost the password of our RF650VPN, What can we do to recover the password or do we need to reinstall the sofwtare
Resolution 1658: I set up the RouteFinder software and everything was fine until I installed the admin security key on my machine. I did this so I won't have to accept the certificate every time I log in, now I can't access the web admin interface from my PC.
Resolution 1659: Are RouteFinder monitor and manager being phased out, It looks like manager is no longer required
Resolution 1660: Does this card support CAPI 2.0
Resolution 1661: Does this modem support Remote Configuration
Resolution 1662: Can the Client VPN router (RF550VPN) at the branch refer to the Head Office (RF650VPN) by its host name (i.e. instead of its IP
Resolution 1663: Is it possible to call into an RF550VPN as a remote using a modem or ISDN Internet connection with VPN
Resolution 1664: Is this ProxyServer available with a 10/100 or a higher rate switch port
Resolution 1665: What is the throughput of your RouteFinders from the RF550VPN to the RF650VPN (with 3DES running from 550 to 650vpn)
Resolution 1667: Does this RouteFinder have TZO Dynamic DNS service built in
Resolution 1668: Does this RASFinder support DHCP configuration for its IP Address.
Resolution 1669: What are the cable specifications (pin out) for the RJ45 to DB25(female) command cable
Resolution 1670: We have installed the RF500S and found that if accessing POP3 (Port 110) via the RF500S to the Internet, then it will time out.
Resolution 1671: Does this ISI card support TAPI
Resolution 1672: Can I restrict a particular LAN PC from using one or the other of the serial ports to access the internet, (i.e. can I restrict one of my LAN PC's to use only port 1 when accessing the internet, assuming both ports are connected to the internet)
Resolution 1673: Can I setup our RouteFinder so that ports 8181 and 8383 (our mail server's admin and webmail access ports) pass through to our mail server (192.168.2.x) without having a VPN established
Resolution 1674: I installed the software on my PC and the wizard saved the configuration to the RASFinder and re-booted. Now, after about 5 minutes the wizard windows closed, but the boot light will not stop blinking.
Resolution 1675: Is it possible to print remotely over a VPN connection
Resolution 1676: Does this RouteFinder work on the Solaris O/S
Resolution 1677: We are deploying an RF550VPN as a firewall gateway to the Internet, what are the necessary settings on the RF550VPN to allow the exchange server past the firewall which by then will be assigned a private LAN address
Resolution 1678: Where can I find the Windows 2000 and Windows NT4 drivers for the ISI552PC card
Resolution 1679: I have a Complete 4000 Series RAS Server that works fine with 1 Ethernet and 3 ISI cards, But after adding another card and booting the server, the final status displayed in the RAS Window is 'Disabled' in place of 'Waiting for Call'.
Resolution 1680: Does this ProxyServer support V.120 calls
Resolution 1681: How do I allow this RouteFinder to pass through information for a group of ports
Resolution 1683: I have a RouteFinder with a dial-up connection via a serial modem. The units works well, but I can not make it disconnect automatically.
Resolution 1684: I want to increase security, so how do I disable all remote administration to my RouteFinder Does your RouteFinder have a master password
Resolution 1685: Is there a way to use the Proxy Server as a RAS to access my network
Resolution 1686: Is the RF300E capable of passing NetBios information
Resolution 1687: Does this RouteFinder support RIP for asynchronous dial backup
Resolution 1688: What are the settings required in the SonicWall to create a tunnel to the RF550VPN
Resolution 1689: What does the Dynamic DNS in the Advanced Settings do
Resolution 1690: Under Administration Setting - System Parameters - There is a setting called 'Enable MTU Adjustment Function' with a value setting, What does this refer to
Resolution 1691: How do I recover from a lost password
Resolution 1692: Does the RF650VPN support Dynamic IP addressing from the ISP
Resolution 1693: Does the CommPlete 4000 support CLID 'Calling Line Identification'
Resolution 1694: We are trying to setup a new customer with an RF550 VPN and the internet service company wants to know what port number the RF550VPN does VPN traffic through.
Resolution 1695: Do you have a driver for the linux kernal
Resolution 1696: We would like to use the ISI Management Software, but we can't find this software in the Multi-Tech web site.
Resolution 1697: Can I dial in for Remote Access and dial out for Internet access using only one port and modem
Resolution 1698: Throughout the day the Proxy Server drops the Internet connection and then sometimes fails to reconnect for up to 30 minutes, How can I troubleshoot this problem
Resolution 1699: My VPN over dial backup is not working when my Cable/DSL fails. I pull out the WAN link and verify the connection status, it states I have an M-Estab. VPN session on the Device Status page. When the WAN link is up I see Q-Estab. under VPN Status.
Resolution 1700: I am connecting the RF102S to a device that does not look at the RTS line, but will always set CTS high when it is ready to receive, regardless of whether the RF102S is requesting a send with RTS. Is there a problem leaving RTS open
Resolution 1701: Is there a way for the RF300E to dial-out to the Internet (via an ISP)
Resolution 1702: Is there a way to connect the RF500S to a TV / Cable card installed on my PC to receive cable TV on my PC and still utilize the cable modem for Internet service
Resolution 1703: I am implementing a VPN connection via Windows 2000 PRO and am wondering if there is any IPsec passthrough support for the MTPSR1-100.
Resolution 1705: Async port and cross over cable method of upgrading firmware.
Resolution 1707: Do you have Windows XP drivers for the ISI4608 cards
Resolution 1708: I was downloading the default setup when my system hung, on reboot the 'Fail' light remains on steady and doesn't go off at all. How can I recover and continue with the configuration
Resolution 1709: X Off (XOFF) characters may be continuously output.
Resolution 1710: Is it normal to get so many log messages (3500 per hour) What type of messages are sent
Resolution 1711: I want to use a CC4 with 32 Modems under Novell 5.0, does it support NDS Authentication, or does the admin need to handle two servers
Resolution 1712: Do you have Unix drivers for this ISI card
Resolution 1713: What's the best way for me to allow other people on Audiognome to download files from me Is there a setting in this RouteFinder that can open up a certain port and does it stay open all the time Usually I don't know their IP ahead of time.
Resolution 1714: I can't get WinMsci to work with my RASFinder and have been having problems with the connection not being made. The line comes back as busy and the RASFinder never dials out.
Resolution 1715: Is it possible to have more then one VPN with a dynamic IP address at the remote end, if so, how does the inbound RouteFinder tell which VPN configuration to use
Resolution 1716: I want to enable port 8888 so that somebody can access my files, should I set the Virtual Server 'Service Port Range' to 8777 ~ 8779 or should I set it to 8888 ~ 8888 I don't want to leave any more ports open than necessary.
Resolution 1717: How can I setup an SMTP client so the log files will be emailed to me automatically when it is full
Resolution 1718: Is it possible on the Userlist file to have only one User Name for all users and no passwords - only CR, ( Carriage Return )
Resolution 1719: Can my dial in users authenticate to a Windows NT domain
Resolution 1720: Can the RouteFinter do a public to private translation for the 1 IP that the VPN would be using
Resolution 1721: Can I define remote Sentinel clients with a LAN side IP( Virtual IP settings) so that they appear to be on the local LAN, even though they are remote via VPN
Resolution 1722: Where can I get a Secure Copy Utility ( SCP ) Is that the same thing as Backup
Resolution 1723: Do you have any product comparable to the Shiva LanRover E Plus
Resolution 1724: I am trying to use two RF550s in a LAN to LAN with fixed WAN IP configuration. On one end I am using a Netware 6.0 server. I don't seem to be able to communicate with the server through the VPN. Are any special settings required
Resolution 1725: Is there some configuration required in the CommPlete 4000 to allow remote users to authenticate to the NT Domain
Resolution 1726: Can we disable the firewall without disabling NAT
Resolution 1727: What is the function of the WAN Filter on the RouteFinder
Resolution 1728: I plan to make the RouteFinder block incoming packets (from WAN) whose source IP addresses are reserved / internal IP addresses - regardless of the port. Is there any way for me to do that
Resolution 1729: I have a 5 user peer-to-peer LAN and use the RF102S to share dial-up Internet access among the clients, Can I completely block one (or more) of these LAN machines from access to the WAN (Internet) while leaving the remaining clients with full access
Resolution 1730: Does 'Use Address Pool' mean that it assigns each port on the server a single IP address within that range instead of letting any static IP client within those ranges connect to any port on the server
Resolution 1731: How can I find out how much disk space is left How do I clean the log files
Resolution 1732: Can every user run an H.323 application ( Internet telephone ) on their workstation and make calls through the Internet telephone at the same time
Resolution 1733: I have several home offices that need to be configured with a VPN and do not have high-speed service available, will this RouteFinder support either a broadband or dialup connection
Resolution 1734: What are the specifications on the IPSec implementation, does it run Diffie-Hellman group 2 or 5, automatic key exchange ( as opposed to manual ) and shared secret
Resolution 1735: I'm looking for a low cost product to connect 2 LAN's together with different Subnets in same building.
Resolution 1736: Do I have to reboot the RF650 for ANY changes in the packet filter rules to take affect
Resolution 1737: What steps do I take to open ports 5631 and 5632 ( PCAnywhere ) for the IP address 192.168.100.x I have RouteFinder Manager 7.30 with firmware version v4.61.
Resolution 1738: I need to reinstall the software on this RouteFinder, What brand and model number of CD Rom drive does this require, do you have them for sale
Resolution 1739: Does this RouteFinder pass native Multicast packets from the WAN side to the LAN side
Resolution 1740: Does this RouteFinder support Port Address Translation (PAT) If it does, how and where do I configure it
Resolution 1741: I have a problem with my RASFinder 300E and Shiva Accessport. We can't get the RASFinder to call back to the Shiva Accessport.
Resolution 1742: Is there a debug facility which (in the non-operational state) can log why the call is not answered
Resolution 1743: We originally bought the RF102S to install and use as a router. We had routes entered to pass data from the Ethernet ports to the WAN serial ports. We no longer need the routing function, is there anything I need to know to operate this as a hub
Resolution 1744: It appears that the RF550VPN does not support tunnels between locations on the same public IP subnet.
Resolution 1745: I'm having problems with the Mail Server program, I can't send any mail.
Resolution 1746: My primary connection is a dial up account, given my location being outside of broadband and DSL services. I need to control when the modem is connecting, Is there a way to force a dial up and also a disconnect of the modem
Resolution 1747: I plan to use the RF550 to establish a VPN tunnel from a client on the Internet to the LAN. I've setup the RF550 and the Sentinel client and I can now ping the LAN. For file sharing on the server, do I have to install IIS on the Win2000 Server
Resolution 1748: Which third party Routers are able to communicate with the RF550VPN via IPSec
Resolution 1749: I have a Polycom Soundpoint 400 IP H.323 VOIP telephone behind my RouteFinder. I cannot receive calls to the phone (the traffic originates on the Internet), but I can place them (the traffic originates from the phone). Should this application work
Resolution 1750: Can you tell me where I need to go in the Web browser configuration so that I can setup my DHCP Settings I need to change the default gateway and DNS servers.
Resolution 1751: Does this PCI Card support Windows 3.51
Resolution 1752: Does this RouteFinder support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Resolution 1753: What is the range of permissible values for idle timeout
Resolution 1754: Can I bring up the dialup connection by using a cron job to ping an external IP address, hence creating LAN traffic to the Internet
Resolution 1755: I have frequent inbound traffic from the Internet, will this affect the idle timeout
Resolution 1756: We are trying to install 4 ISI cards in Windows 2000 Server, but when installing cards 3 or 4 we get a 'KMODE_TRAP_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED' error message on a blue screen when Windows starts.
Resolution 1757: Is bootp forwarding an option on your VPN devices
Resolution 1758: Do I need one VPN connection for each Sentinel client Must all preshare key be the same, including the LAN to LAN connection
Resolution 1759: What fax classes does this card support
Resolution 1760: What are the differences between the RF650VPN and the RF660VPN
Resolution 1761: I need to open port 443 for HTTPS traffic on the RouteFinder, how do I accomplish this
Resolution 1762: How many filters can I set in the RouteFinder
Resolution 1763: How do I create the server.msg files on the MultiTech Commplete Communications Server 4000
Resolution 1764: Does the RouteFinder have a drive that it uses for caching Web sites How can it be turned off
Resolution 1765: Does the RouteFinder communicate with PPPoE
Resolution 1766: I have a couple of RF500s devices and I would like to allow my users to use a Webcam. How can I make it work
Resolution 1768: I'm using my browser to configure the RF500S and I can't seem to find the dial in settings, where can I find it
Resolution 1770: Does the RF802EW come with a wireless card, or do they need to be bought separately If so, which card do you recommend
Resolution 1771: Our office has been connected to the Internet via VSAT Broadband recently and we installed our mail server, but now there are some messages passing out our server to the external world (neither of the users come from our address list).
Resolution 1772: Does the RF802EW support H.323 (H323)
Resolution 1774: When local users (user in RAS Server database) dial in to the CommPlete 4000 SERVER, they get connected without calling back, even though call back is enabled for all local users. [The security has been set to RADIUS AUTHENTICATION].
Resolution 1775: Is this an email alert from the RouteFinder
Resolution 1776: How many aliases can I configure on the network interface of the RF650VPN appliance
Resolution 1777: Does this product support non-PPP/SLIP connections That is, can I dial into the RASFinder using just a terminal connected to a modem Once connected, will I get a command line interface (CLI) prompt from which I can initiate a telnet session
Resolution 1779: How do I connect my mail server on the DMZ port
Resolution 1780: I keep getting out of space errors, how can I delete files from my RouteFinders Hard Drive
Resolution 1781: Could you please confirm the differences between the US/EUR/UK RouteFinder models
Resolution 1783: Does this modem support 11 bit operation
Resolution 1785: Does this RouteFinder support Microsoft PPTP pass through How do I enable it
Resolution 1786: When trying to restrict user login time using the configuration menu, the time chart is not allowing us to make a change, all fields are filled with 'Y'. Please let us know how to restrict user loggin time.
Resolution 1787: Can I adapt the antennas for an extension to feed two or three additional indoor antennas less than 50' from Router / App
Resolution 1788: How do I configure the RouteFinder to allow multiple remote locations for Web management from the WAN side That is, I wish to be able to manage the device from any Internet node.
Resolution 1789: Does the RouteFinder support Route Aggregation
Resolution 1790: Does the wireless card support LEAP, LEAP is defined as such: 802.11X Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
Resolution 1791: Does this RouteFinder support Caller ID ( CLID )
Resolution 1792: Will the RF802EW backup dialup ports serve as a full featured 56kb, dial-on-demand, disconnect on inactivity Internet gateway, (Similar or identical to the RF102S)
Resolution 1793: Does this RouteFinder support DHCP client on the WAN ethernet port
Resolution 1794: I want to shut off the time sync on the RouteFinder, how can I do that
Resolution 1795: Does this RouteFinder support the usage of RSA-key with SSH Sentinel
Resolution 1796: I am getting lots of port scanning notifications, what can I do the stop them
Resolution 1799: How do I setup RASExpress for routing
Resolution 1800: How can I remove the Users Authentication setting for SAM NT/2k
Resolution 1801: Can I monitor Internet usage from an IP address on our LAN
Resolution 1802: The manual does not show the settings for the dip switches located on the board. What do the switches do, does it have anything to do with controlling the modems
Resolution 1803: Can I use Telnet to configure this RouteFinder
Resolution 1804: Can this Routefinder receive updates automatically
Resolution 1805: What database does this RouteFinder consult for content filtering
Resolution 1806: Where exactly do I enable the PPP, LCP and NCP printf support in the manager
Resolution 1807: How do I transfer data between the PC on the LAN using Hyperterminal and the PC connected to the serial port to the SocketEthernetIP
Resolution 1808: Regarding the Complete 4000, is it possible (in RASExpress) to limit an ISDN user to connect with only one B channel
Resolution 1809: Does your Wireless RouteFinder have a battery power option
Resolution 1810: Is it possible to use a random (as in DHCP) NAT address for the Unique Identifier (UID) instead of a fixed IP address
Resolution 1811: We need to change the dial out phone number, how can this be done via Telnet
Resolution 1812: I recall in the RF650VPN webadmin there was a place to download and upload a configuration file, is there a way to do that in the RF660VPN
Resolution 1813: Is it possible to save the configuration settings of the RF650VPN (to a floppy say), upgrade the unit to an RF660VPN using the Field Upgrade Kit and then download the settings or do you have to reconfigure the unit from scratch
Resolution 1814: Are both the WAN and LAN ports Ethernet (10BaseT)
Resolution 1815: Is it possible for the RouteFinder to connect to both ISDN channels via the modem backup serial port Right now, it connects fine with our ISDN TA to our ISP, but only one channel connects.
Resolution 1816: We have two RASFinders and both should have the same users. Is there a way to add users only at one device and then have them copied to the other
Resolution 1818: Do I need to do anything special to connect 2 RF660's together if one has a dynamic IP
Resolution 1819: My RouteFinder won't come up and the reset light is on, what does that mean
Resolution 1820: How can I create more than one SNMP community
Resolution 1821: What is the purpose of Perfect Forward Secure (PFS)
Resolution 1822: How do I get the Telnet menu driven screen to re-appear When I Telnet into it, I get a RASExpress prompt.
Resolution 1823: Will the Windows XP dialup VPN client work with the RF550VPN
Resolution 1824: Unpredictable problems may occur if the modem initialization is interrupted by the next incoming call.
Resolution 1825: When receiving an incoming call after a power up and within the Set Command Mode Time (%DT timer), the modem will not pass data.
Resolution 1826: The Enable PCM Upstream command is changed to AT+PIG=0.
Resolution 1828: How do I change the port number for auto Telnet to port 88 instead of the default Telnet port
Resolution 1829: How can I build an IKE VPN based on certificates
Resolution 1830: Can I use the RASFinder with an RSA ACE Server
Resolution 1831: After a hardware reset the RASFinder does not always answer an incoming call.
Resolution 1832: How do I install the driver for the ISI4608-PCI on Linux RH 7.2 (kernel 2.4.7-10)
Resolution 1833: Is there a way to set up Microsoft Fax under Windows XP to use the modems in the RASFinder to send a fax The Microsoft Fax software wants to use a remote fax device configured as \\servername\printername
Resolution 1834: Invalid SMTP domain name problems after upgrading my RF650VPN to a RF660VPN.
Resolution 1835: How do I change what IP's the PPTP pool uses
Resolution 1837: Is the RF550VPN able to do the static route to other network segments
Resolution 1838: How to configure a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection between Two RF660VPNs. One at Site A and one at Site B. Both RouteFinders using static IP addresses at their WAN port gateways.
Resolution 1839: How to configure a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection between an RF660VPN at Site A and an RF550VPN at Site B. Both RouteFinders using static IP addresses at their WAN port gateways.
Resolution 1840: How to configure a LAN-to-LAN VPN connection between an RF660VPN at Site A using a static IP address and an RF550VPN at Site B using dynamic IP addressing.
Resolution 1841: How to configure a Client-to-LAN Between an RF660VPN at Site A and an SSH Sentinel IP Client.
Resolution 1842: Example of the RF660VPN Configured as a Secure PPTP Server with a VPN PPTP Remote Client
Resolution 1843: Example explaining how to use DNAT and Aliasing on the RF600 / RF660 / RF760 to allow a remote workstation to create a Telnet connection to a LAN though the RouteFinder.
Resolution 1845: Is it possible to setup the RASFinder to utilize MS Active Directory for logging directly into an MS Domain
Resolution 1846: Does this RouteFinder support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Resolution 1847: Is there a way to open a range of ports versus an entry for each port from 5004 - 65535
Resolution 1848: What kind of memory (DIMM) can be installed in your RF650 firewall, is it possible to use 512Mb ECC RAM
Resolution 1849: I have 4 computers in my home and all connect to the Internet through the cable modem wired to an RF550VPN, however the computers can not communicate with each other for data transfer and playing games. All computers are equipped with firewalls.
Resolution 1850: We have RF550VPNs connected through a VPN to the RF660VPN, how can we see each RF550VPN through the RF660VPN
Resolution 1851: Is it possible to configure virtual server mapping and DNAT on the RF650VPN
Resolution 1852: We normally use the same preshared key for authentication in both RF660's that will tunnel to each other. However, it also offers RSA Signature as an alternative to a preshared key, how do I use RSA Signature for authentication on the RF660VPN
Resolution 1853: Can the RouteFinder limit those computers by MAC address or is there any sort of WAN filtering we can set-up to allow only certain computers access to Internet through IP addresses
Resolution 1854: I have a new Compaq ML370 Server which only has PCI-X Slots. I am unable to plug the ISI5634PCI card into these slots because it does not have the necessary notch at the front of the PCI edge connector.
Resolution 1855: Does the MultiVOIP support T.38 faxing (standard fax protocol over IP)
Resolution 1856: I have downloaded MultiVOIP 6.03 software / firmware to enable me to configure my MultiVOIP via a web browser. Under the connection tab it only shows COM ports. How can I access the VOIP from my LAN via a browser
Resolution 1857: How can I configure the MultiVOIP to send calls from the PSTN to users on the Proxy Server
Resolution 1858: We installed and setup the MultiVOIP vs 6.03a\4.03a software which looks much better than the MVP200 software, but the buttons for help do not work.
Resolution 1859: What is your part number for a 120V replacement power supply for the MultiModem II series modem What are the voltage and current ratings
Resolution 1860: Does this modem support V.80 in transparent asynchronous access mode over V.22bis
Resolution 1861: Is it possible to connect the MVP210 directly to a PSTN phone line without using a local office PBX system Can this box be used to provide a remote-office access to a local dialtone
Resolution 1862: Does this module support synchronuos data rates
Resolution 1863: What is the difference between the MVP800 and MVP810
Resolution 1864: Does this modem have Class 2 Fax capability
Resolution 1865: When blind dialing, the LCD doesn't display the dialing status.
Resolution 1866: The&C6 command is not properly suppressing the connect message while authenticating the callback security password. This command was implemented for Linux applications.
Resolution 1867: RF600VPN and RF660VPN software live update procedure.
Resolution 1868: Packet Filters - Added a configurable option to enable / disable logging of packets that are destined for the RF660VPN and are discarded.
Resolution 1869: Logon Page - The logo and version number on the initial logon page can be displayed / hidden with a configurable option in the Administration - Web Admin page.
Resolution 1870: Zero ( 0 ) is not allowed in the 2nd and 3rd positions of the IP address for Gateway, WINS address, SAM PDC, SAM BDC, SMTP Proxy ->SMTP routes.
Resolution 1871: Validation problem for Accepted Incoming Domains in SMTP Proxy.
Resolution 1872: Group Name, Source Port and Protocol Services changes.
Resolution 1873: PPTP must be restarted after adding users to the local database using the Web GUI.
Resolution 1874: If the DHCP client is not able to get an IP address, the IPSec route for eth1 is removed.
Resolution 1875: Virus Scanner - Two seperate controls have been added.
Resolution 1876: Version Control - Clearing the options is not allowed.
Resolution 1877: The ownership of ICMP services file was changed, so while adding ICMP services, error messages are displayed.
Resolution 1878: SARG report generation has been moved from cron.fivemins to cron.hourly.
Resolution 1879: PPTP - Static IP address assignment support for users.
Resolution 1880: IPSec - When adding new or editing an existing connection, the connections cannot be added with Local LAN = Any, Local LAN = None or Remote LAN = Any Anymore.
Resolution 1881: HTTP Proxy authentication will now allow only one type (Local, Radius or SAM).
Resolution 1882: IPTable ALLOW rules for ports 2049 (NFS), 2401 (CVS), 113 (identd), 139 (NetBIOS), 1812 - 1813 (Radius), 69 (TFTP) are removed from the chain ALLOW_PORTS. Now the rules for ports 2401, 139, 1812, 1813 are added in the AUTO_OUTPUT chain.
Resolution 1883: Network Intrusion Detection - The entry ANY from the Destination list box has been removed.
Resolution 1884: Backup - The length of the comment field on the backup page has been limited to 100 characters.
Resolution 1885: Statistics&Logs ->SMTP Proxy - If you select from the left side menu once and then click again on the same (SMTP Proxy) it will give an error.
Resolution 1886: POP3 Virus Scanners redirection rule has been changed so that it will always perform first regardless of any DNAT rules.
Resolution 1887: PPTP - PPP CPU % is going high if a client disconnect is not proper. After that, no other connection is allowed.
Resolution 1888: System Updates - After a system update, the File Integrity Check Module sends mail it is not suppose to send.
Resolution 1889: Virus Update - After the update from 2.94a to 3.0, the update time and date are not displayed on the Web GUI.
Resolution 1890: If there are SSH connections to the RouteFinder and the main SSHD gets killed, self monitor is not restarting SSHD.
Resolution 1891: The virus scanner's log file ( kavscan.rpt ) has been included in logrotate.
Resolution 1892: Packet Filter rule with service as 'ICMP as Network Unreachable and Protocol Unreachable' is not getting added.
Resolution 1893: DHCP Client - If the IP address is changed during renewal, the configuration files are not updated properly.
Resolution 1894: Web Admin Site Certificate - Spaces are now allowed for State, City Company and Organization unit.
Resolution 1895: Backup Function changes.
Resolution 1896: DNS Proxy - The Admin Mail ID in the default zone has been changed to ( ).
Resolution 1897: How can I query the values of SNMP objects on MultiVOIP using snmp binaries(snmpget, snmapwalk etc..) in unix.
Resolution 1898: SIP features added in 4.04 / 6.04 firmware
Resolution 1899: Added SPP (Single Port Protocol) support in 4.04 / 6.04 firmware.
Resolution 1900: The VOIP's IP address is now saved and doesn't change after upgrading software or downloading factory defaults via the Web.
Resolution 1901: Added an RTP packetization option. This allows the number of voice packets in an RTP packet to be configured.
Resolution 1902: Does the MultiVOIP support cRTP (compressed real time protocol)
Resolution 1903: I want to use the Commplete 4000 to provide Internet connections for hotel rooms. We need the user account information for the billing, so how can we get users account information from the Commplete 4000
Resolution 1904: Can I setup the VOIP so that when I dial into the FXO port it does not give a second dial tone, but simply places the call to my SIP-Server, which will then do further processing.
Resolution 1905: After enabling Intrusion Detection I receive messages saying 'Files were found to be changed by some intruder'. What does this mean and how can we exclude this update from generating these reports
Resolution 1906: How do I perform an analog loopback test
Resolution 1907: We have two MultiVOIPs with one MVP110 configured as a client and the other an MVP120 configured as a host. So, my question is, are they compatible, (i.e can they communicate)
Resolution 1909: Rebooting to Save Changes. Is this necessary
Resolution 1910: Can multiple users change settings on the box at the same time using the Internet configuration tool Sometimes we can't save a change because we don't have the relevant permissions. What is required for read or read / write permissions
Resolution 1912: I want to configure an SNMP agent to monitor the bandwidth the units are actually using moment to moment. Attempts to 'SNMP walk' the units have not revealed the appropriate MIB for this information. Where can I find the appropriate MIB
Resolution 1913: Does the older x00 series and the newer x10 series MultiVOIP support Diffserv
Resolution 1914: We have 10 offices connected to our VOIP through the Internet and we use dns2go for some applications to those offices. The offices don't have a fixed IP, is there a workaround to configure names on the MultiVOIP
Resolution 1915: I am trying to communicate with the MTXCSEM module for use with our serial device and software package. I can communicate using HyperTerminal, but have a problem communicating to the module from our software package.
Resolution 1916: Does the SocketModem support leased line operation
Resolution 1918: I am looking for a way to have a remote extension of our PBX using the Internet. If I buy a MultiVOIP to connect to our PBX, can I then connect to the VOIP using an IP Phone
Resolution 1919: Can your gateway connect directly to a DSL modem If so, does the gateway's console have the capability to enter authentication information like the username and password for the ISP DSL network
Resolution 1920: Does the MultiVoIP Manager software have the capability of tracking where the call originated from and for how long the call took place
Resolution 1921: Firmware Upgrade Procedure and Flash Upload Procedure.
Resolution 1922: Throughput issue when PPP raw-mode is enabled.
Resolution 1923: Provision to enable / disable the boot messages. Also set the baud-rate appropriately during the module boot-up.
Resolution 1924: 'Firmware version-no' is included in the auto discovery broadcast packet. The same is reflected in Auto Discovery Manager.
Resolution 1925: Call for a re-initialization of inetd application, which eventually closes all the current sessions associated with inetd.
Resolution 1926: File transfer problem when using the serial tunneling application.
Resolution 1927: Telnet dialout session drop problem when performing a file transfer for a long period of time.
Resolution 1928: Modem connect support on the serial interface.
Resolution 1929: Remote Bridging - AHDLC Framing on the serial interface.
Resolution 1930: Telnet Client - RAW Mode support.
Resolution 1932: Added a provision to upgrade the flash through the serial port.
Resolution 1933: Authentication for Telnet Auto dial-out is now enabled by default.
Resolution 1934: CLI statistics provide Ethernet and Serial Interface statistics.
Resolution 1936: Added a provision to enable / disable a watch-dog on the Module, (enabled by default and the timeoutvalue is set to a max of 6.5 seconds). The timeout value is not configurable.
Resolution 1937: Which UDP or TCP ports must be opened in a firewall for models MVP110/120/200/400/800
Resolution 1938: We have had problems with the MT202TD modems we've received recently. The modems have several lites come on, including the RD, and they receive garbage characters.
Resolution 1939: Can I plug the CC1600's PS1600 Power Supply (90-245v AC) into a 220v power source Does it auto-sense, or do I need to flip a Power dip switch on the back
Resolution 1940: Is it possible to generate billing using the MultiVOIP Gatekeeper solution by itself Is it possible to generate a log, to know how much time each extension was using the MVP solution
Resolution 1941: How can I edit the Outbound Phonebook Is there a way 'programmatically' (w/o using the GUI interface) to change the IP address of an entry in the OUTBOUND phone book
Resolution 1942: I tried to change the MAC address using setaddress software, but when we run the software and type setaddr 1 (we have connected the VoIP to com1 of the PC) we get the response 'device not found'. How to change the MAC address of this VoIP
Resolution 1943: How much current does this USB modem draw
Resolution 1944: Is the @ (wait for silence command) supported by your modem
Resolution 1945: Will this modem operate with Linux Do you have drivers for Linux
Resolution 1946: We are facing a disconnect problem with FXO to FXO.
Resolution 1947: How do I activate the V.110 protocol
Resolution 1951: Does this modem support Error Correcting Mode (ECM) when faxing
Resolution 1952: Does this modem support Error Correcting Mode (ECM) when faxing
Resolution 1953: When / how does the RouteFinder recognize that there is not a valid VPN connection Does it only check when the Key expires or does it have the logic to determine that a connection is not open when a packet can't be transmitted
Resolution 1954: I have a login / password setup in the VPN that is different than my W2k server domain, I get an additional login request to log into the domain, but it refuses my domain login / password. Can I have different login / passwords in the VPN / domain
Resolution 1956: I want to use the modem to generate DTMF tones, but the AT+VTS=1 does not seem to work.
Resolution 1957: After upgrading our RF650 unit to an RF660, PPTP to a Windows 2000 client works OK, but not to a Windows 98 client.
Resolution 1958: What is the difference between the RF600 and the RF660
Resolution 1959: We noticed that the RF660 uses almost all of its memory, can we swap out the 128 meg PC133 DIMM that's in there with a 256 meg one How can we verify correct installation of the new DIMM
Resolution 1960: I was backing up the ini files for the RASFinder and noticed that one of them had OSPF information in it. Is this file used to configure OSPF on the RASfinder
Resolution 1961: When enabling VPN on the RouteFinder, VPN connection names are created. Where in the SSH Sentinel Client are these corresponding connection names referenced
Resolution 1962: Does the RF802EW Access Point support port numbers of UDP 1645 and UDP 1644 If Radius is located behind the RF802WE, can it pass these ports
Resolution 1963: Fixed a problem with compile and loading of firmware observed on an Advanced RedHat Linux Server.
Resolution 1964: Added support for 230 Kbps and 460 Kbps in Linux 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels.
Resolution 1965: Why in the RF660 firmware update did we lose the ability to use numerics and special characters in the administrative password Will that ability be coming out again
Resolution 1966: I setup a client on a network behind an RF500S and an ISDN link to the Internet to VPN into my main network. I am using Netscreen (IPsec) and the RF500S is setup for Internet connection, but I can't get return communications from the main network.
Resolution 1967: I have several RF550VPNs deployed, maintaining a VPN connection back to the head office. How do I lock the remote sites so that the only traffic that can leave the remote site's LAN is traffic going through the VPN to the head office
Resolution 1968: Can the RASFinder be configured thru Windows XP
Resolution 1969: Does the RASFinder support CISCO PIX501
Resolution 1970: How big is the Web cache and how do you Clean it out
Resolution 1971: I use an extranet client with the RF500S to access my company Intranet information. My wife also uses an extranet client to access her company Intranet, but she has been unable to connect to her Intranet service through my RF500S network.
Resolution 1972: Can the RouteFinder track actual files that have been downloaded and the content of instant messaging sessions
Resolution 1973: Definitions for Key Life and IKE Life Time.
Resolution 1974: Two users are trying to log on to the VPN at the same time from the same network, but they receive an error message.
Resolution 1976: Is the RouteFinder rack mountable to a 19 inch rack What space to they take up on a rack; 1U, 1/2U, 2U
Resolution 1977: What additional Multi-Tech products are needed to connect the RouteFinder to an ISDN dial backup
Resolution 1979: Can the RF550VPN be setup to clone a MAC address
Resolution 1980: What is the difference between the RF550VPN and RF550VPN-EURO
Resolution 1981: How many different remote connections (sites) can I have with the RouteFinder
Resolution 1982: Is there some precedence in the rules How does the firewall make the decision about the rules placed in the packet filters configuration
Resolution 1983: The RouteFinder was working properly for Internet access and a VPN, but when I added rules for Internet access (none to VPN), the tunnel failed.
Resolution 1984: We have a Multitech CommPlete 9600 chassis with a single T1/PRI kit (24-port) installed. It's been working great, but due to some internal policy changes we need an analog equivalent. Can this chassis handle analog modem cards
Resolution 1985: Is Modem Relay available on the MultiVOIP
Resolution 1986: What is the syntax for the field Address / Number in the Inbound Phonebook for Call Forwarding
Resolution 1987: Is the MultiModemZDX a Class 1 or Class 2 fax modem
Resolution 1988: We have a CommPlete unit with a PRI connection. We are using RASExpress and not a RADIUS server for logon and access to the network. Where can I find a log of the users accessing the network
Resolution 1990: I receive an error when making a call from a PingTel Instant Xpressa phone to a MultiVOIP. PingTel gives a message, 415 unsupported media type.
Resolution 1991: I want to install a new MVP210 unit to our MVP200 network, but I can't find where to configure the MVP210 to work as a slave.
Resolution 1992: Can I keep a log of all users that have logged in on any given port for a 2 week period
Resolution 1995: Which of your external modems support distinctive ring
Resolution 1997: How do I disable the inactivity timer
Resolution 1998: Can I use the D-channel in the Terminal Adapter for voice / data communication
Resolution 1999: Will the IWAY Hopper work with the Cisco router V.35 interface
Resolution 2000: Does the analog (POTS) port support Caller ID
Resolution 2001: What does it mean when the 128 light blinks (flashes)
Resolution 2002: Fixed VPN disconnection when DHCP renewing and it gets the same IP address. When a DHCP client renews on the Wan ethernet port, the VPN connection was dropping even when the new IP address is the same.
Resolution 2003: If you have a public static IP address on the Wan port and you setup virtual server mapping by entering the public static IP in the external IP field, then on the LAN, if you try to access the public static IP, it will NOT work.
Resolution 2004: Fixed SNTP polling which causes an external ISDN router to dial all the time and this increases the cost of the ISDN line.
Resolution 2005: Fixed the uptime dipslay in VPN status. It was counting too fast.
Resolution 2006: Fixed accessing the inbox within after URL filter is enabled.
Resolution 2007: Fixed UK ADSL problem when WAN is setup for DHCP. There is a problem when the ISP gives out the same IP for WAN ethernet IP and gateway and netmask is (
Resolution 2008: Fixed RF550VPN reboot in every 1 min after RIP receiving is Enabled.
Resolution 2009: Fixed when setting WAN IP address as LAN segment will cause the router to hang up.
Resolution 2010: Fixed set multiple public IP address in virtual server, the LAN can not resolve domain names for the internal servers that are assigned with a public IP address.
Resolution 2011: Fixed VPN tunnel establish problem when one of the private LAN is using subnet (10.10.10.x).
Resolution 2012: Fixed the intrusion log time stamp display when the async port is used as the main Internet connection.
Resolution 2013: Fixed disabling of VPN tunnel problem. When the tunnel is disabled, the VPN tunnel will not negotiate.
Resolution 2014: Fixed the time stamp display problem in VPN log when the Wan link is using the Async port.
Resolution 2015: Fixed a DoS attack in Webadmin that causes a buffer overflow problem.
Resolution 2016: Fixed a virtual server problem when multiple public IPs are used. When mapping multiple public IPs to multiple internal IPs, the public IPs must correspond to the internal IPs virtual server setting when making outbound requests.
Resolution 2017: Added support for the Australia Special login protocol on the Wan ethernet (Telstra BPA).
Resolution 2018: Added a new option in the main VPN setup to block all local Internet access and only allow VPN traffic.
Resolution 2019: Added a new second DNS entry in the ISP Additional Settings. This allows the DHCP server to pass two DNS addresses to the client.
Resolution 2020: Add two WINS server entries in the DHCP Server Settings. This allows the DHCP server to pass two WINS addresses to the client.
Resolution 2021: Added an option to enable / disable Microsoft UPnP. It is disabled by default.
Resolution 2022: Added options in the Device Status for manual control of the modem for dialing and disconnecting.
Resolution 2023: DHCP Log will show the correct information which IP is static and which IP is DHCP, if it is from DHCP, it will show the DHCP lease time.
Resolution 2024: Improved the ISP Settings screen so it has a selection for different service types such as Static, Cable / DHCP, PPPoE, PPTP and Telstra.
Resolution 2025: Added support in VPN connection so the remote gateway IP can be entered using name (FQDN). This will allow dynamic IPs on both sides when setting up VPN tunnels.
Resolution 2026: Changed the keep alive on the Wan port so it can ping a specific IP address that is configured in the Webadmin. This function is for better detection when doing Dial backup.
Resolution 2027: When DNS is configured in the webadmin, the DHCP client will not get the LAN IP of the router as the DNS server IP address.
Resolution 2028: Changed the Ipsec default Key Life = 28800 and IKE Life time = 3600.
Resolution 2029: Allow more characters (up to 31) in the Dynamic DNS domain name field.
Resolution 2030: Can I dial into the Terminal Adapter and change the setup remotely (remote configuration)
Resolution 2032: Dial-up Networking (DUN) always reports a 64K connection even if the 128K LED is lit indicating a 128K connection.
Resolution 2033: Our VOIPs are sending logs but the dates in the logs are not correct, how can I set them
Resolution 2034: How can I implement QOS on Cisco 1721 routers with the MultiVOIP
Resolution 2035: How many EURO-PRI-STARTER cards can I install in a CC9600-Series and how many in a CC2400-Series communication server
Resolution 2036: How can I disable or secure the Web interface
Resolution 2037: How can I access AT commands in leased line mode
Resolution 2038: What is the predicted mean time between failure (MTBF) for this modem
Resolution 2040: What software and other hardware is required for the installation and use of a MultiVOIP over a 56K bandwidth connection
Resolution 2041: We have an MVP210 and we need to increase incoming call capacity from our other 3 sites (they have the same units). Is it possible to add two MVP210's at this location and have the inoming calls hunt through all six ports
Resolution 2042: The AT+i command set provides the means to list and retrieve E-mails using POP3 but it does not appear to provide a way to delete E-mails.
Resolution 2043: The verification (authentication) of password and usernames takes too long, how do I reduce it
Resolution 2044: I have the Internet Security Appliance, and I have a question. How do I setup a list of trusted Web sites that will not be blocked by the HTTP proxy filter. How can I over-ride the filter on a per Web site domain basis
Resolution 2045: I have the Internet Security Appliance and today is blocked, how can I fix this
Resolution 2046: I have an RF650VPN and an RF550VPN and I'm trying to setup a VPN with Manual Key selections. The VPN's say they are connected, but on the RF650, the connection says onhold on the IPSEC Live Log.
Resolution 2047: How do I connect the RF550VPN to my USR modem for Internet access
Resolution 2048: I have an RF550VPN at my office (static IP) and one at home (dynamic IP). I have a problem using multiple profiles on the VPN side at my office, when I enable both profiles only one or the other configuration will work, but not both simultaneously.
Resolution 2049: Can we use the RF660 with a static public IP&remote client (standalone PC ) with dynamic public IP We have a leased line Internet to our HO, But all telecommuters&branch users are using dialup connection&they will get dynamic IPs from ISP.
Resolution 2050: The Enable PCM Upstream command is changed to AT+PIG=0.
Resolution 2051: Does this modem support the quick connect feature
Resolution 2052: Line added in ATI11 response to report connection time.
Resolution 2053: Implemented +VRID command to allow an application to query the modem for the last CID.
Resolution 2054: I'm setting up a VPN between (2) offices that both use cable modems. One side is a static IP and the other is dynamic. On the dynamic side, the office is using a Linksys router to do NAT. How do I configure the RouteFinder with the Linksys router
Resolution 2055: On boot up, if the device has been set up for a dynamic DNS service, does the dynamic DNS setting go out to the dynamic host and update the IP address, or is the IP update only available if the administrator uses the manual update DDNS button
Resolution 2056: Can I manage the MultiVOIP without using Windows I am 100% Linux and I would like to use Telnet.
Resolution 2057: Do you have settings for the RouteFinder that allows it to forward mail to a mail relay (mailhost) instead of trying to resolve domain's MX records
Resolution 2058: The unit does not support the definition of a default IP domain. So, when dialing in from a character cell terminal and selecting option '2.' Telnet to Host from the 'Shell Menu', the user must fully qualify the input to the Server Address prompt.
Resolution 2059: Do you have Windows 2003 compatible software / driver for your ISIHPxx cards
Resolution 2060: Can I configure two Internet access (xDSL and dedicated Internet) using an RF660VPN I need this solution for load balancing or fail over.
Resolution 2061: I tried downloading firmware 4.64 so I can upgrade my RouteFinder, but I receive an 'Upload Data Error' message.
Resolution 2062: I have 2 RF550VPNs with an IPSEC VPN between them. One has a static IP and the other has a dynamic IP. When the RF550 (static IP) is rebooted, the IPSEC VPN tunnel will not reestablish until the RF550 (dynamic IP) has also been manually reset.
Resolution 2063: We want to use an ISDN TA to connect an RF550VPN to the Internet over the serial port. Can the RF550 automatically open the second B channel for a 128k connection if demand increases
Resolution 2064: Is the RF500S compatible with the RF550VPN Can I upgrade the RF500S with the RF550VPN firmware or is it different
Resolution 2065: I need the CommPlete Access Server with 16 analog ports. The CC4M-8 has 8 analog ports, what expansion card do I add for additional analog ports
Resolution 2066: We've recently bought an RF600VPN. However, we didn't get the DMZ to work. Do you have an example how to install a server in the DMZ-area in order to make it publicly available Currently we need to make a HPPTS-server publicly available.
Resolution 2067: I need an analog or digital (BRI) supported dial-up router/server that I can assign IP addresses to incoming calls based upon the Username that the remote access dialer uses.
Resolution 2068: It would be helpful to have a dynamic DNS client included in the RF600VPN, are there plans to include a client Which client software do you recommend
Resolution 2069: It seems that the disk space used for logs is full. I keep getting the following message: 'There are too many old logfiles in /var/log.....'. Is there some way to clean up the disk a bit so I don't get the message every half hour or so
Resolution 2070: If I have an RF660 connected to the Internet via an ADSL modem with a backup modem connected with a dial up Internet service. Will the RF660 send a mail notification to the system administrator stating that the backup modem has been activated
Resolution 2071: I have an RF550VPN and want to configure a Windows 2000/XP laptop using IPSec so I can use the VPN to connect to our network when I am away from the office (and have my laptop working as normal when I am in the office).
Resolution 2072: If I have more then one external (wan) IP address, is it possible to configure the RF600VPN so that I can use all my external IPs, (i.e. connect external IP 1 to my internal webserver 1 and external IP 2 to my internal webserver 2 and so on)
Resolution 2073: By default, is any Firewall blocking being done by the RF550
Resolution 2074: Does the VPN client software work with the Apple Mac
Resolution 2075: We are about to install a CC4H-4S on a network with variable length subnetting. When the mask is entered the CommPlete server rejects it as being an invalid subnet mask. Is there a work-around for this problem
Resolution 2076: I want to enhance the security of our communications link by implementing 'dial in answer mode' (aka reverse mode) for the remote client and 'answer in originate mode' for homebase using the Rn command. This technique has not been successful.
Resolution 2077: I'm trying to connect a MultiVoIP to an Avaya MultiVantage IP PBX. Do you have installation documentation for this application
Resolution 2078: ATI11 example - Displays diagnostic information for the last modem connection, such as DSP and firmware version, link type, line speed, serial speed, type of error correction/data compression, number of past retrains, etc.
Resolution 2079: I am trying to configure my MVPx10 gateway, but I can't save the configuration info as the default configuration and boot via the RS232 configuration software. How can I enable write access
Resolution 2080: What is the command setting for V.25 data calling tones
Resolution 2081: Yahoo messenger is not working with SOCKS proxy version 5 and authentication enabled.
Resolution 2082: SOCKS log messages include details about the data that is being transferred. Removed printing of those log messages.
Resolution 2083: In SMTP Proxy ->SMTP routes, an entry cannot be added if there is an entry already present.
Resolution 2084: Kaspersky's configuration files have been included in backup.
Resolution 2085: 255 was not allowed in the second and third octets of IP addresses.
Resolution 2086: The IP address of pppd shown in ps aux is not matching with pptpuser file.
Resolution 2087: pptpd was getting restarted suddenly.
Resolution 2088: IPTable rule for DHCP was not present by default even if DHCP server is enabled by default. Added it. Also, if DHCP server is enabled and if the rule is not present, it will be added now.
Resolution 2089: The DHCP server is not giving a DNS address to clients if DNS proxy is enabled in the RF600.
Resolution 2090: PPP dial backup - If the backup link is up, and at that time, factory defaults are restored, the changes are not happening properly.
Resolution 2091: SMTP proxy stops working after the virus key expires.
Resolution 2092: IPTables is getting wiped out in some machines suddenly.
Resolution 2093: Connecting from a Win XP PPTP client to a SQL database in the PPTP server's LAN is not working properly because of MTU problems.
Resolution 2094: IPSec tunnels do not come up properly after IPSec subsystem restarts Pluto.
Resolution 2095: IPSec DH secret has leading zero.
Resolution 2096: Restarting gets stuck (problem with removing the ip_conntrack module).
Resolution 2097: Virus database update - the last update, execute time is not getting displayed properly.
Resolution 2098: The validation checks if PPPoE user names have been removed. Except for<,>, ', anything can be configured. The length of the user name has been fixed to 50 characters.
Resolution 2099: An option to save a backup file to a local drive has been provided in the Tracking ->Backup page.
Resolution 2100: The AH, ESP (encryption and authentication) keys cannot be entered as hexadecimal numbers any more. They must be entered as ascii characters.
Resolution 2101: We are interested in the MT3334SMI for a special application and the requirement is different from a standard modem in that there isn't any DC voltage over the line (dry line). Does this modem support leased lines
Resolution 2102: Does the SocketModem support leased line operation
Resolution 2103: I noticed that firmware version 4.64 adds AES Encryption to the RF550VPN. Are there plans to add this method to the RF600/RF660VPN RouteFinders
Resolution 2104: Added AES encryption support.
Resolution 2105: We are using 8 rack mounted MT2834BRs on one end and MT2834BAs on the other end, What configurations/settings are needed to make these modems work on 4 wire leased lines (instead of 2 wire)
Resolution 2106: The Remote Digital Loopback (RDL) and Local Digital Loopback (LDL) tests don't work as described in the manual.
Resolution 2107: If we want to serve more than 30 concurrent calls on an MVP 810 -G with integrated gatekeeper, what should we do Could we upgrade it's concurrent calls license or should we buy a separate gatekeeper other than an MVP810-G or dedicated gatekeeper
Resolution 2108: We are adopting a new server platform that supports 3.3V PCI only. Does the MT5634ZPX-PCI modem come with 3.3V support
Resolution 2109: Does this modem disconnect the phone jack so nothing can disturb the modem line during important data transfers
Resolution 2110: T.38 fax specifications
Resolution 2111: I can't make calls between the Cisco ATA 186 and the MultiVOIP, can these devices interconnect with each other
Resolution 2112: Configuration Example for SocketEthernetIP Ethernet Bridge Mode.
Resolution 2113: What is the power specification for this RasFinder
Resolution 2114: Will the activation of the WAN filter rules affect the Remote Administration of the RF550 itself I assume I don't need to create a new rule in the WAN Filter to allow Port 80 from that IP address.
Resolution 2115: Does the RF600VPN support single DES
Resolution 2116: Concerning the dial backup using the built-in modem , I noticed in the PPP page in the RF660 software that we must choose the serial port, how can I use the built-in modem for the PPP backup (by putting a line directly in the RJ 11 port)
Resolution 2117: Does the serial bridge function in the SocketEthernetIP product support ICMP 'Ping' protocol
Resolution 2118: Does the SocketEthernetIP module offer a Web Browser configuration tool
Resolution 2119: If the current IP address setting in a SocketEthernetIP module is lost and the serial port is not accessible, is there a way to determine what the IP address of the SocketEthernetIP is via the Ethernet port
Resolution 2122: Do you have modems that support the X.25 protocol
Resolution 2123: How can I make a LAN to LAN VPN connection 1 way. That is, I want the users at site A to be able to create a connection to site B, but I do not want the users at site B to initiate any connections to site A. Is this possible
Resolution 2124: I just tested the RF300E using a dial-in analog line and there is no compression.
Resolution 2125: Are the config backup zip files from the RF660VPN compatible with the RF600VPN
Resolution 2126: How can we configure the RouteFinder so more than one user at a time connects through PPTP
Resolution 2127: I have an RF660VPN in the host office and 3 remote plants with RF550VPN's. I want to browse the network as if they are local. I know that an RF550VPN to RF550VPN can do this with it's NetBIOS broadcast option, can the RF660VPN or RF600VPN
Resolution 2128: I am trying to connect another VPN router (netopia) from behind my RF660 via PPTP and cannot connect to it. When I am outside this network I have no problems. I have added the port UDP 1723 to the allowed packed filter list but still have no luck.
Resolution 2129: Can the RF550VPN be upgraded to an RF560VPN
Resolution 2130: The MVP210 takes about 6 - 7 seconds to call the other VOIP, is this delay time normal
Resolution 2131: Can the RF660VPN trace all incoming and outgoing email including attachments, visited WEB sites and downloaded files. Does it store this information in a file that can be read and copied to a PC on the LAN
Resolution 2132: I created an Ethernet Bridge using two SocketEthernetIP modules using the standard bridging configuration and raw data mode. At this point I am no longer able to change any of the configuration parameters in either module via their serial ports.
Resolution 2133: Will the 'RFIPSC-1 IPSec VPN Client-1 User' software work as a client to the 'RF550VPN' host The host will have a static IP, the client will not.
Resolution 2134: Could you please describe the 'RAW' data mode
Resolution 2135: The category filters are blocking The test says that the site is in our most recent Productivity filters. I don't know which of the listed categories it is in so that I can unblock only that item.
Resolution 2136: I want to make a VPN tunnel between an RF650VPN and a Netgear FVS318, are they compatible What happens if at the other end, I have to configure the Local IPSec Identifier and remote IPSec Identifier
Resolution 2138: If I don't have the SSH client, how can I do the backup
Resolution 2139: Our server sends regular UDP broadcast, will it be able to reach the VPN clients
Resolution 2140: I need help with packet filter rules for an RF660 I have configured as a router with a server that sits in the DMZ. The server that is in the DMZ is an HTTP server, SSH, POP3 and SMTP. Basically mail can be received but cannot be sent.
Resolution 2141: I have noticed Code Red attacks and TCP intruder alterts on a number of RF550's recently. They are using PPOE and dynamic allocation of public IP. Would it help to put the http admin port to a non-standard port such as 9999
Resolution 2142: Does this modem support data transfer using the V.29 protocol
Resolution 2143: Windows 2000 states 'Cannot find security catalog file' and will not install modem
Resolution 2144: I have seen this message (alert) a few times, what exactly does this mean How to read intrusion log.
Resolution 2145: Can I manually set the DHCP lease time on the RouteFinder
Resolution 2146: Can this modem digitize the audio from the PSTN line and send it to the host microcontroller through the serial port Can it decipher incoming DTMF tones
Resolution 2147: Does the MultiVoIP support IP phone survivability
Resolution 2148: I'm installing MCSI on an XP system, but when I add a port, I receive an error message saying there is no modem.
Resolution 2149: Sending an ATDT123456 dial command causes the modem module to send the result code 'ERROR'.
Resolution 2150: I have two MultiVOIP 2410s connected by a T1 line on all 24 channels, what is required to setup clear channel between the two Do we treat this clear channel as a normal call
Resolution 2151: What is the power consumption of the RouteFinderVPN
Resolution 2152: I configured the RF660 and everything was working until I added a static route. After that I am unable to access the HTTP interface. Is there anyway I can delete this route using the command prompt
Resolution 2153: Can we extend the amount of time that the comma will give us in the pause Specifically we need three seconds.
Resolution 2155: What is the processor speed of the RasFinder
Resolution 2156: is being blocked by the SurfControl web filter 'Shopping' and yet this filter isn't turned on. What is happening
Resolution 2157: I have my E-mail address in as the admin E-mail but I haven't received any config files. I've gone to the backup utility and put in a description and hit save but no backup is sent via E-mail.
Resolution 2159: When I install the ISI4608 PCI card in the COMMPLETE 4000 server, I get a 'DISABLED' message in the STATUS column, for all the 8 ports. If I put in another card, then it shows an 'OUT OF SERVICE' message in the status column.
Resolution 2160: How many concurrent calls can I have on each analog MVPx10-AV model and which IP phones support IP survivability
Resolution 2161: I can't communicate (no response to commands) with the Multi-Tech cellular modem. I'm sending commands at 9600bps. Does this modem support autobaud
Resolution 2162: Does the RouteFinder support more than 16 ports in the 'Virtual Server Settings' Menu
Resolution 2163: The settings required for FXO disconnect on regeneration tone for Panasonic PBX's.
Resolution 2164: I have an RF660 and the remote administration (ssh) has been turned off, how do I turn it back on
Resolution 2165: Does this module support phone number storage
Resolution 2166: Can I connect an external vocal device (like a headset) to the Socketmodem
Resolution 2167: Fixed a V.44 negotiation problem. The modem may exhibit several symptoms: - Connect and pass garbled data - Connect briefly and then disconnect - Not make a connection
Resolution 2168: We have to uninstall the Cisco VPN client software in order to get SSH Sentinel to install properly.
Resolution 2170: Does this modem support 4-wire lease line operation
Resolution 2171: Can two units of RF102S reside on the same Ethernet
Resolution 2173: How to setup callback using IAS and CC4000.
Resolution 2175: Does the RouteFinder support Host Header Name for IIS
Resolution 2176: Does this card require a real-mode or a protected-mode PCMCIA driver in Win95
Resolution 2177: Does the Multi-Tech MTD100U conform to these ITU-Tstandards which are required for approval in South Africa
Resolution 2178: How long is the warranty for the MultiModemZBA and MultiModemUSB series modems
Resolution 2179: How long is the warranty for the MultiModemZDX and MultiModemZPX series modems
Resolution 2181: How long is the warranty for the MultiModemII and MultiMobile series products
Resolution 2182: How long is the warranty for the CC1600-series Rackmount products
Resolution 2184: How long is the warranty for the CommPlete and MultiModemManager series products
Resolution 2185: How long is the warranty for the MultiModemISDN modems (terminal adapters)
Resolution 2186: What is the best MTU setting for max throughput and efficient use transporting packets Can I reduce overhead when using 3DES and/or AES
Resolution 2187: We have RouteFinder 550 and I would like to use an external IP address on the LAN side. Can I do that on a RouteFinder 550
Resolution 2188: Under Intrusion Detection, there is the option 'user defined Network Intrusion Detection rules'. If I add a rule to this list, will this produce an intrusion alert based on the rule, or ignore the sources that are listed as rules
Resolution 2189: How do I load the firmware on Linux, Flash Wizard only appears to run on Windows
Resolution 2190: Can I place a two line VOIP solution behind an IPSEC VPN connection
Resolution 2191: Does the IPSec client software require licence approval from the RouteFinderVPN gateway when installed on the remote access client When installing the IPSEC client software does it ask for the license key of the RouteFinderVPN
Resolution 2193: I want to order cables, what is the part number
Resolution 2194: What is the port number used by the RASfinder for RADIUS Our client uses port 1645 for their RADIUS server and port 1646 for their accounting server. How do we change the default port number of RADIUS used by the RASfinder to 1645 and 1646
Resolution 2195: A patch has been issued for the RF600VPN and RF660VPN because of a Snort vulnerability.
Resolution 2196: New weekly update rules were not compatiable with Old version of SNORT.
Resolution 2197: SNORT binary and rules have been updated to the latest version (Version 2.0).
Resolution 2198: The weekly SNORT rule update has been removed.
Resolution 2199: The port scan livelog does not show the protocol used for scanning.
Resolution 2200: Can I send MMS messages using the GPRS modem
Resolution 2201: If I save my VOIPs settings as user default, what is the name of the file where the settings will be saved
Resolution 2202: If I use a Gatekeeper in my VOIP set-up and Site A wants to contact Site B, how will the call set-up traffic behave
Resolution 2203: Do the MT5600xxx modems support 11 bits (1 start, 8 data, 1 parity and 1 stop bit).
Resolution 2204: Is the Framed-Route Radius attribute supported
Resolution 2205: How to delete quarantined virus&logs files on the RouteFinder.
Resolution 2206: Does the RouteFinder support custom DNS update
Resolution 2207: I have a RAS server with these modems and remote 56k modems dialing in, why can't we connect at 56k
Resolution 2208: Does this modem support synchronous data
Resolution 2209: URL filtering doesn't seem to work on the DMZ port. I have Web access through this port but all Web sites can be accessed and nothing is blocked.
Resolution 2210: Can I view the receive level (-db value) by S-register or on the front LCD panel of the MT5600Bx modem
Resolution 2211: Two RF550VPN / RF560VPNs connected through a VPN tunnel configured for Manual Mode.
Resolution 2212: RF600VPN or RF660VPN connected to another RF600VPN or RF660VPN through a VPN tunnel configured for Manual Mode.
Resolution 2213: RF600VPN or RF660VPN connected to an RF550VPN / RF560VPN through a VPN tunnel configured for Manual Mode.
Resolution 2215: RF600VPN or RF660VPN behind a NAT box doing IPSec Pass-Through in Manual Mode to an RF600VPN or RF660VPN.
Resolution 2216: RF600VPN or RF660VPN behind a NAT box doing IPSec Pass-Through in Manual Mode to another RF600VPN or RF660VPN.
Resolution 2217: ARP Issue - Interoperability with CISCO Router: The CISCO router broadcasts a Reply ARP with the same source and destination IP address.
Resolution 2221: Terminal Server: - Could not display large information after establishing a telnet session.
Resolution 2222: Terminal Server:- User was being forced to re-login after a successful/unsuccessful telnet session.
Resolution 2223: Terminal Server: After 3 unsuccessful password or username validation attempts the call is disconnected.
Resolution 2224: The default RADIUS Retransmissions is now set to '3' instead of '5' retries. The default RADIUS Timeout Period is now set to 3 instead of 1 second.
Resolution 2225: The default number of PPP Auth Retries is now set to '1' instead of '5' retries.
Resolution 2226: Fixed an upgrade problem when installing on the same directory.
Resolution 2227: Telnet Server feature for Telnet auto dial-out stability. Telnet Client feature for serial dial-in stability.
Resolution 2228: Ethernet lockup during flood ping.
Resolution 2229: File transfer stops after about 8 - 10 hours: When transfering files accross the modules and the two modules are connected back-to-back at a serial rate of 230k.
Resolution 2230: File transfer stops after some amount of time: When transfering files accross the modules and the two modules are connected back to back at a serial rate of 115k / connected back to back via ethernet and a serial rate of 115k.
Resolution 2231: Communications from PC1 to PC2 stops after an IPModule reboot: After about 6 hours, one of the IPModules reboots. IPModules (1&2) are configured for remote bridging, enabling PPP on the serial side.
Resolution 2232: Firmware upgrade problem via serial port using xmodem.
Resolution 2233: New SMTP Client features:
Resolution 2234: New POP3 Client features.
Resolution 2235: New HTTP Server features:
Resolution 2236: New PPP Compression features:
Resolution 2237: New Auto-Discovery Manager feature: 'Restore Default' support
Resolution 2238: How many SMS messages can be sent per minute using the GSM/GPRS Modem How many SMS messages can be stored
Resolution 2239: I just bought the RF550 and want to know how to set up the firewall. If I use the VPN connection from my portable computer, do I need any special software
Resolution 2240: Is the RF550 a switch or a hub
Resolution 2241: Problem with data not coming out for an extended period of time when receiving a fax in class 2 / 2.x.
Resolution 2242: Modem no longer responds to commands:
Resolution 2243: Problem sending faxes to certain fax machines: The fix limits the length of DCS frame to be equal to the shortest length between between the DIS and DCS frames.
Resolution 2244: An ATZ command to the modem when in data mode or when there is an incoming ring would put out 2 'OK' responses.
Resolution 2245: Problem with failed faxes when receiving faxes from 300 x 300 fax machines.
Resolution 2246: The DID line will now remain busied out after a call on the pots port according to the Busy-Out Timer at End of Call command.
Resolution 2247: What is the best way to backup the configuration of a MultiVOIP
Resolution 2248: I would like to assign a specific user an IP address, and let the RASFinder get this IP address from Radius. All other users get the IP address that is assigned to the WAN ports. Is this possible
Resolution 2249: Which muxes support 115200 bps on the channels
Resolution 2250: What is the command used to set the compression bit rate for voice
Resolution 2251: Can I have multiple VPN connections from one branch office (1 originating IP address) into my Routefinder RF650
Resolution 2252: I'm trying to install the Multiport Serial Card with SCO Unix 5.06, while trying to netconfig, the card doesn't respond.
Resolution 2253: I have an office that needs 4 PCs to create a remote VPN session to the main office VPN server. Which one of your products will allow me to have more than one remote VPN session
Resolution 2254: I have a problem when I try to send email with files attached. I get an error 'time out to find SMTP server'. If I use my PC without the RF550VPN the email's with files attached work correctly.
Resolution 2255: How do I set a time limit (call duration) on each call to 30 minutes.
Resolution 2256: I need 8 modems in one computer for a Fax Server application. I have a PC with 6 PCI slots and 2 serial ports. Will 8 modems work in one PC, or will there be IRQ conficts Do the modems require IRQ's
Resolution 2257: Example of sending SMS (Short Message Service) from Hyperterminal.
Resolution 2258: Does this modem support DTMF detection
Resolution 2259: What is the significance of the Status Request setting under the Client Mode Parameter
Resolution 2261: Is there an upgrade to the software or hardware that allows the mapping of more than 1 dynamic port Or is there a newer product that would allow me to use a router/firewall to map multiple IP addresses to multiple machines.
Resolution 2262: Will WinMCSI work with MS WIN2003 Server
Resolution 2266: Is your GSM modem compliant to the standard GSM-R for railway
Resolution 2267: Do the FXO ports on the MultiVOIP 210, 410, and 810 support analog direct-inward-dial (DID) service
Resolution 2269: A cut off page could be received without registering it as a bad page so that the sender could re-send it.
Resolution 2270: It's possible that a received fax will now complete where before it would have quit part way through with an +FHS:72 error.
Resolution 2271: Allow pages to be transmitted that would get through with errors on the pages even in an error corrected environment (ala V.34). Issue only occurs when a V.34 fax connection is made.
Resolution 2272: How can I change the MAC address of the RasFinder
Resolution 2273: How is it possible to connect the various ISDN and analog lines physically to the card
Resolution 2275: Does this modem support line-in-use (parallel line detect)
Resolution 2276: Differences between the MVP2400&MVP2410.
Resolution 2277: Radius stop record does not show the proper number of bytes transfered.
Resolution 2278: Can we configure multiple IP addresses on the Ethernet interface of the CommPlete 4000 RAS Server
Resolution 2279: Does the MultiVoIP support Dynamic DNS Does Multitech plan to support Dynamic DNS on its VoIP in the future
Resolution 2280: I need up to 4 people talking to each other, can we conference call with your MultiVoIPs without PBXs
Resolution 2282: Can the radius attribute 'Acct-Terminate-Cause' reflect either 'User-Request' or 'Lost-Carrier' It currently displays 'User-Request' regardless of the type of disconnection.
Resolution 2283: The MVP410 has an option called 'Disconnect on Call Progress Tone'. We use it to disconnect, however we don't find it in the MVP400. Does the MVP400 have a similar feature
Resolution 2284: I have the upgrade kit and want to know if it is possible for me to install a new hard drive in the RF650 box and load the new RF660 software on it, instead of wiping out my current hard drive I want to have a fallback to my existing hard drive.
Resolution 2286: What is the isolation voltage of your MT5634SMI-ENI-ITP socketmodem
Resolution 2287: How do I block inbound ICMP echo requests with my RouteFinder
Resolution 2288: How is the SIM card used on the GSM modem and where can I get it from
Resolution 2289: What can be surveyed with SNMP in the RouteFinder
Resolution 2290: I have an MVP410 and an MVP120 and the voice is low, how do I increase the volume Should I modify the input or output
Resolution 2291: Do the Avaya (-AV) models support fax and modem relay
Resolution 2292: How to restore factory defaults from a command line.
Resolution 2293: Quick Connect feature added.
Resolution 2294: LCD Password feature added.
Resolution 2295: The Flash Dial Modifier time controlled by S29 can now be stored.
Resolution 2296: With a dial back number of 5 digits or more, there were problems connecting in dial backup mode.
Resolution 2297: The Wait for Dial Tone Timer is now controlled by S6 whether X0 or X4 is set.
Resolution 2298: S11 now controls the DTMF tone length for all countries.
Resolution 2299: The escape to command mode sequence now works for the 7, even, 1 character format.
Resolution 2300: A blip of the CTS signal during a connect attempt causes the AS400 to error out.
Resolution 2301: V.25bis HDLC frame change.
Resolution 2302: Character (key) Abort command added.
Resolution 2303: The phone number memory area will only allow 15 characters.
Resolution 2304: &C6 command added to fix Linux Callback Security problem.&C7 command added to Reset on loss of carrier.
Resolution 2305: How can I view the anti-virus filtered emails that the anti-virus software retains on the router We're getting messages about viruses being caught while being sent, but I want to see the actual headers to find out which system it's coming from.
Resolution 2306: I'm using an RF550VPN and VOIP. Is there any way that I can give my VOIP port a dedicated amount of bandwidth At times, such as MS Outlook sending mail, my phone will become very choppy and breakup do to the volume of traffic over my network.
Resolution 2307: I installed an RF660 VPN (note this was originally a 650 that had been upgraded) last week. After 1 week of operation it is reporting disk full errors on the log partition.
Resolution 2308: If we connect a modem on the serial port of the RF550, can we dial / log into it and obtain a DHCP IP from the RouteFinder and pull data (Lan and Wan) Or do we need some RAS licenses.
Resolution 2309: Is there a limit to the number of ports that can be re-directed by your RF550VPN
Resolution 2310: We get busy signals when dialing in mostly on the analog modem port. Most of the time ISDN works.
Resolution 2311: How does one perform a DSU Loopback Test using a Loopback Cable
Resolution 2312: I have upgraded an RF650 to an RF660, but when I import the RF650 backup file, the RF660 responds with an error message.
Resolution 2313: Can I get syslog via a VPN connection or directly via the Internet
Resolution 2315: How to backup and restore the configuraton.
Resolution 2316: Some hex data is not sent by the MTXCSEM module, but after converting it to ASCII, it was sent to the remote host successfully.
Resolution 2317: How many dial-in lines does the RF102S support simultaneously
Resolution 2318: Can we connect a 2-wire leased line modem to the RF102S WAN port for access
Resolution 2319: Can we setup 150 PPTP tunnels on the RF600 What is the number of PPTP tunnels that will work simultaneously
Resolution 2320: My company uses an RF660 at our main location and RF550 at our branch locations. Is there some reporting on the VPN For example up-time statistics for the site so that a user could log into the RF660 and tell if there are any trouble sites.
Resolution 2321: V.35 interface cable specifications (pin out) for connection between FRAD and DSU:
Resolution 2322: I cannot find the 'InPhBk.tmr' and 'OutPhBk.tmr' phonebook files in the MultiVOIP. How can I create files 'InPhBk.tmr', 'OutPhBk.tmr' for about 150 Phone numbers for each MultiVOIP.
Resolution 2323: Does this MultiVOIP support Dynamic DNS
Resolution 2324: Does this MultiVOIP support DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
Resolution 2325: Does this RouteFinder support DDNS
Resolution 2326: What happens when an email that contains a virus is detected Does the recipient receive a message about it
Resolution 2327: I Need all the steps to allow PCAnywhere through the RouteFinder.
Resolution 2328: I need the basic setup documentation for connecting the RF550VPN to the Internet through a DSL modem.
Resolution 2329: My RouteFinder is being bombarded with virus laden e-mails and the users are being notified, can I disable the user notification
Resolution 2330: How do I force users to use as their proxy
Resolution 2331: I have a wireless Routefinder and I have lost the install CD. How can I obtain the software off your site
Resolution 2332: I tried to set the custom port number to 44818. But, I am unable to set the port number any higher than something like 5000. Is there a limitation on port numbers at 5000 How can the port number be set to 44818
Resolution 2333: I have a Routefinder installed in a basic firewall configuration and I plan to use the VPN Client software for access to our LAN through the internet. Can the Routefinder be configured for VPN access without interfering with it's current function
Resolution 2334: The HTTP Proxy category filters use Surfcontrol SDK 3.0. The Surfcontrol web site indicates there is a version 4. Will the RF660VPN upgrade to the newer version When
Resolution 2335: How can I set up an RF660VPN for SMTP proxy but not be an OPEN SMTP relay The Last time I did it we were put in the RBL (Realtime black list).
Resolution 2336: Avaya Reseller FAQ on MultiVOIP.
Resolution 2337: Does this RASFinder require Windows software
Resolution 2338: Does the +GCI - Country of Installation command work properly on this model
Resolution 2339: I have a VPN WAN setup with an RF660 connecting to 8 RF550 units. Can the connection speed be increased by removing the IKE configurations and setting them back up manually
Resolution 2342: In the Administrative Settings screen: If the Remote Administration Host is set to, does that allow anyone to have access to the RouteFinder if they have the correct IP and port
Resolution 2343: With XON/XOFF flow control enabled, what is the size of the transmit buffer and how full does the buffer need to be for the modem to send an XOFF character to the host
Resolution 2344: Does the serial modem module include Billing tone detection circuitry for Germany and Switzerland Does the module contain the billing tone filter circuit
Resolution 2346: Does this modem support fax class 2.0
Resolution 2347: What is the power consumption of this module during normal mode and sleep mode
Resolution 2348: Can the RF300E send a log to an external server
Resolution 2349: What are the functional differences between the the MT2834ZDX and MT2834ZDXb modems
Resolution 2350: Does this socket modem support synchronous communications
Resolution 2351: How can I configure the RouteFinder firewall to forward POP3 server requests to the Exchange server
Resolution 2352: I'm using the SMTP proxy for relaying mail to our internal mail system. I would like to set the message limit to a specific size, how do I alter the mail size limit
Resolution 2353: Is this RouteFinder capable of more than 1 natted dynamic Sentinel connection
Resolution 2354: I installed the modem driver in my system and tried connecting to the Internet using my dial up software. However the modem does not respond, it gives a hardware failure response.
Resolution 2355: Is its parallel input compatible with the 16550 UART How large a FIFO does it have
Resolution 2356: What's the difference between the MT3400SMI, MT5600SMI-34, MT5600SMI-L34 and MT5600SMI-XL34 (or MT5600SMI-92, MT5600SMI-L92 and MT5600SMI-XL92)
Resolution 2357: Can the MVP-Gateway generate metering pulses (12/16khz tones), or can the E/M wires provide metering pulses
Resolution 2358: Can the serial port on the RouteFinder be used for administration
Resolution 2359: Can I use a third party VPN client behind our RF660VPN
Resolution 2360: How do I turn the speakerphone volume up on this modem
Resolution 2361: What port number and protocols does the RouteFinder use for VPN tunnels
Resolution 2362: I have enabled http proxy and am content filtering the URLs that are being accessed. Recently my users have been experiencing some problems and receive an ERROR page like this: ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved.
Resolution 2363: Does your MultiVOIP work with CISCO 2500/2600 series routers
Resolution 2364: Does this device support data encryption So the data that is sent between the modems is safe from unauthorized access.
Resolution 2365: Is there anyway to setup password protection on the Web based configuration I know the first person connected has read/write permissions, but I don't want to have to keep a browser connected at all times.
Resolution 2366: How do I enable Caller ID on this modem
Resolution 2367: MVP810 / MVP110 setup example:
Resolution 2368: Test procedure for calling between the MVP110 and Netmeeting.
Resolution 2369: Is there an easy way to block access to all Internet sites except to just a few selected sites Can you use wildcards in the URL Filter Settings (Example: www.a*.com)
Resolution 2370: We have set-up our modems for 4 wire leased line. Occasionally the modems revert back to dial-up (PSTN). Is there a way to stop this
Resolution 2371: In the VPN setup screen there is a setting for 'network Interface'. The choices are 'WAN Ethernet', 'Auto' and 'Async'. I am unsure of what Auto is. Will this automatically determine the port to use
Resolution 2373: When saving the settings, the VOIP won't boot back up. The Boot light is on with a waiting for response message.
Resolution 2374: Making a GPRS connection.
Resolution 2376: We recently bought two VoIP Gateways model MVP800 and models MVP210/410/810. We tried to configure the four gateways to interact with each other, but there is no communication between models.
Resolution 2377: Where can I find the latest driver for my MT5634ZPW
Resolution 2379: I have a New Zealand modem and I am trying to set the number of rings before it answers to 8. To do this I am changing register 'S0'. I am able to change this to any number between 0&4, but any higher and it ignores the command. Any ideas
Resolution 2380: We are having a problem with the RouteFinders, in that when we take a network device (PC, Laptop or RF-equipped PDA) from the main office to the remote office, the device is unable to communicate with the main office.
Resolution 2381: How can I get the IP Module Auto Discovery Manager
Resolution 2382: If we do not have an internal e-mail server and the e-mail is received through an ISP e-mail server, can the Kaspersky Anti-virus Upgrade still protect and scan the e-mail when it is being received from an ISP e-mail server
Resolution 2383: I need to provide VPN access to our LAN to two remote users via internet dialup on their laptops (dynamic IP). I also need these users to be able to access the LAN when on-site. I have a problem with an RF550VPN and mapping network drives.
Resolution 2385: How to restore webadmin access.
Resolution 2386: I'd like to setup a Complete4000 by using authentication with a Linux server (Accounting on Linux). How do I setup this solution
Resolution 2388: The MS9/E video/keyboard/mouse product is no longer available, do you have a replacement for this
Resolution 2389: Can you recommend fax software that works with you ISI5634PCI cards
Resolution 2390: We get this message from an RF650VPN: 'Obj: SelfMonitoring: No pid for nacctd - restarting(1 times) No pid for nacctd - restarting nacctd' What's the problem
Resolution 2391: Is there a log of what email the virus scan has blocked
Resolution 2392: Can we set the virus scan to scan other TCP ports besides 25 (SMTP)
Resolution 2393: Setup examples for a Checkpoint firewall.
Resolution 2394: The VPN throughput seems slow, what can be done to increase the speed
Resolution 2395: Does your VOIP technology support a feature called 'payphone interface adapter' or 'billing signalling'
Resolution 2396: Is it possible to reconfigure packet sizes with the MVP120
Resolution 2398: What protocols does the MultiVOIP or Gatekeeper support
Resolution 2399: What are the Heat and Humidity Requirements for the MultiVOIP
Resolution 2400: What is the 'ringer equivalent' number for the FXS port on an analog MultiVOIP How many Plain Old Analog Telephones can 1 FXS port ring at the same time
Resolution 2402: Does the MultiVOIP support SNMP ver 2
Resolution 2405: I have just upgraded the OS to WinXP Pro. I dial into my work RAS server and it's set to DIAL-BACK. My PC thinks that the remote connection (Work RAS) has dropped the connection when I am waiting for the return incoming call.
Resolution 2406: What is the speaker and microphone impedance
Resolution 2407: I am attempting to set up a VOIP connection, but when I try to make a call through the unit I get the following message on the command interface VOIP ERR (#1): Detected ring in state (2.) What does this mean
Resolution 2409: I'm trying to establish a data connection with my GSM socket modem. The remote modem answers but the laptop still makes a beeping sound of waiting for connection and if I type a key on the laptop it will log out with the message 'NO CARRIER'.
Resolution 2410: I have two 1932zdx modems that have 1.15 firmware. I use a VsiFax software solution for faxing and their Tech Support recommends that I upgrade to the 1.16 firmware for these models. Can you send me the necessary chips
Resolution 2411: Can I connect your analog MultiVoIPs to Advanced / Digital Hybrid Panasonic PBXs models: KX-TD1232, KX-TD816, KX-TA624
Resolution 2412: How can I use my MVP210 and MVP110 using only one Static IP we are using SnapGear LIte+ on our network
Resolution 2413: Is there any built-in memory for this modem that allows it to receive a fax even if my PC is off ( But the modem is on )
Resolution 2414: We have a MultiModem MT2834ZDX which we use for detecting DTMF tones from a caller. Is it possible to generate a tone from the MultiModem to indicate to the caller that we are ready to receive DTMF tones
Resolution 2416: What are the operating and storage temperature specs for the MultiVOIP
Resolution 2417: Is there a method to store the configuration setup, on our computers, so that we can use an existing configuration file as the basis for a new box
Resolution 2418: I am using two MultiVOIPs to provide telephone access to a remote site, but I have a problem with incoming calls. When an outside call arrives to the main site, the phone at the remote site doesn't begin to ring until after 8 rings on the main site.
Resolution 2419: Does this modem send a 48 volt Wink Start with a ground reference
Resolution 2420: Where on the RouteFinder do I assign the public IP addresses to the DMZ nic card
Resolution 2421: Do you have Windows 2003 drivers for your ISI modems Does your card and or drivers require SP1 for proper operation
Resolution 2422: I have a Multitech RF660VPN which I have set-up to allow PPTP access. I would like to authenticate against a Steel Belted Radius for Netware server which does the authentication for my other remote access servers.
Resolution 2423: Is there a way to disable LCP extensions inside the Multitech software
Resolution 2424: Will HTTP Access reports be generated for users on the DMZ interface
Resolution 2425: I receive a not able to access http error and denied any request from http.
Resolution 2426: We have a problem with the phone book, it is not taking more than 80 entries. If we enter more than 80, then the VOIP starts rebooting after every 2 min and it will not open thru the software. Also there is not any dial tone on the ports.
Resolution 2427: Is it possible to get a report or a log showing the users that get access to Internet and from what IP that users were connecting.
Resolution 2428: Is there a setting I can change where all pages viewed show up on the HTTP Access page or a way I can display a date and time on the HTTP Proxy Access page
Resolution 2429: Does your RADIUS implementation on your RAS Server have the capabilities of doing 802.1X authentication
Resolution 2430: I have a RasFinder that does not boot completely and I canīt access it, the RAS doesn't give the login prompt.
Resolution 2431: Will the RasFinder route UDP traffic
Resolution 2432: Can I use AOL as my ISP with a RF102S Is there a work around to allow the modem to be configured as a com port
Resolution 2433: Does the RouteFinder support L2TP or IPSec tunnels with MultiCast traffic
Resolution 2434: I am trying to find out how to open up 2 ports; 10000 and 500.
Resolution 2435: Does this RouteFinder support a 1.5Mbps WAN link
Resolution 2436: How can I lock or limit access to the Internet for some stations on my LAN, (i.e. to prevent a computer with an address of from using the Internet)
Resolution 2437: I am trying to create a PPTP VPN client for the RouteFinder for one of my users using Redhat (7.3). Do I need a specific PPTP client for that OS
Resolution 2438: What is the difference between the MT5634ZPX-PCI and MT5634ZPX-PCI-U modems
Resolution 2439: What entry do I have to add to the users file to get Multitech RADIUS software to prompt for a callback number
Resolution 2440: I have a Multi-Tech modem with Classic Phone Tools, can I turn off the (fax mode only) and still have the answering machine on and use the computer generated greeting and recording
Resolution 2441: If I activate a filter for a specific IP-series and port on the LAN side, will this also be valid for the VPN tunnels I have defined
Resolution 2442: How many IPSec tunnels are available with the RF660VPN
Resolution 2443: How to setup / configure a Cisco 3030 to work with an RF550VPN.
Resolution 2444: Can you specify a wildcard in URL filtering, (i.e.*.com) Can you block a specific email address with this device
Resolution 2445: Is there a problem connecting a RF550VPN that has a dynamic IP address to a RF600VPN
Resolution 2446: Is there any way to access the RouteFinder via SNMP or other protocol Or a way to log remotely when the RouteFinder reverts to dialup
Resolution 2447: Can the RASFinder act like my Windows 2000 with NetBEUI protocol supported for a dial up connection from the remote client
Resolution 2448: What is the best way to block Instant Messaging (if any) on the RF600VPN firewall
Resolution 2449: I use a RF550VPN because my high-speed cable Internet provider is somewhat unreliable and I wanted the dial-backup feature.The RF550 switches to the modem every 5-10 minutes for very short bursts when the cable is working, why
Resolution 2450: What does the firewall actually log, every packet or just packets destined for the IP address of the WAN port Does your RouteFinder go into Promiscuous Mode
Resolution 2451: Does the RouteFinder have an intrusion-prevention system (IPS) built into it
Resolution 2452: What should I do after I receive this message Wed Oct 15 23:50:02 CEST 2003 This message is generated by the Disk Usage utility.
Resolution 2453: I have the Multi-Tech Radius installed, how can I look at the logs
Resolution 2454: Does this RourFinder come embedded with VPN clients, if not, what do I need to get so it has VPN clients
Resolution 2455: Can I setup a filter to block a PBX from using certain UDP ports, (i.e. 59000-59999). I setup a filter for client to not allow any service to, but the alerts still come and I don't want to block the PBX from using the VPN's
Resolution 2456: I have a problem with a MultiVOIP in FXS mode, when I dial a phone number the MultiVOIP repeats the digits dialed(DTMF echo).
Resolution 2457: I'm using your RF500S with firmware 4.48 (can't upgrade because I need the dial in capability). How exactly do I enable TCP ports 6881 to 6999 (incoming)
Resolution 2458: I am having problems with some IPsec tunnels not re-establishing themselves between a RF550 and RF660. There is a reference in the RF660 logs about 'no suitable connection for peer at ''.'
Resolution 2459: Can I set up different VPN tunnels on the one RF660 for remote users to log on to different PC's only
Resolution 2460: Can a Trunk of several VPN Tunnels between two RouteFinders be used to increase the bandwidth of a direct connection between two offices
Resolution 2461: Document explaining how to configure a workstation to do file sharing across the Internet through a VPN connection.
Resolution 2462: Document is to be used if the RF600VPN/RF660VPN hard disk drive should fail.
Resolution 2463: A sample RouteFinder configuration and related address scheme for an application employing LAN-to-LAN VPN communication.
Resolution 2464: Can I connect an Avaya IP Office PBX with a MultiVOIP unit via an H.323 link Is the MultiVOIP compatible with the Avaya IP Office for IP trunking
Resolution 2465: Configuration Guide for MultiVOIP Units deployed with AvayaTM Communication Manager.
Resolution 2467: This example provides a sample RouteFinder configuration and related address scheme for an application employing LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN communication.
Resolution 2468: This example provides a sample RouteFinder configuration and related address scheme for an application employing LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN communication.
Resolution 2469: This example provides a sample RouteFinder configuration and related address scheme for an application employing LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN communication.
Resolution 2470: The RF550VPN/RF560VPN RouteFinder provides an easy-to-use IPSec VPN client connection that transparently secures your Internet communications anytime, anywhere.
Resolution 2471: SSH Sentinel IPSec client behink a NAT box doing IPSec Pass-Through to a RF550VPN / RF560VPN.
Resolution 2472: RF550VPN / RF560VPN behind a NAT box doing IPSec Pass-Through to another RF550VPN / RF560VPN.
Resolution 2473: How to configure IPSec tunneling on a Windows XP Professional client so that this client can access a LAN through the Internet.
Resolution 2474: How to configure the RF550VPN/RF560VPN as a virtual server to allow a remote workstation to create a Telnet connection to a LAN though the VPN. This example is broken down into three sections:
Resolution 2475: How to setup LAN filtering on the RF550VPN/RF560VPN to control access to the WAN.
Resolution 2476: How to setup WAN filtering on the RF550VPN/RF560VPN to control access from remote sites to the LAN.
Resolution 2477: How to install and use a Kiwi Syslog Server to capture syslog messages sent from the RF550VPN/RF560VPN.
Resolution 2478: How to setup and use Dynamic DNS on the RF550VPN/RF560VPN. DNS(Domain Name Service) is the middleman that translates domain names such as or into numbers.
Resolution 2479: A sample RouteFinder configuration and related address scheme for an application employing LAN-to-LAN VPN tunnel communication in manual mode.
Resolution 2480: This document is broken down into two sections. Section one explains how to configure the RF560VPN as a secure PPTP server. Section two explains how to setup your IAS server for Windows 2000.
Resolution 2481: How to setup and use Dynamic DNS on the RF550VPN/RF560VPN.
Resolution 2482: This example provides a sample RouteFinder configuration and related address scheme for an application employing LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN communication.
Resolution 2485: I have a customer that requires an RF600, but is currently using Bigpond cable as an Internet connection. I know the RF550 has specific configuration suited to this type of setup, but is the RF600 / RF660 capable of the same style setup
Resolution 2486: The Recall button can be heard to bleep but does not place the calling party on hold while the forwarding extension is entered.
Resolution 2487: Which VPN access approach has the best security, is easiest to set-up and will work if you dial-up using AOL as your ISP
Resolution 2488: I'm trying to do an analog loop back test but I get an error response to the command AT&T8.
Resolution 2489: Do you have Windows XP drivers for this card
Resolution 2490: Is it possible to sort the list that is displayed in the Networks and VPN Connection screens of the WebUI
Resolution 2491: Can the SocketModem module be configured to operate in a master/slave mode (i.e. the master transmits data and the slave receives data without the master receiving a carrier signal from the slave)
Resolution 2492: Please explain the acronyms: OTASP, and OTAPA.
Resolution 2493: Is the SC144HI obsolete Is the MT5600SMI-32 for replacement of the SC144H1 and is it pin to pin compatible with the SC144H1
Resolution 2494: Does your ISDN Modem / Terminal Adapter have drivers for Windows Server 2003
Resolution 2496: How do I get rid of the faxes that are stored in the modem
Resolution 2497: Problems with modems locking up while receiving faxes using VSI fax.
Resolution 2498: Does this MultiModem support Adaptive Answer (AT+FAA=1)
Resolution 2499: Does the RF500S support the Windows 2000 Professional IPsec client Do you have a replacement product for the RF500S that supports IPsec pass thru
Resolution 2500: Is this RouteFinder capable of a direct hookup to a dial-up connection What is needed to configure that connection
Resolution 2501: I need the MAC Address, how do I get it from the machine
Resolution 2502: Is there a method to validate both PAP and CHAP at the same time
Resolution 2503: Does this MultiVOIP support DPNSS or Q-SIG
Resolution 2505: When I default the unit what is the default IP address
Resolution 2506: Is the WAN interface of this RouteFinder half or full duplex
Resolution 2507: I have a software program that will not run with the firewall enabled. How do I disable the firewall so I can run this program
Resolution 2508: Does the RouteFinder have ICSA firewall certification
Resolution 2510: I'm writing software and I need to know what command to issue so my software can determine the model of modem.
Resolution 2512: I'm writing software and I need to know what command to issue so my software can determine the model of modem.
Resolution 2513: Does this modem detect when the attached telephone goes on-hook and off-hook
Resolution 2514: I'm developing a telephone call recorder application, does this modem detect when the remote telephone goes on-hook and off-hook
Resolution 2516: We need the ability to detect if we are out of the service area of 1XRTT, can we query the modem through the PPP interface for signal strength
Resolution 2517: How can a host computer reboot this modem
Resolution 2520: Why are the DTE-DCE local flow control options (+IFC command) different between the GSM and CDMA models
Resolution 2521: Basic MVP810 phonebook setup example with 8 PBX extensions (ext 310 - 317) connected to the FXO ports of a MVP810.
Resolution 2522: Can this RouteFinder work in transparent mode (without doing NAT) How Can I turn off NAT
Resolution 2523: I have a client logging into the VPN and they are unable to browse the network. I thought with the VPN that you were able to browse the network.
Resolution 2524: When I Telnet into the RouteFinder the debug option does not appear and I can't monitor the RouteFinder.
Resolution 2525: I saw in your feature list 'fixed dialing number', can this modem Auto-Dial on power up to another CDMA MultiModem that will Auto-Answer
Resolution 2526: Fixed a problem with VPN connections when switching between a Wan ethernet port using PPPoE and an Async dialback port.
Resolution 2527: Fixed a problem with PPPoE reconnects after dial backup is active and the PPPoE connection is back online.
Resolution 2528: Fixed a problem with VPN tunnel reconnects when a PPPoE connection is back from dial backup.
Resolution 2529: Fixed a problem when the WAN port in DHCP mode gets a different IP address after it reconnects, the VPN will not re-establish and it still shows an active connection for the dialup link even if the dialup link is already disconnected.
Resolution 2530: Fixed a UK ADSL problem where the WAN ethernet IP and gateway are the same and the netmask is
Resolution 2531: Fixed some mistakes in the text messages within the logout page.
Resolution 2532: Fixed a problem when using Windows 2000 load balancing.
Resolution 2533: Fixed a display problem in the Renew IP address within the DHCP log display.
Resolution 2534: Fixed a loopback problem when using port redirection mapping for virtual server.
Resolution 2535: Fixed a VPN status display problem when using IPsec manual mode, the TX / RX pkts does not show the correct values in VPN status. It always shows ZERO.
Resolution 2536: Fixed a problem with manual DDNS update in Device Status.
Resolution 2537: Fixed a problem when an external modem does not supply a DSR signal to the async port.
Resolution 2538: Fixed a PPPoE compatibility issue with some ISPs ( it is about receive LCP request after authentication ).
Resolution 2539: Fixed PPPoE connect problems with some ISPs.
Resolution 2540: Added support for a custom DDNS function when using customer DNS from
Resolution 2541: Increased the DDNS update server,host name fields length from 15 characters to 64 characters and domain name field length from 15 characters to 31 characters.
Resolution 2542: Criteria used by the automatic coder to select a codec.
Resolution 2543: I want to setup a RouteFinder with two real IP's and I want to give it internal network IPs that are NOT (192.168.x.x), is this possible
Resolution 2544: After enabling intrusion detection, I noticed that there are no logs for intrusion and there is a message 'there are no snort logs'.
Resolution 2545: We don't remember the password, how can we reset it
Resolution 2546: What triggers the RouteFinder to send a Dynamic DNS update Does it only update when the WAN IP address changes, or does it periodically query the DDNS service to check the IP, if changed, it sends an update
Resolution 2547: How to improve performance of the RouteFinder.
Resolution 2548: I see that this modem detects DTMF digits upon answering, how does it report the digits it captures
Resolution 2549: I see that this modem detects DTMF digits upon answering. How does it report the digits it captures
Resolution 2551: We are using the MVP200 with proprietary firmware(2.01H), but it doesn't work with the MVM configuration utility. What options do we have for remote configuration
Resolution 2552: I cannot find the lead spacing for the SocketModem Embedded dial-up Modem data sheet.
Resolution 2554: We have a MultiVOIP behind an RF660VPN(3.05) and have set port 1720, 5000-5075 and 16000-20000 from WAN to the MVPís internal IP. When we make a call from outside to the VOIP, a ring tone is heard, but if picked up, no voice is heard.
Resolution 2555: I have set up the PPTP to the RouteFinder and it does work fine, is it possible to pass the PPTP through the RouteFinder to a Windows 2000 server
Resolution 2556: How many users can be stored in the local database
Resolution 2557: We want to connect to the modem using the Bell 212A standard (1200bps), but the B1 command doesn't work. Does the MT1932ZDXI support the Bell 212A standard
Resolution 2558: Does this modem have properly functioning Hardware CTS/RTS flow control
Resolution 2559: I have three MVP130 and an MVP410. I want to know if I can add an MVP120 with any firmware updates and be able to do the same thing as an MVP130
Resolution 2561: Does the RasFinder work with Windows 2003 Server
Resolution 2562: How can I recover a password lost on the RF660VPN
Resolution 2563: Does the MultiVOIP support QoS on the box or do I need to activate this on the Router
Resolution 2564: We have the MVP410 connected to a Toshiba phone system. We have set each phone extension to a specific channel. We have one extension that we want it to go to three channels, can we select more than one channel on an inbound phone book entry
Resolution 2565: I have installed a MultiModemZPX-PCI-V92 in an IBM server running Novell Netware 5.1SP6. The modem responds OK, but I cannot find the correct init string to get it to work with 'Novell GroupWise 4.1 Async Gateway v2'.
Resolution 2566: How can I specifically have the URL filtering work with specific domains like and block all its games
Resolution 2567: Does this embedded modem support Reverse mode
Resolution 2568: If a VPN connection is used only once-in-a-while, is it more secure to leave the tunnel active, or activate only when needed
Resolution 2569: Is there anyway with your device to block LAN IP from LAN IP 'Rules'
Resolution 2570: Can the RF660VPN authenticate PPTP remote users with Windows 2000 Domain
Resolution 2571: I am having a problem linking two MVP200s, one is running Proprietary firmware while the other is H.323 (H323).
Resolution 2573: We will have a dedicated T1 with one 800 number tied to it for outside salesmen to dial into and check e-mail. Will this equipment plug straight into the smart jack provided by the carrier or will we need to provide a CSU
Resolution 2574: Does this RouteFinder work with Comcast cable and a dynamic IP
Resolution 2575: Does this modem support DTMF detection
Resolution 2576: We would like to force the network card to be at 100Mbps / Full Duplex, how do we do this
Resolution 2577: Does your MultiVOIP have a built in CSU
Resolution 2578: The command ATB0 is not working, is there any way I can change B1 to B0
Resolution 2579: I can dial into the RASFinder and connect; however, I can't access the network, what am I missing
Resolution 2580: When does the RouteFinder activate dial backup, when the Wan Link goes down or when the packets can't get through Is there a delay prior to backup
Resolution 2581: The documentation specifies the interface as 10 / 100 but does not specify if the port is full duplex, half duplex or auto-sensing. How does the duplex setting work on this unit
Resolution 2582: I would like to know what ports I need to open up in each firewall so that 2 MVP210s can communicate with each other.
Resolution 2583: Does your ISDN modem (MTA128ST) have a built in V90/56Kbps analog modem We are looking for modems with both analog and digital features in the same box.
Resolution 2585: Is there a way to use the MultiVOIP without using a static IP Is there a way to use a Static IP service like
Resolution 2586: I'm having problems making calls from a MultiVOIP to another brand of VOIP ( Quintum A800 model).
Resolution 2587: Do you have any plan to support DNIS
Resolution 2588: Does this RouteFinder support RIP
Resolution 2589: I have observed the IPSec subsystems restart each time you add (or change) a VPN entry and then once again when the entry gets activated.
Resolution 2590: Can all packets be routed thru the VPN, (i.e. simulate a remote net is )
Resolution 2591: Is there a facility in the RF660VPN to allow dial-up from outside into our network We have a RAS (remote access) server ready on Win NT, but just trying to figure out how the firewall will authenticate an incoming connection of a phone line
Resolution 2592: Is it possible to have user authentication so whenever users want to access the Internet they use a valid username and password then they get connected
Resolution 2593: Is your MultiModemISDN External ISDN modem compatible with Windows XP
Resolution 2594: How do I manage the card on the Windows 2003 server if I have to install the management tool on a Windows 2000 or XP machine
Resolution 2595: Is there an on-demand function to force backup
Resolution 2596: Can I go back to an older version of firmware
Resolution 2597: If I'm using the proxy, how can I block a user from browsing the Internet or using streaming audio, video (socks)
Resolution 2598: I setup an RF600 so the LAN users must authenticate to it locally before browsing the Web. I have it enabled and the usernames added as well as the LAN network allowed, but there is no prompt for a username when a user tries to browse the internet.
Resolution 2599: What does the SMTP Proxy do Is it possible that email content can be scanned (eg. porn not viruses) as users send/receive them
Resolution 2600: How many telephone numbers can be stored in call back mode
Resolution 2601: What is the polarity of pin 11 for status LED.
Resolution 2602: I have a pair of MTASR1-100 routers with 1 - 4 Meg SIMM running Firmware Version 2.21. What part number do I need to order to upgrade the memory to 8 Meg so I can upgrade the Firmware to 3.05 to match several other routers that we have
Resolution 2603: When I make calls and then go to the statistic option to read the log reports, it gives all the call details except for the outbound digits field.
Resolution 2604: I have an RF550VPN that at one time, someone entered manually an IP address in the DNS1 field on the ISP Additional Settings Page. How do you clear the DNS IP so it will resort back to the dynamic one provided by the ISP
Resolution 2605: Does the MT5634ZPX-PCI-U allow voice recording to the PC as well as playback capability
Resolution 2606: How to setup SNAT.
Resolution 2607: Do you have an ISI Management Utility for Linux
Resolution 2608: MultiFrad end of life statement.
Resolution 2609: I have a problem when enabling the intrusion detection on LAN,WAN,DMZ, it doesn't respond.
Resolution 2611: Packet filter was working fine. I enabled the HTTP proxy and I tried to block HTTP to a specific user but they are able to connect to the Internet through proxy. I also blocked the squid port to that user but still they connected to the Internet.
Resolution 2612: We have two MVP800s and are experiencing an interesting range of problems. We have noticed that the dip switches are set differently on the two boxes. What settings should these be
Resolution 2613: How are the phone books configured so that one site can call the other and the call be transparent to the user
Resolution 2614: Is there a possibility that the authentication be updated from the active directory of a domain
Resolution 2615: I'm looking for information on how to configure the Commplete 4000 as a fax server.
Resolution 2617: Does the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) comply with the ETSI specification
Resolution 2618: When the SIM is not present, issuing the command AT+CPIN responds with (+CME ERROR). Shouldn't it respond with (+CME ERROR: 10)
Resolution 2619: I have an MVP410 and I would like to be able to do a transparent handoff from a call coming from a PBX to Channel 2 (only) to a specific VoIP number, but cannot figure out how to do that.
Resolution 2620: What is the EIA pass through option used for
Resolution 2621: I have a VOIP connected to a Toshiba phone system and have set each phone extension to a specific channel. I have one extension that I want to go to three channels. Is there a way to select more then one channel on an inbound phone book entry
Resolution 2622: What does this message mean 'Tues, 01/13/2004 05:51:49 - RF550VPN IPsec:find_insa() not found'
Resolution 2623: How many tunnels does the RF560VPN support
Resolution 2624: Can I use the RF5xx to VPN multiple users over its WAN serial port
Resolution 2625: How do I turn on / enable the 'Statistics&Logs HTTP access reports' . No reports are being generated.
Resolution 2626: Fixed RIP too many routing entries bug.
Resolution 2627: Fixed can not dial up to one particular ISP ( ICMP Error ).
Resolution 2628: Fixed compatibility with external modems that do NOT use DSR.
Resolution 2629: Fixed receiving RIP2 problem after connected to some ISPs. After a connect, some ISPs were sending a large RIP2 packet.
Resolution 2630: Fixed a problem when doing LAN to LAN using a login script.
Resolution 2631: Are the RF550VPN and the RF560VPN manageable from a remote browser.
Resolution 2632: Can the RF550VPN and RF560VPN work with changing WAN IP addresses allocated from remote Internet POP (via either dial-on-demand ISDN connection or ADSL network with activity timeout which re-assigns new IP address when logging in again)
Resolution 2633: The $SB command is not available on this model. How do I set the serial (baud rate) port speed on this modem to 9600 bps
Resolution 2634: Will the MVP200/400/800 work over a satellite link What is the ping time requirement
Resolution 2635: Is there a method by which I can get an MVP410 to play a message when a user connects and then allow the user to select an extension
Resolution 2636: I have two MPV210 units behind a Microsoft (ISA) Server 2000 firewall. I have managed to get the units talking to each when on our Private IP or when they are both on a public IP, but I have problems when I try to create port forwarding rules.
Resolution 2637: How do I accomplish authorization on the FXO Channel on a MVP210 or MVP410, just like firmware H3.01 on the MVP400.
Resolution 2638: I'm trying to put together an agreement with an ISP. They want a list of incoming TCP ports to open from the web. I will establish a VPN with multiple 550's, and a few PC's doing PPTP.
Resolution 2639: At the main office what is the actual physical connection from the PBX to the VoIP unit Is this just a cable that is connected to a PBX extension outlet and then plugged into the VoIP unit and at the other end plugged into a PBX phone
Resolution 2640: With an FXS port, does it mean that you can connect a phone into it, and it becomes part of the main office PBX system with a main office ext number allocated to it
Resolution 2641: I am in the process of moving a data center and need to change the IP addresses for the MultiModemManager via hyperterminal, how can I do this
Resolution 2642: Is it possible to setup the DMZ to have public IP addresses
Resolution 2643: For 5 users (dynamic IP-ANY), how many VPN entries do I make in the RF660 for all 5 PCs to VPN in at the same time Can all 5 PCs use the same secret key (so there is only one entry in the 660 with that key), or do I set up 5 different secret keys
Resolution 2644: Do the MT5634ZBA-USB modems support lease line operation
Resolution 2645: Windows 2000 crashes and event viewer logs lack of memory before the crash.
Resolution 2646: Windows 2000 crashes and event viewer logs lack of memory before the crash.
Resolution 2647: This message has started to pop-up on our RF650VPN: 'swap usage too high: 100340>100000 kB Multi-Tech Systems 2.027' What does it mean Is there something we should do
Resolution 2648: Can I block multiple ports in one firewall entry or define a service as a list of many ports (not necessarily a range of ports)
Resolution 2649: Is the MultiDSU compatible with E1 Networks
Resolution 2650: Windows IE needs to refresh after HTTP proxy authentication in order for the browser to display a Web page.
Resolution 2651: Can I load an RF600VPN configuration onto an RF660VPN without any problems
Resolution 2652: How do I enable the 'Remote location Management' of the MA30120.....The modem just behind the 'Phone line connection to service modem', is not responding.
Resolution 2653: Are you aware of SIP phones / H.323 phones that will interoperate with the Multi-Tech VOIP gateways
Resolution 2655: I have an MVP130 set up behind a firewall on a VPN using Comcast as the ISP. They block port 80. How can I change the port to another port such as 8080 so I can access the unit over the Internet
Resolution 2656: What does the presence of a flashing 'WAN Link' LED mean We are having periodic Internet problems, the WAN Link LED appears to flash during the time they are having difficulties.
Resolution 2659: Does your MTMMC-G or MTCBA-G support Wavecom's Open AT v2.0
Resolution 2660: How do I allow certain types of access to go through the intrusion detection Or can I disable intrusion detection all together
Resolution 2661: Does this RouteFinder support L2TP
Resolution 2662: How do I disable the fax functionality on this modem
Resolution 2663: Under the Advance settings - LAN filter settings, it seems that we can only set the filter entries on the LAN side filter table for a maximum 32. I want to set it for 50 users, how can I solve this problem
Resolution 2664: On the RF660VPN, is there a way to express multiple port numbers under services With all the port blocking required to stop back-door intrusions like for the new W32.Novarg.A@mm worm, it requires a block of TCP ports 3127 through 3198.
Resolution 2665: How do I setup up my RouteFinder to VPN to a Linksys befvp41 router
Resolution 2666: Is the RasFinder's CHAP compatible with Microsoft CHAP
Resolution 2667: Can I have both PAP and CHAP turned on (enabled)
Resolution 2668: What is the maximum recommended length for an antenna cable connected to your wireless modems
Resolution 2669: I am unable to find a place where I can set up a static IP address pool for dial-up clients. Can you instruct me how to do this
Resolution 2670: Can this Socket Modem run from 3.3V
Resolution 2671: How many security policies can be defined in the RF560VPN / RF660VPN
Resolution 2672: How many concurrent sessions are supported by the firewall of the RF560VPN / RF660VPN
Resolution 2673: Does the MT5600SMI-xx modules support distinctive ring
Resolution 2674: Does the MultiVOIP support both SIP and H.323 simultaneously on different ports or do they all have to be the same VOIP standard
Resolution 2675: How do I select the leased line mode, a switch or an AT command How do I select the answer and originate modem
Resolution 2676: Is this RouteFinder capable of supporting access control lists We have a need in some instances to allow access to the main location based on an IP address and not establish a VPN between these locations. Is this possible
Resolution 2677: I am setting up a VPN network across a WAN using 1 RF600 and 3 remote RF550s. Are the users at the remote branch able to receive a DHCP address from a server that sits behind the RF600 at the head office How do I set this up
Resolution 2678: Can we control traffic seperately for Internet and VPN using the RF550VPN
Resolution 2679: How many total registrations and total IP and analog phones can we have when in survivable mode.
Resolution 2680: How do I get the IMEI number of my wireless GSM modem
Resolution 2681: Is there a way to correct the current time outside of rebooting
Resolution 2682: I'm trying to configure the VOIP to connect to ground start trunks, but FXS ground start is grayed-out on the configuration screen.
Resolution 2683: Is there a way to route to more than one subnet on the LAN side of the RF550 We have a VPN set up between two locations, the RF550 at one location and an ISP owned and managed PIX501 firewall at the other.
Resolution 2684: I'm setting up a RasFinder for use with Windows 2000. I have internal users with dial-back numbers set in the unit. Windows 2000 Pro signs the user on if no dial-back is required, but a dialback user gets a failed sign on.
Resolution 2685: A D-Link VPN router can not connect to the RouteFinder.
Resolution 2686: I have an application involving RF550's and an RF660 for doing VOIP. I have a list of TCP and UDP ports to forward if trying to VoIP to the outside world. I can get the RF550VPN to work but not the RF660VPN.
Resolution 2687: What is the RASFinder's webadmin login username
Resolution 2688: Is it possible to disable email notifications through SSH, and which command should I use
Resolution 2689: What is the baudrate of the COM port for the RF6XX Is is set to auto Can you change the settings
Resolution 2690: What is the speed / duplex mode at which the RASFinder communicates via the ethernet port Is it 100mpbs/full duplex or half duplex or is 10/half
Resolution 2691: Can the dial-in of multiple users be carried out simultaneously in one user ID
Resolution 2692: What is the maximum number of users that can be registered into the RF300E
Resolution 2693: Does IDS affect security
Resolution 2694: Does this modem support V.25 calling tone functionality We tried ATD^T and then the phone number and you should be able to pick up the phone and hear a tone. It didn't work (we thought this was how to check it).
Resolution 2695: I have a customer with a VOIP network that is lacking in bandwidth. Voice calls cut out and seem to lag. Is there any configuration settings which will minimize bandwidth Reliability of VOIP calls is a higher priority than voice quality itself.
Resolution 2696: Can I use the command port to access the Internet
Resolution 2697: My message waiting light option is checked, but the message waiting lights are not lighting at the remote sight.
Resolution 2698: This modem module seems to have a default serial baud rate of 57600bps while the spec gives a default of 115200bps. Is it a spec error
Resolution 2699: Do you supply the same antenna cable assembly that is found on the Socket Modem Dev Kit.
Resolution 2700: Is there a way to copy the phonebooks to all the VOIPs - over the WEB interface
Resolution 2701: I have been working with a script for controlling a MT3334ZDX. During the execution of the script the modem sends numeric result codes such as 9LC, what does this mean
Resolution 2702: Java is eating up my drive, how do I un-install it and then re-install it on another drive (D or E)
Resolution 2703: Which ports on the Routefinder Manager 7.30 are required to be opened on the personal firewall software on my computer, so that I can access the RF102S units on our network
Resolution 2704: Where can I check to see the virus detection log
Resolution 2705: I'm trying to enter a pause in the dialing of the add prefix, but the comma is not being accepted through the WEB interface.
Resolution 2706: Is it possible to get a log of other protocols besides http traffic (i.e. kazoo)
Resolution 2707: What port to use for http proxy.
Resolution 2708: Does the Ethernet Module support the RS-485 interface
Resolution 2709: Can the calls coming into the VOIP from the T1 line be routed to a particular VOIP on a port by port basis
Resolution 2710: How do I enable the session timer in RASExpress
Resolution 2711: I receive an error running live update.
Resolution 2712: How often does the HTTP access reports update Is there a way you can manually update the statistics for the reports
Resolution 2713: I am currently running a VPN using an RF660 and an RF560. I want to put a wireless connection on the 560 side. What kind of hardware do I need, do I just need to get an access point
Resolution 2714: Does the MTXCSEM support the UDP protocol
Resolution 2715: I lost the password of my MVP130 and I need to reset / reconfigure it. How do I recover the unit
Resolution 2716: If the power is shut off, will the date and time setting be retained on the MultiVOIP Is there a way to change the date and time over the WEB based administration utility
Resolution 2717: I have an MVP210 and I heard that the latest firmware is compatible with an Avaya S8700. Is this correct, what is the latest firmware
Resolution 2718: What is the maximum number of PRI lines per chassis
Resolution 2719: Internal IPs are changing all the time if the power fails. It is a problem for our VPN connections because another office should change their setting. Can I assign a specific internal IP to a particular computer
Resolution 2720: Is it possible to ignore the Login and Password
Resolution 2721: I have two routers. One is an RF550 and the other is an RF560. I want to use Dynamc DNS to connect the two via VPN. Is this possible
Resolution 2722: Can voice mode be configured to be full duplex or is it limited to half duplex mode only
Resolution 2723: Can you tell me if there is a 'Disconnect on No Activity' and how to setup this feature
Resolution 2724: Can I setup a spoke-to-spoke communication via a Hub, which means every RF550 creates a tunnel to an RF600 to enable branch-to-branch communication
Resolution 2725: Added a new command to turn on / turn off command echo.
Resolution 2726: Fixed a problem when ADM tries to submit IP subnet mask changes.
Resolution 2727: Is there an AT command to set the modem in 2 wire leased line mode (answering mode)
Resolution 2728: I get this error (Unrecognized firmware) when trying to administer the MVP410ST devices from MVM 1.06.
Resolution 2729: Will the MultiVOIP gateway sense latency and jitter and if it reaches a certain threshold automatically switch over to a PSTN line How do we implement it
Resolution 2730: Can the MultiVOIP gateway seamlessly switch from VoIP to PSTN if the call quality degrades
Resolution 2732: Added 'Any Number' feature support in the phonebook. This allows unregistered clients to connect via SIP or H.323. This allows calls to complete without matching the phonebook entry and allows user to select a specific protocol (H.323/SIP).
Resolution 2734: Added SNMP MIB support for the SNMP MultiVOIP management software version 1.06.
Resolution 2735: Added support for E164 registration with the GateKeeper.
Resolution 2736: Added ANI/DNIS (Automatic Number Identification / Dialed Number Identification Service) support on gateways using the SIP protocol. Currently, ANI/DNIS are supported on PRI and E1-MFR2 protocols only.
Resolution 2737: Added 'Call Hold' using RE-INVITE in SIP, for on/off and hook flash for initiation.
Resolution 2738: Support for 'Supervised Call Transfer' using SIP has been added.
Resolution 2739: Added support for TDM internal call routing of voice streams on MVP210/410/810. This feature allows calls between channels 1-4 or 5-8 in the same gateway to be made with no voice compression or processing delay.
Resolution 2740: Added the Display of the Firmware Version, Configuration Version, IFM Version and the Phone Book Version in the System Information dialog and the print console of the Windows GUI software.
Resolution 2741: Added a separate program group option for configuring the COM port parameters without looking for the MVP.
Resolution 2742: Added 'FXS Passthrough' feature on the Analog MVPs. This provides a two-wire 'always on' audio path intended for paging applications, with no telephony voltage.
Resolution 2743: Fixed interoperability issues with H.323 fast start.
Resolution 2744: The MultiVOIP now retains the configuration and Phonebook data after a software upgrade.
Resolution 2745: Changed the default Fax configuration to T.38, instead of FRF11.
Resolution 2746: Fixed a problem with the SPP Registrar / Client. This will now allow single stage dialing through the FXO interface.
Resolution 2747: Fixed Modem relay problems.
Resolution 2748: Fixed a UDP statistics problem, where some statistics were incremented erroneously.
Resolution 2749: Fixed the SPP registrar to work in direct mode behind a NAT device which has a static IP address.
Resolution 2750: Fixed a problem where the Windows GUI software will not get write permission even if the MVP is reset.
Resolution 2751: Fixed a bug that updates the SPP call progress duration incorrectly.
Resolution 2752: Fixed a bug with the IP address validation for an out bound phone book entry.
Resolution 2753: Problem: During un-installation, the PC or laptop used to configure the MultiVOIP can have its registry corrupted thus rendering that computer unusable. Issue applies to MVP-130/210/410/810/2410/3010.
Resolution 2754: Problems: When using the MultiVOIP's Web-based GUI, a blue-screen problem and a login/logout problem have appeared.
Resolution 2755: Fixed a problem with the Digital MultiVOIPs (MVP-2410/3010) using E&M Wink and E&M Immediate CAS protocols. The PSTN channels would ring busy for all incoming IP calls even though the T1/E1 side is on hook.
Resolution 2756: How can I set a timeout value to the connected dialup connections Also is there a way to create a report of how long each user was connected
Resolution 2757: I just updated the version to 3.10, do you have any information about configuring the spam filtering feature. What URL should I put on the RBL ( Real Time Black List SERVER) Server URL
Resolution 2758: I have two MVPx10 units with firmware version 6.03a. If I upgrade one of them to 6.05, will it be able to communicate with the one running 6.03a temporarily, until I can get to that location to update it
Resolution 2760: I have an MVP210 device and got it with 6.01 configuration version. I upgraded it to 6.05 version and now I'm missing the H323-ID setting in the Phone Book Configuration. I need this setting in order to log the device into a VocalTec gatekeeper.
Resolution 2761: I want to connect a Partner PBX interface T1 to a Legend PBX with analog ports. When connecting the 2410 to a PBX, does one side need to be trunks and one side stations, or can they both be trunks
Resolution 2762: Will the MultiVOIP support a non-telephone use, i.e. simulate two pairs of wire (4 wire leased lines), without the use of dial-tones, dialing, etc.
Resolution 2763: Does the MultiVOIP support Hook Flash 11, will put a call on hold and Hook Flash 13 will pick up a call on hold
Resolution 2764: I do not see how dial-up clients receive an IP address from the MultiAccess server.
Resolution 2765: Can we use the same username for multiple people...i.e. we have 150 students that need access, can I create one Radius account for all of them to use
Resolution 2766: I can not get this modem setup correctly on a Cisco router.
Resolution 2767: I downloaded the driver 56zdx.exe from your Web site and did the unzip. Now, I have a bunch of .inf files and am trying to install them, but when I click on the .inf files, nothing happens. How do I install the .inf stuff to load the driver
Resolution 2768: Added support for the X.509 ITU-T and ISO certificate format standard.
Resolution 2769: Does the MultiAccess support dial-out with WinMCSI Workstation Redirectors
Resolution 2770: I have been using the MVP130 successfully with several softphones. Unfortunately, none of the Pocket PC softphones that I can find support the low G.729 low bit rate codec. Is there a way I can add the GSM codec to the MVP130
Resolution 2771: Is there a way to have the system save the logs I can only see details from the current day and would like to have at least a week of logs.
Resolution 2772: I have two MVP810s, how do I make an always open audio connection (and transparent) channel between two ports.
Resolution 2773: Updating from 1.04 to 1.05 breaks update procedure.
Resolution 2776: Can I disable NAT on the RF6xxVPN and use the device as a router
Resolution 2777: The Commplete 4000 sits behind our Nokia firewall. An application was launched that uses PPP, dialed and then came back with an error msg 'the connection timed out waiting for a valid response from remote computer'.
Resolution 2778: Does the SMTP Proxy have to be active to allow the virus scan to function
Resolution 2779: How do I configure automatic updates of virus protection
Resolution 2780: Do the ISIHP-xx cards support CAPI
Resolution 2781: I would like to upgrade a RASFinder MTASR3-200 to 32 MB of memory.
Resolution 2782: Im using the MVPs over a WAN on a router and the routers don't have any other applications triggering ports or any webservers etc. I get the phones to call each other, the phone will ring but when you pick up the phone you cannot hear anything.
Resolution 2783: I have a broadband LAN at home but I still keep my dial-up ISP for instances where only a phone line is available. I'm interested in eliminating my dial-up ISP and would like to dial into my LAN. Can I use your MTASR3-200 for this
Resolution 2784: My VOIP lost its MAC address.
Resolution 2785: Can I Transfer or copy the Remote User Database created in one MTASR3-200 to another MTASR3-200
Resolution 2786: How do I suppress responses from the modem
Resolution 2787: Where can I get the latest driver for the wireless modem
Resolution 2789: Are the RF300E-EURO and RF300E-GB still available
Resolution 2790: I cannot find the WAN&LAN MAC address info required by our DSL ISP.
Resolution 2791: What is the disk capacity of the RF600 and RF660 What is the version of Linux used
Resolution 2792: Does the RF102S support dial on demand or does it stay connected all the time
Resolution 2793: Do we absolutely need to have an internal exchange server to use spam filtering
Resolution 2794: Can I use this device as a public Proxy Can I configure it with a Windows XP computer
Resolution 2795: Does the RF6xx RouteFinder support the Pre-shared key Authentication method
Resolution 2796: Does the RF6xx RouteFinder support the Diffie-Hellman Oakley Group 2 key agreement protocol
Resolution 2797: After a failed connection a problem occurs where the RASFinder locks up and the modem becomes inaccessible. The RASFinder CD light remains on. We can only recover from this by powering down or using a Telnet connection to reset the RASFinder.
Resolution 2798: Is it possible to specify more than one RBL site You need more than one to check (RBL's, DUL's, etc).
Resolution 2799: I receive an error when I forward spam mail to more than one email address from the Statistics&Logs SMTP Spam Quarantine page.
Resolution 2800: What are the limits in the number / size of quarantined email. What happens when they consume to much disk space. Will the software handle an out of disk space condition
Resolution 2801: Can I add to the black list using a subnet classification or network range of IP addresses
Resolution 2802: Does the ISI5634UPCI support 3.3V, PCI X, and 5V / 32-bit / 33MHz PCI Slots
Resolution 2803: Periodically the firewall event log shows its receiving protocols NTP, DNS and ICMP requests from the RouteFinder, what is going wrong
Resolution 2804: I setup an RF600VPN that requires a remote user to SSH to the unit on port 20022 which is then redirected to port 22 on the Unix host the remote user is connecting to. The SSH user complains that authenticating to the unix server takes too long.
Resolution 2805: If I double firewall my customers that have VPNs on them, ie: RF600>RF600 and change that to RF600>RF550>RF550>RF600 what types of problems might I see With double firewall protection and the RF550 in place, will it make it harder to hack into
Resolution 2806: Does the RF802EW support VPN If not, what wireless router do you recommend that supports VPN.
Resolution 2807: I use 2 RF560VPNs to connect 2 small offices via VPN. However, I have workstations in one office that MUST be able to continue using PC ANYWHERE connections. Do they support PC ANYWHERE connections and what if any are the setup steps
Resolution 2808: I am experiencing a problem configuring a RouteFinder RF102S on Windows 2003 Standard Edition.
Resolution 2809: Steps to upgrade the modem firmware on the ISI5634PCI card in the Commplete 4000 server. Steps to upgrade the RASExpress software.
Resolution 2810: I'm interested in your MVP 210/410 product and would like to know the current RFC supported for SIP Protocol, i.e. does it support RFC3261, which is the latest version (2.0) of SIP protocol
Resolution 2811: What is the best form to connect the MultiVOIP for more security. Do I need a firewall to connect it to the internet Does it have a system to protect me from Internet traffic and attacks What is your recommendation for a secure connection
Resolution 2812: If I set a country code in the Global Modem (i.e., AT%T19,0,1) and then do an AT&F (load factory defaults) command, does this reset the country code
Resolution 2813: What is the maximum number of users that can be connected at a time in the MultiAccess model
Resolution 2814: What is the maximum number of user profiles that can be created in one BOX
Resolution 2816: I can configure my VOIP with the serial port connection just fine. However, when I open the IP address in a browser window (IE 6 with SP 2), I do not get a full screen of info from the VOIP. No navigation bar on the left, just a grey box.
Resolution 2817: Does this modem come with PhoneTools software Will this product allow me to use my computer as an answering maching device and have full voice recording and playing from the software of PhoneTools
Resolution 2818: I am attempting to setup the Phone Book Configuration on a MVP130, but I receive an error when trying to enter a SPP Registrar IP.
Resolution 2819: Added support for Ipsec DES encryption and Ipsec AES encryption.
Resolution 2820: Added support for IPsec using UID (supports VPN behind a NAT device).
Resolution 2821: Added support for IPsec using FQDN (supports both sides using dynamic IPs).
Resolution 2822: Added support for Netbios broadcast over IPsec.
Resolution 2823: Add the ability to Route all traffic through the VPN tunnel (including Internet traffic).
Resolution 2824: Remote sites can now communicate with each other through a VPN via the central site.
Resolution 2825: Added support for PPTP pass-thru.
Resolution 2826: Added support for a Dynamic DNS client.
Resolution 2827: Added Email spam filtering based on the following:
Resolution 2828: More configuration options for the URL content filter:
Resolution 2829: Added a history of calls for PPTP.
Resolution 2830: Added a Log display for DHCP server.
Resolution 2831: Added Ethernet Mac address filtering.
Resolution 2832: Added the display of Quarantined virus and spam email.
Resolution 2833: Changed to linux kernel 2.4.20.
Resolution 2834: Added Accounting that is based on individual IP addresses. Added Accounting that is based on a VPN tunnel.
Resolution 2835: Added the ability to customize a port other than port 22 for SSH access.
Resolution 2836: Intrusion detection can now be enabled on each interface (LAN, WAN, DMZ).
Resolution 2837: Added a Web UI option to clean the HTTP proxy cache and to clean the SMTP proxy queue.
Resolution 2838: Fixed a pop3 email hanging problem when POP3 proxy is enabled.
Resolution 2839: Fixed PPPoE so it does not reconnect every night during log rotation.
Resolution 2840: Now allows entering a domain name ending with .info in the Wizard Setup.
Resolution 2841: Fixed some Web page access problems when HTTP proxy is enabled.
Resolution 2842: I am using the MTXCSEM for an Ethernet to serial application and I am having some trouble with the set serial s0 buffer-datasize and set serial s0 buffer-time commands.
Resolution 2843: Which Multi-tech RouteFinders support Windows PPTP
Resolution 2845: When configuring PPTP in Network Definitions, how do you create a specific range, like -
Resolution 2846: I've setup the filter to allow categories (Investement, General News, Usenet News, etc.) but when I try to go to the site '' the RouterFinder blocks that site.
Resolution 2847: What could happen if the customer wired the phone line Tip and Ring wrong Will it still work or not Any potential damage Do I need to incorporate protection to prevent damage in case the customer connects it wrong
Resolution 2848: How many lines can I use with this MultiVOIP
Resolution 2849: We are using an MVP210 with version 6.05 and a fixed IP. The VOIP is behind an RF560, which port should we map in the RF560 so we can communicate using the SPP protocol
Resolution 2850: How do I set the CC2400 to the factory default settings Are there any commands or a Phycial button to accomplish this
Resolution 2851: Does your SocketModem MT5634SMI-92 support LINUX in general. Are there any drivers available
Resolution 2852: Does the RF600VPN support IPSec Passthrough (local and remote Ipsec identifier) like the RF550 does
Resolution 2853: How do I allow ICMP echo reply for a host on a LAN that is reached from outside using a DNAT
Resolution 2854: Does the RF560VPN support the Australian Telstra cable
Resolution 2855: We are trying to integrate a VPN with an RF660 with several clients who have Sonicwall VPN appliances. The Sonicwall models are TZ170 and Tele3. What setting do we need to do on both the RF660 and the Sonicwall in order to enable the IPSEC tunnel
Resolution 2856: Does the RF300E have an inactivity timer
Resolution 2857: I have 10 computers in my network. What should I setup to permit all computers to use Outlook for email + VPN + terminal client access and to prohibit 8 computers access to the Internet
Resolution 2858: We have an RF650VPN and I would like to put an ftp server on the Internet. How do I configure the firewall to expose the ftp server on the Internet
Resolution 2859: The RF102 units support Multilink PPP over dial-up connections to the Internet. Does this require that both analog modems are dialing the same ISP, with the same login credentials and have a Multilink enabled account at the ISP
Resolution 2860: We are using the RF550 in our branches and an RF660 as a central point where we monitor our network. However, the problem is, as an ISP, we cannot monitor inside the VPN between the nodes.
Resolution 2861: Is the 25 pin to 25 pin cable that connects a MultiVOIP unit to a Multitech Modem a straight through cable If not, do you have the pin outs
Resolution 2862: Is it possible to have 2 Internet access providers and configure the VPN RouterFinder RF600 to automatically balance the Internet traffic from these 2 providers
Resolution 2863: How can we reduce the wait time for using dial backup instead of the WAN ethernet port, (currently it is about 3 minutes) How can we program an inactivity timeout
Resolution 2864: My motherboard's PCI voltage is 3.3v. Will this card support this voltage
Resolution 2865: In Statistics&Logs>SMTP Proxy, it says we have 189 messages in the queue with 0 messages in the queue but not processed. Is there a way I can view the messages in the queue before I clean it
Resolution 2866: Can message filtering allow for forwarding to an administrator's address or translating an email address to a forwarding address
Resolution 2868: I have two routers. One is an RF550 and one is an RF560. I want to use Dynamc DNS to connect the two via VPN. Is this possible
Resolution 2869: We receive an error when we input an IP address for an alternative gatekeeper. If we enter a 0 anywhere in the IP address and try and submit it we get a response of invalid IP address. Without a 0 in the IP address, the address can be submitted.
Resolution 2870: A new installer for Mac OS X 10.3.x Panther resolves an issue with our USB modems when working through a hub.
Resolution 2871: I've just migrated from an RF550 to an RF6x0 v3.10. I'm using a PPPoe connection, and I want to use DDNS for my WAN IP address (like I used to do with the RF560). How do I set this up
Resolution 2872: A Set up document for customizing the URL filter to allow or block specific sites.
Resolution 2873: How to enable and setup basic Spam filtering:
Resolution 2874: How to transfer the file REL2540.HXC into the Commplete2400, and how to upgrade.
Resolution 2876: Is it possible to put two extension numbers in the autocall feature of the MultiVOIP
Resolution 2877: Can I connect multiple IP video cameras to my RF102S via a Linksys WAP54G 802.11g access point connected to one of the RF102S' Ethernet ports
Resolution 2878: Does the RF102S support port forwarding Does the RF102S NAT support DDNS service
Resolution 2879: Does the RF560VPN support PPTP
Resolution 2880: Hook flash not working in firmware version 6.05.
Resolution 2881: The MT5634SMI-34 SocketModem gives an error when I give it the AT+MS= command from Hyperterminal. Does this mean that it doesn't support V.92 commands If not, then how do I change its modulation scheme to V.34
Resolution 2882: Is there any way to remove the SMTP spammed quarantined email using the command line We got tens of thousands of such email. Deleting them page by page from the GUI can take forever!
Resolution 2883: Why does the RF600 not support IPSec passthrough
Resolution 2885: Can I use Avaya 4610 / 4620 IP phones with an MVP810 unit without any other Avaya equipment I want to connect analog stations from a PBX directly to the FXO ports on the MVP-810 and use the Avaya IP phones as the IP endpoints for the extensions.
Resolution 2886: We have an RF660VPN installed with the anti-virus option and are having connect problems when trying to download the E-Mail. We get time-outs when connected and downloading (POP3 traffic) the E-Mail.
Resolution 2887: We are using a CommPlete 4000, and a user reported connecting at 24K, but the logs said she connected at 31200 V42bis. Do you know why this would be the case
Resolution 2888: We have a disconnect problem encountered when the MultiVOIP is configured for FXO. After hanging up the phone, it could take as much as three minutes, or more, in some cases, for it to disconnect.
Resolution 2889: I have upgraded my RF660 from 3.05 to 3.10, and it's working fine. I'm trying to use IPSec Bridging, but it wonít work. I'm using an RF550 in one branch with firmware version 4.65 and in another branch an RF660 with firmware version 3.05.
Resolution 2890: When the RouteFinder sees a new IP from the ISP (pppoe), does the dynamic IP client do an update immediately after It seems like there is a good size delay. Does this cause a delay in the IPSec connection
Resolution 2891: When we attempt run 'make install', it exits with an 'Error 1' and creates a rather large err.log.
Resolution 2892: Is it possible to install one ISI4608PCI and one ISI4608UPCI on the same Windows 2000 computer
Resolution 2893: Is there a way to add users in bulk into the address book of the FaxFinder
Resolution 2894: I get an option of Com40+| and Com 1 when installing 1.05 software using a Windows 2000 lap top. My select port box in the config port setup is also blank and I'm given only Com 3 as an option. Clicking OK gives a 'Config:Read Response Error 76'.
Resolution 2895: I have a Merlin Legend networking to a Merlin Magix and both have T1 cards in them. Can you provide T1 to Ethernet
Resolution 2896: Can the configuration file from an RF550 be used on an RF560
Resolution 2897: Why do I get these messages almost constantly<< Self Monitor>>(over 100 yesterday alone) The RF600VPN is up and running fine from what we can tell. If I reboot, they'll stop for maybe a half a day; then start up again.
Resolution 2898: Does the MTSMC-G-F1 / F2 support SMS (i.e., text messages)
Resolution 2899: I want to use Wavecom's TCP/IP stack, but it doesn't appear to be working/enabled on my modem.
Resolution 2900: What is the maximum achievable data rate for this wireless modem
Resolution 2901: Do you support silent mode or unattended mode to install the driver
Resolution 2903: Fixed - An issue where an RTP resulted in +FHS:72 instead of +FHS:0. Also fixed default RTP info (fbadmul, fbadlin, dbf) when switching between faxes.
Resolution 2904: The modem is now allowed to step down in speed based on the number of bad frames in V.34 fax connections. Previously, the modem would just disconnect.
Resolution 2905: Fixed a problem when receiving a fax from some fax machines at V.34 and faster than 14.4k. The error would be +FHS:A0.
Resolution 2906: The RX buffer now checks for overflow conditions when performing Class 2x ECM faxes. Faxes had errors.
Resolution 2907: Fixed a modem lock-up problem when connecting with certain fax machines. We now limit the length of the +FNF:frame. If the frame is longer than 0x40 bytes, the modem locks up after +FCO.
Resolution 2908: In class 2.1 at 14400 ECM, certain line conditions cause +FHS:A0 errors. Receives faxes better in V.17 mode.
Resolution 2909: I have a CC4M-8 and having trouble getting the dialout function to work. No matter what username I use, it tells me 'Invalid Password'. This occurs for the supervisor account, for a user I created on the CC4M-8 and for users validated through RADIUS.
Resolution 2910: How to configure IAS for dialout users that are using WinMCSI or Telnet dialout:
Resolution 2911: Verizon Activation Customer Notice
Resolution 2912: I cannot find any documents that would help me to setup the ISI3334-4 on my server 2003. It seems to be installing fine up to the point were it shows the com ports. It is only showing ports 1 and 2. Ports 3 and 4 are not showing up.
Resolution 2913: We have an RF600VPN and since last week, the router would not allow me to login through Web Administration. But, I did not change the password. Is there a way such as pushing a button on the panel to reset the router to default status
Resolution 2914: RF600VPN and RF660VPN Hard Disk Drive Recovery Guide.
Resolution 2915: I have a 4-channel ISI4604 PCI card and would like to run it on an industrial computer under MS-DOS. The software I have from you is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. What can I do
Resolution 2916: Is it possible to use an ISIHP-xx or ISIHI-xx (ISA version) in a Windows DOS window It can be any Windows. We have DOS SW where I can assign IRQ, BASE address, and Vector to each port.
Resolution 2917: By looking at the Intrusion logs of my RF600VPN, can I determine what PORT is being scanned by the SNORT report provided by the RF600VPN
Resolution 2918: With a 256K or above connection between an RF660VPN and an RF560VPN, will I get better throughput with VPN compression turned on or off
Resolution 2919: I am trying to create an IPSec tunnel between an RF560VPN and RedHat Linux. Can you tell me if this works and what I need to do for this
Resolution 2920: How do I completely reset this modem back to factory defaults
Resolution 2921: Failed 'make install' in RedHat Linux ES Server and running into an error for the 'mknod_script'.
Resolution 2922: What cable do I need to connect this modem to a telephone handset
Resolution 2923: I'm using an MTPSR1-120 (Dual Ethernet Proxy). As the product has become obsolete, which of the Multitech products can replace it
Resolution 2924: Does the MultiAccess Server support raw mode TCP, like the CommPlete
Resolution 2925: What is the throughput rate of the RF560VPN when using the LAN-to-LAN VPN Is it higher than an RF550VPN
Resolution 2934: What is the maximum number of DID numbers we can program into the FaxFinder
Resolution 2935: Fixed a throughput problem regarding sending and uploading from LAN to WAN.
Resolution 2936: Fixed WebAdmin so it allows VPN remote netmask to be entered with
Resolution 2937: Fixed a 'cannot re-establish the VPN tunnel' problem with VPN set to auto interface and using a dial-up modem to establish VPN tunnel. Then power off/on the modem.
Resolution 2938: Fixed a problem with pinging the LAN port over a VPN tunnel when the remote ping option is disabled.
Resolution 2939: Fixed a problem when trying to access Web sites that end with an x.x.x.255 address.
Resolution 2940: Fixed a problem so the Async port does not activate when there is no LAN traffic and when the WAN Ethernet link is down.
Resolution 2941: Fixed some PPTP connect and performance issues.
Resolution 2942: Fixed an async port dialup problem when the ISP is sending BACP requests.
Resolution 2943: Fixed a PPPoE connection issue when the ISP is using relay server .
Resolution 2944: Fixed a VPN reconnect problem when using the async port .
Resolution 2945: Added syslog messages to include LAN to WAN traffic.
Resolution 2946: Added PPTP MS_CHAP V2 support. This will allow Windows 98 and Windows Me to connect.
Resolution 2947: The AT command reference lists a command to enter the '32Khz Power Down Mode'. What is the power consumption in that mode. What is the delay required to go from low power mode to placing a call
Resolution 2948: I have the MVP130 and it seems incompatible with a Zultys ZIP 4x4 phone when dialing out from the ZIP to the PSTN. The other direction, calling from the PSTN to the ZIP, works fine after changing the packetization time to 20 on the MVP130.
Resolution 2949: I have a new Compaq Proliant DL380 G3 which only has PCI-X Slots. I am unable to plug the ISI4604-PCI card into these slots because it does not have the necessary notch at the front of the PCI edge connector.
Resolution 2950: What is the total number of entries for the outbound phone book
Resolution 2951: Can the MVPx10ST transport Video over ISDN
Resolution 2952: I am not getting Dial Tone at the Analog Port of the MT128ST with the Firmware Version (2.48). But if I downgrade the same TA with the Firmware Version 2.46, I'm able to get Dial Tone at its Analog Port.
Resolution 2953: I need some call reports sent to an email address, but it doesn't work with the number of records = 100 and the number of days = 1. The log is never sent, what's wrong with my SMTP configuration
Resolution 2954: In Terse Mode (AT V0), when the modem establishes a connection, it should give me the respective number to the CONNECT code (For CONNECT 9600, the code should be 12). It doesn't, for any connection rate, it just gives '1'.
Resolution 2955: What is the maximum number of T1 lines this gateway can take in
Resolution 2956: I've had the Fax Finder for about 2 weeks and it has sent me an e-mail with a log file of the sent faxes. Can this be disabled
Resolution 2957: What are the specific commands needed in order to communicate with data equipment through the wirless GSM modem at 2400 bps
Resolution 2958: How do I physically connect the 4 port expansion card (MVP428) to my existing 410
Resolution 2959: I found an email in spam quarantine in the spam log file. The 8.4 score does not tell me why it was quarantined. How can I get more detail about why it was quarantined
Resolution 2960: I have a problem with the RF600PVN ver 3.05. The 'IPSec live connections' button does not correctly report our current VPN connections. Most of the time the list is incomplete, as an example, if we have 10 IPSec tunnels up, it shows only 4 or 6.
Resolution 2961: Under version 3.10 of the firmware there is now an option for local and remote UID, what are the rules for using UIDs
Resolution 2962: Under the VPN setup there is a box for a FQDN. Can you use the name from a dynamic DNS service in this box
Resolution 2963: What is the impedance of the Line Interface and the current drawn
Resolution 2964: I have set up an IPsec tunnel to one client and another to a company. I want them to be able to talk to each other through my RF660. I have had the connection up more than once, but after a while errors start to occur, and the tunnel goes down.
Resolution 2965: I'm opening a satellite office with an 8 line key system. Can I use an MVP810 on either side so the main office can transfer calls to the satelite office Can I access the main line pool for outgoing calls, possibly hooking up a fax to the unit
Resolution 2966: Does the MVP130 work on a dial up (low band) Internet connection
Resolution 2967: I am using MVP810 boxes for a connection between China&Hong Kong, (Mainly outdial HongKong calls from China to HK). How do I capture the outdial phone numbers and channel numbers
Resolution 2968: Should I set the MVPx10-ST for terminal mode or network mode
Resolution 2969: Is there a possibility to increase the number of voice channels to more than 60 channels
Resolution 2970: What are the main advantages of using the gatekeeper
Resolution 2971: Can an MVP200 work with an MVP130
Resolution 2972: I need clarification about Proxy>SMTP Proxy>SPAM Filtering specification regarding upper / lower case dependancies. Which entries are case dependant and which aren't
Resolution 2973: Bad Patterns In Sender/Recipient Address: Should both of these work to block any email with a from address: * *postmasterdirect* Also, is it case dependant
Resolution 2974: Proxy>SMTP Proxy>SPAM Filtering>Expressions (Enclose Regular Expressions with<>), Does this apply to the whole message including headers or only to the body of the message
Resolution 2975: Proxy>SMTP Proxy>SPAM Filtering>Expressions (Enclose Regular Expressions (<...>), confirm if this is the format for a regular expression and not the other way around
Resolution 2976: I have a MR9600 and I need to change the settings. The person who had the password for this is no longer with my company. Is there any way to reset the password on this
Resolution 2977: Iīm trying to integrate a VPN network with a VoIP but I dont want to use a public SIP server, please let me know about any other options.
Resolution 2978: How do I use TFTP with this MultiVOIP
Resolution 2979: What are the power specification for this modem Will it work with a 12V supply
Resolution 2980: What is the best way to disable dial back-up on the MT2834BL / BLR We want Leased Line mode only.
Resolution 2981: Someone is attempting to hack into our network. We are using a RouteFinder firewall. In the log, we see many spoof (intrusion IP messages). Is there a way to trace the IP address this is originating from
Resolution 2982: Added Caller ID support: We support Bellcore Type 1 Caller ID (CID) with power ring. This means the Caller ID information must be received between the first and second ring on FXO and will be transmitted between the first and second ring for FXS.
Resolution 2983: Added DID support: This feature is available only on Rev. C and later MVP410/810 boards, Rev. B and later MVP210 boards and all MVP130 boards. On the older boards, there will be no DID interface option.
Resolution 2984: Added support for the built in modem on new hardware: The rev. C MVP410/810 and rev. G MVP2410/3010 units have a built in modem.
Resolution 2985: Added T.38 support in SIP mode: This is an additional provision of faxing for SIP and T.38 is considered to be a robust feature for faxing in comparison with FRF11. This option is selectable in the Voice/Fax parameters fax mode combo box.
Resolution 2986: Added the ability to forward calls on multiple conditions. (I.E. forward on busy and no response): Now we can enable forward on both 'Busy ' and 'No response' simultaneously.
Resolution 2987: Added off-hook alerting feature: This feature is for emergency situations. If a phone is taken off hook without dialing for the duration of the programmed 'offhook alert timer' time, a call will be placed to the programmed phone number.
Resolution 2988: Added ring back to call waiting. Previously a third caller calling into a busy channel would hear busy, now they will hear a ring back signal.
Resolution 2989: Added supplementary services support for SPP calls.
Resolution 2990: Added 0 (zero) ring count support on FXO ports: With the ring count set to 0, the FXO port will answer at the beginning of the first detected ring burst.
Resolution 2991: Made improvements to SIP and H.323 interoperability with 3rd party VoIP devices.
Resolution 2992: DNS Support for SIP Proxy: This is located in the phone book configuration / SIP parameters.
Resolution 2993: Added an explicit message outputting the DNIS number on the command port.
Resolution 2994: Changed - The packetization defaults of all voice coders. The packetization has been changed to 90ms for G.723 coders and 80ms for all the other coders.
Resolution 2995: Added an SPP feature to allow multiple MultiVoIPs and the Registrar to reside behind a Proxy/NAT device whose public IP address is static: We can have the registrar MultiVoIP behind the Proxy/NAT and MultiVoIP clients behind or outside the Proxy/NAT.
Resolution 2996: Added the remote ping feature: This feature is used to check network connectivity to any other network device.
Resolution 2997: Added a wider acceptance of IP addresses in the GUI&WEB - The previous IP address validations in the GUI/WEB did not accept the IP address if the network portion of the IP address and Gateway address didn't match.
Resolution 2998: Fixed auto call race conditions. Calls should get connected if two MultiVoIPs make calls to each other at the same time using auto call.
Resolution 2999: Made a change so the GUI baud rate stays at the selected speed when trying to find the MultiVoIP. Before it would change between 19.2K and 115.2K while it tried to find the MultiVoIP. Now it will stay at 115.2K and find the MultiVoIP more quickly.
Resolution 3000: Fixed a bug with FXS pass through. The FXS pass through was a feature added in version x.05. In x.05, the audio quality was very bad when using Net Coder@9.6K while other coders worked fine.
Resolution 3001: FTP download works now on MVP810 MultiVoIPs with (revision 0) 4 channel expander cards.
Resolution 3002: Does this modem support the Hook Flash command for transfering a call to another number
Resolution 3003: How can I backup the configuration on my MVPx10
Resolution 3004: We have an MVP210 connected to an MVP810. The 810 will be connected to a telebanker machine. When the 210 side connects to the telebanker machine, the machine will generate a hook flash and a PSTN number back to the 210 side.
Resolution 3005: Is the Setup Wizard the only way to change the LAN IP address
Resolution 3006: Fixed a lock up problem if DTR is dropped on a Class 2.1 V.34 connection.
Resolution 3007: Occasionally a Class 2.x fax call fails because the AT+FDR command is not recognized by the modem. This may happen in approximately 1 of 200 faxes received.
Resolution 3008: Fixed a problem with intermittant C.34 fax call failures. The fax (command repeat) frames were not handled in Class 2.1 V.34 mode.
Resolution 3009: Fixed a problem where the modem would give a FHNG / FHS:71 error when receiving a Class 2, 2.0, 2.1 fax at non-V.34 speeds.
Resolution 3010: This week users have been receiving messages like 'Error the requested URL could not be retrieved' and 'access to the Internet is blocked'.
Resolution 3011: Does your product Commplete 4000 work with an ACE Server 5.0 (RSA SecureID)
Resolution 3012: Which RouteFinder model do I need to use, in order to have a capacity of 1000 TCP / UDP connections
Resolution 3013: Does this RouteFinder incorporate / utilize stateful packet inspection (SPI) in its firewalling capabilities
Resolution 3014: What is the latest firmware version supported by this device. If there is a newer version, can we have it, or can we download it from your ftp site.
Resolution 3015: I have an RF600VPN and RF660VPN with 3.10 firmware. With all the remote sites connected to the RouteFinders, I can see more than one connection displayed on the table. I access the table via Statistics&Logs --->IPSec --->IPSec live connections.
Resolution 3017: In the activation of the anti-virus license, there is two check boxes in the Proxy SMTP Proxy area. Pop3 Virus protection&SMTP Virus Protection. Are both of these items to be checked
Resolution 3018: Fixed a problem where S register 0 is being set to a value of 0 when callback security is enabled and the modem connects at 300bps.
Resolution 3019: I am not able to set up ssh access for a natted server behind our RF650. We have ssh access via our VPN tunnel, both the private and the public addresses of the server, but not from the outside. What other setting might be blocking access
Resolution 3020: I'm having trouble with CallerID infomation on my ISI5634PCI/8.
Resolution 3021: How do I configure a DMZ on an RF550VPN RouteFinder
Resolution 3022: Can we use the RF660VPN to receive and route ISDN calls inbound on the COM1 external port of the box
Resolution 3023: I have misplaced my URL Categorization License Keys for my two RF660VPNs. What can I do to get these numbers
Resolution 3024: Dialer in Windows XP
Resolution 3028: Fixed a problem adding and deleting URL categories.
Resolution 3029: Fixed http access and rejects reports. The reports were missing some of the days
Resolution 3030: Fixed a problem with the hourly virus pattern update.
Resolution 3031: Fixed a POP3 proxy virus scan hang problem when the email contains more than 255 characters on a single line.
Resolution 3032: Fixed a cannot enter @* in the bad pattern for sender / recipient within the spam filter setup page.
Resolution 3033: Fixed a hanging problem when restarting using Web Admin.
Resolution 3034: Fixed a clean out old spam mail problem when the disk reaches 80% full.
Resolution 3035: Fixed DNS proxy settings in the Web Admin UI. After adding WAN and DMZ into the Interface to listen to, you cannot remove them.
Resolution 3036: Fixed a disk full problem by checking and removing .tar files in the / directory.
Resolution 3037: I am collecting info for the installation of a pair of MVP810 units, in the manual it looks like each unit needs only one IP address serving all 8 lines, is this correct
Resolution 3038: Does the MT2834BA and the MT2834ZDXb use the same command set and act the same
Resolution 3039: We have a MultiVoIP device set up in our office. I don't want people viewing the configuration SW, and messing up the configuration over the Internet. Can I just set a password on it It doesn't seem to do anything when I enter a password for it.
Resolution 3040: Does the MT5634SMI or other socket models support: V.29 ITU-TSS standard, Point-multipoint connections, half duplex 2 wire leased lines, flow control with control signals
Resolution 3041: Can we control (via AT commands for example) how many uplink channels / timeslots the modem uses
Resolution 3042: Can I configure the tone for busy Suppose that we call between an MVP110 and Netmeeting and Netmeeting disconnects the call. In that case, which tone will we hear in the analog phone connected to MVP110
Resolution 3043: Is it possible to make call out or into the card over a standard analog dial up line, rather than with a ISDN line
Resolution 3044: I am using an RF102S and a modem, I pinged the external interface from outside to test the RF102 connection. Before enabling Virtual Server the external interface replies to a ping, but after it is enabled the external interface does not reply.
Resolution 3045: I was manually updating a RF600VPN to (3.11). I used the WinSCP to copy the files to /home/loginuser, then I SSH into the box, but when I try to move the files to /var/spool/autoupdate I get a message 'permission denied' the user was 'loginuser'.
Resolution 3046: Does the ISI5634UPCI/x card need 4 phone lines / inputs or does it use just one phone line and split it 4 ways
Resolution 3047: I'm having a problem with one of my newly updated RF600VPN's with Network Intrusion Detection. I'm not getting the logs generated. What am I overlooking for generation of the SNORT logs
Resolution 3048: In office (1) I have a connection using an RF560 and a DSL modem. In office (2) I have an RF560 with a dial-up connection which I plan to change over to DSL. Can we run a program over the VPN connection from office (2) to the office (1) computer
Resolution 3049: Are the ISI5634UPCI/x and ISI460x-UPCI boards compatible with Unix SCO Open Server Version 5
Resolution 3050: Does the RF650VPN use FreeS/WAN for IPSEC and IKE and if so what version
Resolution 3051: I have an RF660 with ver 3.11, is it possible to use DNAT to publish a Web server that is located on a subnet different that my LAN This server is on another internal LAN. I have DNAT working without problems on my local LAN.
Resolution 3052: How long is the warranty for the Multitech RouteFinder VPN family
Resolution 3053: Does the antivirus option on the RouteFinder detect viruses coming or going out via a VPN tunnel
Resolution 3054: How do I enable virtual server and map port 5631 and 5632 from the public IP to the private IP so I can use PC anywhere
Resolution 3055: It looks like the Multitech Server does not support RFC 2548. So if the password has expired, the RAS sever does not receive a message to change the password. That means, after the expired date you can't logged in.
Resolution 3056: Can the Web interface show the arp table
Resolution 3057: How do I configure my MultiVoIP on a SIP server
Resolution 3058: The URL Content Filtering expired today and the users are not able to access the Internet. How can I put the RouteFinder to work again
Resolution 3059: Does the MultiAccess support V.22 or V22bis for incoming analog calls
Resolution 3060: Using an RF660VPN and an RF560VPN we've created an IPSec tunnel between two LANs. The application through the VPN is time sensitive, can I set the priority or a minimum bandwidth for the VPN tunnel so users accessing the Internet don't clog the link
Resolution 3061: Upon upgrading to version 3.11, the cron daemon was not restarted resulting in cron jobs not being executed.
Resolution 3062: Disk Clean would not clear out all the quaranteed email when the number of emails was quite large.
Resolution 3063: Improved Call Waiting detection (425 Hz filter). This enables Call Waiting detection for countries with a Call Waiting tone between 400 - 450 Hz.
Resolution 3064: When on-line and incoming calls are ignored, the modem will not fallback to 4800 or disconnect.
Resolution 3065: The modem does not disconnect when receiving a V.34 fax and the carrier disappears.
Resolution 3066: Added Multi-Digit Dialing for MOH (AT+PMHD).
Resolution 3067: Added code to not allow uncompressed mode for the Data Compression Format. It occurs in Fax Class 2.x and responds with ERROR.
Resolution 3068: Fixed the AT&P command (Pulse Dial make / break ratio). Now the modem does not respond with double OK's.
Resolution 3069: Fixed - If a V.42bis connection was negotiated and the first data sent from the originating modem and the data pattern was 0x00 - 0xff, the originating modem would lock up. Usually the Watch Dog timer would expire.
Resolution 3070: Made a modification so +MS=V32 displays 9600, not 14400 and +MS=V32B displays 14400 not 19200 in the command (AT+MS). ATI11 now says V32B instead of V32 on a 14400 connection.
Resolution 3071: Fixed: V.23, V.21 and Bell 103 connection statistics from the command ATI11 were empty.
Resolution 3072: Added DID (requires MVP210 rev B or MVP410/810 rev B hardware).
Resolution 3073: Added Caller ID.
Resolution 3074: Added an Audible Message Waiting feature.
Resolution 3075: Added G.729/G.711 and G.711/G.729 voice coder options.
Resolution 3076: Added Off-hook Alerting feature.
Resolution 3077: Added Remote Ping function to both Web browser and GUI interfaces.
Resolution 3078: The model number and serial number is now displayed in the System Information screen.
Resolution 3079: The gatekeeper will reject all registrations until it enters survivable mode and will reject registrations from IP phones that have calls active.
Resolution 3080: Changed the Unregistration Request message sent to IP phones so the IP phones will immediately try to re-register with the top entry in it's gatekeeper list instead of rebooting and then re-registering.
Resolution 3081: The MultiVOIP no longer sends Gatekeeper Request when registering FXO/DID trunks to Avaya Communication Manager. This prevents a 'load balancing' problem on the Avaya switch that could prevent MultiVOIP trunks from getting registered.
Resolution 3082: Fixed a problem which caused the GUI to gpf if 'Retain Configuration' was selected while running Upgrade Software.
Resolution 3083: If Message Waiting is enabled or disabled on the FXS channel, multiple 'Message Waiting Off' Setup messages are sent down from the Avaya switch and cause the phone to ring on the VOIP until the ring count was exceeded or the phone was answered.
Resolution 3084: If Message Waiting is disabled on the voice channel, 'Message Waiting On' Setup messages would cause a brief ring on the voice channel.
Resolution 3085: Fixed a problem where garbled voice would occur if the 'Number of Days' option was enabled in the SMTP Parameters screen. The garbled voice would occur once the configured number of days had elapsed.
Resolution 3086: Fixed a problem where the Packets Lost Counter in Call Progress would display incorrect values.
Resolution 3087: Added support for the built-in command modem on MVP410/810 rev C hardware.
Resolution 3088: How can I reset the FaxFinder to factory defaults
Resolution 3089: Can I just use a regular analog line and not a DID line
Resolution 3090: I receive an exception error (client error) when capturing a pdf document for faxing.
Resolution 3091: Can the FaxFinder provide a battery voltage of 24VDC to the DID line
Resolution 3092: Our RF600 (ver 3.11) has been working fine, but today it stopped responding, there was no traffic going through it, there was no response to a ping from the lan or Wan side, there was no way to enter the RF600.
Resolution 3093: The AutoCall menu is messed up on the Web GUI interface Channel one gets a pull down menu, but the other channels do not. Is there a patch
Resolution 3095: We have a 600 Ohm stereo audio signal which we want to transmit duplex over IP, do you think this will work with an MVP130
Resolution 3096: I have an MVP4-8 and looked on your web site to find out what this product does and what the differences are from other MVP4XX products.
Resolution 3097: We upgraded our phone system to a Digital PBX, with Analog Terminal Adapters. The problem that we have with this PBX system is that it does not give us long enough DTMF tones so that the VOIP can recognize them.
Resolution 3098: I have configured the spam assassin and I would like to use the software to blacklist by a partial domain name such as .ru (Russia). Is there a way to easily do this
Resolution 3099: SPP Registrar&Client Setup document.
Resolution 3100: I have an MTASR3-200 and I have an issue when users call in. I use RADIUS Authentication for the dial-up users. If my user gets the password incorrect the RASFinder hits the RADIUS engine three times with the incorrect password.
Resolution 3101: We have 100 users and we need 25 of those users to have Internet access and restrict Internet access for the remaining 75 users. Do you have a solution for this
Resolution 3102: How can we manage the RF600VPN through the WAN We are able to login to the RF600 through the LAN IP, but when we tried it with the WAN IP we are unable to connect to the Web management page.
Resolution 3103: I have an MVP410 with ver 6.06 calling an MVP410 ver 6.05: calls complete OK but I cannot send DTMF. Both ends are out of band fixed duration, Is there a cure
Resolution 3104: Do you have the cable pin out information for connecting the MVP210 using E+M to a Merlin Legend or Magix 400 E&M Tie card
Resolution 3106: What is the maximum number of phone numbers we can put in the phone book
Resolution 3108: I have 2 MVP210s and I have configured one port on each unit for FXS to FXS. For the other port, I want to use the E&M interface to make a connection from one unit to the other unit by means of having the 'dialing' done when the M lead is asserted.
Resolution 3109: The Call Progress Details Screen has a Lost Packet field, how does the VOIP know when voice packets are lost
Resolution 3110: Can the modems flow control be deactivated by using an AT command
Resolution 3111: We want to install the client application on each of the workstations, but we lost the software. Where can we download the software
Resolution 3112: There is a cable: DE15-Y connector serial cable for RS232 GSM/GPRS&CDMA Serial MultiModem (Voice/Data). Can a voice call be made using this cable and the GSM/GPRS modem What do I have to put at the other end of the Y cable
Resolution 3113: Do I have to use the Mobile Phone Tools software to make the call
Resolution 3114: Fixed a problem with port 1998. This port is now closed.
Resolution 3115: Fixed a problem when trying to ping IP addresses ending with 255, (i.e. (IP=
Resolution 3116: Fixed an Async dialup PPP problem when the ISP is requesting a BACP protocol.
Resolution 3117: Fixed an Internet access problem when the ISP assigns a Wan IP (address = x.x.x.255).
Resolution 3118: Fixed an Async dialup problem. The modem does not disconnect even when there are no LAN devices connected.
Resolution 3119: Fixed a CDMA / GSM modem compatibility problem.
Resolution 3120: Fixed the DDNS username and password so it allows 63 bytes.
Resolution 3121: The Hard Drive of the unit has bad sectors. When the device is rebooted it gets to a stage where it tries to load an application and then it says Drive or device not ready and hangs there until you press a key. What can we do to solve this problem
Resolution 3122: Does the serial device parameter list file (http-host-param) need a specific delimiter character to list several of the parameters I submitted a list of strings (P0-P12), but the cgi script fails.
Resolution 3123: I'me unable to see a login prompt from the 9-Pin serial port on the front panel of the MR4800E controller.
Resolution 3124: Setup info for using XTEN eyeBeam with our MultiVoIP.
Resolution 3125: I have a MVP200 unit that is reporting its mac address as ffffffffffff. Does this unit need to be returned for repairs
Resolution 3126: Is there an AT command to disable command mode on the MT5600BA V90 I tried the command AT%DC1, but I receive an error message.
Resolution 3127: Using the Classic Phonetools Software that comes with MT5600ZDX, is it possible to create a seperate mailbox for different employees in the company for received faxes
Resolution 3129: What is the shell of the DSUB25 serial connector on the MT2834ZDXb electrically connected to Is the signal reference (Pin 7) of the serial port common to the logical ground plane of the modem Is pin 7 isolated from the wall power supply
Resolution 3130: The +CNUM command only responds with OK, how do I get the phone number to show
Resolution 3131: The MT5600SMI can support and is certified in many countries. If we are using it in different countries, must we set the country profiles, or can the modem detect it automatically
Resolution 3132: Will the MT5634ZBA modem fit in your modem cage ZDX Rack
Resolution 3133: Our MultiVOIP does not reconnect automatically if there is a network failure at either end. In that case, we have had to reboot to re-establish the connection. We are using the MVPs in E&M pass through mode to replace lease lines.
Resolution 3134: On a LAN-to-LAN VPN tunnel, does the RF560VPN support both end-points using dynamic IP addresses Does that apply to all Multitech VPN models
Resolution 3135: I need some call reports sent to an email address, does it happen at the completion of each call What is the format of the email message
Resolution 3138: The root password is unknown. Is there a way to reset it
Resolution 3139: I need to adjust the gain for voice messages that I play and record. The messages are barely audible to a caller over the phone, how can I set these levels
Resolution 3140: Where do I set the Idle Time-out parameter
Resolution 3141: What is the SIP URL format
Resolution 3142: We have concerns regarding SNMP security. Does the MVP810 send call logs unsolicited to the MultiVOIP Manager (i.e. the MVP810 issues write commands) or does the MultiVOIP Manager issue read commands to the MVP810 to get the call logs
Resolution 3143: I receive 4 to 5 anti-virus email messages each day informing me that the virus pattern has been updated, how can I reduce these messages
Resolution 3152: Fixed - When the remote LAN has a device ending with x.x.x.110, it will not be able to access this device. The RF560VPN will NOT allow any access to a remote LAN that has an IP address ending with x.x.x.110
Resolution 3153: Fixed - PPTP doesn't work in PPTP a server function. Fixed some PPTP connection problems.
Resolution 3154: Fixed - A CDMA modem compatibility problem on the Async port.
Resolution 3155: Fixed - A port redirection problem when mapping Telnet port 23.
Resolution 3156: Fixed - A port redirection problem when when mapping external port 19348 to internal 3389 (remote desktop).
Resolution 3157: Added support for DDNS Username and passwords up to 63 bits.
Resolution 3158: Fixed - A performace issue when traffic goes through the IPSec tunnel.
Resolution 3159: Fixed - A Telnet port open on the LAN IP address of the RF560VPN.
Resolution 3160: Fixed - A problem when the LAN tries to access virtual servers via public IP addresses.
Resolution 3161: This RouteFinder now allows more concurrent MSN sessions.
Resolution 3162: Added support for Avaya 4610SW and 4620SW IP phones running firmware version 2.1 or higher.
Resolution 3163: When running Avaya Communications Manager 2.1, the MVP210AV was unable to carry more than one call at a time to digital or analog phones. Problem has been fixed.
Resolution 3164: A line in the ATI11 response was added to report connection time.
Resolution 3165: If in fax class 2x and the fax errors out with 0xE0 (140), time out error, then the next incoming ring locks up the modem requiring a power cycle.
Resolution 3166: Fixed - A connect problem when the MT5634ZBA-V92 calls a MT2834BL.
Resolution 3167: Fixed - A fax abort problem. When making a V.34 connection, entering the AT+FKS command may not cause a fax abort.
Resolution 3168: Fixed - A modem disconnect problem. The modem may take up to 30 seconds to disconnect when the DTR signal is dropped.
Resolution 3169: What are the channel speeds (forward and reverse) for the CDMA wireless modems
Resolution 3170: Added - Authentication support for SMTP mail servers.
Resolution 3171: Added - Support to handle the DTMF digits received in Alphanumeric format when the H.323 protocol is used.
Resolution 3172: Fixed - Occasionlly after a Save&Reboot the Password vanishes
Resolution 3173: Fixed - A configuration problem when using a computer with a USB to Serial converter.
Resolution 3174: Fixed - A problem with E&M Pass Through not passing voice when using Netcoder.
Resolution 3175: Changed - Fax Enable to Fax Relay Enable in the Voice / Fax screen. Now if Fax Relay is enabled, the FAX will be sent in Relay Mode; if Fax Relay is disabled, then the FAX will be sent in Bypass Mode.
Resolution 3176: Fixed - A problem of calls getting disconnected due to the detection of flash hook of less than 500ms.
Resolution 3177: Fixed - A problem with the DHCP servers. In X.06 with DHCP enabled, the MultiVoIP doesn't register with the SPP registrar.
Resolution 3179: Added - Transparent Signaling in both H.323 and SIP. This essentially supports answer supervision.
Resolution 3180: Added - The MultiVoIP name or IP Address is displayed in the title of both the WEB and Windows GUI. The Gateway name gets preference over the IP Address.
Resolution 3181: Changed - The operation of the FXO ring count. On an incoming ring burst on the FXO interface the MultiVoIP goes off-hook and answers only after the ring completes.
Resolution 3182: Fixed - The MultiVoIP now operates with the Nortel Succession 2000 switch. Except for T.38 faxing from Nortel to MultiVoIP, all other operation tests have been successfully completed.
Resolution 3183: Fixed - A problem with the MVP130 during a Call Forward using the SPP protocol. Previously the MVP130 used to crash during Call Forwarding .
Resolution 3184: Fixed - From the MultiVoIP side a new DTMF Event / Digit, the DTMF Start and End was not getting clearly defined. So, if the MultiVoIP was interoperating with other devices, they were not able to exactly determine the duration of a DTMF digit.
Resolution 3185: Added - Support to handle the DTMF digits received in 'Alphanumeric' format when the H.323 protocol is used.
Resolution 3186: Added - Support for dialing more than 15 digits on the ISDN Line.
Resolution 3187: RFC3264 has been fully implemented. The Offer / Answer model RFC has been implemented to support multimedia negotiation during the SIP session. It was partially supported in the previous version.
Resolution 3188: Fixed - Some problems with parsing SIP messages. Some messages from other third party devices were not getting parsed correctly, preventing the calls from getting established.
Resolution 3189: Fixed - The MultiVoIP was not able to send the remote Caller-ID information. When the SIP Protocol is used, the Display field in the 'from' and 'to' headers are used to display the caller ID.
Resolution 3190: Fixed - A problem with the MultiVoIP not sending the final ACK after 200 OK with some proxy servers. Some third party SIP proxy servers expect an ACK from the MultiVoIP after the 200 OK, which we were not sending in the earlier releases.
Resolution 3191: Fixed - A problem where the GUI did not allow inserting numeric fields into the domain name, and responded with invalid SIP URL. Example: (using works where fails).
Resolution 3192: Fixed - The Record Route header was incorrectly processed . If the Record Route header is not processed correctly, the replies that are generated by MultiVoIP will not be correct when responding to the proxy servers listed in the route info.
Resolution 3193: Fixed - The SIP stack has been updated to support 'no SDP' in the final ACK. Some third party SIP devices choke on 'SDP' parameters in the final ACK. This has been removed, as it is not needed.
Resolution 3195: The Clear Channel Protocol has been enhanced to support different coders on each channel.
Resolution 3196: Fixed - A modem lock-up problem in Fax Class (1.0). After receiving the CSI frame, a DTR signal drop caused a modem lock-up.
Resolution 3197: Fixed - (+FHS:A0 ) errors when the HP LaserJet 3015 sends certain faxes to a V.92 MultiModem. The modem would go into a CTC / EOR state and time-out instead of continuing to receive on the primary channel.
Resolution 3198: Fixed - When receiving a fax with Microsoft Fax (MS FAX), pages would be lost.
Resolution 3199: Added - A $LLn command to control the V.34 handshake method used during modem to modem leased line connections.
Resolution 3200: Fixed - A problem sending multiple page faxes. Fax pages 2 and above may take longer to send than page 1.
Resolution 3201: Fixed - A loss of data problem when receiving class 2 or 2.x faxes.
Resolution 3202: Improved - The reliability of V.34 Faxes during power surge hits on the phone-line. Changes were done to make the modem able to survive these events.
Resolution 3203: Fixed - A modem Connect / Handshake failure. When receiving a CFR (Confirmation to Receive -a confirmation the initial speed was good) and the modem gets a CRC error, the modem times-out and the the session is dropped with a FHS:20 error response.
Resolution 3205: Added - Fax handshake terminate session response. Upon receiving a EOR (End Of Retransmission), the modem will terminate the session with a +FHS:A7 response (Call termination status).
Resolution 3207: The peak power supply current requirements for the Multi-Tech SocketModem GPRS are as follows:
Resolution 3208: Does the RF760 support the following functions
Resolution 3209: I plan to upgrade the management software version 3.0 installed on my RF660VPN, but I only want to upgrade it to 3.5. Is there an easy way to do this
Resolution 3210: I am having trouble configuring the WinMCSI software to connect to the MTS2EA at IP ( I can ping and connect via the web, but the software gives me a communications error when I try to login.
Resolution 3211: I plan to set up VPN connections through dial-up as a backup. This is meant to be between an RF660 and an RF550. Only the RF550 will be incorporated with a backup link. I don't want to increase the number of IPSec connections. How can I do this
Resolution 3213: I have RF550VPN and RF560VPN routers and I need to enable URL filtering. What I want to accomplish is an Allow list of URLs that the workstations would be permitted to go to versus a Deny list. Are these units capable of this restriction
Resolution 3214: Is there a way to remove the banner from the login screen from the MultiTech login screen
Resolution 3216: Fixed - When receiving a fax with Microsoft Fax (MS FAX), pages would be lost.
Resolution 3217: Fixed - A modem disconnect problem. The modem may take up to 30 seconds to disconnect when the DTR signal is dropped.
Resolution 3218: Does this wireless modem support a 28.8k data rate and High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD)
Resolution 3220: How does the modem get a phone number supplied and programmed into the unit
Resolution 3221: I can't receive data calls.
Resolution 3222: I need to forward UDP port 10000 for my MVP210 to talk to another firewall using SPP. I have put in a port-forwarding rule under 'virtual server settings' for port 10000, but the RF550 does not indicate if it is TCP or UDP. Does it forward both
Resolution 3223: What directory contains the files that keep the data for the 'HTTP Access Reports' (web user access reports) in
Resolution 3224: When I connect through to my system through RAS, I occasionally get an error in data transmission. I would, therefore, like to restart the modem after a call is complete. What command should I use
Resolution 3226: When I try to access a MA30120, the login page appears with unix information, and I can't login, ssh does not work as well. As soon as I enter the login and root password, it disconnects me.
Resolution 3227: I replaced the RF550VPN with a RF600VPN to handle the excessive amount of spam we receive. We use real-time black lists, our own black lists and attachment filtering to block spam. However, some valid email is blocked.
Resolution 3228: Can I connect two modems point to point using GPRS
Resolution 3229: On the pptp Live Connections log screen, I see many connections that are no longer valid, especially since the box has been rebooted. How can I clear these out
Resolution 3231: How do I abort an FTP session
Resolution 3232: I want to give 10 WYSE serial terminals a new lease on life by purchasing serial to IP converters, will the serial to IP converters allow me to connect my serial WYSE terminal to a SCO Unix box and view the terminal
Resolution 3233: At home I am only able to access the Internet via dial-up. Can the RouteFinder RF102S connect to a wireless router via the ethernet connection so that I can share my dial-up connection with 2 different PC's in my home
Resolution 3235: I have two MVP130s and I am trying to configure an off premise voice extension (MVP130 to MVP130) to my PBX. The remote site is behind a NAT / firewall so I think I'll need to use SPP. Do you have any configuration examples for this case
Resolution 3236: We have a Multi-Access Dialup server and we are looking for an easy way to track the assignment of IP addresses to users or modems when a connection is established.
Resolution 3237: I have a MVP210 and the MultiVoip User Guide (on-line) shows settings for Channel 1 and Channel 2 jumper blocks for DID and non-DID interfaces. My unit does not have the jumper blocks or jumpers. Were the jumpers left off of my unit
Resolution 3238: I'm having a few problems with the RouteFinder not updating the dynamic DNS site when the IP address changes.
Resolution 3239: Is the MT5656ZDX compatible with Fax Class 2 and 2.0
Resolution 3240: If I use the SPP protocol to communicate between two MVP410's, Will I be able to obtain bandwidth utilization down to 5.3k per call
Resolution 3241: What is the operating and storage temperature range What is the operating and storage humidity range
Resolution 3242: In the past two weeks I have noticed that Internet access slows to a crawl. We have several VPN connections on the unit that continue without a slowdown. Also, connecting to the RF660VPN via the Web interface works at regular speed.
Resolution 3243: I want to setup several VPN connections to remote offices and I must be able to tunnel IPX so I can access older Novel servers. Can IPX be tunneled through PPTP or IPSec
Resolution 3244: We use two RASFinders for sharing modem connections, occasionally when the telephone line fails, the MSCI2000 does not detect this and blocks the Comm port. To unblock the port I must reboot the computer.
Resolution 3245: Can we connect VPN between a Cisco router and an RF600VPN, Lan to Lan and Client to Lan Does the SSH Sentiel IPSec client software support Cisco's router
Resolution 3246: Does the Multitech RF600 support these features / functions
Resolution 3247: Is there a way to set filters specifically for email subject fields and header contents
Resolution 3248: I have an MVP120 and I understand the MVP120 has one FXO port. Is there any way to make the MVP120 work with FXS
Resolution 3249: I plan to put two MVP130ís onto a Magix switch and I want to know if the message waiting lamp will light on the remote site
Resolution 3250: Is there a suggested way to print out the logs or export them to Excel or Word
Resolution 3251: I receive fhng:52 or fhng:54 errors when I try to send a fax.
Resolution 3252: Modems may intermittently go off hook and stay that way until an ATH0 command is issued.
Resolution 3253: If the modem answers a call, but does not connect before the abort timer (S7) times out, the modem sends two disconnect faults to the controller instead of one.
Resolution 3254: Fixed - A leased line compatibility problem with the MT5600BA / BL. The MT5600 hangs up the dial backup connection when trying leased line restoral.
Resolution 3255: Fixed - A dial backup problem when using the MultiModem Manager software. The modem would do one leased line connection then return to idle AT mode.
Resolution 3256: This applies to our International MT2834MRI's, Bell 103 was sent to the backplane instead of V.21 for 300bps connections.
Resolution 3257: Fixed - An intermittent dialtone detect problem on the ROM based MR modems. The modems could get in a state where they wouldn't detect dialtone anymore.
Resolution 3258: Fixed - An AT command problem issued through the RS232 cable. If a busy phone number was repeatedly dialed, the phone buffer would overflow and the modem would not respond to commands.
Resolution 3259: Changed - The operation of S register 0 when set to 255. S0=255 now disables ring detection for the MR modems.
Resolution 3260: Fixed - A lockup problem in V.25bis mode.
Resolution 3261: Fixed - A modem disconnect problem. In originate mode the modem would re-dial by itself. In answer mode the modem responds with the last AT command instead of the connect message.
Resolution 3262: Voice transmit and receive
Resolution 3265: Disabled Adaptive Dialing. Adaptive dialing works like this: the first number is tone dialed; then, if there is a dial tone present for 2 seconds, the modem switches from tone to pulse dialing.
Resolution 3266: Character (key) Abort command added.
Resolution 3268: Quick Connect feature added.
Resolution 3269: Command added to reset the modem on loss of carrier.
Resolution 3270: Fixed - Error Correction Mode select commands (\Nn) will no longer overwrite the&Cn parameters.
Resolution 3271: I can't set the serial port rate to 300bps.
Resolution 3272: The MT5600ZDX / ZDXV are now able to detect a short DTR pulse down to 10ms.
Resolution 3273: Fixed - An analog loop back test halt problem and error counter problem in AT&T8 test mode.
Resolution 3274: Fixed - Analog Loop Back at 31200bps. It now reports CONNECT 31200 in AT&T2 test mode.
Resolution 3275: The escape to command mode sequence now works for the 7, even, 1 character format.
Resolution 3276: Fixed - A problem adding local users. The password was not being set properly.
Resolution 3277: Added - A call to sort the modem usage information before it is written to the modemusage file. If the user changed from RBS to PRI, the new modems were just added to the end of the file.
Resolution 3278: Added - The ability to sort the Call History table by the column headers.
Resolution 3279: Fixed - A problem with the new IP address of the update server. The IP address was hard coded. Now the user can specify the IP address.
Resolution 3280: Fixed - A problem changing the modem greeting on the Radius client page.
Resolution 3281: Added - Fax support.
Resolution 3282: Changed - Now allows 0 and 255 in an IP address on the Network Setup and Radius client page.
Resolution 3283: Changed - Called and Calling Party numbers are now being passed to the Radius server. These numbers were not being sent before.
Resolution 3284: Added - Call Duration is now in the Call History table.
Resolution 3285: Fixed - A problem changing the hostname. The hostname would revert back to the original after a reboot.
Resolution 3286: How many public IP addresses are needed when we want to use the MultiAccess device to serve as a dial-in Internet service Will all users be connected with one public IP address or does each user connect with a separate temporary public IP address
Resolution 3288: Do the SocketModem series modems support receiver sensitivity adjustments through S-register commands
Resolution 3289: What is the maximum baud rate of the serial connection to the MTSMC-C It doesn't seem to work when I use 230400 bps.
Resolution 3291: How much work will I need to do to modify my application code to switch from GSM to CDMA Was the AT command set designed to be as close as possible
Resolution 3292: How are inbound calls handled when the VoIP is in fail-over and cannot reach extension 8500
Resolution 3293: May we flash 'Avaya 130_2.04.17_17feb04.exe' into a regular MVP-130 gateway Or is the -AV model different from the regular model The reason I am asking is that we only have MVP130 models in stock and a customer wants a MVP130-AV for a testing.
Resolution 3294: Will your AV model VoIPs will work with the S8500
Resolution 3295: The 4610SW phones are not registering to the VoIP in survivable mode. They are getting an error about incorrect password / security code.
Resolution 3296: Does this terminal adapter have an ethernet port
Resolution 3298: There is a description about an AT#T command in The MT2834BL User Manual. But, an error occurred when I typed 'AT#T0'. Was this command deleted
Resolution 3299: How do I set up Microsoft's Internet Authentication Service (IAS) for use with my MultiAccess communication server
Resolution 3300: We are trying to bring up 2 T1, PRI, circuits between the MultiAccess unit and a Nortel SL-100, using National ISDN2. Our next step is to try Northern Telecom proprietary formatting and I have several questions about getting this working.
Resolution 3301: I have problems dialing in, the modem connects, then RAS responds with 'no virtual port' and drops the connection.
Resolution 3302: Is there an option for email notification if a tunnel drops
Resolution 3303: What software clients do you recommend for testing the MultiVoIPs with
Resolution 3304: I have 5 static IP addresses from my DSL provider. Can I set up NAT to forward some of these IPs to virtual servers on my private network
Resolution 3305: I am trying to setup the RouteFinder to block out a certain time frame so that nobody has access to the VPN. Is there a setting in the software that allows me to do that
Resolution 3306: I am trying to track SMTP port usage on my LAN going out of the RouteFinder. I put in a rule to log any traffic from the LAN on the SMTP port. Where do I go to view the log of this traffic
Resolution 3307: If I were to use SSH to login to an RF600 and wanted to get a backup file, where would backup files be located What are the commands to create a new backup of the unit in the command console
Resolution 3309: Before connecting the FF100 to a PBX line or POTS line, you must set its Country Code.
Resolution 3310: I want to connect your wireless modem to Verizon's network to communicate with our equipment cellular to RS232. What is the pin configuration of the cable that connects to the user equipment
Resolution 3311: We are using MVP210s and MVP130s with a SIP softphone called EyeP. The calls cannot be completed because the marker bit isn't getting set in the RTP section.
Resolution 3312: Why does the light on my modem say 56 at all times. Shouldn't the 33 or 16 light up when sending or receiving a fax
Resolution 3313: What is the difference between the SF144D/SPH0D5 and the SF144D/SPH1D5
Resolution 3314: I need to configure the MultiVoIP initially over IP. What is the MultiVoIP's default IP address
Resolution 3316: voice playback through modem speaker jack- FaxTalk Voice/Fax software
Resolution 3317: How do I get the voice portion to work so I can talk to others using the wireless modem
Resolution 3318: How do I make a GPRS (Internet) connection using Windows
Resolution 3319: How do I make an Internet connection to my dial-up ISP
Resolution 3321: Why do I get garbage when I am in Hyperterminal and I try to connect to the GPRS network by sending 'ATD*99***1#' I already set the APN correctly.
Resolution 3322: When I do 'ATD*99***1#' in Hyperterminal I get an error message.
Resolution 3323: I can't make any outoing calls and I have a solid LS light. I just receive a NO CARRIER response.
Resolution 3324: The modem will not answer.
Resolution 3325: Which USA providers can I use for wireless data services
Resolution 3326: I am trying to make a GPRS connection using a Windows dial-up session. It connects, and then it immediately disconnects.
Resolution 3327: When I try to make a GPRS connection using Windows dial-up, I get an error: 'Hardware Failure'.
Resolution 3328: What is the maximum number of characters I can use to send an SMS message
Resolution 3329: How do I make a GPRS connection using the TCP/IP stack
Resolution 3330: I have T-Mobile. When I try to establish a GPRS connection using the TCP/IPstack, the modem doesn't connect. It seems like the modem gets reset.
Resolution 3331: How do I make a connection to my ISP using the TCP/IP stack
Resolution 3332: I can't use the TCP/IP stack to connect to the GPRS network. I keep getting CME errors.
Resolution 3333: Can I ping the modem when I have a connection established with the TCP/IP stack
Resolution 3334: Can I ping out using the TCP/IP stack
Resolution 3335: Does the TCP/IP stack support UDP
Resolution 3336: I just received this modem, what do I need to do
Resolution 3337: Which providers can I use for Wireless Data Services
Resolution 3339: I have an N1 model and I activated it, but I can't do anything with it. When I try to dial out, I get a NO CARRIER response.
Resolution 3340: I have a Verizon modem, and after going through the activation process, I'm not able to dial out.
Resolution 3343: Why does the modem answer the call and then do nothing
Resolution 3346: How do I make a 1xRTT (Internet) connection
Resolution 3348: How can I send DTMF tones generated by the software to a remote location.
Resolution 3349: Putting a port out of service on the new Universal PCI hardware causes RASExpress to hangup.
Resolution 3350: Unable to flash upgrade the new Universal PCI modem hardware.
Resolution 3351: Fixed - An SNMP crash problem. A typo error in the MIB file caused a wrong parameter to be sent to the SNMP Manager.
Resolution 3352: Fixed - An SNMP Manager problem updating values for the Security page during the First Time Auto Detect.
Resolution 3353: Added support for the order of authentication. Updated all interfaces, RASCON, Telnet, WEB and CLI for the order of authentication configuration.
Resolution 3354: Fixed - PRI segment reports all the ISI lines OOS (the message file shows an ATZ going out to all modems and declares the modems did not respond in time). Also, while configuring the Card Setup through Telnet, junk characters are presented.
Resolution 3355: Fixed - RASExpress reboots with a core dump when using Ascend Radius for authentication and the user name is longer than 18 characters.
Resolution 3356: Added - A new menu option is provided to configure the Priority / Facility value for the Syslog Message. The values supported are 'Local Use 0 to Local Use 7'. The Rascon, Telnet and Web interfaces have been modified to include this new parameter.
Resolution 3357: Fixed - RAS reboots when Syslog is enabled.
Resolution 3358: Added Called Station ID (Radius attribute - 30) as part of the authorization process. Display of the Called Station ID is now included in the 'Line Status Display' for the Telnet and WEB interfaces.
Resolution 3359: Fixed: Account Session Time (Attribute - 46) was always '0' in the accounting stop packet for dial-out users. The actual session time is now sent.
Resolution 3360: Fixed: Messages sent by RAS to the Syslog Server did not contain the priority level. This caused Syslog to interpret the priority as unknown. Also modified and extended the MultiManager option to configure the Syslog Priority (local 0-7).
Resolution 3361: Fixed a Call-Back problem when using RASExpress and IAS. This problem is only encountered when the remote device needs to specify a number (Roaming Call-Back).
Resolution 3362: Fixed: RASExpress crashes during file transfers in RAW mode. Also, additional characters were transmitted occasionally.
Resolution 3363: Fixed: The Server Name was not being updated when retrieved through the SNMP Manager.
Resolution 3364: Fixed: The Telnet interface -- it did not allow the supervisor password to be changed.
Resolution 3365: Fixed: The Server did not restart after modifications to the DNS configuration; therefore, the modification came into effect only after a manual restart. Now the Server restarts if changes are made to the DNS configuration.
Resolution 3367: Additional characters were observed along with the password prompt when establishing a Telnet session with a remote host (Linux / Solaris) through RAS.
Resolution 3368: Fixed - A problem accessing the data in the Call History database.
Resolution 3370: Added - Date time format for International users.
Resolution 3371: Added - The ability to enter the domain name of a Time Server.
Resolution 3372: Added - SMTP authentication for Email servers that require authentication.
Resolution 3373: Added - The modem log as an attachment to failed faxes.
Resolution 3374: Changed - All failed faxes are now sent to the Administrator instead of individual users.
Resolution 3375: Added - The ability to send received faxes to multiple recipients.
Resolution 3376: How to update the MultiAccess MA30120.
Resolution 3377: Changed the password string display. The password field is now hidden in the Add Port, Login Server and Default Login dialog boxes.
Resolution 3378: Fixed a Registry cleanup problem for logged in servers. A menu item 'Delete IP Server Details' was added in the Port Setup screen that pops-up a dialog box which contains a list of servers to be deleted.
Resolution 3379: Fixed a logging into all the discovered servers problem. If a default login or a server login is configured, it tries to login to the server. After logging in, it updates COMMAP.
Resolution 3380: Fixed a manual addition of an IP Server problem. The product types (SEIP and AG) were not properly updated into COMMAP.
Resolution 3381: What is the reset command for this terminal adapter
Resolution 3383: Somethimes I get vertical lines on the first page and sometimes full black pages when I view received faxes.
Resolution 3384: How many users can the FaxFinder fax server support
Resolution 3385: Is your FAX Server compatible with Windows 2003 Terminal Server
Resolution 3387: I've forgotten the IP address of our FaxFinder on the LAN, how can I reset it.
Resolution 3388: I have enabled a local user with local authentication which does not seem to work. What can I change to make local authentication work How do I go about turning Radius off and enabling Local Authentication
Resolution 3389: The escape sequence was changed so if an attempt to escape is unsuccessful, the modem will no longer display the message 'CONNECT'.
Resolution 3390: With the EuroNam country setting, if the remote modem would not answer a call, the 'No answer' message would be displayed. The code was changed so the 'No Carrier' message is displayed instead.
Resolution 3391: Reduced the system startup time during power on reset to about 1.5 seconds.
Resolution 3392: Added - Compatibility with Alternating and Random Robbed-Bit-Signaling conditions.
Resolution 3393: Fixed - An error correction problem. When LAPM error correction is forced on the MT5600ZDX, it is not able to answer calls from USR modems. 30% fail to connect to USR Modems at 2400 baud V.22bis with MNP error correction.
Resolution 3394: The MT5600ZDX now correctly reports the fax class 2 line count (+FPTS).
Resolution 3395: Fixed - The +FDCC&+FDIS inquiry was not reporting the correct BR (bit rate) parameter if BR was set to 2 or 4. If BR parameter is set to 2 or 4, a query will display 3 or 5 respectively.
Resolution 3396: Fixed - A message playback problem. The modem was unable to clearly playback messages through the local handset in 8-bit PCM.
Resolution 3397: Fixed - The sleep inactivity timer (S24) now works.
Resolution 3398: How do I disable the need to type a username and password From a host on the network I just want to 'telnet<ip-address>5000' and be immediately connected to the serial port. (auto-dialout)
Resolution 3399: Can I safely operate the MTS2EA (externally powered) at 12V instead of 9V
Resolution 3400: Does the MTS2EA support communications between an ROC and an RTU device.
Resolution 3401: What is the difference in setup between the generic CDMA modems and CDMA modems preconfigured for specific wireless providers (i.e. Sprint and Verizon)
Resolution 3402: Faxes were being routed to the person who last sent a fax on that modem. If a user sends a fax, then they may receive a fax that should go to a different user.
Resolution 3403: Is there a rule I can use to prevent IDS events from filling up my log
Resolution 3404: Added - Date time format for International users.
Resolution 3405: Added - The ability to set the Country Code of the modem.
Resolution 3406: Added - The ability to enter the domain name of a Time Server.
Resolution 3407: Added SMTP Authentication. We currently support LOGIN and PLAIN formats.
Resolution 3408: Added - The modem log as an attachment to failed faxes.
Resolution 3409: Changed - All failed faxes are now sent to the Administrator instead of individual users.
Resolution 3410: Added - The ability to send received faxes to multiple recipients.
Resolution 3411: Fixed - A problem when deleting items from the phone book. Entries at the end of the phone book could be inadvertently deleted.
Resolution 3412: Deleted items in the phone book would cause all entries after it to not be displayed.
Resolution 3414: Do you have details for sending email over SMS
Resolution 3416: Changed - You can now set up to 15 digits on the callback or telephone display.
Resolution 3417: The Remote Digital Loopback (RDL) and Local Digital Loopback (LDL) tests don't work.
Resolution 3418: Fixed - The maximum transmit baud rate was not set correctly when configured using the LCD panel.
Resolution 3419: Changed - The Sync Clock Source can now be set using the LCD panel. The options are: Sync-Norm, Sync-Xtrn and Sync-Slav.
Resolution 3420: Changed - External and Slave Sync Clocking now work in leased-line mode.
Resolution 3421: Added DID (requires MVP130-AV rev A or higher hardware).
Resolution 3422: Added - Caller ID.
Resolution 3423: Added - An Audible Message Waiting feature.
Resolution 3424: Added - An Off-hook Alerting feature.
Resolution 3425: Added - A Remote Ping function to both Web browser and GUI interfaces.
Resolution 3426: Added - The model number and serial number is now displayed on the System Information screen.
Resolution 3427: Changed - The MultiVOIP no longer sends Gatekeeper Request when registering FXO/DID trunks to Avaya Communication Manager. This prevents a 'load balancing' problem on the Avaya switch that could prevent MultiVOIP trunks from getting registered.
Resolution 3428: Fixed - A problem which caused the GUI to gpf if 'Retain Configuration' was selected while running Upgrade Software.
Resolution 3429: Fixed - If Message Waiting is enabled or disabled on the FXS channel, multiple 'Message Waiting Off' Setup messages are sent from the Avaya switch and cause the phone to ring on the VOIP until the ring count was exceeded or the phone was answered.
Resolution 3430: Fixed - If Message Waiting is disabled on the voice channel, 'Message Waiting On' Setup messages would cause a brief ring on the voice channel.
Resolution 3431: Fixed a problem where garbled voice would occur if the 'Number of Days' option was enabled in the SMTP Parameters screen. The garbled voice would occur once the configured number of days had elapsed.
Resolution 3432: Fixed - A problem where the Packets Lost Counter in Call Progress would display incorrect values.
Resolution 3433: Fixed - several parameter display problems.
Resolution 3434: Fixed - The $MB command would not allow other commands in the same string.
Resolution 3435: Fixed - A callback password problem. Now the modem distinguishes between passwords like Test and Tester.
Resolution 3436: Fixed - A \N5 MNP reliable mode problem. Now the \N5 parameter gets set correctly.
Resolution 3437: Fixed - A V.25bis problem. Now Carrier Detect is forced high (&C0) like our legacy modems.
Resolution 3438: Changed - The %C0 command now disables V.44 compression as well as V.42bis compression.
Resolution 3439: Fixed - When setting a specific value using the&E commands, other&E options would be set.
Resolution 3440: Fixed - A problem when Callback Security and Remote Configuration are enabled at the same time. You would get a double echo.
Resolution 3441: Fixed - A problem where country file S-register settings would be over written.
Resolution 3442: Fixed - A V.25bis dialing problem. The V.25bis CRS dial command now works.
Resolution 3443: Added - A 300 Baud Rate configuration option to the LCD panel.
Resolution 3444: Fixed - A V.25bis dial problem. Now when using the CRN dial command, VAL is reported after dialing.
Resolution 3445: Fixed - A V25bis RLN print problem. It would not list the directory.
Resolution 3446: Fixed - With&D0,&D1,&D2, or&D3 set the modem will dial-out with or without the DTR signal (Data Terminal Ready Control.. The modem should only be allowed to dial-out without DTR with&D0 set.
Resolution 3447: Changed - S11 now controls the DTMF tone length for all countries. Previously, this was enabled for Japan and the U.S. only.
Resolution 3448: Fixed - The line current sensing was not working when the ring polarity is reversed.
Resolution 3449: Fixed - The S10 register (sets how long a carrier signal must be lost before the modem disconnects) was not working.
Resolution 3450: Fixed - The modem is now able to detect Caller ID correctly after an AT#VLS=0 command.
Resolution 3451: Fixed - A false tone detect problem. Now the modem will not detect false numbers or characters while in voice mode.
Resolution 3452: Fixed - An AT#BDR no response problem. The Voice command 'Select Baud Rate' now works.
Resolution 3454: Fixed - The MultiAccess can now keep 1000 calls in the call history table. Previously, it would only keep 2.
Resolution 3455: The user names in the Radius Users page are now trimmed (leading and trailing spaces removed).
Resolution 3456: Fixed - Software version 1.05 caused ISDN calls to no longer work.
Resolution 3457: Added - A configuration backup page added to the Administration page. This allows a backup of configuration files on the local system and also FTPing to an ftp server.
Resolution 3458: Changed - Call History now supports filtering by port, username, IP and date / time.
Resolution 3459: Fixed - The left menu bar of the Web Admin page (Administration).
Resolution 3460: Changed - The look of the Modem Usage page. This allows the user to select pooling and type of authentication for modem sharing.
Resolution 3461: Fixed - An ISIHP series reset problem. If you reset the ISIHP series ports, they would lock up.
Resolution 3462: How does the Bogen VoIP models work to extend paging over IP
Resolution 3464: How do I initialize communication from a central computer to the MultiConnect Serial-to-Serial IP Module using port 3000 at both sides
Resolution 3465: How can I configure the MultiConnect IP module to local port 3000
Resolution 3466: Where do I program the username and password requested by IS Provider negotiation
Resolution 3467: Our IS Provider may give us a fixed IP in the near future. Where do I program the destination IP address
Resolution 3468: Is RAW mode the correct mode we should use
Resolution 3469: The MultiConnect SS IPmodule does not accept Quotation mark characters that are mandatory in our 3G string. In this init-string we need to use Quotation mark characters:
Resolution 3470: Does the module MT2456SMI support the RTS/CTS flow control signals in data mode and in AT mode
Resolution 3471: Is there a way to disable the receive-data-echo functionality of the SocketModem IP (For instance, if show configuration were sent to the SMIP in IP module mode, it would send back each character as they were received.)
Resolution 3472: Can the phone number in the command 'set serial s1 modem dial-number' include all the normal dial modifiers ('W' and ',' etc.)
Resolution 3473: How can I see if my PPP link is correct
Resolution 3474: Fixed - An error message 'Too many parameters'. The SocketModemIP ftp command does not accept hostnames with the - (dash) character.
Resolution 3475: Fixed - A sendmail timestamp problem. The send-mail command does not respect the configured SNTP timezone in its outgoing timestamp.
Resolution 3476: Fixed - The dial string (phone number and dial modifiers) now accepts symbols in the SocketModem IP Command Line Interface (CLI).
Resolution 3477: Fixed - The restore default-config (Restores the factory defaults) command in the SocketModem IP Command Line Interface (CLI).
Resolution 3478: Changed - The PPP idle timeout default value. The default value was changed from 600 seconds to 0 seconds - Idle-timeout disabled.
Resolution 3479: Fixed - An Auto-dialin retry problem.
Resolution 3480: Fixed - An Auto-dialin data transmission problem.
Resolution 3481: Fixed - A PPP idle timeout problem. With the idle timeout disabled and the PPP link down, the IP module tries to re-establish the link.
Resolution 3482: Fixed - A Telnet inactivity timeout problem.
Resolution 3483: Fixed - A manual dialout escape string problem.
Resolution 3484: Fixed - A login problem in cases of auto-dialin failure.
Resolution 3485: Fixed - A file size problem in ftp data transfers.
Resolution 3486: Fixed - A login string problem when the auto-dialin trig-mode is set to char.
Resolution 3487: Fixed - A problem disconnecting from a dialin session by dropping the DTR signal.
Resolution 3488: Fixed - A login string size problem.
Resolution 3489: Fixed - A CHAP only authentication problem.
Resolution 3490: Added - Raw mode support for standard port 23.
Resolution 3491: Added - Support for PPP traces. PPP negotiations can now be viewed for instances of link establishment and link failure.
Resolution 3492: Changed - The modem Transparent mode feature. The serial s0 and serial s1 buffers are now set to 100k (for this mode of operation only).
Resolution 3493: Added - A transparent mode feature by bypassing the network processor. This feature is only supported for our wireless modems (MTSWIP-C and MTSWIP-G).
Resolution 3494: Added - Support for ftp command line options. Now ftp transfers can be done via a single command line.
Resolution 3495: Added - A feature to terminate a dialout session by toggling the DTR signal.
Resolution 3496: Added - A command to reset the internal modem.
Resolution 3497: Added - Commands for auto-dialin support of the Fugawi Tracker Server.
Resolution 3498: Added - Commands for the DDNS (Dynamic DNS) client.
Resolution 3499: Fixed - The tilde (~) character was causing a problem command in the SocketModem IP Command Line Interface (CLI) and PPP.
Resolution 3500: Fixed - Cleaned-up and standardized error messages in the SocketModem IP Command Line Interface (CLI).
Resolution 3501: I receive an error message when I try to save an extra setting using the AT&W0 command.
Resolution 3502: Does the MT2456SMI socket modem family support Xon / Xoff flow control
Resolution 3503: Can I have both RS-232 and RS-422 / 485 connections to your SocketModem IP module
Resolution 3505: How to have a device telnet to an SCO server from a dumb terminal.
Resolution 3506: I want to open the logmaster file with notepad, is this possible
Resolution 3508: Changed - The DSR signal is now forced high.
Resolution 3509: Fixed - A send mail problem. \r is added to the end of the message header so the message body text shows up properly when sending 'v : 1;id : 127;'
Resolution 3510: Added - A new feature to control the receive-data-echo functionality.
Resolution 3511: Added - A new append option for the FTP client. A '-a' option is added to the existing ftp command.
Resolution 3512: Fixed - Serial driver enhancements to avoid locking up the module.
Resolution 3513: Fixed - The command line interface can now handle more than 1024 characters.
Resolution 3514: Changed - Reflect the DSR signal of s1 to DSR on s0 when in transparent mode.
Resolution 3515: Changed - GPI038 is modified as an output pin and is always set high.
Resolution 3516: Changed - GPI031 is modified as an output pin and is always set low.
Resolution 3517: Changed - Moved GPI031 and GPI038 initialization to the beginning. It needed to be initialized before printing the boot message.
Resolution 3518: Does this Hybrid series modem support V.110
Resolution 3520: Fixed - A fax class 1.0 lock-up problem. Dropping the DTR signal during a fax class 1.0 handshake could cause the modem to lock up.
Resolution 3521: Fixed - An autoupdate problem. Mozilla left temporary files in /var/user boa autoupdate script from the current status window, this caused temp files to be left around eventually causing 500 server errors, or garbage displayed on the web pages.
Resolution 3522: Fixed - The internal reset command (1***). Now this command resets the Web Administrator UserID and Password to factory defaults (admin/admin).
Resolution 3523: Fixed - An email configuration problem. When initially configuring email settings from factory defaults, they did not take effect until the FaxFinder was rebooted. Now a reboot is not required.
Resolution 3524: Added - A Time Server URL field.
Resolution 3525: I need specific model comparison along with features I would get extra on AV models compared to Non AV models.
Resolution 3526: Does the RF550 RouteFinder support the ISAKMP keepalive feature from Cisco PIX Does the RF550 support any kind of IKE dead peer detection protocol
Resolution 3527: I'm using an MTS2EA to connect a serial device to our internal LAN. It functions correctly until I terminate the telnet session. Then the MTS2EA and the serial device begin talking to each other and my serial device is overwhelmed and shuts down.
Resolution 3528: If we want to protect the DNS that has a public IP address from external intruders coming through the Wan port, where should the DNS be connected to What should be done with the public IP address of the DNS or other servers connected
Resolution 3529: It seems we can only link two offices through a VPN connection using the RouteFinder series. How do we connect several offices
Resolution 3530: I see a compression setting on the RF660VPN and RF600VPN for the IPSec configurations. Is there a compression setting on the 5xx models Should I turn on this compression And if so, just 6xx-6xx, or also be turned on for 6xx-5xx connections
Resolution 3531: I need to detect in the Central Office when a VPN conection is down. Will the RouteFinder notify us if this happens What troubleshooting information does the Reporting function provide
Resolution 3532: Added - Support for Caller ID.
Resolution 3533: How do I program the phone number into this modem
Resolution 3534: My modem module can dial out and make a data connection and it always answers voice calls, but it won't anwser data calls.
Resolution 3535: Does this card support Caller ID Does this card support DID
Resolution 3536: Will the RouteFinder log all visited URLs to file and send the log to a specified e-mail address Can it deny access to some URLs (example: a URL which contains the word 'sex'), a simple URL filtering based on keywords
Resolution 3537: I accidentally removed RASxpress from the CC4M-8. How do I go about recovering from this
Resolution 3538: I'm trying to re-program my MTASR3-200 with a new IP. Every program I use from your website locks my PC up. What program do I use I have a serial cable with an RJ45 end plugged into its command port. How do I reset the device to factory defaults
Resolution 3539: Am I able to edit /etc/multiconf/dhcpserver and add an additional entry for the DMZ interface Can I also edit /etc/dhcp.conf to add the subnet I would like to put a wireless access point outside the firewall on the DMZ.
Resolution 3540: Is it possible to enable the Network Switch Type as AT&T5ESS in the MultiAccess
Resolution 3541: We acquired a new computer, and after connecting the Terminal Adapter to Serial com1, the configuration wizard always shows the message 'could not find ISDN TA'. What can I do
Resolution 3543: I receive 'Status: fail - of bad line conditions or incompatible fax machine, error (11)' messages from our FaxFinder. What does this mean
Resolution 3544: We plan on using an ISI5634PCI-8 card in our new red hat linux 8.0 server for faxing using hylafax. What fax Class should we use, Class 1 or 2
Resolution 3546: Is there a command or firmware to allow the 5634ZBA-V92 to run with 11 bits in command mode as well as data (on-line) mode
Resolution 3548: Improved the Call History page.
Resolution 3549: Added - Radius accounting to modem sharing.
Resolution 3551: Added - Support for ISDN Dial-Out.
Resolution 3552: Added - D Channel status information to the Line Status page.
Resolution 3553: Added - A Raw mode option to modem sharing on the Modem Usage page.
Resolution 3554: Fixed - A bug on the Modem Usage page that casued all modems to be set to RAS.
Resolution 3555: Fixed - A Modem Sharing setup issue only seen when the line interface type is changed from T1RBS to T1PRI.
Resolution 3556: Fixed - Dialout problem on Line Interfaces L2, L3 and L4.
Resolution 3557: Fixed - Character Abort was not effective for dial-out calls with PRI line types.
Resolution 3558: Added - ISDN Subaddress For Dialout in Japan.
Resolution 3559: Fixed - The server time would not get reset (adjusted) when the SNTP Client was enabled.
Resolution 3560: Fixed - A Configuration Backup Script problem.
Resolution 3561: Fixed - A bug when adding Local users. The directory /home/<newuser>was owned by root, so the user could not access it.
Resolution 3562: Added - Transmit level and receive level sensitivity adjustments to the PRI line interface page.
Resolution 3563: How do I configure the SMTP spam proxy area to send the most legitimate email outbound, but block spam from going outbound
Resolution 3564: Fixed - A send fax problem when using Hylafax software.
Resolution 3565: Fixed - The DHCP client function so it responds to some Acknowledgment packets correctly.
Resolution 3566: Fixed - Some ISP PPPoE connect problems.
Resolution 3567: Fixed - A PPPoE connection problem when using MS-CHAPV2.
Resolution 3568: Fixed - A port redirection mapping problem when mapping from port 222 to 22. It keeps disconnecting when holding down the key using putty to login to linux server.
Resolution 3570: Fixed - A virtual Server LoopBack problem.
Resolution 3571: Fixed - The value 'seconds elapsed' is set to zero in DHCP offer/ack packets.
Resolution 3572: Fixed - The default DOMAIN NAME in DHCP client offer. Default 'admin' will be offered.
Resolution 3573: Fixed - A DDNS update problem, it would not update when the WAN is using a static IP.
Resolution 3574: Added - Support for DDNS 'user name' and 'password' up to 63 characters.
Resolution 3575: Added - A DDNS auto update every 7 days, even if the WAN IP does not change.
Resolution 3577: Added - A lease time setting in the DHCP sever function.
Resolution 3578: Added - Syslog messages during PPPoE negotiations
Resolution 3579: Added - A DHCP relay function.
Resolution 3580: Added - An option to customize the default gateway field in the DHCP server setup.
Resolution 3581: Fixed - A PPTP server function with RADIUS server. The PPTP server will not release assigned IP addresses.
Resolution 3582: Fixed - Some PPTP server connection issues.
Resolution 3583: Fixed - Some DDNS update issues.
Resolution 3584: Changed - Configuration of NTP server IP addresses is now allowed.
Resolution 3585: Changed - Some of the DHCP server options are now configurable, (i..e. default gateway and lease time).
Resolution 3586: Changed - The DDNS update is now Automatically forced when the IP address does not change for 28 days. This will prevent the DDNS service provider from disabling the account.
Resolution 3587: Changed - Syslog messages are Emailed automatically when it becomes full.
Resolution 3588: Changed - An email alert is now sent when someone tries to webadmin to the device with the wrong password.
Resolution 3589: Added - An option to disable NTP requests on power up. Enable is the default.
Resolution 3590: Does the MTMMC-G-Fx support Class A, Class B or Class C
Resolution 3591: Bandwidth Calculation Table for the MultiVoIP.
Resolution 3592: Does the MultiVoIP support old type PABXs using pulse dialing
Resolution 3593: Cingular (formerly AT&T Wireless) Account Setup and Activation notice.
Resolution 3594: Sprint Modem Activation Customer Notice.
Resolution 3596: Will SIP phones connect directly to the MultiVoIP or is a SIP server required
Resolution 3598: My RF550VPN's work great for VPNs. I would like to add a Linux firewall and also have the Linux system provide the DHCP. Can the RouteFinder do that and still have the VPN work If so, how
Resolution 3599: I am working with the MTCBA-C-IP external wireless modem and I am having trouble entering command mode. I am currently in data mode, but I would like to get back to command mode. How do I enter the command mode
Resolution 3600: How to capture CallFinder / FaxFinder Call Logs using Hyperterminal.
Resolution 3601: What do the signal strength readings mean. What is a good reading and what is bad reading
Resolution 3602: The MVP210's were working fine in SPP Registrar to Client. Now we have a static public IP address for the Client location, I entered the IP address for the outbound phone book and now there is one way calling.
Resolution 3603: Fixed - When receiving a fax with Microsoft Fax (MS FAX), pages would be lost.
Resolution 3604: Changed - Now allows the URL custom filter to use a regular expression.
Resolution 3605: Added - A configurable option in the Packet Filter that will prevent the VPN tunnel from dropping packets.
Resolution 3606: Fixed - NETBIOS broadcast rules for VPN were getting deleted from IPTables. Disabling VPN now flushes the NETBIOS rules from IPTables.
Resolution 3607: Fixed - A memory resident program to detect hard drive read / write errors.
Resolution 3608: Fixed - A URL database corruption problem after a live update.
Resolution 3609: Added - A PoP3 proxy spam filtering.
Resolution 3610: Added - A RRD tool for MRTG graph generation.
Resolution 3611: Added - Kernel panic auto-reboot.
Resolution 3612: Added - Block Networks in SMTP Spam Filtering.
Resolution 3613: Added - Rescue kernel so software can be reinstalled without using CD-ROM drive.
Resolution 3614: Enhanced - Spam filtering using an Adaptive Bayesian algorithm.
Resolution 3615: Added - Support for Multiple RBL servers in the SMTP spam filter.
Resolution 3616: Update - The Linux Kernel to 2.4.26
Resolution 3617: Updated - The Linux IPTables from 1.2.6a to 1.2.11
Resolution 3618: Added - A disk / file scan and repair during bootup
Resolution 3619: Changed - Now Prevents redirection of HTTP port 80 to port 3128 in the pre-routing chain for traffic that is a part of the VPN tunnel.
Resolution 3620: Removed - IPSec Predefined CA.
Resolution 3621: Changed - Now allows editing of the DNS Server IP in the interface page when PPPOE is enabled.
Resolution 3622: Added - An option for Pop3 virus mail notification to the administrator. Mail cannot be blocked to recipient.
Resolution 3623: Added - Intrusion Detection email notification to include the HTML format.
Resolution 3624: Changed - Enabled ICMP Forward by default. This will allow ping to work from LAN to WAN.
Resolution 3625: Added - A feature to add the From: and To: addresses from the quarantined mails to the 'Sender black list' and the 'Recipient Black List' in the SMTP-SPAM Filtering.
Resolution 3626: Added - A feature to get the report of all quarantined mail.
Resolution 3627: Changed - The URL with an underscore (_) is supported in SQUID and the geturlcategory of the WEBGUI.
Resolution 3628: Added - More logging due to ICSA requirements. Now has ICSA Firewall Certification.
Resolution 3629: Does the FaxFinder support Group 4 fax compression
Resolution 3631: Is the ISI5634-UPCI compatible with the bus PCI-X
Resolution 3632: Does this RouteFinder support two default gateways
Resolution 3634: Added - Configuration for sending email notification. This allows the administrator to control the type of email notification that is sent out.
Resolution 3635: Added - Logging for Web Admin access.
Resolution 3636: Added - An option to log and drop fragmented packets.
Resolution 3637: Added - An option for number of retries in the VPN tunnel setting.
Resolution 3638: Added - More options to manage the SMTP Spam quarantined email and the Virus quarantined email.
Resolution 3639: Fixed - A PPTP connection problem.
Resolution 3640: Fixed - A URL Categorization and database corruption problem.
Resolution 3641: Generation of aid detection report for N/W Intrusions.
Resolution 3642: Fixed - An IP-aliasing problem.
Resolution 3643: Fixed - The creation of pppd.tdb file by the PPTP server.
Resolution 3644: Fixed - A problem when the access.log file becomes very large.
Resolution 3645: Fixed - When deleting the bridge end point, the route entry was not deleted. Now it is.
Resolution 3646: Fixed - An IPSec Live connection display problem; duplicate entries were displayed.
Resolution 3648: Fixed - A POP3 proxy problem when scanning a huge email for viruses and spam.
Resolution 3649: Fixed - A SPAM Log display problem for the last 30-day logs as well as rotated logs.
Resolution 3650: Fixed - An Anti-Virus early expiration notification.
Resolution 3651: Fixed - A RouteFinder IPAddress listed in the ORDB Server. To fix this problem, add *@*@ in the bad patterns in the sender/recipient.
Resolution 3652: Fixed - The IPTable rule in the SKIP_REDIRECTION chain for a road warrior scenario in IPSec should have the remote_gateway iIPas the destination address instead of
Resolution 3653: Fixed - A DNS proxy from writing too many log entries.
Resolution 3654: Fixed - A custom URL filter now allows access when words in the URL link belong to a particular category.
Resolution 3655: Is it possible to create another user with admin privileges How do I change the admin password
Resolution 3656: How do I disable the RAS Login Prompt, seen when dialing into the system
Resolution 3657: How do I add a subject line to my email message when sending an SMS with Cingular
Resolution 3658: I have noticed that the MVP200's won't communicate through the command port with a PC running Windows XP.
Resolution 3660: Can this modem wake up the PC while the PC is in sleep mode
Resolution 3661: We are using an RF600VPN as NAT. How can we block port 25 from lan users Do you have an example of a packet filter rule for this
Resolution 3662: Modems on different ports lock-up when sending faxes using (Zeta Fax 9.0).
Resolution 3663: Which ports are the first 4 modems Where is port 1 on this card
Resolution 3664: I am connecting an RF102S to a PC that serves as an SNMP agent. When the PC sends out an SNMP trap (UDP packet), the RouteFinder starts to dial and a connection to the ISP is established. The problem is that this initial trap never makes it out.
Resolution 3665: Does the FaxFinder interface with any PBX system such as a Norstar ICS
Resolution 3666: Does the FaxFinder have it's own SMTP service for sending the faxes via email when received
Resolution 3667: How many phone numbers can be stored
Resolution 3668: Can the MultiTech TIFF Viewer convert TIFF files to pdf files
Resolution 3669: Does the MultiVoIP support 'Least Cost Routing' in a point to multipoint application
Resolution 3670: Can the FAX ID field (identifier) be increased above 20 characters in the web config under modem configuration
Resolution 3671: How does the FaxFinder handle incoming faxes in PBX Routing Mode and POTS Mode
Resolution 3672: I recently rebooted my RF600VPN firewall and found its Status light flashing continuously. Should I care about this
Resolution 3673: Can I put two CallFinders on my PBX
Resolution 3674: Is the FaxFinder compatible with Avaya's IP Office
Resolution 3675: My code development was progressing until now, then the modem suddenly started returning ERROR for every AT command I enter! AT // Returns OK All other commands returns ERROR. What could I have done to cause this to happen
Resolution 3676: What AT command enables caller ID information for outbound calls
Resolution 3677: When using the fax server for in-bound faxing only, does the client software have to be loaded to every PC
Resolution 3678: After hanging up on a call with the AltiGen AltiServ phone system, the VoIP phone immediately rings.
Resolution 3679: If T.38 faxing does not work between the MultiVOIP and Avaya PBXs, try these suggestions.
Resolution 3680: Can you disconnect a call if it has been idle for so many minutes
Resolution 3681: We just received a replacement RF600 with factory settings. We are going to be replacing another RF600 that is already on-site. Is there a migration path from the old router to the new one
Resolution 3682: What kind of reporting is available to track which users login in, at what time and for how long We are using an IAS for authentication to our AD server.
Resolution 3683: We have upgraded our Firmware to v1.05. I have a PPTP connection that loses its connection. Is there a way to reset the connections after a disconnection or drop off without the admin resetting the router
Resolution 3684: I have a stand-alone Windows 2000 machine and have created a limited account in addition to the Administrator account. Faxing out works when I'm logged on as administrator, however, I get errors and cannot fax out when logged onto the limted account.
Resolution 3685: I took a standard cover page, edited it, and saved it under a new name. The cover page editor sees my new page and can LOAD and edit it. However, the Fax Finder Client Software does not show my customized page in the list under COVER PAGE STYLE.
Resolution 3686: I plan to connect to a phone line number into the MultiVoIP FXO interface and then dial again to a SIP device. Does the MultiVoIP allow for two stage dialing
Resolution 3687: Can the SocketWireless Bluetooth module organize a Bluetooth network with more than 20 nodes How many nodes can be deployed in a Bluetooth network
Resolution 3688: How to delete the HTTP access log file from the RF660VPN.
Resolution 3689: Can we use multiple IPSec client connections through the RouteFinder
Resolution 3690: Does the caller ID name field pass through the MultiVoIP Currently we are just receiving the number through the VoIP when using a PRI line.
Resolution 3692: Is there a command to disable the command mode
Resolution 3693: What is the size of the cell modem's buffer How many bytes can I safely send before looking at the CTS signal (flow control)
Resolution 3695: The Fax header (stamp info) states FAX1 rather than the user who sent it, can it dynamically change to the user who sent the fax
Resolution 3696: Does the MultiVoIP support encryption
Resolution 3697: Does the ISI4608-UPCI support Xon / Xoff flow control
Resolution 3698: Added - A Syslog timeout program to monitor and detect hard drive lockup error messages.
Resolution 3699: Fixed - A buffer overflow vulnerability found in the PPTP-1.0.1 version.
Resolution 3700: Added - An option in Factory Default reset that clears all old log files.
Resolution 3701: Added - An option for quarantined email so it can be forwarded directly to an external mail account instead of being stored locally on the internal hard drive.
Resolution 3702: Fixed - A non-transparent HTTP proxy and authentication problem.
Resolution 3703: Fixed - A PPTP access problem when the WAN link is using PPPoE.
Resolution 3704: Fixed - A URL filtering problem when searching Google / Yahoo / MSN images related to Adult / porn content.
Resolution 3705: Fixed - The backup file so the mail server does not detect it as virus email.
Resolution 3706: Changed - Removed the start-up file scan and repair so the Routefinder can boot-up faster. File scan and repair now only performs on abnormal shutdowns.
Resolution 3707: Fixed - A password administration page display problem. With a large phone book (over 30 entries) the Password Administration page might not display correctly. This page is now displays like the phone book page.
Resolution 3708: Fixed - A multiple page fax problem. When multiple page faxes are split into files to be emailed, the number of pages in each email were not a consistant length.
Resolution 3709: Fixed - An email notification problem. Failed outbound fax notifications now show the person who tried to send the fax not the administrator.
Resolution 3710: Added - Fax log options. You now have the ability to delete, change the threshold for sending and the number of faxes saved in the fax log.
Resolution 3711: Added - A send fax option. A receipt can now be sent to the sender of a successful fax.
Resolution 3712: Added - Support for the Magix/Definity PBX to support voice mail mode code routing.
Resolution 3713: Added - Information to the send fax header. Page x of x is now displayed.
Resolution 3714: Added - Information to the status page. The last email userid and subject line are now displayed.
Resolution 3715: Added - A feature to SMTP processing. The SMTP protocol will fall-back to HELO when EHLO is not accepted by the mail server.
Resolution 3716: Enabled the hardware watchdog timer which will reset the processor if it happens to stop responding to bus accesses.
Resolution 3717: I have an RF560VPN; I notice a problem when connecting the second workstation to the PPTP VPN. We have 3 workstations on a DSL link with one static IP address. How can I get this to work without having separate IP addresses for each workstation
Resolution 3718: I've noticed our Multi-Tech RF600VPN isn't catching much SPAM. I am using as the RBL server. Is there something different to use
Resolution 3719: I have an issue with the RouteFinder going out to update with a time server on the Internet. Is there a way to point this to our internal time server or turn this feature off
Resolution 3720: Can the users be automatically notified that the file they attempted to send contains a virus
Resolution 3721: The Virus Checker has quarantined an SMTP email from one of the internal users sent to one of her clients. What is the name of the virus that has been trapped here
Resolution 3722: How many IP aliases can the RF760VPN support on eth1
Resolution 3723: Is there a way to load the configuration via FTP
Resolution 3724: Does the RF560VPN automatically prioritize the VOIP traffic with QoS If not, can any of the ports on the switch be prioritized over the others
Resolution 3725: I came back from vacation and have 14,000 mails in the SPAM filter quarantine. I do not have the next week to delete these 20 at a time. What folder are these located in and what would be the process of getting in at a prompt to clear this out
Resolution 3726: Does the RF600 have a maximum size limit on email, I keep getting my outbound mail bounced when I attach a large graphic file Can I change this setting
Resolution 3728: What is the minimum and maximum ring frequency detection of this modem
Resolution 3729: I need a method to track outbound SMTP. I somehow got a virus on the inside that sent a bunch of spam out. What's the best way to check and see what's going out, or identify the machine on the inside that sent the email
Resolution 3730: I have an RF600VPN, after it is on for a while , many error messages are displayed on the screen. I tried to reload the firmware, but those error messages are still displayed on the screen.
Resolution 3731: I want to subscribe to the 'DyDNS Domain Name' service and I am not sure what to fill in, do I need a custom DYDNS service Could you help me determine what I put in these blanks
Resolution 3732: Does the MultiVoIP Ethernet port support 10mb full-duplex
Resolution 3733: Do you have any plans to include BGP support in the RF600VPN
Resolution 3734: I have a website internal on port 80, I can port forward from an external IP from port 880 to 80. However, I want to use SNAT so from internal will resove to the right machine but hit it at port 80, how do I do this
Resolution 3735: Does the MultiAccess MA30120 support HDLC dialling
Resolution 3736: Can you give me instructions to disable V.92
Resolution 3737: I can't set the Transmit Level range from 0 dB to -6dB with S Register 91, For example, when I set S91=5 or less, the modem responds 'OK', but the command ATS responds with 6. Are there restrictions on the attenuation level in these modems
Resolution 3738: Our main site has an MVP810 connected to a Definity PBX. Two remote locations each have MVP210s connected to Legends via E&M. If an outside call comes into the Definity site and is sent to one of the remote sites, will they get the Caller ID info
Resolution 3740: What are the port numbers used for SMTP and the time server NTP
Resolution 3741: I am working on a Nortel CS1000M r4.0 solution that needs to connect to a Hipath4000 via H.323, is the MVP410 the right product for this application
Resolution 3742: I want to move a ISIHP-2U to a new PCI-X slot based server, but the key in the PCI-X slot is in the wrong place. What product in your line up will be the closest match to my current card, but work in a 3.3V PCI-X slot
Resolution 3743: Does serial port S0 support hardware flow control in both directions (i.e., DTE-to-DCE and DCE-to-DTE) Can the DTE send a signal to the modem so that when the DTE is not ready to receive, it can pause the data from the modem
Resolution 3744: Can you advise regarding the setup of NetMeeting through a RF560VPN. Do I use port range mapping or port re-direction
Resolution 3745: Where are the http proxy error files located Where are the files that have blocked sites and refused connections
Resolution 3746: I reserved an address for a printer based on the MAC address. The RF600 will give that reserved address to the printer, but if I turn the printer off for a while, the RF600 will hand out that reserved address to a new PC on the network.
Resolution 3747: We are using your socket modems in several new applications, do they support 2 wire leased line mode
Resolution 3748: I would like to rename services, ports, etc. How can I do it
Resolution 3749: How can I verify my current configuration (cpu / diskpace / memory) and what are my upgrade options. Do I have to get these components form you Is it possible to add a second disk drive Will a USB attached drive work
Resolution 3750: We want to use this equipment to provide communications between a DSLAM and PSTN, does it support the V5.2 interface
Resolution 3751: Are the FXS / FXO ports 'loop start', 'ground start' or both
Resolution 3752: What is the maximum speed of V.110 in the MultiAccess
Resolution 3753: We are running a CommPlete 4000 RAS server running RASExpress Server Version 5.63. What is the best way to backup the configuration, so that in the event of hardware failure we can restore the configuration
Resolution 3754: Does the MultiVoIP support transport and decoding of DTMF tones using RFC2833. If so, what is the RTP payload type used by the tone packet
Resolution 3755: I connected an RF560VPN to a CDMA modem serial port at 115200 with user name and password. Now we are trying to connect to RAS server at other end, our RF560 dials, but drops the connection after 3 seconds.
Resolution 3756: The pop spam filter seems new(or just different) in v3.24, is the spam filter configurable to completely block rather than tag
Resolution 3757: Added - Answer supervision on connect and disconnect for FXS / FXO calls. Answer supervision is based on current reversal and detection of a user defined tone.
Resolution 3759: Added - Maximum Raw HDLC Buffer Size function.
Resolution 3760: Fixed - If using overlap sending and S45=2 (TA generates dialtone), then the TA was not stopping the dialtone after receiving the first digit.
Resolution 3761: Fixed - Now ATI11 reports the correct serial rate for CLEAR synchronous calls.
Resolution 3762: Added - Answer supervision based on Mlead detection in case of E&M interfaces.
Resolution 3763: Added - Server Failure Support.
Resolution 3764: Added - Support for DNS-SRV records. Extend the SIP-URL to use the SRV records for resolving the Protocol, PORT and DNS A-records. This feature is supported for SIP Protocol only.
Resolution 3765: Changed - Extended the SIP protocol to advertise all variations of G.729. Now will be able to interoperate with all SIP end devices that support G.729.
Resolution 3766: Implement RADIUS client to support post paid Billing. Supported for all the three protocols.
Resolution 3767: Implement STUN client module to allow the Gateway to operate below NAT and firewalls. This feature is supported for SIP Protocol only.
Resolution 3768: Added - Support for (802.1p).
Resolution 3769: Added - Now supports different numbering plans in both PRI and BRI models. Configuration options for Type of Number and Numbering Plan for both calling party and called party.
Resolution 3770: How can I set the parameters (AT commands and DIP Switches) of both my MODEMS (Originate and Answer) so that they will communicate over leased lines at V.32bis (14.4kbps)
Resolution 3771: After installing the MCSI 2000 client, the ports that I created during the install are not available when installing the modems. This is on Windows XP workstations with Service Pack 2.
Resolution 3772: Does the MVP130 support the E&M interface
Resolution 3773: When a fax call comes in to an extension with a fax machine, it does not work.
Resolution 3774: Added - Call information: IP Call Type, IP call direction, Server details, Mode - is now able to display whether it is a voice / Fax / Modem call.
Resolution 3775: Changed - Now the user can enable or disable Modem Relay functionality. When this option is disabled, the VOIP will go into the Modem ByPass mode.
Resolution 3776: Added - Caller ID support on T1/E1 lines with CAS protocols.
Resolution 3777: Added - Console message support in the WEB GUI. This is mainly used for remote trouble shooting.
Resolution 3778: Example: How to fill out DNAT / packet filter rules.
Resolution 3779: What is the command to set DSR high
Resolution 3780: Is there a particular configuration for MTXCSEM in order to use the TCP protocol without using TELNET
Resolution 3781: I have been looking at the MultiVoIP's bandwidth use when no calls were active. My IP sniffer software indicates that the VoIP used 269meg and when I check it 3 minutes later it shows320meg.
Resolution 3782: When a FaxFinder sends a fax to a remote fax machine that answers on the 12th ring, it fails. The log shows no connection. Does the FaxFinder support that many rings or can we increase the number of rings before it tries to resend
Resolution 3783: How are calls routed over the PSTN when the maximum number of calls is going over the VoIP
Resolution 3784: How does the Alternate SIP Proxy feature work when the primary SIP service goes down
Resolution 3785: I have trouble changing the IP address. When I save the changes the Administration menu indicates the change will occur in a few seconds, yet I can't get to the new address. However, I can still get to it via the default IP address (
Resolution 3786: I have a customer that needs to connect two PBXs via a wireless point to point link. Will the Multitech solution work Also, how much bandwidth is required
Resolution 3788: I have a client with a wireless ISP who wants the WAN port set to 'full duplex', what is the port currently set at and is there a way to change it to full duplex
Resolution 3789: Many phone company ISPs use PPPoA for authentication, will the RouteFinder support PPPoA type connections from phone company ISPs
Resolution 3790: When I shutdown the RF600VPN from the Web Management-Version 3.24, the unit never actually shutsdown. It beeps continually, any ideas
Resolution 3791: I have installed the new 5.08 firmware version and the Always on SIP proxy configuration has two new values, Proxy polling interval and TTL value. Can you tell me what is this option
Resolution 3792: How many IP phone connections does the MVP130 support How many simultaneous VoIP connections can it handle How many virtual extensions does the device support to allow registering on several SIP servers
Resolution 3793: Our email server ( ) is connected to the DMZ port of an RF660 and SMTP proxy is enabled in the firewall. We are being blacklisted by CBL ( again and again, how can we solve this problem.
Resolution 3794: Is it capable of sending recorded voice data to a headset device and receiving data from an off-the-shelf barcode scanner
Resolution 3795: Is it possible to change the MAC address in the MTXCSEM module
Resolution 3796: Are we able to restrict web access to particular time periods during the day and to have this option set for particular groups of users only
Resolution 3797: Is there a way to place a server with a public IP address behind an RF660VPN and have traffic flow through specified ports
Resolution 3798: I have installed the RFIPSC SSH IPSec Client Vs 1.3. I Set up a VPN Connection from home to connect to my network at work. When I run the Diagnostics the exchanging IKE proposals Failed. The PreShared Key is set the same. Why has this failed
Resolution 3799: Can a mail server name be used instead of an IP address in the SMTP logs section
Resolution 3800: How to setup the MVPx10 with a Nortel BCM PBX with built in voice over IP gateway.
Resolution 3801: Can we link the FaxFinder to a standard ISDN line (without multi number DID) to send a fax
Resolution 3802: I am getting an illegal operation when installing the client software under Windows 98.
Resolution 3803: We are having some difficulty opening up the serial port when connecting to the adaptor over Telnet.
Resolution 3804: I want to use the Multi-Tech TIF viewer, rather than the Microsoft default to view the faxes.
Resolution 3805: I want to configure one of the 8 channels as 4 wire circuit. The circuit must be up all the time without activating the M or E wire. Is it similar to leased 4W line without E&M
Resolution 3806: How can I use the MA100 to dial out and connect to a remote client
Resolution 3807: The email message that has the TIF file attached has a lot of technical info (i.e. init time, resolution, baud rate, compression, error correction), is it possible to eliminate all the technical detail from the email
Resolution 3808: I'm setting up a RF600VPN to accept PPTP connections and use a radius server, but after setting the authentication type to radius for the PPTP option, no options are displayed to enter the IP, FQDN or the password for the radius server.
Resolution 3809: Does the Kapersky AV on the RF660VPN install anything on the MS Desktops sitting behind the RF660VPN like the SonicWall AV does
Resolution 3810: When I setup RADIUS authentication, it has a box for Accounting, but there is no way to put a server IP in just for accounting. Our Authentication Server and Accounting Server are 2 different IP's. Is there a workaround to this
Resolution 3811: Iím getting two email messages on a Ddns account. The first one says everything is good and then the next one is an error, but the DDNS is working on and on the router, Why
Resolution 3812: What are the major commands for sending, reading and deleting SMS messages
Resolution 3813: Does the Anti-virus feature check web pages
Resolution 3814: Does this modem have an inactivity timer
Resolution 3815: Is there any way I can run a PPTP access report for a particular PPTP user
Resolution 3816: How do I create a DMZ zone with 2 servers using public IPs on each server
Resolution 3817: Under Advanced setting there is a URL Filter Setting. I entered some URLs and it worked great this afternoon. Later I tried to enter 3 more URLs, but it only accepted one, does this URL filter area only hold approx 33 URL entries
Resolution 3818: The client software can't synchronize with a Microsoft Outlook public folder.
Resolution 3819: This document is intended to help in the programming of the AVAYA (Lucent) MAGIX / Legend phone system to work with the Multitech FF100 / FF200 FaxFinder Server product.
Resolution 3821: How many DID numbers can the CallFinder handle
Resolution 3822: If I create a contact list in the business fax field of Microsoft Outlook and input the fax numbers including the +852 country code (Hong Kong). How does the FaxFinder handle this issue
Resolution 3823: Can the FaxFinder support Internet faxing, for example, if I install the client software on my notebook and then bring the notebook home and connect to the Internet, can it still connect to the FaxFinder back in our main office and send a fax
Resolution 3824: If I configure the FaxFinder for POTS mode, can more than one person receive an incoming fax Also can the fax log send to more than one recipient
Resolution 3825: If the FaxFinder does not receive all the pages of a fax due to a drop or some other reason, the fax log can see how many pages were received, and the fax will fail. However, no email is sent to the user, is this normal
Resolution 3826: Can the FaxFinder give a user priority for outgoing faxes
Resolution 3827: What is the maximum file size that the FaxFinder can handle for an outgoing fax
Resolution 3828: Weíve installed the FaxFinder FF110, but when setting up one of our associates we received an error message we didnít get when setting up other associates. The message says to install this driver you need administrator privileges.
Resolution 3829: We can change the 'date' field, but is does not keep it
Resolution 3830: What's the maximum consumption current for the MTCBA-C-IP
Resolution 3831: Since I enabled the email notification for invalid web&ssh logins, I have been receiving more than 2000 emails like the following from warning me from the invalid login attempts.
Resolution 3832: I have been told that if I use URL filtering I must set the client proxy setting to use port 3128. How do I get all traffic to use this port
Resolution 3833: I'm trying to make a VPN connection with an RF660 and a Cisco router, every thing is fine with IKE mode of VPN configuration. The problem I'm facing is configuring the RF660 with any Remote LAN. Does the RF660 supports (Remote LAN any)
Resolution 3835: Is there a way to send the mail logs on the RF600VPN to an email server on the local network
Resolution 3836: When I use the version 6.04 configuration program I get the following error when trying to read the configuration: 'default config file not updated use the file dated 30Jan2003'. Then the configuration program closes and will not go any further.
Resolution 3837: How can I use an MT5600SMI to transmit the 1300 Hz Calling Tone every time an outgiong call is initiated with the ATD command Something like the ^M command but it should be stored as a permanent modem setting not only a per-session command.
Resolution 3839: Is there any plan for the MTS2EA to support XOn - XOff (Ctrl-S - Ctrl-Q) flow-control for the serial port
Resolution 3840: Is it OK to point to the RF560VPN as the DNS server for a WinXP box
Resolution 3841: I am having trouble finding the DHCP client table. I need to know which clients have actually been assigned DHCP IP addresses. I would also like to use the 'current' client table to select Fixed addresses.
Resolution 3842: Fixed - With a large phone book (over 30 entries) the Password Administration page is not correct. Two entries were missing on all pages after the first page.
Resolution 3843: Changed - The size of the email address has been changed from 35 to 60 characters.
Resolution 3844: Fixed - Static routes are lost when the box is rebooted.
Resolution 3845: Fixed - Periodic Backup, where 2 files (HOSTNAME and faxusers) were not included in the configuration backup process.
Resolution 3846: Added - Ability to display the Called Number (the number dialed by the originator) of an inbound call, into the Telnet Socket.
Resolution 3849: Fixed - All passwords are now shown as *'s (hidden) when entered and viewed on the various Web pages.
Resolution 3850: Fixed - Unable to remove the Remote Syslog Host address on the Administration page.
Resolution 3851: Fixed - The Web page is unable to display kernel log files older than today.
Resolution 3852: Fixed - Unable to change wink values from the Line Interfaces page.
Resolution 3853: Added - Reverse Mode capability for dial out operation.
Resolution 3854: Added - Commas (auto dial pause) now allowed in the dial string.
Resolution 3855: Added - PPP timeout options, 'MaxConnect' and 'Idle', to the portslave configuration files.
Resolution 3856: Fixed - Error messages created by cron.daily that were present in the mail messages.
Resolution 3857: Added - Result information to the System Update page, regarding Available Update queries.
Resolution 3858: Fixed - System resource problem. The Snort log files are now tarred up and we limit the number of files we keep.
Resolution 3859: Added - Routing Faxes Based on Called Number is now included in the Fax Setup page.
Resolution 3860: LCD, Remote configuration passwords
Resolution 3861: Fixed - A PPPoE slow upload problem.
Resolution 3862: Added - a webadmin option that allows the administrator to set the WAN ethernet speed mode to 10MB or 100MB.
Resolution 3864: Fixed - A 4.02B to 4.08.DI firmware upgrade problem. When user phonebook entries were added along with a save and reboot, the MultiVoIP would not boot up.
Resolution 3865: I am trying to connect to the Cingular GPRS Network. What commands should I use to make a GPRS connection using the modem's IP stack
Resolution 3866: Can the PS4800 and PS4800A be used interchangably in the CC4800 chassis
Resolution 3867: Where are the log files stored for what is displayed in the Call History menu
Resolution 3868: I have several customers with RF550s and RF560s. What is the correct port to open in Virtual Server to allow outside access to Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
Resolution 3869: Is it possible to use Dynamic DNS on the MTCBA-G-F1-EU
Resolution 3870: Does the Bluetooth module support 7 data bit operation as well as the standard 8,n,1
Resolution 3871: I have my initialization string on the modem property (at+cgdcont=1,'ip','weroam') and it works fine. I want the string to be saved on the modem, but I receive an ERROR message.
Resolution 3872: Is there a way in the RouteFinder to test total bandwidth coming in and out through the firewall
Resolution 3873: What is the difference between the F1 and the F2 models
Resolution 3875: Does this modem support High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data (HSCSD)
Resolution 3876: Does this modem support EDGE
Resolution 3877: What are the different carrier's APNs
Resolution 3878: What is the maximum supported serial rate
Resolution 3879: Whenever I send any of the # commands, I receive an ERROR.
Resolution 3880: How do I set the IP stack to listen for incoming connections
Resolution 3881: How do I know if I have the stack
Resolution 3882: How do I make a GPRS connection using the stack
Resolution 3883: How do I originate a TCP socket connection to a server on the Internet
Resolution 3884: What is the source port of the TCP socket connections
Resolution 3885: How do I originate a UDP socket connection
Resolution 3886: How do I listen for incoming UDP socket connections
Resolution 3887: Required unsolicited responses for the IP stack versions 2.00 and 2.10:
Resolution 3888: What is the maximum TCP and UDP buffer sizes for IP stack version 2.10
Resolution 3889: Can I make this stack automatically connect
Resolution 3890: What is the difference between the EDGE model and the normal GPRS model
Resolution 3891: What is the maximum serial rate that this modem supports
Resolution 3892: When I set the modemís serial rate for auto-baud, sometimes it doesnít respond to AT commands.
Resolution 3893: Why is it that when I set the APN to the modem using the +CGDCONT command, then do an ATZ or recycle power on the modem, it is lost
Resolution 3894: Why is it that my throughput rates are not matching up to expected EDGE rates
Resolution 3895: What functions does this IP stack support
Resolution 3896: What is the difference between a connection profile and a service profile
Resolution 3897: What is the maximum service profiles that can run simultaneously
Resolution 3899: Are the IP settings stored to memory
Resolution 3900: I just received this modem, what do I need to do
Resolution 3901: Who are the carriers
Resolution 3903: How do I get the voice portion to work so that I can talk to others
Resolution 3904: When I try to make a data call using 'ATD<number>', I get a NO CARRIER response.
Resolution 3905: When I try to make an Internet connection in Hyperterminal with 'ATD#777', I get garbage.
Resolution 3906: When I enter 'ATD#777' in Hyperterminal I see a CONNECT message, but nothing happens.
Resolution 3907: Does the CDMA modem have an IP stack
Resolution 3908: Why can't I talk to the modem in Hyperterminal
Resolution 3909: Does the CDMA modem have a phonebook
Resolution 3910: What is the maximum supported serial rate
Resolution 3911: I am using the -N14 (Alltel) model and my download rates seems to be working great, but my upload rates are only around 10-15 kbps. Why is this
Resolution 3912: Why is CTS staying low when I set flow control to Xon/Xoff or None
Resolution 3913: What is the difference with the Multi-Tech IP stack and the Wavecom/Qualcomm IP stack
Resolution 3914: Can I run multiple sessions at once
Resolution 3915: Can I do Circuit Switched Data (CSD) and Packet Switched Data (PSD) connections using the Wavecom/Qualcomm IP stack
Resolution 3917: What is the difference between modem mode and IP mode
Resolution 3918: How do I register and activate this modem How do I change into modem mode and back to IP mode
Resolution 3919: How do I establish a manual connection to the 1x network using the IP stack
Resolution 3920: How do I establish a TCP socket connection to a server on the Internet
Resolution 3921: Why does the PWR light keep flashing
Resolution 3922: What are the ethernet models used for
Resolution 3923: What are the default IP settings on this model
Resolution 3924: How do I configure the modem/router How do I talk directly to the wireless modem How do I disable PPP
Resolution 3925: How do I establish a PPP connection with this device
Resolution 3926: It seems that I am establishing a PPP connection just fine. The PPP trace says that I am up, but I canít browse out to anywhere using my web browser.
Resolution 3927: I canít seem to get this modem / router to connect. I have tried everything. What is wrong
Resolution 3928: SMS Messaging FAQ.
Resolution 3930: Does this socket modem support Super G3 fax
Resolution 3931: Does the GSM / GPRS wireless modem do any type of call logging
Resolution 3932: When telnetting to port 5000, a disconnection from the telnet session does not allow me to telnet again without hard resetting the entire modem.
Resolution 3933: Is it possible to get rid of the Login prompt of port 5000
Resolution 3934: Fixed - A Dynamic Load Balancing problem where FXO / DID trunks would fail to register with Definity.
Resolution 3935: Fixed - A problem where SuperG3 fax machines attached to the MultiVoIP.
Resolution 3936: Fixed - A problem where calls from FXO to Definity would fail if Definity was running ACM 3.0 software. This problem only affects FXO / DID trunks, FXS stations work fine.
Resolution 3937: Fixed - A fax problem where a MultiVoIP channel could get stuck with XMT, RCV and RSG lights on. A reset was required to clear the condition.
Resolution 3938: Fixed - A problem where the MultiVoIP could repeatedly enter and exit survivable mode if the Definity is using multiple CLANs and the primary CLAN is unavailable.
Resolution 3939: Does this internal modem support 2 wire leased line operation
Resolution 3940: Do these GSM modems come with a Windows TAPI driver Are they auto-detected by Windows XP upon installation
Resolution 3941: How do you tell the modem that an out-bound call should be in data mode, instead of voice Does it just autodetect if it hears a modem start the negotiation sequence on the other end
Resolution 3942: Does the MA100 support reporting DNIS and\or ANI information to the Radius authentication server
Resolution 3943: How can I add more users for VPN the connection
Resolution 3944: Do you have some kind of Windows software which is capable of mapping the modem to a COM port on the client
Resolution 3945: What is the command to fix the serial rate Can I add in a string with other commands, such as S0
Resolution 3946: How to change MTU settings:
Resolution 3947: Does this modem support Leased Line operation
Resolution 3948: May I restrict the type of files that can be downloaded from the Internet using HTTP (i.e. exe, pif)
Resolution 3949: Is there a way to see how much traffic flows down the VPN(s)
Resolution 3950: Is the FXS interface the correct interface to use when connecting a MultiVoIP to a POTS line
Resolution 3951: What does a 'T' in the call logs indicate
Resolution 3952: Does this Terminal Adapter support the X.75 protocol
Resolution 3954: What is the maximum transmitted power available (in W) for the Bluetooth module
Resolution 3955: What happens to the fax if I try sending an outbound fax when both modems on the FaxFinder are busy
Resolution 3956: What is the maximum concurrent calls that can be routed through the CF220
Resolution 3957: We had our RF600 lock up twice this week. After power cycling the unit, one of the RF560s will not reestablish it's IPSec until it's rebooted by webadmin command or power cycling the RF560 unit.
Resolution 3958: +CSQ signal quality / Received Signal Level chart.
Resolution 3959: Added S-register S114 to improve hardware flow control performance and to help avoid possible UART receiver overruns.
Resolution 3960: Added S-register S37: By making this S-register available, many different settings can be changed that may improve the audio quality and / or ringing power of the POTS port.
Resolution 3961: Added UART statistics to the ATL8 command.
Resolution 3962: Modified S-register S39: S39 allows the peak-to-peak voltage of the ring-signal to be chosen.
Resolution 3963: Added S-register S152: S152 allows the maximum buffer size for PPP/ML-PPP (!Z=9) or SoftBonding (!Z=8) to be customized.
Resolution 3964: Modified test command *RSn: Test RS-232 Handshake Signals.
Resolution 3965: Fixed - A problem where getting a fatal error while servicing the UART would cause the TA to not accept AT commands after the reset.
Resolution 3966: To improve throughput of bursty data at 230400 baud the TA now checks for received data at the UART every 10 ms instead of every 20 ms. Baud rates of 115200 baud and slower still check every 20 ms.
Resolution 3967: Fixed - A bug in the flow control code where&E3 would not necessarily disable CTS/RTS flow control.
Resolution 3968: Added an option to allow CLEAR sync mode to NOT use flow control (CTS/RTS) since in some circumstances RTS might cause erratic data or no data flow or possibly no synchronization.&E3 or&E5 will now disable CTS/RTS flow control for CLEAR sync mode.
Resolution 3969: Fixed - A problem where it was too easy to break out of fixed baud rate mode (%S1, %S2, or %S3) back to autobaud mode (%S0).
Resolution 3970: Added - Support for a software watchdog timer.
Resolution 3971: I have an old phone and my Terminal Adapter doesn't seem to be able to ring it.
Resolution 3972: Fixed - It seems that the Terminal Adapter misses some changes in the RTS signal and as a result it won't continue sending data even though RTS was asserted.
Resolution 3973: Fixed - My telephone or modem sounded like it had its volume turned to maximum. It had been working fine until that happened and then all voice / modem calls after that point had the same problem. I reset the modem and it went away.
Resolution 3974: If I'm on a call and I get a new call notification via +CCWA, how do I switch to it
Resolution 3975: We have a RAS Model CC4S-8 with a ISI5634UPCI/8-EURO card. When we attach the card the system cannot recognize the card, but when we install another PCI 8 Modem (older model card), the system finds the card.
Resolution 3976: We have spam and antivirus setup on our RouteFinder, is there a way to prevent someone from sending an email like when he does not exist in our exchange users list
Resolution 3977: Is the FaxFinder client software required to send faxes through the FaxFinder
Resolution 3978: For the MultiTech CDMA model, are you aware if we can update the PRL through OTA
Resolution 3979: We have recently installed a FaxFinder and are searching for a way to send automated, unattended faxes. We have the ability to do in-house programming with Visual Basic .Net, C#, and VB Script.
Resolution 3980: Fixed - No IP addresses returned to the pool when DHCP client power off or move on.
Resolution 3981: Fixed - The DHCP log lease time shows '-' negative lease times.
Resolution 3982: Fixed - Async port dialup when using with ISDN. It must send out 'repy reject' when it gets a BACP request from the ISP.
Resolution 3983: Fixed - A PPPoE can't reconnect problem.
Resolution 3984: Fixed - Async port dialup PPP which can't connect correctly due to MRU value.
Resolution 3985: Can dialed digits be buffered in FXS mode and sent to the CO port on a PBX
Resolution 3986: I'm having a problem detecting a stuttered dialtone. I only get the regular dialtone report, 'd', because the stutterd dialtone is only active for a second, and then reverts to regular dialtone.
Resolution 3987: I use two MTS2BTSMI modules to connect a serial device to a PC with the default setup (9600bps,1 stop bit 8 data bits, no parity, hardware flow control), but the two modules can't transmit data to each other. I only use two signals, RXD and TXD.
Resolution 3988: Whart are the names of the files that are altered in the RasFinder software when a config is downloaded
Resolution 3989: Aside from a Pentium 3 800Mhz, can we upgade to a higher speed 370-based processor Up to what speed
Resolution 3990: The RF560 routers allow you to specify a WINS Server in the DHCP section. I need to do that for a customer with an RF600 but I can't find where to enter it. Does the RF600 support assigning the WINS server during DHCP the way the RF560 does
Resolution 3991: I have trouble with the RF600VPN using new firmware 3.25 resolving DNS. I need the RF600VPN to be the DNS for the local network and feel I configured it correctly but it won't resolve DNS, why it isn't working
Resolution 3992: The inbound faxes are many pages, and the unit is breaking them up into about 10-20 pages. Can this be changed
Resolution 3993: Is the RouteFinder Web interface straight HTML or are there other server side technologies used
Resolution 3994: What should I expect for a responce from the AT+CSQ command
Resolution 3995: Can we hook up DSL to this device
Resolution 3996: To mute the speaker in voice mode.
Resolution 3997: We need the DTR setting at 0 (DTR signal is ignored) to make the modem work for our application, but this setting is lost during a restart.
Resolution 3998: How do I answer a voice call when in voice mode
Resolution 3999: I'm trying to have remote users authenticate to this device which works but I have problems when trying to have the RasFinder authenticate to a 2003 IAS server. Does the RasFinder work with a 2003 IAS server using Radius
Resolution 4000: How can I update the PRL on a MultiTech CDMA Socket modem Is there a special command to issue
Resolution 4001: Does the antivirus for pop3 and SMTP work in both directions, incoming and outgoing
Resolution 4002: Do you have a complete list of disconnect reasons that show in the call progress page or in the call logs for any and all types of successful and failed calls
Resolution 4003: I don't know the proper way to set up the Packet Filtering using firmware 3.25. I don't understand the new feature in Packet Filter, the System Defined Rules, should it be checked or unchecked
Resolution 4004: Can I have multiple email addresses for a user in the faxfinder phonebook
Resolution 4005: Does the Socket Modem Model MT5600SMI and Socket Ethernet IP MTXCSEM modules both operate above 115Kbaud, such as double that at 230Kbaud
Resolution 4006: I changed the password using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols but now it is not accepting the password. The password is uSf5o1Nr{};SkM3+%wd8.
Resolution 4007: Technical specifications about the audio interface.
Resolution 4008: What DH group does IPSec use
Resolution 4009: What is the maximum amount of Ram allowed in an RF760VPN
Resolution 4010: We are trying to make a VPN connection with a client, but we cannot find out how to make sure the Mode is Aggressive instead of main.
Resolution 4011: Can we have all outbound faxes go to one person for approval (a person that can peruse all outbound faxes to ensure there's nothing in them that's against policy) before they are sent out
Resolution 4012: Does the FaxFinder receive color faxes
Resolution 4013: I'm trying to weed out some of my network intruders and I don't understand what some of your warning messages are, (i.e.'MS-SQL Worm propagation attempt ' or 'SCAN Squid Proxy attempt').
Resolution 4014: The HTTPS Web Admin password for the MA30120 is lost. Is there a procedure to reset it
Resolution 4015: Is there any feature available to record VoIP audio
Resolution 4016: I am unable to install the auto answer command string AT%R1&W0 on a new MT5600ZDXe, however I can install the command string on a MT5634ZBA. FYI, The command string is used in conjunction with Cisco equipment.
Resolution 4017: How many users does the RF760VPN support
Resolution 4019: I'm able to call to an AltiGen phone system ok, however, after connected I'm unable to send DTMF digits to access functions such as voicemail. When listening on the AltiGen side it sounds like the DTMF tone are being clipped.
Resolution 4020: We are trying to get the DID service line ordered for the FF110 and are getting several questions from our Qwest reps.
Resolution 4021: Commands that we used to get a connection with the MTCBA-C-IP established with Verizon.
Resolution 4022: We have a PRI T1 line connected to our MultiAccess so users can dial into it for remote access and I am wondering if it can also terminate to a 64k BRI circuit
Resolution 4024: How many SMS messages can this modem hold (what is the buffer size) What happens when it gets full, does it overwrite the first message in the stack
Resolution 4025: Can I import phone numbers from Excel into the client's phone book
Resolution 4027: Do you have a list of country codes for this global modem
Resolution 4031: The AT^SM20 and AT^SSYNC commands cannot be issued on the same command line.
Resolution 4032: Will the RF660VPN support both content filtering and antivirus at the same time without major problems My client uses only POP3 E-mail services on the Internet. I assume that the antivirus will filter this type of traffic
Resolution 4033: When I setup an e-mail alert in advance settings the space for my e-mail address does not seem to be long enough. Is there a way to change the length of this
Resolution 4034: I have multiple clients (using Windows XP PPTP config) trying to access the same VPN concentrator. All of the clients are behind a firewall that is NAT'ing the outbound Internet connection. Is this possible
Resolution 4035: I have several RF550s and RF560s that I connect to with my RF560. I'm trying to replace my RF560 with a RF600, but it seems that the RF5x0s permit an IPSec Identifier String containing spaces while the RF600 does not.
Resolution 4036: I have found no way to import a signature into a designed cover page from the send fax program. The only way to make this work is to design a different cover page for all of my people with their signature on the page.
Resolution 4037: We receive this error when we try to install this modem in our XP machine; The Software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo Testing ...This Software will not be installed contact your system Administrator.
Resolution 4039: Workaround to allow Domain Users access to Send Fax on Windows XP.
Resolution 4040: Is this modem able to detect DTMF tones in order to use DID with Zetafax
Resolution 4043: We are currently experiencing call disconnect after 6 minutes, when calling through a Sonicwell firewall vpn connection.
Resolution 4044: Do your ISI cards support Super G3 faxing
Resolution 4045: Is the RF560VPN WAN port full duplex or half duplex and is it 10MB or 100MB
Resolution 4046: Is it possible to change the '+++' escape sequence to another character
Resolution 4047: Is there a way to save the configuration from one FaxFinder to a replacement unit before sending it out.
Resolution 4048: What is the input impedance of the of MICV (at Pin 62), and is it AC or DC coupled within the module What are the maximum speech peak-to-peak audio input levels that the module can accept before distorting
Resolution 4051: Application Notes for MultiTech CallFinder CF220 with Avaya IP Office.
Resolution 4052: What is adaptive filtering
Resolution 4053: Does this RouteFinder support XAUTH with the possibility to push a configuration to the Client
Resolution 4054: How to disable the login prompts.
Resolution 4055: Do you have some documentation on setting up the new Multitech IPSEC client Software on a windows PC and the setup side on an RF560 and RF600.
Resolution 4057: Is it possible to cause the PCI version to behave as the UPCI does, by asserting CTS in command mode
Resolution 4058: I saw that the new RF600 we received has a CF card instead of a Hard Drive. Is it possible to use CF card in the old RF600/RF660 and if so whats the minimum size
Resolution 4059: Is there a way to shut down the Telnet access to this RouteFinder I can't find an option in the RouteFinder manager software.
Resolution 4061: I am using a transparent (filtering enabled) proxy on this RouteFinder for a grade-school network. My problem is that some websites are blocked that I have set as an allowed category.
Resolution 4063: The RF660VPN sends E-Mail to the address defined in the 'E-Mail Address of Spam Account' field. The subject in these E-Mails have the following format: 'SPAM (Score - x.y)', where x.y are numeric. What is the meaning of x.y
Resolution 4064: Can we have the PPP running at the same time as when a voice call is initiated. We need to have more information regarding the usage of handsets.
Resolution 4065: I tried to telnet to port 5000 of the unit with username&password admin admin, but the telnet session closed without allowing me to enter the commands.
Resolution 4066: What is the maximum number of outgoing faxes the FaxFinder will queue.
Resolution 4067: What is the procedure for configuring a MultiVoIP to register to a SIP proxy
Resolution 4068: I have multiple people that login to the same computer, is there a login method based on the user that is logged into the computer
Resolution 4069: How can I restrict an incoming PPTP connection to only have access to a single machine within our network
Resolution 4071: Do you have a Windows XP 64-bit (x86 compatible, not Itanium) compatible driver for this modem
Resolution 4072: Added - Support for Windows terminal server machines.
Resolution 4073: Added - Logging management features to the Options dialog.
Resolution 4074: Added removal of print driver temporary files and removal of tiff files associated with deleted fax log entries.
Resolution 4075: Added - Support for selecting global contacts for Outlook synchronization.
Resolution 4076: Added - The ability to change parameters when re-sending a fax from the fax log.
Resolution 4077: Fixed - An issue where domain users were unable to run the client and send faxes.
Resolution 4079: Fixed - The inability to synchronize with Outlook 97 applications.
Resolution 4080: Fixed - A tabbing problem in the send fax page.
Resolution 4081: Is it possible for the FaxFinder to send incoming faxes to a shared folder on a server, rather than sending them to an email address
Resolution 4082: The second entry in the FaxFinder phone book does not allow entry of user ID or extension number.
Resolution 4083: Does the MultiAccess support TACACS authentication
Resolution 4084: Added - PPP Call Back Security feature (local user database) to the MultiAccess Analog Communication Server product line.
Resolution 4085: Is there a way to get the FaxFinder to stop sending success and failure notices The log is all I need.
Resolution 4086: Added - Monitor of CD.
Resolution 4087: Fixed - Busy detect for PRI.
Resolution 4088: Fixed - False disconnects with PRI.
Resolution 4089: Fixed - Aborted Calls not fully aborting.
Resolution 4090: Does the MA30120 record the Caller ID information in the server kernel log file
Resolution 4091: I have set the E&M for pass thru but am unable to achieve any thru-put. How do I configure the E&M for open 4-wire to pass plain audio
Resolution 4092: What type of RS232 connector does the wireless modem have
Resolution 4093: How many TCP sockets can be connected at one time to this modem
Resolution 4094: Fixed - Non-stop ring message with PRI.
Resolution 4095: Added - TTY port identification to Modem Sharing log messages and disabled un-necessary messages.
Resolution 4096: Fixed - Dial out wait for remote off hook timer.
Resolution 4098: What is the Bluetooth default PIN
Resolution 4099: Is it possible to enable SNMP monitoring on these routers
Resolution 4100: Can I create multiple IP aliases on this device
Resolution 4101: Is there any documentation on managing the RouteFinder via the command line
Resolution 4102: Is there anywhere in the RouteFinder where we can see the status of the VPN
Resolution 4103: How To: SMS Messaging with Multi-Tech CDMA modems
Resolution 4104: Do you have notes on the programming required to integrate the FF200 with a Definity PBX
Resolution 4105: Does the MultiAccess support SNMP Management
Resolution 4106: Does the MTSMC-E require input voltage of 5VDC or 3.3 VDC
Resolution 4109: The modem seems to always give an error when the AT#FTPTYPE=I command is issued.
Resolution 4110: I had my cell modem working, but now it returns a #CME ERROR: 35868.
Resolution 4111: What does the #TCPTXDELAY: 100 command mean
Resolution 4112: The modem uses a 5VDC 'wall wart' plug in power supply. What is the proper polarity of the plug going into the modem
Resolution 4113: Is there any way to get into a higher class of service - currently it appears we are only able to get 14.4kbps upload (a single GPRS time slot). Can the MTSMC-G-F be configured to use multiple GPRS time slots
Resolution 4115: We have a problem with all other services (voice, SMS) being totally blocked when busy with a GPRS TCP session. Does this modem have the ability to make calls/SMS at the same time as a GPRS call is being made
Resolution 4116: It takes about 20 seconds from the time the modem is switched on until the time it's ready to transmit data. Is there any way to shorten this time
Resolution 4117: Is there a command to set the GPRS modem to automatically register in GPRS in CGLASS = 'B'
Resolution 4118: I need to figure out how much heat is produced by all the equipment in our phone room. What is the VoIP's BTU production per hour
Resolution 4119: Does this card have Voice capability
Resolution 4120: Can I add text to the preview screen before the fax is sent out from the client
Resolution 4121: I have a question about the IP stack in your modems. Does the FTP protocol use secure authentication
Resolution 4122: Does the MVP130-FXS support the FXO interface
Resolution 4123: Does Multi-Tech provide an API (Application Programming Interface) for the FaxFinder that allows other applications to drive the client software to connect to the FaxFinder and send faxes
Resolution 4124: Is there a FaxFinder client for use on the MAC
Resolution 4125: Are there drivers available for the MT5634ZBA modem models for Windows Server 2003 x64
Resolution 4126: Does your VPN product allow for a mobile user I have a user that travels and needs to connect to a corporate office with IPsec. They will not have static public IP. What would you suggest
Resolution 4127: How can I find out if my modem is RoHS compliant
Resolution 4128: This document describes how to integrate a fax server into your ShoreTel IP phone system.
Resolution 4129: How do I reboot via command line
Resolution 4130: What is the specific command that will help me identify what type of signal I am receiving (EDGE or GPRS)
Resolution 4131: Can multiple clients be logged in using the same username / password
Resolution 4132: When I turn on our MultiVoIP, the power, boot, TX and RS indicators stay on and the device doesnít initialize.
Resolution 4133: Is the MT5600BA-V92 capable of operating over 4 Wire Leased Lines
Resolution 4134: What is the power draw for the MultiVoIP gateway
Resolution 4135: Why does this modem respond with an error message when I give it a %DCn command (AT COMMAND CONTROL)
Resolution 4136: How can I force the Network interface on the RF600VPN to 10MHz half duplex
Resolution 4137: Is it possible to set the Ethernet Port to a specific bitrate, or is it always 'Auto Negotiate'
Resolution 4138: Are there commands we can send the modem to get the status of the GPRS connection
Resolution 4140: Does this modem support 4 wire leased line operation
Resolution 4141: I am trying to set the modem to answer after the 4th ring but there is a reset that puts it back to one ring.
Resolution 4142: I do not know the IP address of my MA100, is there a way to determine it or factory default the unit
Resolution 4144: Are your CDMA 800/1900 modems capable of making full use of 3G / EVDO speeds
Resolution 4145: The Japanese country code for this modem is '00'. However, we can not proceed with the LCD panel operation because the country profile code shows only B5 ,99 ,01 ,02 ,03 and 04.
Resolution 4146: How do I set a pair of these modems for 2 Wire Leased Line operation
Resolution 4148: Does the Commplete4000 support usable MicroSoft CBCP (Call Back Configuration Protocol) in WindowsNT, Win2000, XP
Resolution 4149: Can this wireless modem wakeup any faster or handle the initial packets any faster to prevent time outs on my software which was written for a wireline connection
Resolution 4150: We want to mass fax to groups of users. Can we create groups in Outlook and have them show up in the Fax Finder address book
Resolution 4151: Can Fax Finder import an ACT! database
Resolution 4152: How do we send AT commands to this modem with the Ethernet interface
Resolution 4153: Does this MultiVoIP support IPV6
Resolution 4155: Fixed - An UnRegister timeout issue that would sometimes cause a voice channel to stop responding.
Resolution 4156: Added - Contact header for OPTIONS request to comply with RFC 3261. The lack of contact header in Options request would cause errors on some servers.
Resolution 4157: Fixed - A typo error in content Type value 'text/plain' in Content-Type header and corrected an error in SDP data in OPTIONS. The typo and error in SDP data would cause some servers to reject the OPTIONS request.
Resolution 4158: Fixed - A memory leak problem that would sometimes cause the MultiVOIP-SS to stop responding to pings, corrupt Web GUI menus, and stop making calls.
Resolution 4159: Fixed - A Command Port problem where the Command Port would stop responding to the GUI software.
Resolution 4160: Fixed - A bug that caused a burst of dial tone before remote ring back when single stage dialing to an FXO channel.
Resolution 4161: Fixed - Call forward / Transfer problems while in Survivability Mode and the primary proxy server down. If the End Points were 'registered to SS', a call transfer would fail after dialing the transfer number, returning you back to the original call.
Resolution 4162: Fixed - A call transfer problem with the Cisco 7960 Series IP phone. The Cisco IP Phone would ignore the call transfer sequence from the MultiVOIP-SS FXS Channel.
Resolution 4163: Added - A Message Waiting Indication feature.
Resolution 4164: FXO supervision Answer Delay is now disabled by default.
Resolution 4165: How To: Setting up a Multi-Tech Wireless Modem to Connect to your Provider's GPRS/EDGE and/or 1xRTT Service with Windows XP
Resolution 4166: How To: Configuring the TCP client on a GSM/GPRS modem to connect to the TCP listener on another GSM/GPRS modem with 641c firmware and 2.10 IP version.
Resolution 4167: How To: Configuring the TCP client on a GSM/GPRS modem to connect to the TCP listener on another GSM/GPRS modem with 651c firmware and 3.02 IP version.
Resolution 4168: How To: Configuring the UDP client on a GSM/GPRS modem to connect to the UDP listener on another GSM/GPRS modem.
Resolution 4169: How To: Installing a MTCBA-x serial modem onto Windows XP.
Resolution 4170: How To: Configure Manual Dial-in (Telnet) to a server on the Internet using the MTCBA-C-IP modem.
Resolution 4171: How To: Configuring the FTP client on a GSM/GPRS modem to connect to an FTP server to upload and get files.
Resolution 4172: How To: Send and Receive SMS Messages with CDMA Modems.
Resolution 4173: How To: Sending and Receiving SMS Messages - EDGE Models.
Resolution 4174: How To: Send and Receive SMS messages with GSM/GPRS modems - 641c firmware revision.
Resolution 4175: How To: Configuring the SMTP and POP3 clients on a GSM/GPRS modem to send and retrieve email.
Resolution 4176: Does this RouterFinder support QoS service
Resolution 4177: I have an FF110 connected to an IP Office, but all inbound faxes are being sent to the administrator email account, instead of to the individual users email address.
Resolution 4178: What are the name server and secondary name server under Administration: IP Configuration
Resolution 4179: Can the MVPxxxx -SS accept dynamic IP registration
Resolution 4180: When we plugged the FF110 into our DID circuit the DID light on the FaxFinder just keeps flashing. What does this mean
Resolution 4181: Is there any plan to convert the Linux driver to SCO or freeBSD 5.2
Resolution 4182: Can I grant or deny user access by their computer MAC
Resolution 4183: What format do received faxes get emailed as
Resolution 4184: What is the failover on a VPN tunnel used for
Resolution 4185: How many entries can be put into a custom allow list
Resolution 4186: What are the processor specifications of the RF820, 830, 850 and 860 RouteFinders
Resolution 4188: Can I use the Telnet applications (ftp, smtp etc) at same time as the unit works as a router
Resolution 4189: Can the RF560 be used as an internal router, routing private addresses both directions
Resolution 4190: How can I choose my Service provider Is there an AT command for this It seems to me that the modem chooses the carrier with the best signal strength.
Resolution 4191: I can't surf the Web from the PC that is connected with the Multiconnect.
Resolution 4192: I have two users who have Windows Mobile devices that are trying to connect to our RF660 VPN connections. Their devices are able to connect to the Internet and download POP3 email just fine, but they cannot connect to the VPN.
Resolution 4193: I need to conect a LAN '' to a '' through the router using phone lines without Internet. Can this device connect via phone lines to another RF102 and establish a conection with router administration
Resolution 4194: A cable diagram for connecting the serial port of the MTS2EA to a modem.
Resolution 4195: I would like to setup an off premise extension to my Avaya Partner Phone System using a MVP210 and a MVP130. I would like the remote analog telephone to behave exactly as if it were attached to the local Avaya Partner Phone System.
Resolution 4197: Is it possible to setup incoming faxes to automatically print
Resolution 4198: I want each inbound fax to go to 2 people - the intended recipient and a second person who will serve as a monitor. Is this possible
Resolution 4199: Does this modem support MMS messaging
Resolution 4200: How does outbound faxing work, do we print the fax to a file
Resolution 4201: I have 5 users, what happens if more than one try to send a fax at the same time - does the FaxFinder store the info and take care of it in FIFO order, or will the users get a busy, if the FaxFinder is in use
Resolution 4202: USB modems and Mac support.
Resolution 4203: Does this MultiVoIP support ISDN PRI Two B-Channel Transfer (TBCT)
Resolution 4204: I am interested in using the Caller ID functionality of your MT5634ZBA modems. Can the modem be programmed with a list of phone numbers whereby if an incoming call is not from one of these numbers the modem either will not answer or not connect
Resolution 4205: What is the Receive sensitivity of this modem
Resolution 4206: Fixed - A problem where some Class 2 faxes were reporting 'FHNG:25'.
Resolution 4207: Load Balancing How To Document.
Resolution 4208: Is there any way of changing the password and user name of the RF600 at the command level
Resolution 4209: Are these units SIP compatible
Resolution 4210: Is there a way to set the modem to automatically re-establish the PPP link should it get dropped
Resolution 4211: Non-NAT Example 1- Setup a RouteFinder and a VPN Client.
Resolution 4212: Non-NAT Example 2 - A Setup Using Two RouteFinders.
Resolution 4213: NAT Example 1 - Setup a RouteFinder with a Tunnel to a Client Behind a NAT Device
Resolution 4214: NAT Example 2 - Setup Two RouteFinders Behind a NAT Device.
Resolution 4217: FaxFinder Configuration Guide: Panasonic TDA Phone Systems Inter-Operation.
Resolution 4218: Does this modem support UDP Can it switch automatically from a UDP to TCP connection
Resolution 4219: Does the MVP110 support SIP
Resolution 4220: Is it possible to register with more than one SIP server
Resolution 4221: Does this RouteFinder support SNMP
Resolution 4222: Does this RouteFinder support URL filters / parental control URL FIlters
Resolution 4223: Does this RouteFinder support MAC address, IP and ACL filtering
Resolution 4224: Can we send commands directly to this modem if we don't have an IP application
Resolution 4225: Will the RF820 and RF830 ISA have the ability to form static VPN tunnels from one remote store to another remote store thru the Main Store Router VPN tunnel
Resolution 4226: What are the major differences between an RF560 and RF820
Resolution 4227: How is the load balanced between WANS
Resolution 4228: Fixed IP spoofing and DNS issues when the RF830 is using dual WAN load balancing.
Resolution 4229: Fixed DNAT so the source address will show the actual IP address from the Internet instead of always showing the DNAT is coming from the LAN IP address of the RouteFinder.
Resolution 4230: Fixed DDNS update when the WAN link is using PPPoE .
Resolution 4231: Fixed Ipsec manual mode when using FQDN for the remote WAN address.
Resolution 4232: Fixed - DHCP client on the WAN for some ISP's. Increased the MaxMsgSize to MTU value from the default of 548 bytes.
Resolution 4233: Fixed Re-direction back to main Login Page after Save&Restart.
Resolution 4234: Fixed - PPTP when a remote client is trying to login with a Domain name.
Resolution 4235: Fixed - PPTP access problems when using Apple MAC OS X. PPTP needs to set 'mppe stateless'.
Resolution 4236: Fixed - IP Addresses with preceding 0ís when adding packet filter rules.
Resolution 4237: Fixed - Email notifications in SMTP server authentication when trying to setup email address =
Resolution 4238: Changed - Now sends an Email notification when one of the WAN link fails.
Resolution 4239: Added seperate DNS settings for each of the WAN links.
Resolution 4240: Added - VPN Failover when using DDNS and FQDN for the VPN tunnel.
Resolution 4241: Changed - DDNS update has been moved to every two minutes when it fails the update.
Resolution 4242: Added - Display of DNS IPís for PPP Dial Backup and PPPoE link.
Resolution 4243: Can I use a command to identify the modem
Resolution 4244: Is there a way to adjust the silence compression comfort noise volume
Resolution 4245: How do I reset the Bluetooth module
Resolution 4246: We want to assign more than one STATIC IP address to the WAN port, Is this possible
Resolution 4247: Does the MultiConnect Adapter support synchronous data
Resolution 4248: Changed - Now shows DNS addresses for PPPoE connections.
Resolution 4249: Added - A new option to configure MTU values for PPPoE connections.
Resolution 4250: Added - Support for VPN failover when dual WAN load balancing is enabled.
Resolution 4251: Added - Support for DDNS failover when dual WAN load balancing is enabled.
Resolution 4252: Added - PPTP support for Windows CE, Apple Mac and Palm OS PPTP clients.
Resolution 4253: Fixed - A dual Wan Load Balancing and DNS issue.
Resolution 4254: Fixed - A VPN UID issue.
Resolution 4255: Fixed - IPsec VPN Manual mode.
Resolution 4256: Fixed - Ipsec VPN using FQDN.
Resolution 4257: Fixed - A POP3 proxy problem when there are too many To addresses.
Resolution 4258: Fixed - Email Notifications modified for HA Failover.
Resolution 4259: Fixed - SMTP proxy files clean up problem.
Resolution 4260: Fixed - Email notification continously sending out email when auto update fails or it is not available.
Resolution 4261: Fixed - Cron job so it monitors and cleans up /tmp, /var/spool/qmailscan and /var/spool/pop3vscan/children folders.
Resolution 4262: Fixed - fetchipac process reaching 100% CPU usage.
Resolution 4263: I set up an IPSEC VPN between 2 LANs with RF820 routers. The routers report that the tunnel is established correctly, and I am able to ping IP addresses on the remote LAN. However, I am unable to get services like HTTP or RDP to work over the VPN.
Resolution 4264: What does 'ISICOM: isicom_interrupt: acquired card spinlock' info signify on a Redhat WS 3 Linux system It scrolls continuously through our dmesg...
Resolution 4265: We have a Windows 2003 DC on our LAN that needs to sync against a Time Server on the Internet through UDP port 123. I have looked at SNAT and DNAT, but I have no idea which of them to use and how to configure it
Resolution 4267: How do I delete the FaxFinder address book all at once
Resolution 4268: Can incoming faxes be forwarded to an email address outside the company's SMTP server
Resolution 4269: Which Route Finder models support IPsec Passthrough
Resolution 4270: Can the FaxFinder be configured to send a confirmation if a fax was sent successfully
Resolution 4271: Does this RouteFinder support multiple WAN IP addresses.
Resolution 4272: The modem MT5634ZBA-USB-V92 is connected to an IBM server X306 and the modem is not detected on power up. The modems will be detected if it is unplug and plug back in to the usb port of the system.
Resolution 4273: I want to connect a USA PABX with T1 CAS and an Italy PABX with an E1 CAS, do you have a MultiVOIP solution for this application
Resolution 4274: Does the FF100 support connections to a DID line
Resolution 4275: This Document presents the requirements and procedure for setting up High Availability using RouteFinder with software version 3.30 or above.
Resolution 4276: Does this modem card support the Quick Connect feature
Resolution 4277: I am trying to set the UART to 57Kbps. I send the command ATSW20,236,1 but it does not answer back with OK or ERROR.
Resolution 4278: Automatic dial backup FAQ
Resolution 4279: After putting in entries on Network Setup page for Public IP Gateway, I get a different number displayed on the Networks&Services Page.
Resolution 4280: Does this MultiVoIP support 'Path MTU Discovery'
Resolution 4281: I have a customer that is having issues with their DSL connection and wants to switch to Cable. Does the RouteFinder support it and do you recommend it
Resolution 4282: Fixed - A problem where calls with the phone number set as 'ANY NUMBER' or Inbound Phonebook channel set to 'hunting' werent being added to the SNMP call log file.
Resolution 4283: Fixed - A problem where DTMF digits weren't being passed due to a payload mismatch error. This would happen when the channel was set to 'Out of Band' and the payload value from 96 to 121.
Resolution 4284: Fixed - A Register Retry on Request timeout problem. This may cause a channel to lock up when only a primary SIP proxy is configured and is unavailable.
Resolution 4285: Fixed - A problem where the Web console would not open when the MultiVoIP was behind NAT.
Resolution 4286: Fixed - A problem that was causing an FXS channel to not output the 'Add Prefix' digits entered in the Inbound Phonebook.
Resolution 4287: Fixed - A problem that was causing an FXS channel to not output the 'Add Prefix' digits entered in a calling channel's Outbound Phonebook entry.
Resolution 4288: Fixed - A problem when a user calling an FXO channel with 'Add Prefix' digits to dial another extension would hear a burst of dial tone when the MultiVoIP seized the FXO channel and dialed the 'Add Prefix' digits.
Resolution 4289: Fixed - A problem that would cause a user to not receive dial tone when a notify SIP packet is received by the MultiVoIP.
Resolution 4290: Fixed - A problem where audio would only be sent one way if Caller ID was enabled and Fax Relay was disabled. Also Caller ID was not displayed if the Codec was anything other than (G.723).
Resolution 4291: Fixed - A problem that was causing Fax calls to fail from a MultiVoIP to Sonus.
Resolution 4292: Fixed - A problem that would cause proxy authentication to fail for outgoing SIP calls if the proxy adddress is entered with a domain name.
Resolution 4293: Can I import a word document to use for a cover page
Resolution 4294: Does the MultiVoIP support DTMF TIA 464B
Resolution 4295: What are the defaults in terms of the IPSec phase 1, phase 2 proposal details and diffie-hellman groups
Resolution 4296: I'm using MTN Wireless provider and I can't get a connection to the Internet.
Resolution 4297: Where do I set up the redundancy level for the T.38 protocol
Resolution 4298: Does this RouteFinder support static NAT
Resolution 4299: Televantage is able to call our MVP130, but our MVP130 is not able to call Televantage.
Resolution 4300: I had one computer that we installed the client tool 1.05.08 on and it wasnít working correctly. So I uninstalled it. I then tried to install it again and the installation locked up.
Resolution 4301: We are trying to implement a feature whereby our terminal obtains time synchronization through Internet-based time servers, such as Can we configure the modem to retrieve time on demand, and supply it to the terminal when requested
Resolution 4302: Can I send the same fax to two fax machines
Resolution 4303: Can I have the FaxFinder use Gmail or another mail service to send email
Resolution 4304: I sent the modem the command AT$QCVAD=4, but it returns the value 0 after the modem has been disconnected from the power source. How can it save this value
Resolution 4305: What are the commands needed to turn OFF Hardware flow control in the modem
Resolution 4306: How do I set (activate/deactivate) the factory SIM facility locks
Resolution 4307: What kind of connector does the MTBCA-C-EN use, TNC or SMA
Resolution 4308: Is the RF650 capable of using a modem as a backup Internet connection
Resolution 4309: Can I make a Wireless nework using the MTCBA-G-EN
Resolution 4310: Under the Virtual Server Settings / Port Range Mapping, how many open ports does this router allow
Resolution 4311: Can I grant or deny user access by their computer MAC
Resolution 4312: How can we set the modem to only allow GSM services
Resolution 4313: Does this modem have support for WAP Push messages
Resolution 4314: Can multiple commands be concatenated together on the same line
Resolution 4316: How can I configure this unit using the ethernet connection When I run the WPST it shows me to select a COM port, but the device does not have any serial port.
Resolution 4318: What is the maximum power output of this modem
Resolution 4319: In order to make my dialog with the modem bulletproof, I would like to query for the 'attached' state after I do a AT+CGATT=1 and before I do an AT#CONNECTIONSTART. If I do a #CONNECTIONSTART too soon, I get a #CME ERROR.
Resolution 4320: We use RADIUS as our authentication protocol for this device. When a userís domain account has the user change the password at next logon they receive a 'connection is terminating error 734' when the user tries to connect via RAS.
Resolution 4321: Document explains about the Configuration of the Message filtering for normal and regular expressions.
Resolution 4322: How many fax pages can the FaxFinder receive before it sends multiple emails to a user
Resolution 4323: We have a standard MVP410, but need an MVP410AV. Can we flash the standard MultiVoip to be an AV model
Resolution 4324: Can the FF200 do two way faxes on each port
Resolution 4325: How can I make the master modem connect to seven slave modems
Resolution 4326: These modems need more than ten seconds to connect, how can I reduce this time
Resolution 4327: How do I set up passthrough for a certain port number Our automation system runs on port 2025 (a constant connection) and I want it to have direct 'pass through' the firewall so it will never be dropped.
Resolution 4328: Is it possible to connect to this VPN using a Windows XP software VPN connection
Resolution 4329: We use a MultiVoIP in combination with our Phone system for sending faxes with a max sending baud-rate of 14400 and it works well. If we send to a fax with a receive baud rate of 33600 it doesn't work, do You have a solution for our problem
Resolution 4330: I would like to change the port for the remote management to 9999. How can I change to that port
Resolution 4331: I have a contact folder with individual contacts, and the FF client pulls them down with no problem. However, in the contact's folder is a sub folder with individual contacts and the sub folders contacts are not pulled down thru the sync process.
Resolution 4332: Is there a way to use different mail servers for different users on incoming faxes
Resolution 4333: What is the 'Pass Through' option for
Resolution 4334: I'm getting a 'SNTP receive blocked' error under time server status, why
Resolution 4335: We we want to connect the FaxFinder to 8 POTS lines and based on the number dialed we want the fax sent to a specific email addresses, is this possible
Resolution 4336: We have a PBX machine with an E1 port at loacation 'A' and a PBX machine with NO E1 port at location 'B'. Can we connect the 30-Port VOIP at location 'A' to some equipment at Location 'B' that has no E1 port
Resolution 4337: Can the FaxFinder use an external mail server if they don't have a local one
Resolution 4338: How many users can I place into the phone book for inbound faxes
Resolution 4339: What is the format or is there an external application for viewing HTTP reports (URL Filtering) on the RF850 The files are zipped up with filenames like
Resolution 4340: Will the RF850 work with AES-128 implementing more than 10 VPNs with RF560 routers
Resolution 4341: Can you explain the 'voice gain' parameters in the VoIP configuration.
Resolution 4342: Fixed - A problem where the Caller ID name was displayed intermittantly.
Resolution 4343: Fixed - A problem where an endpoint registered to the MultiVOIP-SS would get a busy signal when calling an endpoint registered directly to the MultiVOIP-SS Primary SIP Proxy Server.
Resolution 4344: Fixed - A problem where the FXO channel wouldn't answer calls from the PSTN if the FXO channel was set to autocall on an E&M channel.
Resolution 4345: Fixed - An intermittant one way audio problem after a call hold or call transfer.
Resolution 4346: Fixed - An intermittant call hold music problem.
Resolution 4347: Added - Support for V.17 14400 long training (T.38 faxing). Earlier versions only had support for the V.17 14400 short training which lead to some compatability issues. This version supports both long and short training.
Resolution 4348: Fixed - An issue that caused a delay before receiving ring back when SDP details received the '180 ringing' message.
Resolution 4349: Improved compatibility with Sylantro Servers regarding supplimentary services.
Resolution 4350: If I want to allow a remote user access to my LAN, do I need a public IP address
Resolution 4351: Does the internal modem in the MTASR3-200 support configuration via AT Command
Resolution 4352: Is there a method to get the signal strength
Resolution 4353: I want to setup two groups in the RouteFinder, one group allowed to certain sites and another group allowed a different set of sites.
Resolution 4354: Command set ppp<interface>idle-timeout<0-900>. What is the function of this command
Resolution 4355: If I choose DHCP, does a gateway get specified by the server when the IP and subnet are assigned
Resolution 4357: How can I change the default email sending address
Resolution 4358: Can we have the preview fax button call up our tiff viewer instead of the Multi-Tech tiff viewer
Resolution 4359: Does the FF110 support ground start DID
Resolution 4360: I have a standard VPN connection from a mobile user to the Multitech Routefinder RF560VPN that times out after 1 hour of inactivity, is there anyway to change this number
Resolution 4361: Do you have ftp / tftp for loading config and backup configurations
Resolution 4362: I have tried configuring the FaxFinder 3 times. Each time I power it off and back on, the configuration is at full default and all phone entries are gone.
Resolution 4363: How do I open specific ports through the firewall
Resolution 4364: Can you verify that the RF600VPN has been replaced by the RF850VPN device.
Resolution 4365: I would like to set up the first port as a 'naked' port without firewall protection in order to connect to a system that needs to communicate with my computer directly. What is the easiest way to accomplish this
Resolution 4366: What type of cable do I need to use to connect the RouteFinders back to back
Resolution 4367: The configuration software is prompting for a username / password when attempting to connect, however the voip is not setup with a username / password.
Resolution 4368: Which PBXs have you tested integration with
Resolution 4370: What happens if the email server is unavailable at the time a Fax is received
Resolution 4371: Configuration Guide for Inter-Operation with Toshiba Strata CTX / CIX Phone Systems.
Resolution 4372: Configuration Guide for Inter-Operation with Altigen AltiServ Phone Systems.
Resolution 4373: I just POP'd my account. I received 384 messages (100% spam), but your box only caught 51 messages.
Resolution 4374: Fixed - A reboot problem when making a SIP call from the MVP130 to a Nuance NVP.
Resolution 4375: Fixed - The Web console now opens when the VoIP is behind NAT.
Resolution 4376: Fixed - a MultiVoIP to Sonus T.38 fax problem.
Resolution 4377: Fixed - A one way audio problem when Fax is disabled.
Resolution 4378: Fixed - A proxy authentication problem for SIP outgoing calls.
Resolution 4379: Fixed - A call failure problem if caller ID contains comma and ampersand symbols.
Resolution 4380: Added - Authentication support for BYE and CANCEL requests.
Resolution 4381: Manual installation method:
Resolution 4382: FaxFinder FHS: error codes
Resolution 4383: Can we use third party fax software such as Winfax to fax out of the FaxFinder
Resolution 4384: Is it possible to switch the 'Send Fax Email Receipt' on/off based by individual or fax transmission
Resolution 4385: Does the MVP130 support 4 wire E&M passthrough
Resolution 4386: What is the firewall and VPN throughput for the 800 series routers
Resolution 4387: Send Mail FAQ
Resolution 4388: Which RouteFinders support IPSec bridging
Resolution 4389: Is there any way to have a history of reports automatically maintained on the device
Resolution 4390: What is the default username and password for the Complete 4000
Resolution 4391: When I enter an IP or domain name of the email server I get an 'error SMTP config entry' message.
Resolution 4392: Does this modem support Class1 or Class2
Resolution 4393: MT2834xx / MT5634xx Command Cross Reference Guide
Resolution 4394: How do you select between the character sets
Resolution 4395: MT2834xx / MT5600xx Command Cross Reference Guide
Resolution 4396: MT5600xx / MT5656xx Command Cross Reference Guide
Resolution 4398: What is the procedure to recover the password
Resolution 4399: How many PPTP VPN Clients can log into the RF860&RF850
Resolution 4400: How many users can I have on each remote network
Resolution 4401: Changed - When load balancing is enabled, you can now assign specific traffic or network on a specific WAN link.
Resolution 4402: Changed - Now allows assigning private internal DNS addresses in the RouteFinder.
Resolution 4403: Changed - DO NOT send back bounced mail notifications from SMTP proxy when mail can not be delivered.
Resolution 4404: Changed - Default values for IPSec parameters. Number of retries for IPec connections is set by default to zero and leftnexthop to ''.
Resolution 4405: Fixed - an iptables rules wipeout problem. After a restart or reboot, you could no longer access anything through the RouteFinder.
Resolution 4406: Fixed - A Split-Brain problem in High Availability. There are instances when both master and slave are active when High Availability is turned on.
Resolution 4407: Fixed - Intrusion detection mail was being sent every minute when DDNS is configured and enabled.
Resolution 4408: Fixed - SMTP spam filter Auto Learning options. Auto learning was not working properly.
Resolution 4409: Fixed - Self Monitor logs reporting the wrong status when PPPoE or DHCP is enabled on the WAN link.
Resolution 4410: PARK and SNIFF commands.
Resolution 4411: Does this device support VPN Tunneling through IPSEC and encryption through DES/3DES/AES
Resolution 4412: Is there a command line to enable / disable ppp Do I need to hard reset the modem
Resolution 4413: Is the quarantine log a circular list What is its capacity
Resolution 4414: I have a problem, if I disable the DHCP option(Check box), then it is not assigning an IP address to some of the clients.
Resolution 4415: I have URL filtering running on a RF600 and on one occasion the ISP's DNS went down and Internet service slowed to a crawl. By changing the DNS or turning off filtering I got the Internet speed back. Does the RF use the DNS in the filtering process
Resolution 4416: To clear all logs, accounting and graphics, execute this command:
Resolution 4417: Basic setup info for the Webadmin interface.
Resolution 4418: Can I make a software DMZ port on my RF550VPN I have 1 computer that I want to have full Internet access, but I donít want it to have access to any of the LAN. Is this possible
Resolution 4419: Our RouteFinder 600VPN has a warning in the kernel log file. Apr 3 12:19:22 routefinder pppd[26637]: Warning - secret file /etc/ppp/chap-secrets has world and/or group access. Should we be alarmed
Resolution 4420: Could you explain how to configure the RAS to get access to my units.
Resolution 4421: When using Advance Settings->Virtual Server Settings, what is port protocol TCP, UDP or both
Resolution 4422: What algorithms are used by the RF830 to load balance between WANS
Resolution 4423: I am trying to setup Administrative access through HTTPS port on the WAN1 interface but with out any luck.
Resolution 4424: How do I keep the Router from answering the phone when it rings
Resolution 4425: How to compile kernel and ISI driver for Redhat version EL4-ES.
Resolution 4426: I receive an 'Unsuccessful Communication Failure, UDP Failure' when I try to send a fax.
Resolution 4427: Is there a password recovery / reset procedure for this device
Resolution 4428: How can I get SMTP server for e-mail
Resolution 4431: Basic setup of your MTCBA-x-EN router to connect to your cellular provider's Internet service.
Resolution 4432: In a scheme of a Central Node (A) and two Remote Nodes (B,C), to build tunnels IPSec between B to A and C to A. . Is it possible to bridge in Central Node in order to communicate B and C
Resolution 4433: Can the Callfinder GSM/CDMA be dialed into its FXO port and have a certain number auto called to the cellular service.
Resolution 4434: We had the FF110 working ok on a 3COM NBX PBX. Now when the call comes in it doesn't appear to be sending the tones out for fax negotiation.
Resolution 4435: Is there any support for Active Directory with the FF420 model Fax Finder
Resolution 4436: I'm trying to get the IP address to change but it keeps staying at the default.
Resolution 4437: We mistakenly changed the serial port interface to 230400 bps. Now we find that we donít have a computer that supports that speed to change it back to 115200. Is there a method to change the unit back to factory default so we can talk to the unit
Resolution 4438: Can I have multiple inbound phonebook entries going to a certain channel
Resolution 4439: We are interested in having two ports for inbound and two ports outbound. Can the FaxFinder ports be set specifically for inbound or outbound faxing
Resolution 4440: Basic DID Wink Start / Immediate Start operation explained.
Resolution 4441: How many phone lines do I connect to the FF420
Resolution 4442: What's the difference between Pbx Routing and Pbx Mode Code
Resolution 4443: Can the Multiconnect SE work in a point-to-point configuration with another Multiconnect SE
Resolution 4444: Can I get a link to the 3.31 software
Resolution 4446: I have an RF830 and having problems setting up a VPN. When I log in and Click on VPN it gives me two options. One is Ipsec and the other is PPTP. When I click on PPTP setting and try to set Remote Address its too small to type anything in there
Resolution 4447: We use 'Network Group' to setup a group called 'WebUsers' and put some users in the group for Internet access. Everything works fine, but if we remove a user from the 'WebUsers' group, this particular user can still have access to the Internet.
Resolution 4448: When I get the logs sent to me from one of our boxes I can't see which one. My problem is that I manage multiple RF820/RF830 and I need to have a simple way to see which box is mailing me.
Resolution 4449: When using the internal RADIUS Server, certain users fail to authenticate.
Resolution 4450: Is there any way to back up the phone book. We have the over night replacement for the faxfinder, but if our faxfinder does go down, how do we get the phonebook over to the replacement faxfinder
Resolution 4451: I receive an Error with the +STSF command.
Resolution 4452: Can MVP130's work in an environment where one location has static IP and the other has dynamic IP
Resolution 4453: Are there any plans to utilize the USB interface on the back of the MA30120
Resolution 4454: Does this unit have a sleep mode
Resolution 4455: What is the power consumption of this devise, when they are idle and not processing any data
Resolution 4456: I see that the unit's typical power consumption is 260mA with a maximum of 300mA. Does this 260mA figure include or exclude the power for the LEDís (ink, activity, collision and duplex mode)
Resolution 4457: I have an Edge Ethernet Wireless modem MTCBA-E-EN and I want to be able to enter AT commands via HyperTerminal. I disabled the PPP option but, still I can't enter those commands.
Resolution 4458: Is it possible to add a user other than supervisor that can view logs for audit purposes
Resolution 4459: Does the RF850 have SPAM Filtering, Content Filtering and URL Filtering
Resolution 4460: Do you build a four wire audio with E/M signaling to VOIP interface Would it be suitable for the connection of two way radio equipment
Resolution 4461: I have a single POTS line that is assigned to a fax machine. Can I use the FF100 as a single line / single user fax machine
Resolution 4462: Do you have a Linux client for the FaxFinder.
Resolution 4463: I have an issue with the USB Wireless modem. After restarting my computer, there is a conflict with the drivers in the device manager. The only way to resolve the issue is to physically unplug and replug the USB cable of the modem.
Resolution 4464: Can the phonebooks be copied between two FF200 units
Resolution 4465: We have an RF660 / 3.31 (using the Compact Flash drive) with 128Mb of memory installed. Can we improve performance, i.e., VPN thru-put by increasing the amount of RAM We use the RF660 for only Internet&VPN access no URL filtering, or anti-virus.
Resolution 4466: Setup of the RF102S for routing with modems.
Resolution 4467: What script do I run from SSH to restore a saved backup .zip file
Resolution 4468: We have more than 300 PPTP accounts setup for users to access our system remotely. How can I disconnect a user / users from the system should it become necessary
Resolution 4469: Is the DynDNS connection http:80 based or do they use some other port / protocol
Resolution 4470: How do you setup the POP3 anti spam filtering on RF600VPN
Resolution 4471: How should I handle hardware flow control on the serial-side of the module I can monitor the CTS output to determine whether I can transmit or not. When Iím NOT ready to receive, should I de-assert DTR, or is there another method I should use
Resolution 4472: When you send a fax with WinFax PRO 10.xx, you may see this error message 'Fax/Modem Alert: error setting up your communication port state'.
Resolution 4473: How do we set add an Exchange server for public access behind the unit
Resolution 4475: I want to buy a Wireless EDGE Ethernet Multimodem (router) for sending to Internet the data of a Mobotix Webcam. I also want an inbound GSM connection in order to access the Webcam for its management. Is it this possible
Resolution 4476: When we look at the HTTP Access Logs (under Statistics and Logs), we notice it only keeps 10 days worth. How do we increase this period
Resolution 4477: The HTTP log files that used to be available on the hard drive based RouteFinders we're much larger than the new flash based units. Is there a method to stream data to an external device for analysis reports for longer periods.
Resolution 4478: Does the content filtering in the RouteFinder have any antivirus signatures in it Is the antivirus in the Routefinder only for email
Resolution 4479: Added - Support for Packet Prioritization (802.1p).
Resolution 4480: Added - Support for DNS SRV records for SIP.
Resolution 4481: Added- CID Manipulation. This feature can modify or block Caller ID numbers received from the ISDN line.
Resolution 4482: Added - Support for two alternate H.323 Gatekeepers, SIP Proxies, and SPP Registrars.
Resolution 4483: Added - Support for Radius accounting.
Resolution 4484: Added - STUN support for the SIP UDP protocol.
Resolution 4485: Some of the disconnect cause codes reported by MultiVOIP to the PBX were incorrect. It would possibly show the same kind of cause code for any type of disconnection.
Resolution 4486: Some of the DTMF digits were not received or played out when SIP INFO method is used for sending the digit information.
Resolution 4487: When the calls were connected and some kind of music or tones sent across, after about 10-12 hrs the channels would lock up and no voice would pass.
Resolution 4488: The user would sometimes not hear dialtone or ringback when doing two-stage dialing.
Resolution 4489: Under load test, after a day or so, no calls could be placed and ST is forced to reboot. On the console one could see some error messages related to QMC buffers.
Resolution 4490: Calls would not go through using SIP protocol when authentication was enabled with the proxy server.
Resolution 4491: The MultiVOIP would only receive the IP address from the DHCP and not retrieve the Gateway and Mask. This would cause the MultiVOIP to not be able to contact devices outside it's local network.
Resolution 4492: General interoperability issues with various vendors SIP devices during registration, using supplementary services, and during call disconnection.
Resolution 4493: On wide screen monitors and in high resolutions, various menu items would be incorrectly sized and overlap each other.
Resolution 4494: Fixed - A problem where sometimes digits were not being detected from the PBX
Resolution 4495: Calls would not go through or only one-way voice is observed with some SIP devices. On the console one could observe some messages related to Fax when indeed it was a voice call.
Resolution 4496: I'm trying to get the FaxFinder to detect the correct PBX routing digits from our Altigen PBX. For some reason the Altigen is adding an extra digit each time.
Resolution 4497: I upgraded the firmware and since doing so I can no longer access / ping the web interface.
Resolution 4498: How many characters can we put in the URL field
Resolution 4501: Can I use the internal modem to dial directly into the RouteFinder and configure it remotely
Resolution 4502: I'm using two of your muiltitech ISI5634PCI 8 cards on two Windows 2000 machines and I'm looking for a way to script the Reset modem on Select Port without having to open the ISIweb interface and manually reset the modem ports.
Resolution 4503: Could you tell me if the ping command is supported from the module command stack
Resolution 4504: I can't access the RouteFinder though the LAN port and I can access only by the console. I have restarted the system using the command line parameters but It doesn't work. What can I do to make it work
Resolution 4505: Do your new RouteFinders do IP aliasing similiar to RF6xx routers It has to be small like an RF560 and cost under or around $500.
Resolution 4506: If I try to access the VoIP through the serial port, it just comes back with an error 'error reading password'. If I put in the password that was allocated to the box it says invalid user name.
Resolution 4507: Do any of your modems support the Command: Yn - Long Space Disconnect any more
Resolution 4508: I can see in the user manual how you set up each client and assign an email address and an Extension number. However, I'm not certain what the purpose of the 'Ext' is
Resolution 4509: Can you explain the + - functionality in the QOS options
Resolution 4510: Fixed - Some +FHS: 52/54 fax errors.
Resolution 4511: Changed - In V.34 fax mode, if the signal is lost, we now disconnect with +FHS: 55
Resolution 4512: Is it possible to have multiple V.92 AT commands contained in one string (ex. AT+MS=V34,1+DCS1,1) These commands work separately, but I always get an ERROR result code if the're combined as one string
Resolution 4513: Is the SPP port UDP or TCP
Resolution 4514: I plan to buy an MTCBA-E-U and use it with GPRS until EDGE is available from my carrier, please clarify if this is possible.
Resolution 4515: Can faxes coming to unassigned number be CC'd to an additional email address
Resolution 4516: The time is showing 1970 and is not updating.
Resolution 4517: What does the setting 'Spoofing on WAN interfaces' (below load balancing) do in the RF830VPN
Resolution 4518: Does this RouteFinder have an HTTP cache
Resolution 4519: Is the MVP810 compatible with the Quintum Tenor DX digital units
Resolution 4521: Fixed - Interoperability issues with a NEC PBX.
Resolution 4523: Fixed - A DTMF Negotiation Problem.
Resolution 4524: Fixed - A flash hook problem
Resolution 4525: Fixed - A SPP memory errors problem.
Resolution 4526: Fixed - A problem on SIP Re-registration.
Resolution 4527: Fixed - A channel lockup problem.
Resolution 4528: Fixed - A coder negotiation problem.
Resolution 4529: Fixed - An Add Prefix problem.
Resolution 4530: Fixed - A SIP Parser Problem.
Resolution 4531: Fixed - A burst tone problem.
Resolution 4532: Fixed - A SIP registration problem.
Resolution 4533: Fix - A problem where the dial tone is played even when Add Prefix digits are present.
Resolution 4534: Fix - A callerID problem.
Resolution 4535: Fixed - A transport address problem in SIP.
Resolution 4537: Fixed - A local ring back problem.
Resolution 4538: Fixed - A SIP call disconnection problem.
Resolution 4539: Fixed - A problem with Auto call.
Resolution 4540: Do we need to install any patches on our RouteFinders to take care of the 2007 changes on the Start/End of Daylight savings time
Resolution 4541: Added - Modifications to reflect the 2007 changes in U.S. Daylight Saving Time.
Resolution 4542: Fixed - Using AUTH LOGIN with an MDameon email server did not work.
Resolution 4543: Fixed - Backslashes embedded in strings caused the config file to be corrupted. We now allow embedded backslashes in strings (i.e. user
Resolution 4544: Fixed - Faxes of more than one page could not be opened by Corel Draw or Photoshop.
Resolution 4545: Fixed - The Fax Log Email Log threshold and Log History settings would revert to factory defaults when the server is rebooted.
Resolution 4546: Changed - Administration: SMTP Configuration.
Resolution 4547: Changed - Administration: Time Configuration.
Resolution 4548: Added - The ability to soft reset the server via the Web page.
Resolution 4549: Changed - The Phone Book.
Resolution 4550: Changed - The Modem Configuration.
Resolution 4551: Added - The Modem version to the Current Status display.
Resolution 4552: Fixed - The email threshold defaulted to 0, which caused administration settings to not be saved if the threshold was not set.
Resolution 4553: Changed - If you leave the SMTP Server address blank in the Administration: SMTP Configuration page, no email will be queued / received.
Resolution 4554: Added - Auto Discovery to the server (for the device manager).
Resolution 4555: Added - The ability to email received faxes as a PDF file.
Resolution 4556: Fixed - Changing the SMTP Port to anything other than port 25 did not work.
Resolution 4557: Fixed - The current Status page will now auto update correctly.
Resolution 4558: Fixed - Faxes of more than one page could not be opened by Corel Draw or Photoshop.
Resolution 4559: Fixed - Modems would stop answering calls if the ethernet cable was unplugged. Modems will answer calls until the drive fills with received faxes.
Resolution 4560: Fixed - The Fax Log Email Log threshold and Log History settings would revert to factory defaults when the server is rebooted.
Resolution 4561: I plan on geting 4 FF820s and I want to know if they can share a phone book or do I have to manually build each phone book
Resolution 4562: We are getting a lot of SPAM email through our SMTP server, is there anything on the RouteFinder that can help stop this
Resolution 4563: Will the TA410 talk to our regular VoIPs
Resolution 4564: What ports does the TA410 use
Resolution 4565: Do I need to create an inbound phonebook entry, even if I'm only going to connect an analog phone to the TA
Resolution 4566: Can people access it straight from a URL (i.e. I email someone the URL to my unit, can they call me by clicking the URL)
Resolution 4567: Fixed - Network Disconnect and Auto Disconnect channel seize problems where the cause code is not being mapped properly to the Reason Header.
Resolution 4568: Changed - Now supports ISDN cause codes 20, 23, 26, 38, 55, 70, 79 and 87.
Resolution 4569: Fixed - A Flash Hook problem in RFC 2833 where Flash is getting generated 3 times since 3 RTP packets received from IP.
Resolution 4570: Fixed - Call signaling page password using Web now allows special characters like !, @, #..).
Resolution 4571: Fixed - Now supports two stage dialing for SIP and SPP in case of RFC2833 digit passing.
Resolution 4572: Fixed - The Web console is not geting opened when the VoIP is behind NAT.
Resolution 4573: Fixed - A call failure problem if Caller Id contains comma and ampersand symbols.
Resolution 4574: Fixed - A problem calling from an MVPFX to a MultiVoIP-BRI. The voice from MVPFX to BRI is fine, but there is no voice from BRI to MVPFX (as the MVPFX is playing ring back).
Resolution 4575: Fixed - A burst of dialtone problem. When FXO is connected to a PBX analog station port and the FXO rings the PBX, you hear a burst of dialtone coming from the PBX before the add prefix digits in the inbound phonebook are sent to the PBX.
Resolution 4576: Fixed - A PDD in / out phonebook sort problem.
Resolution 4577: Fixed - Compatibility problems with an Asterisk PBX.
Resolution 4578: Increased the ring signal on the FXS port.
Resolution 4579: Changed - The cadence of the ring signal to 2 sec on / 4 sec off.
Resolution 4580: Added - An auto dial feature on the FXO port.
Resolution 4581: Fixed - An AT command processing problem. Depending on what is happening on the cellular side, (i.e. signal strength adjusting or call being received), the OK would be received, but the parameter would not be changed.
Resolution 4594: Added - The ability to send / not send fax details with email.
Resolution 4595: Added - The ability to ignore daylight savings time for users that do not use U.S. DST.
Resolution 4596: Added - The ability to sort the phone book by field heading. Click the heading to sort by that field.
Resolution 4597: Added - An entry for each POTS modem. Faxes to unknown numbers will be routed to the email address for the modem they were received on. This gives an Administrator the ability to route faxes via the phone line they were received on.
Resolution 4598: Added - The ability to select send or receive only for a modem.
Resolution 4599: Added - The ability to set an extra modem initialization string for the modem. This field is normally not set.
Resolution 4600: Clarified routing value definitions and added more specific PBX routing values.
Resolution 4601: Fixed - The call duration would be 0 for any call over 30 minutes on the call history page.
Resolution 4602: Fixed - The user was able to delete the Administrator account. Deleting this account would prevent further admistration of the unit.
Resolution 4603: Added - The ability to ignore daylight savings time for users that do not us U.S. DST.
Resolution 4604: Added - daylight savings time changes to reflect the 2007 changes in the U.S. daylight savings time.
Resolution 4606: Fixed - Changing the SMTP Port to anything other than port 25 did not work.
Resolution 4607: Fixed - The current Status page will now auto update correctly.
Resolution 4609: If the SMTP Server address is blank in the Administration: SMTP Configuration page, administrative emails will no longer be queued for sending.
Resolution 4610: Added - Auto Discovery to the server (to support the MT-Device Manager's Auto Discovery feature).
Resolution 4611: Does the ISI5634UPCI support Linux Kernel (2.6)
Resolution 4612: Is it possible to change the MTU values of the RF850
Resolution 4613: Is there a way to send faxes on a schedule
Resolution 4614: Can PPTP tunnels and an IPSEC tunnel coexist at the same time
Resolution 4615: We want to install an MASR3-200 box for a RAS server application. Besides user name / password and dial backup security features is it possible to use MAC address authentication of the remote incoming user
Resolution 4616: The date / time stamps need to be adjusted due to daylight savings and timezone. I saw no place to specifically set the date / time, is there one
Resolution 4617: What does this error message mean 'WARNING: cannot connect to socket: IO::Socket::INET: Timeout'
Resolution 4618: I have a RouteFinder and I need to Block https pages like ( ,, MSN etc). How can I block these pages
Resolution 4620: When you create a PPTP based VPN connection it seems like you don't get any DNS entries. If you do not get the entries, can something be done to get them to the VPN client
Resolution 4621: Can you send me an image of 3.31 for the RF600 / RF660 flash disks
Resolution 4622: I lost the root password, how can I recover it
Resolution 4623: Is there a way to send an outgoing fax using Outlook or maintain a log of outgoing faxes including pages and attachments
Resolution 4624: Can I use the RFIPSec Client for roaming connections
Resolution 4626: How can I upgrade these RouteFinders
Resolution 4627: We have an application that needs to connect to the modem through an IP Socket, and use AT commands to send and receive SMS messages. Is it possible
Resolution 4628: Does this modem support SSL connectivity.
Resolution 4629: How do I set the date and time on an MVP410-SS. Anyway to do it remotely via Telnet, SSH or HTTP
Resolution 4630: We are using the MTSMC on a CDMA network. We currently send/receive data in IP module mode. Is there a mechanism to retrieve the cell signal quality while in IP module mode, something similar to the AT+CSQ command in modem mode
Resolution 4631: Can I have Activated both IPSec and PPTP on the RouteFinder without any problems
Resolution 4632: Is it possible to disable command mode on this modem On some modems there was a command %DCn that controlled command mode, but I haven't found the same command on the MT5656ZDX.
Resolution 4633: Can I send an outbound fax via a copier.
Resolution 4634: Outbound faxing is good if I leave the resolution at default, but if I change it to to 300 X 300 / 600 X 600, then it clips off the document.
Resolution 4635: If I go to intrusion detection live log, I see a lot of logīs from an IP trying to get inside my RF600. How can I add the IP to the black list to prevent intrusion attempts in my firewall
Resolution 4636: Can you point me to drivers for this module
Resolution 4637: When I command write: set serial s0 host-interaction-mode enable the hyperterminal print: I get 'Cannot enable Host Interaction Mode. Port used by Auto-Dialout. ERROR'. What command do I use
Resolution 4638: Is there an option to save incoming faxes locally instead of being emailed
Resolution 4639: Does the MultiVoIP support power over ethernet
Resolution 4640: Assume the mail server is up but messages sent to one user's address bounce back because their mail box is full or something. Will the FaxFinder give any kind of notification the email couldn't be delivered
Resolution 4641: Are there any tools available for use on the RF820 to enable the change of the MAC address (same as functionality available on RF560) to enable the use of the RF820 on Cable modems
Resolution 4642: I've got a requirement for the RF850, where the location that the firewall will reside in has no mains power, but does have 12VDC. I see the input to the RF850 is 12vDC. What are the pin outs and power consumption
Resolution 4643: I have the RF820 installed and working, but I have a minor problem. I have all my packet rules setup, and my crew can surf the net, etc, But they canít use an Internet address to view a box that is on our network.
Resolution 4644: I have an RF860 that we are not able to browse to, but we are able to ssh into and all inbound/outbound traffic is working. Is there a command (service webadmin restart) to restart the ssl connection without rebooting the ISA
Resolution 4645: If the RF820 has been logged into from one location, that location must logout before a separate login can occur. Can I log the other user out.
Resolution 4646: One of our clients wants to increase the DSL speed. Bell South is asking if our RF660 is compatible with multiple PVCs
Resolution 4647: I sent a 20 page fax and it gets split up into 2-3 emails.
Resolution 4648: Do the MVPFX series of MultiVOIP's support SNMP for administration
Resolution 4649: Do the MVPFX models support FTP to update firmware What about fax
Resolution 4650: On two of our computers we are having a client install error 126.
Resolution 4652: Can you explain how to configure the phone book by using Dynamic IP
Resolution 4653: Can I use the MVPFXS with a SIP Proxy
Resolution 4654: Does this modem have a 9 pin or a 25 pin DB connector
Resolution 4655: How do I enable Caller ID on this modem
Resolution 4656: Is it possible to change the resolution of the faxes it receives Most seem to be 160x160 dpi and their fax software is looking for 200x200 dpi.
Resolution 4657: Known issue with the Bogen VoIPs where static is heard when a combination of a multiport unit and single port unit is used.
Resolution 4658: Weíre using an MTCBA-E-U and we want to input the voice signal from the modem to the PC (so that we can monitor DTMF signals). To do this, we need the pinout of the RJ10 handset connector.
Resolution 4659: This modem has an Ethernet interface. Does it have router / bridging functionality
Resolution 4660: Besides setting the router to factory defaults, is there any way to log into the console and set the web admin password
Resolution 4661: Is there a way to disable command mode on the serial link of the module I want to only have access to the configuration of the device using the telnet port. The serial interface would always be for a data connection.
Resolution 4662: How can I change the date and time on the RF820 as the SNTP Client does not work when enabled
Resolution 4663: We have a RF660 version 3.25. Can you confirm that DHCP Relay will work through an IPSec tunnel on this device
Resolution 4664: How many concurrent sessions How many concurrent VPN tunnels What is the firewall throughput
Resolution 4665: The faxfinder has 4 ports, does that mean it can only receive 4 faxes at a time
Resolution 4666: Does the extension field in the phonebook want the user's actual phone extension
Resolution 4667: The FaxFinder will be connected to a PBX with 9 DID numbers. Can we share these DID 's among many users
Resolution 4668: Can I connect our edge modem to your RF102S RS232 WAN port and configure this for shared Internet connectivity to any home network
Resolution 4669: Do you have a faq on how to load an RF660 with flash Can I use a flash drive purchased from a retail store
Resolution 4671: Does this model have ZigBee support
Resolution 4672: Can I save the client tiff files to a different folder
Resolution 4673: Where do the fax identification fields go when faxes are sent
Resolution 4674: Will a RF830 be suitable for an installation with 2 ADSL modems where 1 modem (2MB) will be used for 3 VPN tunnels and the other for all other traffic
Resolution 4675: I have created a packet filter rule for ftp access for a server behind an RF600 but connectivity is not achieved. The error code is 10060. Is there another setting required
Resolution 4676: Can the IP address be defined for a PPTP-user It would be needed, when you specify an access list for services etc.
Resolution 4677: Does the MA30120 support MF R1 (or Feature Group D) on channelized T1
Resolution 4678: Does the FaxFinder keep any login information on faxes/emails sent and received How many users does this model support
Resolution 4679: Can the MA100 log phone numbers
Resolution 4680: How can I trace a message through the SMTP proxy to confirm receipt and delivery
Resolution 4681: We are trying to integrate Nortel CICS phone systems with the Multitech MVP410 gateways. The problem we have is with the Nortel.
Resolution 4682: What exactly do these commands do
Resolution 4683: I need some information on how to establish the Internet gateway to the GPRS network Will I need some service provider to make this system possible or is it just to buy the MultiModem and insert a SIM card and then it works
Resolution 4684: Does this module support HCI commands
Resolution 4685: I have an RF660 running 3.12 connected to an RF600 running 3.25 with an IPSec VPN. Shortly after we start a telnet or ssh session inside the tunnel the application freezes and cannot be restarted.
Resolution 4686: How do I define a range of ports, say from UDP port 10000 to UDP port 20000 It is impossible for me to define each port , say 10000, 10001, 10002, etc.
Resolution 4687: Is it possible to load the setup.cfg file form a RF550 VPN (V 4.68) into a new RF820VPN
Resolution 4688: When the 'send fax email receipt' feature is turned on, is it possible to configure the confirmation email received to include a portion of the cover page, or include the attachments that were faxed
Resolution 4689: Is it possible to use the backup of an RF660 to be installed on an RF850
Resolution 4690: Does the software license allow the same license key to be installed on 2 computers The two computers will never be in use at the the same time, I want to access the lan via my PC when I'm at home, and also via a laptop when I'm on the road.
Resolution 4691: Is the inactivity timeout available in the v3.01 firmware
Resolution 4692: I've been having some email delays and in some instances undeliverable email over the last several weeks. My problem has been on both in-bound and out-bound delivery. I've done the same test on the actual internal email server with no delays.
Resolution 4693: When trying to run the FaxFinder Clinet Software, the error message "Error Changing Settings for the FaxFinder Printer: Error Setting Printer Output Directory. Full Access Rights to the Printer are Required on Windows Vista and Server 2008" pops up.
Resolution 4694: Do the the Avaya voips support the SIP protocol
Resolution 4695: Is it possible to manually set the date&time
Resolution 4696: Information on using our MultiVOIPs' to communicate with a Mitel PBX using SIP.
Resolution 4697: Will the RF102S will work with Multi-Tech ISDN modems in a LAN to LAN environment
Resolution 4698: What is the method to delete the Phone Book in this modem What is the method to key in the Phone number in this modem
Resolution 4699: Where do I insert the information for a VPN connection about the remote network
Resolution 4700: The version of firmware (6.08-6.09) does not have 'FXO disconnect on Call Progress Tone', please help me.
Resolution 4701: I have a RouteFinder, which has the firmware 3.32. and it has a new option QoS, how does it work
Resolution 4702: I'm trying to get my mail server to work with the fax finder, are the name server fields needed for this
Resolution 4703: Can the RouteFinder block the downloading of files with extensions EXE or MPG
Resolution 4704: How to block IM or P2P protocols.
Resolution 4705: I have an RF600 and the log is not getting updated.
Resolution 4706: I have a print device with a serial connector attached to a Multiconnect SE adapter. I would like to be able to send print jobs to it. What do I need to do to configure this properly
Resolution 4707: Is there a way using the RF850 to activate a VPN tunnel based on the time of day and day of the week
Resolution 4708: I have noticed on our mail server that we are getting some mail rejected with errors like this '450 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, []'.
Resolution 4709: We have offices connected to the Internet using DSL service (PPPoE) from the ISP and when the connection fails there is no body there to cycle power to the DSL modem. What Router should I use to get the reconnection when the ISP has been detected
Resolution 4710: We have a problem with a CC4000, the hard disk has failed and we need to now if we can install another disk and software to install a the boot disk
Resolution 4711: Can you tell me where the DNS is stored I would like to SSH in and change the file.
Resolution 4712: Does this RouteFinder support LDAP authentication from a Windows 2003 ADS for VPNs
Resolution 4713: I'm looking for IP aliasing with a single WAN port communication link up using 2 or more public IP addresses.
Resolution 4714: I am setting up VPN Failover with vers 3.31 on a RF660. My question is regarding the configuration of Dynamic DNS for WANLink1&WANLink2, is the Dynamic DNS settings for both WANLink1&WANLink2 going to be the same
Resolution 4715: Can a pair of MTS2EA's be used 'back to back' to connect a serial device to a COM port
Resolution 4716: Can I setup the modems on the RouteFinder so that one of them dials and the other answers like RAS
Resolution 4717: I have a MTCBA-E-EN and a SIM-card/phone number from my local service provider. I want to connect to the Internet by using GPRS or EDGE. Apparently the initialization string should be entered in port 5000. How do I get this modem to work
Resolution 4718: Does the MultiAccess support PPP Call Back Security (A.K.A. dial back ppp)
Resolution 4719: Is the RF850 turning on DiffServ on the packets going out of the router in order to enable outside routers to forward the traffic with a higher priority Our T1 provider prioritizes these packets if they are flagged as such.
Resolution 4720: I need a VPN solution that provides easy connections to the home office from a variety of Internet connections, preferably using the software built into Windows XP without a VPN client program. Do your latest SOHO routers fit these requirements
Resolution 4721: The modem MTCBA-E-EN connects to the Edge network and if there is no Edge then it connects to the GPRS network. Is there a way to tell if the modem is connected to Edge of GPRS
Resolution 4722: I have an RF650VPN and I want to give my LAN users the ability to surf the Internet, but to only 5 websites. No users can access any other website. What should i do
Resolution 4723: Could you please tell me the difference between an RF600&an RF850
Resolution 4724: I need to establish a VPN between 2 sites. The VPN, made with RF560s, needs to let Multicasts go thru.
Resolution 4725: Where do I enable the PPTP pass through for the RF660
Resolution 4726: My application can only make use of this device via a COM port. Do you have a virtual COM port driver for this device
Resolution 4727: How to add a WINS Server address to the MA420 and MA820.
Resolution 4728: I want to use one of our MVP130-AV units for dial-up access from a Laptop computer with an internal analog modem. So, instead of a fax machine I want to connect a laptop to the MVP130-AV and use it for modem connections.
Resolution 4729: Is it possible for the modem to receive multiple faxes simultaneously
Resolution 4730: What is the command to determine whether the modem is registered on a network
Resolution 4731: What is the maximum phone book entries on the FF200
Resolution 4733: I want to install an MTCBA-G modem on a computer running on Linux and I want to know if there are any special drivers to install
Resolution 4734: Is this FaxFinder rack mountable
Resolution 4735: Instructions to cat the config file to determine IP address.
Resolution 4736: We have seen instances where the FaxFinder modems stop responding to calls and the unit needs to be power cycled to work again.
Resolution 4737: The dial in user is able to authenticate when I set Dial-Up Networking for unsecured authentication, but if I try a secured method, like MS-CHAP, user authentication fails.
Resolution 4738: As a test I brought up client 1.06.02, went to File ->Send Fax, typed words and clicked Send Fax. This worked last night, but this morning I'm not able to type anything and cannot click the Send Fax button.
Resolution 4739: Does the Nortel PBX work with our FaxFinder products.
Resolution 4740: Do you have a 64 bit terminal server FaxFinder client
Resolution 4741: I need a SOHO router that will fall back to dialup when dsl / cable fail. I learned from that Web that the RF550, RF560vpn and RF820 has that option, which model should I choose
Resolution 4742: I want to try the local install procedure. I'm able to ftp the new ISO image to the RouteFinder but not to the root '/' directory. I receive a permission denied message. How do I login as 'su' to move the ISO file to the root '/' directory
Resolution 4743: On the RF560VPN, what are the advantages or disadvantages of selecting 'netbios broadcast'
Resolution 4744: Is it possible to update the firmware to the EDGE (ethernet) modem
Resolution 4745: I have a problem with an MTCBA-G-EN-F1 router vs 1.10. I want to ppp into Vodafone Italy network. It seems the network does not need or allow pap/chap authentication. But if I leave username / password blank the router does not make a connnection.
Resolution 4746: I see the new 800 series offers failover and load balancing with the 2 WAN ports. Is this also possible with VPN Could 2 tunnels be created between 2 RF860 routers giving fail over and load balancing within the VPN tunnel
Resolution 4747: Can I use a wild card in the URL filter string, (i.e. www.hotmai*, msn*)
Resolution 4748: My RouteFinder helohost file says CBL is saying that it should be hostname of the mail server. Can I edit it this setting with winscp or do I need to go in with putty to change it
Resolution 4749: I'm using an RF600 as a master IPSEC VPN router and I have 15 remote RF560's. Tunnels work great connecting to the network the master is on from all locations, but I can't get from a remote location through the master VPN to another remote location.
Resolution 4750: My RasFinder MTASR3-200 needs to be re-set but I have lost the password. I have the the Ras box and the command cable, How do I reset the Web password so I can configure it over our Intranet
Resolution 4751: Added - Support for Microsoft Vista.
Resolution 4753: Fixed - We now allow syncing phone books between different version's of config files.
Resolution 4754: Fixed - Faxes received as PDFs with 25 or more pages could cause the Server to get into a state where it can not be accesed via the web interface. Also PDF Faxes larger than 25 pages may not be delivered.
Resolution 4755: Fixed - Debugging was left on in the tftp process. This would create a rather large tftplog.txt file while flashing modems.
Resolution 4756: Fixed - T38 Fax fails when multiple pages are sent.
Resolution 4757: Fixed - MultiVOIP is not receiving the router IP address or Subnet mask from the DHCP server.
Resolution 4759: Added - Support for the new US Daylight Savings dates starting in 2007.
Resolution 4760: Fixed - Fax receive problems if the serial baud rate is<= 19200
Resolution 4761: Fixed - A problem where we couldn't receive the second document from a fax machine that we were polling.
Resolution 4762: Fixed - When setting for +fclass=2.0 there were problems in going back to data mode whether by ATZ, AT&F or +fclass=0 commands. Both answer and originate handshakes were failing.
Resolution 4763: Fixed - A stay off hook forever problem when receiving faxes.
Resolution 4764: Changed - Made sending and receiving faxes more robust.
Resolution 4766: We are upgrading from an FF200. The FF200 had 'unassigned number' in the phonebook, whereas the 820 has separate POTS Line entries for each channel. Do these replace the 'unassigned number'
Resolution 4767: Is this modem compatible with the modbus protocol
Resolution 4768: I will be using this on IP Office. Do I connect to an analog or digital port on the IP Office
Resolution 4769: We have a FaxFinderer and are required to enter a four digit code after dialing a long distance number. What is the procedure for entering pauses and the four digit code with your software.
Resolution 4770: I'm trying to run the client on a Win 2003 server and it can't find the component msvcr71.dll.
Resolution 4771: I tried installing our regular client on a Server 2003 machine, but got an error telling me I must have the terminal server version. When trying to install the terminal server version, I get an error telling me I can't install the software remotely.
Resolution 4772: Do you have any documentation on how to get a FaxFinder 100 to route faxes with a Mitel SX2000 PBX
Resolution 4773: Does your SocketModem be used under the IBM SDLC protocol
Resolution 4774: In the setup wizard at the VPN screen I need to be able to allow (internal IP of computer running RDP) access from the Internet using Microsoft RDP client.
Resolution 4775: Is it possible to remove or increase the email size limit for the SMTP Proxy
Resolution 4776: How do I open other ports than 20:21 for the FTP program
Resolution 4777: I have setup the adapter with auto-dialout raw mode to listen on a specific port. But I need my device to listen to more than one port at once. Is there a way to configure this
Resolution 4778: I need to block MSN in the RG560 and the MSN port is 1863. Do I put this rule in lan filter or in wan filter Do you know how I can block MSN in the RF560
Resolution 4779: We have a customer who requires an Internet security appliance that can handle 500 users. Out of 500, 200 will be VPN clients (PPTP)
Resolution 4780: I'm looking at the MTCBA-C-EN-N2-NAM for an application that would send and receive SMS messages. What would be the maximum rate that the modem can send and receive messages (messages per minute)
Resolution 4781: I see there are commands to setup sockets. Is it possible to have an incoming SMS message sent to a socket or IP address without repeated polling of the modem to check for new messages
Resolution 4782: If one modem or the provider couldnít handle the load are there any options where the load is distributed between several modems
Resolution 4783: The remote site is using flash hook to get voice mails at the main site. After we do it, the lines on the VoIP,s do not work again.
Resolution 4784: When the users receive faxes, the email show they are coming from the administrator.
Resolution 4785: Will this fax server (fax finder v.34) work with our microsoft exchange server 5.5 running on a windows NT operating system What about SMTP
Resolution 4786: I want to use the FaxFinder client software on a Thin Client T5700 from HP. When I try to install the client software, I get an error about creating the printer/function.
Resolution 4787: Does the RF8xx support QoS
Resolution 4788: I want to route all incoming faxes to a certain email address. Where do I enter the asterisk info in the FaxFinder
Resolution 4789: Is the FaxFinder compatible with Microsoft fax
Resolution 4790: Does the RF830 have IDS like the RF850
Resolution 4791: What is the default IP address assigned to the ethernet port
Resolution 4792: Does this RouteFinder support IPX
Resolution 4793: The spec sheet shows 'Supports Multiple Public IP addresses', is there a particular limit on the number Can each public IP address be port forwarded / virtual server'd separately
Resolution 4794: Regarding dual WANs: Can the WANs be allocated to certain services, (i.e. could a VOIP box be directed to WAN1 and everything else to WAN2)
Resolution 4795: We have 1000 contacts with fax numbers in Outlook which I would like to send a fax, how can I reuse the contacts data into your Fax Client Software There's no import contacts function in your Client Software.
Resolution 4796: How can I test the E&M ports
Resolution 4797: I can fax from Windows, but not DOS.
Resolution 4798: Is there an alternative solution to make the SMS modem send SMS without passing through the GSM / GPRS network of one phone company
Resolution 4799: Does the faxfinder support integrating with an sql database for loading phonebooks
Resolution 4800: Does this device support SNMP
Resolution 4802: Im trying to setup PPTP on an RF600 to support more than 1 concurrent user, but if 1 person is connected no one else can. Must I run it through a Radius server for this to work Does an RF820 support more than one concurrent pptp logon
Resolution 4803: We have a mail server for using SMTP proxy on an RF860. The DNS check tool shows a lot of timeouts for the RF860 running mail proxy. Why is the RF860 so sluggish
Resolution 4804: How does the RF560 compare to a Cisco PIX firewall
Resolution 4805: What is the firewall bandwidth capacity of the RF850VPN and RF860VPN Can they manage a full duplex 100 Mbps line
Resolution 4806: Please advise on the quarantine option when we forward the quarantine to an email address. How do we actually view the quarantined email when we open a quarantined item
Resolution 4807: Is it possible to use the Cisco VPN Client with the (IPSec VPN) RF660
Resolution 4808: How can I see the amount of disk space remaining for logs on the RF860 from the Web interface
Resolution 4809: How can I setup RF660ís PPTP to use my Microsoft windows 2003 server Radius server to authenticate VPN client.
Resolution 4810: Can the Serial-to-Ethernet device be used the opposite way, i.e. Ethernet-to-Serial The application is for VoIP devices to operate via an MTS2EA device and a serial modem at each end of a 2 wire leased line.
Resolution 4812: I want to setup two RF830ís for a demo. I want to use an Ethernet cable (Cat5e) to connect the two WAN ports simulating a WAN link. Do I need to use a cross-over Cat5e cable or just a standard straight through Cat5e cable for this
Resolution 4813: Does the SocketModem ISDN MT128SMI support the protocol V.110
Resolution 4817: What is the differences between the DID server and the other 2 port server
Resolution 4818: Do you have a fax server (like FF110) that can support two or more DID lines
Resolution 4819: Do you have a time-diagram describing the states of E&M and audio signals during the establishment of a communication link between an MVP gateway and a conventional telephone exchange
Resolution 4820: Does the report / log include images for incoming and outgoing faxes
Resolution 4821: I am using an RF550VPN that needs a constant Internet connection, occasionally we lose the Internet connection and cannot establish a back-up dial-up connection until we disconnect the DSL modem or power it off.
Resolution 4822: I am using the MCSI redirector software to connect to your MTS2EA modules and it works great! Do you have a linux version of the software so I can connect easily from a linux box
Resolution 4823: As you know, class 12 has 4 slots for transmission and also 4 slots for reception, although only 5 slots can be used at a time. Is the modem capable of operating with 1 slot for Rx and 4 slots for Tx
Resolution 4824: We plan to upgrade from DSL to a partial T1. I know Cisco units typically require an expansion card, but does this particular model require something along those lines or will it handle the connection out of the box
Resolution 4825: Can the Multi Access ACS units be used on a Leased Line
Resolution 4826: How many phone numbers can the FaxFinder client hold
Resolution 4827: Does the FaxFinder retry sending faxes when the line is busy
Resolution 4829: I am working with the MTXCSEM-L. I have Telnet, HTTP, and socket connections working properly. I am trying to upload a new host web page using TFTP Client and getting an access violation error.
Resolution 4830: I am having problems connecting to a RF560 using the microsoft VPN PPTP. When the customer tries it they will timeout and get an error 800. Every once in a while it will get to the login prompt but then timeout after that.
Resolution 4831: If I feed the WAN port on my RF500S with 8Mb/s how much can I expect to get out of the LAN-port
Resolution 4832: We are trying to install an ISI4608-UPCI on a SCO OpenSwerver 6. Unfortunatly, we only found drivers for OpenServer 5 on your website.
Resolution 4833: Can you tell me the best way of putting a client together for a GRE Tunnel, where the master end is a MTCBA-E-EN
Resolution 4834: What models of the RouteFinder use the same firmware
Resolution 4835: I need to modify the setup of an RF820 by using telnet through a SCO server and then telneting to the router. Is there a way to save&restart from the telnet session
Resolution 4837: Do the E&M channels provide a 600 ohm loop, or are they capacitively coupled (thru a transformer).
Resolution 4838: How many virtual com ports does the WinMCSI XP-2000 (MCSI2000) redirector support
Resolution 4839: A document with directions on how to get and install what is necessary for WPST to work with the -EN models.
Resolution 4841: Can wan2 on the RouteFinder also be used as a DMZ port
Resolution 4842: Will the FF100 work with a POP3 server on the Internet
Resolution 4843: Can you explain these GPRS connection problems: (#CME ERROR: 35841) (+CGEV: NW DEACT 'IP')
Resolution 4844: What are the differences between MT5634ZBA-V92-NAM Global and Non Global modems
Resolution 4845: Fixed - A problem on the -FX models where the FXS channel would stop working. The user would go off hook on the channel and they would not hear dial tone.
Resolution 4846: Just a suggestion, but you should put this recipe in your FAQ on your Web site. This makes a very nice and flexible device to remotely manage Cisco devices using the console port.
Resolution 4847: I have 2 new RF860s setup for high availability, is there a log that shows sync status
Resolution 4848: I am trying to make a demo to show data communication using your modem, do you have suggestions
Resolution 4849: Is it technically possible to route through an IPsec tunnel Is this a limitation of linux, bsd, or whatever OS the router is using
Resolution 4850: I'm developing a mobile messaging platform for a project using C#, I have tried all manner of connection options without success. What do I send How do I send it What's the handshake over TCP
Resolution 4851: Is there a way to integrate a call attendant in the VOIP, (i.e. If you know the local number that are you calling please dial it now, otherwise dial 0 for operator assistance)
Resolution 4852: I can't access Microsoft shares via an IPSEC tunnel to the computers behind the firewall. Do I need to do something with packet filtering
Resolution 4853: Setting up IAS Radius in Windows 2003.
Resolution 4854: I am having problems setting up a Remote Desktop Connection, more specifically, forwarding connections from the Internet to a specific pc on the LAN using the default RDP port 3389.
Resolution 4856: If we configure the SMTP proxy in the RF660, does it store the incoming mail or only distribute it
Resolution 4857: It appears that only one person per IP address is able to PPTP into the RF660, is this correct Can it be increased Do the same rules apply for an IPSec connection I'm talking about an individual ipSec, not the IPSec between other Multitech's.
Resolution 4858: We are upgrading from VPN 560ís for our clients and we cannot administer the router remotely without first connecting a VPN. Is this a new security feature
Resolution 4860: Does the RouteFinder support RGP
Resolution 4861: What port does PPTP use
Resolution 4863: What wireless models connect to the Sprint network and utilizes keep alives. If keep alives are used from the equipment how often do those happen What are the pings used for
Resolution 4864: I have a RF560VPN, can it accept telnet requests
Resolution 4865: Can mobile users (remote laptops) that connect to the RF830 or RF850 through a VPN tunnel locate a resource (a server) on the LAN using the UNC instead of the IP address of the resource
Resolution 4866: Can mobile users (remote laptops) that connect to the RF830 or RF850 through a VPN tunnel display the shared hosts on the LAN by using 'My Network Places' or 'View Workgroup Computers'
Resolution 4867: We have 2 MTCBA-E-EN Modems. One is connected to a PC, and the other one to an application. Do you know how I can configure the modems, in order to send data via TCPIP
Resolution 4868: Sometimes I get an error from my Visual Basic application when trying to send a text message. I can login via Internet Explorer and go to tools -->reset modem and the sms messages work fine again, is there a way to reset the modem from my VB app
Resolution 4869: How do I use RSA Secure ID with the MTASR3
Resolution 4870: Is there any way to get the signal strength while we have a PPP connection established through the regular telnet interface or Web admin
Resolution 4871: I tried to configure our EDGE cell modems to always stay connected, but even with a keep-alive ping they disconnect after some idle period.
Resolution 4872: How do I assign a WAN port to a particular outgoing service
Resolution 4873: Can I use an AS/400 / FaxFinder to send a fax
Resolution 4875: Can the FaxFinder Client fax multiple PDF's to the same recipient
Resolution 4876: Can I use the CallFinder GSM with a dialer as if it is a regular phone line with a dialtone. I will have it at a remote location that doesn't have phonelines.
Resolution 4877: How does the MTXCSEM behave when plugged into a jack that provides Power-over-Ethernet I have been getting reports that the MTXCSEM is overheating.
Resolution 4878: How do we configure the maximum number of dialing retries to infinite
Resolution 4879: What is the procedure to do a firmware upgrade via FTP
Resolution 4880: What kind (and direction) of service would I use SNAT for
Resolution 4881: Does the card itself recognize that a port on the board is busy and forward the fax to the next port
Resolution 4882: Can I configure the fax server to drop a fax into a shared folder rather than to an email address
Resolution 4883: If the FF420 loses power, what happens to the queued faxes
Resolution 4884: Is there any monitoring software/method to monitor the FaxFinder in order to know if the FaxFinder is down or not working properly
Resolution 4885: Can the client software import a comma delimited file
Resolution 4886: Fixed - When a fax from the fax log is sent using RESEND, the attachments were not added to the fax.
Resolution 4890: Added support for the MultiVOIP-SS to send user-agent header information in the register packets sent from the MultiVOIP-SS.
Resolution 4891: Added support for the MultiVOIP-SS to receive option 6 (DNS Server) from a DHCP server.
Resolution 4893: Added - Support for RFC 3261 Style Hold.
Resolution 4894: Fixed - A problem where a call on hold would get disconnected if the user on hold tried putting the call on hold or transferring.
Resolution 4895: Fixed - A problem where calls to MultiVOIP-SS were not being routed through the SIP Proxy.
Resolution 4896: Fixed - A problem where the channel not releasing if both side initiates disconnect at same time.
Resolution 4897: Fixed - Devices registered through the MultiVOIP-SS would not be handled properly by the SIP Proxy, if the SIP Proxy was using the user-agent header information to determine how to manage calls.
Resolution 4898: Calls were rejected on some SIP Proxies because the register packet's 'From' header contained the IP address and the Invite packet's 'From' header contained the domain name instead. This would prevent some SIP Proxies from finding an exact match.
Resolution 4899: I can't locate the place where I would input the DNS server for the LAN. My DHCP clients are not getting correct DNS server information from the DHCP server.
Resolution 4900: Does the Multitech MultimodemISI fax boards support routing incoming faxes using DTMF tones
Resolution 4901: Will the RF560 PPTP VPN support Vista
Resolution 4902: Is there a pre-defined loop-open disconnect for that device
Resolution 4903: Can I create a custom cover page
Resolution 4904: I have Wireless Router Web Management-Version 1.10, can I upload / upgrade new firmware via GPRS version 1.10 ->1.14
Resolution 4905: We need to make a PPP connection between two devices using circuit switched lines. Originating the call from an ordinary PC and receiving the call on the MultiModem side, is this possible
Resolution 4906: Unable to send faxes from fax client, due to a UDP communications error.
Resolution 4908: Does the FaxFinder client software need to be running in order to receive faxes
Resolution 4909: Here are steps to perform a live update:
Resolution 4910: What VPN clients will work with the RF550
Resolution 4911: Does the #RM command reset the setup password
Resolution 4912: How to reset the password locally on MVPFX2 models.
Resolution 4913: I'm unable to activate the CF100FX2-C to Verizon.
Resolution 4914: Can the FaxFinder client software send a fax from Caelus software
Resolution 4915: Can the FF110, FF100 or FF200 receive attachments in PDF format
Resolution 4916: Calls start on the cell side to the PBX which gets to voice mail, but when the call is ended on the cell side, the PBX never disconnects.
Resolution 4917: Where is the client's phonebook stored
Resolution 4918: How do I get the VPN live logs to display the status
Resolution 4919: We have a Complete 4000 modem server. Is there an update for Daylight Saving Time for the server software
Resolution 4920: We are looking for an option were the Multitech becomes a bridge, meaning No IP routing on it. Is this is possible
Resolution 4921: Can I use this for a modem and get Internet access
Resolution 4922: Should AT commands work in data mode even if it's not activated
Resolution 4923: What tiff format does the FaxFinder support
Resolution 4924: Can I dedicate a separate 'ATTENDANT' for each and every port
Resolution 4925: Do your MultiModem Ethernet Models (GPRS, CDMA2000&EDGE) permit SMS messaging
Resolution 4927: Can you authenticate a PPTP connection on an 850/860 to 2003 Active Directory
Resolution 4928: Can your ISI5634PCI/4 fax board work with Fedora Core 5 with a kernel of 2.6.*
Resolution 4929: Does the RF560VPN router support forwarding of protocol 47 (GRE)
Resolution 4930: Apparently the Multi-Tech modem 'drops' the PPP connection until a request for service appears from the LAN side Gateway to the WAN. This dropped connection prevents the client from connecting to the LAN side Telnet server.
Resolution 4931: I'm able to get calls working FXS to FXS, but not caller ID.
Resolution 4932: Can the router act as a PPP server
Resolution 4934: I'm finding problems with remote administration on the RouteFinder. It will not allow me to connect to the default admin port (80) over the VPN even though I have added a packet filter rule of MyLAN-Any-Any-Accept.
Resolution 4935: I'm having speed issues when accessing the Web via RF830's. It may be the load balancing function which is causing the problem. Can I create a SNAT rule to forward port 80&81 traffic to a specific WAN and disable the load balancing
Resolution 4936: Can the ISI5634UPCI be used for GFI FAXmaker
Resolution 4939: I got my 3.25 firewall update installed via CD and it worked. However, I started the update to 3.32, but when the updates were finished, it rebooted&proceeded to hang upon running LILO.
Resolution 4940: How can I configure my RASFinder software to communicate with COM rather than over IP
Resolution 4941: Are these devices layer 2 or layer 3
Resolution 4942: Does this modem support Reverse mode
Resolution 4943: Can the FaxFinder do broadcast faxing
Resolution 4944: Is it possible to proxy by username and password for HTTP traffic or is it only by network
Resolution 4945: Can the RouteFinder be configured via the serial port
Resolution 4946: I have customers connected to my RF600 via several RF560VPNs. I deleted the Packet filter rule for one of them and I was still able to ping myself from their network. If the packet filter is not on, shouldn't that prevent them from seeing my network
Resolution 4947: To clear all logs including accounting and graphics.
Resolution 4949: Does a flashing status lite mean something is wrong
Resolution 4950: How do I Turn OFF fax reports
Resolution 4951: I have questions on the administrator Low Disk space alert. When does it trigger Is it possible to change this value
Resolution 4952: Can I replace my main office RF550VPN with an RF820 and still have the others connect to it with their RF550VPNs, or will I need to upgrade all
Resolution 4953: What is the TCP/IP Reset value for this device That is the time TCP will wait for a response before attempting a 'retry.'
Resolution 4954: How do I setup PPTP so multiple concurrent users can connect to the router
Resolution 4955: What do the speed and duplex default to when auto-negotiation fails
Resolution 4956: We have an RF560VPN and we can't connect multiple users from the same location. Only one user can log into our system.
Resolution 4957: I need to connect two office's together to act as one network via a VPN solution. Which of your devices will do this and also allow the offices to use the Internet while the branch to branch VPN is on
Resolution 4958: I could not get 1.5 gig to work in the RF850. It is seen by the cmos, but not by any of the Multi-Tech utilities.
Resolution 4959: Most VPN's use port 1723 - I notice that this port is already defined for use as PPTP Service. Will defining a second 'service' using this port create a problem for the Modem firmware.
Resolution 4960: Can I install the FF420 as a network printer
Resolution 4961: I have a question on the E&M Characteristics (impedance, max voltage in/out).
Resolution 4962: Does the MA100 support, provide, Radius Accounting information
Resolution 4963: I have an FF100 located in our office 300 miles away. I can access the gueue from here, but I'm going across the router to hit it. I installed the client software and tried to send a fax, but it remains in the queue like it can't find the fax server
Resolution 4964: I have an MVP2410 connected via T1 Card with Avaya Ip Office and a MVP2410 connected via T1 card with Norstar MICS. I can make and receive phone calls but I don't receive the Caller ID.
Resolution 4965: Is it possible to connect MultiModem EDGE / GPRS wireless modem with a WiFi Access Point / Router
Resolution 4966: I want to know if the command /etc/multiconf/scripts/bkupmain importbkp default can be used with a hard disk, because I wrote it in a RF660VPN with flash memory.
Resolution 4967: I am looking to link several locations together, each location using this product.
Resolution 4968: When I try to set the S2 register with: ATS2=255. It does not take that value as ATS2 it returns 127. This means 127 will be used as an escape sequence character even if it is in the fax data stream. Is this a bug
Resolution 4969: We have installed an RF820 to provide Internet access for four Win XP machines. The RF820 works fine except that our XP machines can't access the time standard that sets the computer clocks and we can't access chat rooms we like to visit.
Resolution 4970: On the ethernet version: Does the modem have the intelligence to handle simultaneous AT commands from multiple systems, or does it allow only one connection at a time
Resolution 4971: Are there RouteFinder models that handle multiple NAT'd clients using IPSEC
Resolution 4972: How do I setup the RouteFinder to allow the Blackberry to get email from our email server
Resolution 4973: Is this card suitable to use for fax server application
Resolution 4974: Is there SSL support for management
Resolution 4975: Calls not disconnecting on PBX side (with voice mail use).
Resolution 4976: What is the correct syntax used to embed a colon (:) character into the value for an HTTP-monitored parameter set device-parameter P5 'Run time is 2:45' does not work - the colon is interpreted as the end of the command.
Resolution 4977: With root access, how can I view and flush arp entries in the RF660
Resolution 4978: I have 12 remote points and each has a PLC with an ethernet port. I need PLC information in a specific place for remote monitoring. The modems must automatically connect to the GPRS network when the modem is turned on.
Resolution 4979: We want to use an RF760 for caching purposes only. The RF760 has 3.32 firmware.
Resolution 4980: We have a minor annoyance with Mozilla Web browsers opening up different Multitech routers in succession. IE7 gives a certificate error, but allows us to continue. We have to restart Mozilla in order to choose a different Multitech router.
Resolution 4981: What is the command used to verify the amount of memory in a unit
Resolution 4983: I'm looking for multi-port fax modems where I can install one card and run 4 fax lines. I want separate lines that will all be receiving and sending at the same time. Is there a PCI card that specifically does this
Resolution 4984: I'm trying to manually reset values to factory default as listed in chapter 3, but I can't set the device friendly name to 'Multi-Tech SocketWireless' as shown. It is too long, over 15 characters, and contains a '-' which doesn't seem to be allowed.
Resolution 4985: Is there a method of creating a list of users who can access ALL sites and another who are limited to a specific list
Resolution 4986: I am considering using the RF830 for a remote access system, is it possible to setup a client connection using the Microsoft VPN client in Windows 2000/XP
Resolution 4987: With a LAN to LAN connection (via VPN), can the two (or three or four) offices share printers and other resources as if they were in the same building
Resolution 4988: I have an RF660 that I would like to monitor what each computer on my network is using for bandwidth. Is there any option on the RF660 to accomplish this
Resolution 4989: Does the RF820 have the ability to have multiple IPSEC client entries and allow only one client at a time to connect The 2 people would not be connecting at the same time.
Resolution 4990: When sending a fax from the client software, must I enter a name
Resolution 4991: How do I reset the password via command
Resolution 4992: How do I get realtime log views while in the console
Resolution 4993: What is the file that holds the client phone book
Resolution 4994: Can the IDS features be broken down and reported to pager or cell phone vs. only to email
Resolution 4995: What is the root password
Resolution 4996: We are having a tough time controlling SPAM. We use Exchange, but only route POP3 email through it to users inboxes. We are not hosting our own email. Will your SPAM filter on the Multitech RF850 work for this type of setup
Resolution 4997: Can I connect a VPN to a network with the IP range of if I already have a connection to another VPN with that same remote LAN IP range (
Resolution 4998: What is the dial prefix function of the Voip
Resolution 4999: I got my RF860 few days ago. Could you give me some ideas how to block msn messenger and yahoo messenger.
Resolution 5000: We are in the process of setting up a fax server. We are using XP Professional and have installed Windows Fax Console Version (5.1). So far we are not able to configure more than one line at a time with this software, is this a know issue
Resolution 5001: Can the MT5634ZBA-USB be installed on Solaris 9
Resolution 5002: What protocols are used for IPSEC tunnels
Resolution 5003: I'm looking for a key which is defined as end of entry. Using for example PAP2 from Linksys or SPA941 you can end a phone number entry by using '#' as the last digit.
Resolution 5004: What is line reversal
Resolution 5005: When a fax comes in on the FaxFinder line 1, we get the email. If the call rolls to the other channels, we don't get any emails, even though the log shows the fax was successful.
Resolution 5006: Is it possible to create modules which would reside on the Ethernet Modem that could respond to http requests and pass the request to the modem as an SMS message
Resolution 5007: Is there an ATDT command to, preferably send an email, or perhaps send a UDP package
Resolution 5009: We have several RF550 and RF560 routers at remote sites connecting to an RF820. In the past we had to use the same preshared key. With the RF820 router at this end can each VPN tunnel have its own distinct secret (preshared key)
Resolution 5010: Could you point me to a guide for setting up the VPN client w/a dynamic IP address (sometimes behind NAT, other times not) with an RF860
Resolution 5011: Is there a way to view the ipsec / ike live log info from the ssh interface
Resolution 5012: On the 830 is there a way to spoof another mac address
Resolution 5014: Do you have any documentation on connecting physical SIP phones to a MultiVOIP 2410
Resolution 5015: Can we use two 2 port units in place of one 4 port unit for outbound faxing...Will the clients be able to use both servers
Resolution 5016: Does the SocketWireless Bluetooth Module include an antenna or do I need to add one to it
Resolution 5020: What is the difference between our analog and digital Voip models
Resolution 5021: After the FaxFinder receives an inbound fax, can it turn around and send the fax to a fax machine
Resolution 5023: If I set Maximum Retries to 0, will it never try to update the IP or will it retry indefinitely
Resolution 5024: Is the Dual Serial Port Router still in production and available
Resolution 5025: We are considering the FaxFinder for use with our PBX. Is it better to use two FF420's or one FF820
Resolution 5027: Is there a way to limit the notifications to only failed incoming faxes, i.e. faxes that were not able to be delivered to the intended recipient
Resolution 5028: The CallFinder is FXS on a line port of our phone system. Voice volume is low on both sides, regardless of which side originates the call.
Resolution 5029: We have noticed that there is a 500 character limit to how much you can type in the comments box on a cover page. Is there a way to get around this
Resolution 5030: Does this modem work with Vista
Resolution 5031: Is there a network client that people can login to so they don't have to install the client on each workstation
Resolution 5033: I have the 200/220 FaxFinder Client Software and would like to know if there is automatic synchronization with Outlook. I didnít see the option to set up a schedule.
Resolution 5034: Is the FaxFinder able to detect if a call is a voice or fax call and route it accordingly
Resolution 5035: The majority of outbound faxes are working great, but we do get a 'connection was not made' error on rare occasion. What does this error mean
Resolution 5036: I have an MA100 but I don't know or have forgotten the administrator's login credentials, password.
Resolution 5037: Can this device be put into sleep mode to conserve power in a portable battery powered application
Resolution 5038: Can your SocketModem IP dial an ISP and send data via the HTTP / FTP protocols
Resolution 5039: Inside our MT2456SMI-IP-L-92, is there any ROM available for us to store data temporality while sending data
Resolution 5040: Can the MT2456SMI-IP-L-92 be connected through a digital telephone system
Resolution 5041: The IDS and all other reports are being blocked by our ISP. I know where I can change the host name, but can I change the 'root' user name to something like rthomas So the email would 'appear' to come from
Resolution 5042: Is telnet the only way to connect to the MTCBA-G-EN-F2 in order to issue AT commands We only use the modem to send and receive SMS.
Resolution 5043: What is the traffic bandwidth supported by the RF550VPN under an IPSec Tunnel with AES Encryption of 128-bit We're looking to maintain an international IP link of about 1MB over a robust tunnel.
Resolution 5045: My FTP application requires writing flash in 512 byte blocks, how do I set block mode
Resolution 5046: Does the FaxFinder support SSL
Resolution 5048: How do I get the IP address via AT commands
Resolution 5049: Is your client compatible with citrix 4.0
Resolution 5052: The network does not have an NTP timeserver. How can I configure Time, Date and Timezone
Resolution 5053: Where are the config files for PPTP on a RF760
Resolution 5054: What is the tolerance specification on the baud rate
Resolution 5055: I configured the FF200 and now the mail server status says no errors. What does this mean
Resolution 5056: What is the DTMF duration range acceptable by the CF220
Resolution 5057: Is there a command line interface
Resolution 5058: Does the CallFinder GSM work with every sim card that is inserted into it
Resolution 5059: What is the default username / password
Resolution 5060: Does this VoIP do reverse DNS lookup
Resolution 5061: Is there a way to view faxes that have been sent out from the client.
Resolution 5062: If I get caller ID service from my phone service provider, can the FF420 capture the Caller ID number and send it in the email
Resolution 5063: Is it possible to send command controls (change parameters values) via a webpage
Resolution 5064: How do we update the security certificate for web administration This is the error I am getting in Firefox, a pop up error:
Resolution 5065: Is there a way to reset the PIN
Resolution 5066: Auto discovery specification.
Resolution 5067: Added Coder Priority feature.
Resolution 5068: Added a Configurable Payload Type feature for easy interoperability.
Resolution 5069: Added Message Waiting Indication Support in SIP.
Resolution 5070: Added Authentication for Username and Password in SIP.
Resolution 5071: Added Caller ID manipulation.
Resolution 5072: I am trying to find out if you have a Multi-Tech fax switch that would work on a 3Com NBX system
Resolution 5073: We have a problem with our SE devices, which do not activate their IP or Ethernet communication after power on, when the serial cable (null modem) is connected to them.
Resolution 5074: We are using the simple (AT command interface) Qualcomm UDP stack and we have observed that the transmit UDP port number starts at 32769 on modem reset and increments each time the UDP socket is closed and re-opened. Can we control the socket port
Resolution 5075: How can we change the numeric value of spamassassin to a higher number
Resolution 5077: May I use the MT128SMI for V.25bis syn conection
Resolution 5078: We have a Merlin Legend system in California. We would like to add a single VOIP SIP line and telephone adaptor to make random international calls out from extensions on the Merlin system. Do you have a gateway which would enable us to do this
Resolution 5079: What happens to a send or receive fax when all modems are in use
Resolution 5080: Is there a way to have the fax logs sent to multiple people
Resolution 5081: I'm using your RF820 model and am trying to use it for a program called Medinotes. I setup the VPN tunnel and can see the other end, but when I try to 'sync' it says it cannot find the server. (My end) any thoughts
Resolution 5082: I upgraded firmware, but the WIFI modem can't be connected to AP after I set the module the same as with old firmware.
Resolution 5083: Are there any plans for version 3 SNMP for the MTXCSEM
Resolution 5086: Must we have a mail server to get the faxes to the users or is there an alternate way
Resolution 5088: What Serial speed do I use for terminal software (console port)
Resolution 5090: I tried to set a config password over the Web interface, but the VoIP never prompts for a password when I try connecting to it again.
Resolution 5091: Is there an installation switch to automate the installation on 70+ computers
Resolution 5093: Is the FaxFinder compatibility with Alcatel What kind of ports it will connect to
Resolution 5094: I'm not able to login from the client software.
Resolution 5095: I'm trying to setup outbound faxing but it isn't coming up with the send window when trying to print the fax out.
Resolution 5096: Configuration notes for InterTel with Faxfinder setup.
Resolution 5097: Is it possible to have faxes saved to an ftp site or SMB/CIFS share
Resolution 5098: Is there any way to 'reorder' the DNAT and PacketFilter pages so that they are easier to locate and see what has been defined for a particular server / service
Resolution 5099: What is the hardware difference between the RF850 and RF860
Resolution 5100: Can I use the ISDN TA for a 56 dial in connection
Resolution 5101: A lot of spam blockers are using a whitelist with auto verify option. Is there a way to have the spam filter verify an email
Resolution 5102: Will the FF820 listen for DTMF digits from the PBX
Resolution 5104: Can the 'From' field of the FaxFinder email be changed to the FAX ID the fax is from
Resolution 5105: Can users have access to common (shared) cover pages
Resolution 5106: What format are the http logs sent in Are the http access and http deny logs in the same format
Resolution 5107: I am looking at a program to import the http logs from the RF850 and RF600 routers. Does the RouteFinder have a way to push these logs to a 3rd party in real time or in a batch mode
Resolution 5108: How do I get a non-Multitech VPN client to work through an RF830-AP Assume the client is a CIsco VPN client trying to access a service across the Internet.
Resolution 5109: Does the MTXCSEM have built in magnetics or will it need external magnetics
Resolution 5110: The IP addresses for all messenger servers is in the range from ~ and from ~ Do I create rules to block the messenger server Is this done in network&services
Resolution 5111: Can the RF600 run syslog though the WAN port
Resolution 5112: Fixed - The modem configuration page would sometimes fail to display properly when the update button was clicked.
Resolution 5113: Fixed - When sending email to a Comcast email account, some documents were not able to be read.
Resolution 5114: Fixed - PDFs generated by the server were not able to be displayed in a PDA.
Resolution 5115: Changed - When changing the IP or Admin userid via Auto-Discovery, the server will now auto-reboot.
Resolution 5116: Changed - The administrator is only forced to the login page if the user id or password has been changed.
Resolution 5117: Changed - The administrator is only sent an email if the SMTP server name has been changed.
Resolution 5118: Added - The ability to set the Real Time Clock via the FaxFinder Web interface. Both the date and time can be adjusted. Any updates to RTC settings are also made to system time. On boot, system time will be set to RTC time.
Resolution 5119: Changed - The Remote Fax ID is now used as the from name for received fax email.
Resolution 5120: Changed - The Modem Configuration page has been redesigned.
Resolution 5121: Ethernet to serial connectivity using a Telnet dialout feature.
Resolution 5122: Authentic networks, blocked networks and Minimum Mail Size to Bypass POP3 Virus / Spam Filtering (KBytes). What do each of these options effect.
Resolution 5123: What is the procedure to enable port forwarding on specific ports to specific devices behind the RF820
Resolution 5124: How do I change the MAC address for an RF850 or RF600
Resolution 5125: I will have the MVP130-FXS at a remote site with a phone attached. Can the MVP130-FXS register to the Avaya S8300 PBX
Resolution 5126: I have some clients using MacBooks, will the AP security work with these laptops
Resolution 5127: Is there a telnet server on this module
Resolution 5128: I disabled the auto-dial option so that it should be always connected, but with no activity I still see the TR and CD lights go out and I lose the connection. I need to have it always on so that I can telnet into it when required for maintenance.
Resolution 5129: Is the URL filter smart enough to look for wild cards, ie rather than
Resolution 5130: What client software (if any) will work with this modem I would like to have a remote laptop connect to this edge modem via a VPN and then be able to access the devices on the LAN side of this modem.
Resolution 5131: Is the RF550VPN RoHS Compliant
Resolution 5133: I want too verify that when I update the firmware in an RF820 to version 1.40 that I will not loose any of my current settings. Is this correct
Resolution 5135: I have an RF850 and several RF820s connected to the RF850 via IPSEC tunnels. I would like to be alerted when the tunnel from a particular firewall goes down. Is there a way to do this and then to look at a log to see what is happening
Resolution 5136: I have added extensions in the attachment filtering, wmv, wma, mpg, avi. and the attachments are still coming through. Besides enabling message filtering, what else do I need to do
Resolution 5137: I have set up a DNAT to forward port 80 to an internal server, but it's not working. - DM4 = - I have the DNAT entry as WAN ->HTTP ->DM4 ->HTTP - Is there anything additional I need to do
Resolution 5138: Is it possible to have many MT800SWM (Embedded Serial-to-Wi-Fi Device Server) create a network (Infrastructure mode NOT Ad-Hoc) so that one of the modules is my AP (Access Point) and the others are different stations that can communicate with my AP
Resolution 5139: I'm running CentOS 5, which already has the MultiModemISI drivers. However, I do not have the resetport utility mentioned in the 'Quick Start Guide'. Is there a way I can obtain this utility
Resolution 5140: I am going to be installing a Panasonic Phone System with an IP phone at a residence. Panasonic told me that MultiTech has a VPN Router that I would need to accomplish this. I would need one at 2 sites each having DSL. Can you give the the model #
Resolution 5141: Can a MVP810-AV be 'downgraded' and the standard MVP firmware installed The MVP810-AV will be used in a stand alone configuration and not connecting to any other gatways at first.
Resolution 5142: Does this appliance support NAT-T (NAT Traversal)
Resolution 5143: How do I accomplish URL blocking on the RF830
Resolution 5144: I need to make a point to point application with 2 Multimodem EDGE modems (MTCBA-E-EN).
Resolution 5145: Is it possible to add the wireless module to an existing RF820 in the field
Resolution 5147: Will the CallFinder work with Sprint
Resolution 5148: Is it possible to configure this unit over the Ethernet interface
Resolution 5149: Does the MVP2410 support PRI protocols NI1, NI2 and 5ESS
Resolution 5150: How do I improve the data flow to the maximum
Resolution 5151: How much memory does the RF660, RF760 and RF850 have
Resolution 5152: I have connected directly to a cable modem with a 15M download speed. Through our RF550VPN router we only get around 4M. What router would utilize the whole 15M
Resolution 5153: How difficult will it be to setup this module to get intelligible analog audio
Resolution 5154: We need to change the web admin port from 80 to something else, but we can only access the router using telnet. What is the 'set' command to change the web admin port #
Resolution 5155: I'm developing an application with your MT800SWM and I need to know how the CTS / RTS flow control signals work.
Resolution 5156: I use the MTS2EA for connecting a serial device to a virtual Com-port of my PC. I installed the MCSI2000-software, but I am not able to login to the IP-server. Logging in via the browser or via telnet is no problem.
Resolution 5157: How can I attempt SSH access
Resolution 5158: How can I update the time of my GSM Modem I try to configure the device based on the time we have then 'submit' then 'save and reboot'. However, the time is back to default.
Resolution 5159: Does the CF220 support passing through Caller Id
Resolution 5160: I'm trying to configure the router to open ports for Pcanywhere Remote connection. Where do I need to go into the router to open the ports 5631 and 5632 and forward these ports to
Resolution 5161: Can the RF660VPN be used as a client to make a site to site connection to another IPSec box Can the other box be something other than a Multi-Tech box
Resolution 5162: Can I add a suffix to the number dialed when using the client software
Resolution 5166: What is the meaning of R2 in the model number
Resolution 5167: We will be taking our mail server offline for a few hours tonight. Since we route our faxes to an email box, is there a buffer within the fax server which will store incoming faxes If so, how big is the buffer
Resolution 5168: How do I setup this box as an http proxy server
Resolution 5169: I have misplaced the username / password, is there a way to reset the username / password for the Web Configuration home page
Resolution 5170: Can I access the web configuration over the cellular network assuming I know the IP address for the modem
Resolution 5171: When I add one multiconnect in the MCSI2000 management everything is fine, but when I add the second one and I click on IP Server to get the list, the sidebar gets very long and the program hangs and I have to shut it down.
Resolution 5173: What are the command differences between the F1 and F2 versions of hardware
Resolution 5174: Can we take a configuration backup from one MA30120 and restore (apply) it in another MA30120
Resolution 5175: Can I change the IP address of the router via telnet
Resolution 5176: Are there ways of sending outbound faxes without using the client software
Resolution 5177: I have three of these to setup, can I use the same email account to login to the Exchange server Can I configure the phonebook on one of them and somehow copy it to the others
Resolution 5178: Our SE devices don't activate their IP or Ethernet communication after power on if the null modem cable is connected. The only way to communicate is to power it off, disconnect the null modem cable, power it on, and reconnect the null-modem cable.
Resolution 5179: What are the power requirements for this modem
Resolution 5180: Is there a file I can ssh into and vi to add items into the 'Bad Patterns in Sender/Recipient Address' list and then recompile Same question about the 'Message Filtering' 'Filter Based on Message Expressions'
Resolution 5181: File System Check (fsck) on boot up, kernel panic, unit fails to boot up due to insufficient system memory.
Resolution 5182: Email notifications generated by the Disk Usage Utility, Subject: MultiAccess Disk Usage , Sluggish System Response and System Failure due to full hard drive.
Resolution 5183: Added an option to the Send Fax Dialog. The dialog that asks 'Do you wish to add this recipient to the Address Book', can be disabled. This feature will be expanded in later releases.
Resolution 5184: Changed - The tftpclient will remain minimized unless a problem occurs. It will then move to the front of the open windows.
Resolution 5185: The Main window is now resizeable.
Resolution 5186: The Fax Header Local ID can be used to set the ID of the Sending Modem when Sending a Fax using the FaxFinder Client. The Modem ID string is displayed in the header information of a sent fax.
Resolution 5187: Logging Options can be used to alter the default logging options for the Device Manager. Normally, changes to these options are not required, unless directed by Tech-Support. It is set in File | Options | Logging tab
Resolution 5188: The performance of modifying Phone Book Entries has been improved.
Resolution 5189: When the Application Data Directory contained a user name with French characters, the FaxFinder Client was unable to properly set up the data directory.
Resolution 5190: Send Fax did not work for Hylafax Servers.
Resolution 5191: If the telnet userid and password does not match the FaxFinder Server user id and password, the telnet login will fail. This was not properly reported.
Resolution 5193: When Windows is shut down or the user logs off, temporary files may be left in the system temp directory. The client now cleans up old temporary files on start up.
Resolution 5194: Can we impose a single logon Meaning if the user is already logon, he/she cannot logon again to another workstation.
Resolution 5195: Is there a log file wherein we can check what sites the users are accessing and errors encountered
Resolution 5196: Does the MTXCSEM have any special requirements for which serial lines Must be connected For example, could we make it work with just TX, RX, GND, RTS, and CTS with DTR tied to 5V
Resolution 5197: If someone connects a MTXCSEM directly to their PC using a straight through Ethernet cable, will it automatically detect that it needs to swap the Lines (similar to a crossover cable) and vice versa
Resolution 5198: Is it possible to have your software automatically fill in the number of fax pages sent, or do I have to manually input this info
Resolution 5199: Can this box act as a DNS server
Resolution 5200: Is there is a way to restart / reboot this unit via telnet
Resolution 5201: We are unable to issue the command '+flo' to the modem.
Resolution 5203: Questions on surviveability
Resolution 5204: How to manually update the RF850 / RF860
Resolution 5205: How do I stop the fax log being sent as an email
Resolution 5206: Does this AV model support VLAN tagging
Resolution 5207: Does your CallFinder Gateway route calls by using cell towers
Resolution 5208: I am planning to set up a RF560VPN as a Dialup backup for our POS system. We have a T1 internet connection. Will the RouteFinder 560VPN work with a T1 line
Resolution 5209: Is there a way to backup and restore the configuration of an MTS2EA on ftp or elsewhere
Resolution 5210: How can I edit by console to add a network in webadmin access
Resolution 5211: Will the FF420 work with SSL authentication
Resolution 5212: Is there are any GPS functionality on this modem
Resolution 5213: What AT command sets the APN on the modem
Resolution 5214: Samsung 7400 setup guide to pass DTMF to our FaxFinder
Resolution 5216: Do you have drivers for Windows CE
Resolution 5218: Can I use the FF200 strictly for outbound faxes
Resolution 5219: What is the part number of the octopus cable on the back of this card
Resolution 5221: How do I change the MTU settings on an RF820 using static IP WAN
Resolution 5222: We have created a denied list for URL's; however, it does not block https requests to that URL. How do we block SSL requests to the same URL
Resolution 5223: How do I flush the proxy cache
Resolution 5224: On the serial to serial adapter what do we use to work out when to send a packet If we have an incoming stream of serial data, do we send when there is a pause in the data stream if so how long a pause is needed
Resolution 5225: Will the FF420 will work with Lanx, a 3rd party automated installation software.
Resolution 5227: I want to replace our single RS-232 Multitech GPRS modem with a bank of Multitech GPRS Ethernet modems (x10) to speed up downloading MMS capacity. We want to control 10+ modems from one Linux PC. Will your Ethernet GPRS models allow us to do that
Resolution 5228: I have your ISI5634UPCI/8 fax modem and I need the drivers for (Ubuntu Linux
Resolution 5229: Where can I find new firmware for the MTCBA-G-EN-F2
Resolution 5230: I want to install multiple FF220's on the same PBX, can this can be done
Resolution 5232: Is QSIG signalling featured
Resolution 5234: Does the model of modem used in the MultiAccess ACS support distinctive ring
Resolution 5236: If I try to set the ring count higher than ten, I get the message 'FXS ring count value is not valid! Enter an integer between 1 and 10'. Is there a way to set the ring higher than ten or to ring continuously until answered
Resolution 5237: When our server is restarted the system goes ballistic and can't access any of the modems until we go through a whole procedure disabling all the modems one by one and restarting their services after each time.
Resolution 5238: We are looking for two SE units to connect up to each other automatically on power up.
Resolution 5239: Can you confirm that the RF820 is compatible with the Sonicwall PRO-2040
Resolution 5240: Changes in the 1.40 firmware.
Resolution 5241: Is there a handshake protocol, so in case of data failure between your module and the laptop with (Wifi adaptor), data gets resent Does this device have a buffer
Resolution 5242: How does the connection happen between your module and a lapptop or access point and which protocol does it use
Resolution 5243: I Need an ISI4608PCI where can I shop for one
Resolution 5244: I have an RF850 main router with two private networks behind it, and connect three IPSEC VPNs with RF820 routers from across the internet. How do I route traffic from one remote network to another through the main RF850
Resolution 5245: What's the differences between FX and regular MultiVoIP's
Resolution 5247: When the FaxFinder is powered up it sends an email to the administrator indicating it is 'online'. Is it possible to also have it send an email when it goes 'offline' for some reason
Resolution 5249: Can I add a 'number of pages' field to the cover page template
Resolution 5250: Can I use the MTCBA-G-EN as a RAS device
Resolution 5251: Can the Embedded Serial-to-Wi-Fi Device be connected to Micro-Controller serial port (RS-232)
Resolution 5252: Our client is using dBM values rather than the % RSSI as displayed by the CSQ command. Is there a table relating %RSSI to dBm for our modems
Resolution 5253: Users can browse http pages, but not https.
Resolution 5254: After upgrading my RF830 to version 1.31 my DHCP server live log shows an error It shows '</t '.
Resolution 5255: Where can I get the upgrade to the latest release of firmware
Resolution 5256: We're installing a new RF820 VPN and I'd like to know how I can restrict access to Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger and Hotmail services.
Resolution 5257: Inbound faxing is working fine. I installed the Client and now I'm trying outbound, but all fax attempts are going to 'pending' and aren't being sent out.
Resolution 5258: Are there any known issues between PaperPort software and your Client 1.07.00 The Client worked fine before we installed PaperPort. Since the install however, the PaperPort software comes up every time we try to print to the FaxFinder.
Resolution 5260: I can send and receive SMS without problem but I cannot get any proof that my SMS has been delivered.
Resolution 5261: I have customers with RF550 and RF560 RouteFinders and they want 'Faster' routers. Would this be handled by an RF820 or RF830 Is the difference between these two that the 820 has dial up with a modem ability and the 830 does not
Resolution 5263: Will your FaxFinder work with an AOL email server
Resolution 5266: What is Smart Dial
Resolution 5267: Problems sending faxes using Windows Vista Ultimate and Business editions only. Partial pages, or multiple repeated pages are sent.
Resolution 5268: We are using MVP130-FXS's talking to an MVP810 and we are thinking of changing some of the 130 sites over to 210's. Are the MVP130_FXS units similar to the MVP210's
Resolution 5269: Does the Web based interface using the ethernet interface provide for the entry of the full range of AT commands as would a 'terminal' function on the computer and a USB interface would
Resolution 5270: Can we still get the MVPFX2-2/4/8 and if so, where
Resolution 5273: I have a problem trying to activate this modem. I followed the instructions in the manual, but when I type the following command 'set operation-mode modem-bypass', the modem says it is not supported.
Resolution 5274: We want to use your Bluetooth device to provide a wireless interface for our Automotive ECU to PC/Laptop for data transfer. We plan to use two MTS2BTSMI modules, one as a Master and one as a Slave. Can I use it for this type of application
Resolution 5275: Iím looking for a way to determine the quality of the ISDN lines to which we attach the MTA128NT. Does your device have the capability of detecting/storing/displaying statistics/counters
Resolution 5276: Occasionally we receive an error message when the FaxFinder client tries to start. An 'unexpected error occurred when attempting to modify print driver settings. Please restart FaxFinder client.' Is there anything else that can be done
Resolution 5277: Fixed - Now allows 'null' or empty field to be entered and subsequently saved for SMTP server or port.
Resolution 5278: Fixed - A PPPoE username and password length problem. Now allows longer length when entering PPPoE username and password.
Resolution 5279: Fixed - A DHCP Live log display problem.
Resolution 5280: Changed - Now allows changes in webadmin UI will take affect immediately without doing save&Restart. A save option to Flash MUST be performed in order for all the new changes to work when there is a power cycle or reboot.
Resolution 5281: Added - Support for PPTP authentication via RADIUS.
Resolution 5282: Added Support for PPTP Call History.
Resolution 5283: Added support for assigning static IP address to PPTP users.
Resolution 5284: Added support for moving order of Packet Filter Rules.
Resolution 5285: Added basic DDNS Logging
Resolution 5286: Now allows smaller values to be configured for IKE Lifetime and key life.
Resolution 5287: Changed the default SNTP settings to reflect the new dates for daylight saving.
Resolution 5288: Added commands to allow a custom Factory default reset with a different LAN IP.
Resolution 5289: Changed - Now allows adjusting of MTU value on the ethernet WAN links.
Resolution 5290: Added commands to allow certain URL or IP addresses to bypass HTTP Proxy.
Resolution 5291: Added A CLI command to set load balance PING count and timeout value.
Resolution 5292: Fixed - With Caller ID enabled and making a call to the FXS interface you may experience one way audio. If you reset the box it would work fine for awhile and reappear. Disabling Caller ID fixes this problem.
Resolution 5293: Faxing in T.38 mode is failing between MultiVOIPs when using SIP.
Resolution 5294: Added - The SPP protocol is now supported.
Resolution 5295: What is the power consumption of the MT9234MU
Resolution 5296: Do you have a FaxFinder setup document for use with the NEC IPK2
Resolution 5297: I have an MVP410-FX, is it possible to change this device from SIP or SIP to H.323
Resolution 5299: Inbound routing some times does not work correctly. One week it will be fine and the following week it might mis-route (a few of ) the inbound faxes to a user that it should not have. We have a Shoretel phone system.
Resolution 5300: Will the MultiVoIP allow communication both directions between a Partner phone system at one site and a Panasonic system at another
Resolution 5301: What RouteFinder will pass voice data
Resolution 5302: Does the MVP3010 generate a clock reference
Resolution 5303: How do I remove the standard cover pages from the FaxFinder Client so they don't show up in Send Fax Cover Page Style Drop Down List
Resolution 5304: What Diffie Helman group does the RF820 use for standard VPN configurations
Resolution 5305: Can the MT800SWM-L run directly off a 4,8 Volt NiMH batterypack
Resolution 5306: Can the MT2456SMI-IP support up to 5 open UDP sockets
Resolution 5307: How do I clean out all the mail queus and errors
Resolution 5308: When I try to set the AT Command: it always responsds 'Unable resolve the Host Name'.
Resolution 5309: Is there a Driver for Linux kernel 2.6 for the ISI5634UPCI 8 port modem card
Resolution 5310: I am looking for a driver/module for Debian Etch Kernel 2.6.18-4-686 for your Multi-Tech MultiModemISI ISI5634UPCI-4.
Resolution 5311: We've successfully been using the RF850VPN as our firewall. I am trying to clean up some old networks that are no longer used and have a problem trying to delete them.
Resolution 5312: How many PPTP connections are available on the RF850
Resolution 5313: How many times does the Client retry outbound faxes and where can I configure this
Resolution 5318: Where can I find the lastest Flash Wizard utility
Resolution 5319: Does this modem support Hardware CTS/RTS flow control
Resolution 5320: How can I delete unused IPSEC VPN tunnels
Resolution 5322: I set the LAN to and it gave out a DHCP of the same address - not fun!
Resolution 5323: I'm testing with Sprint using the MTCBA-C-EN modem (for Sprint). However, when I try to retrieve the current MDN and MSID using the commands (AT+WMDN) and (AT+WIMI), I get an error.
Resolution 5324: We have an RF850 with DHCP turned on for the LAN. It works great for handing out IP addresses as well as gateway information, but does not hand out DNS information.
Resolution 5326: Can we change the way the email receipts read We want them to report the name instead of the number...i.e. 'The fax was successfully sent to NAME' instead of 'The fax was successfully sent to Number'.
Resolution 5327: We have to open some ports on the firewall for anyone to use. How do we do that
Resolution 5328: Are the new 1616 IP phones compatible with the MVP810-AV in surviveable mode
Resolution 5329: Can a MultiVoIP SS working as a SIP server How many SIP terminals can I register on it
Resolution 5330: What is the default password that is assigned to the users in the phonebook
Resolution 5331: Can the firmware be uploaded remotely Will I loose the current programming information after the upgrade
Resolution 5332: Can this module search for WLAN and get the network name (SSID) in the area
Resolution 5333: On an RF820, when we enable HTTP Proxy, internet browsing speed slows way down. Is there something I am doing wrong
Resolution 5334: Should one be able to do all settings using this Web interface or are there some settings that aren't possible via this interface
Resolution 5336: How many phone book entries does the FaxFinder support
Resolution 5337: What is an MVP428-FX
Resolution 5338: We would like to start receiving syslog messages from RF820's. We currently have it enabled, and receive kernel messages during reboot, however we are not receiving any further syslog messages from the device as it pertains to tracking.
Resolution 5339: We need to detect which station on our LAN is generating unsolicited traffic (Port 25), because we are being included in SPAM HOUSE. What procedure do you suggest to pinpoint the station(s) producing the undesired traffic
Resolution 5341: Does the FaxFinder work with the Avaya Communications Manager 4.0 in the same manner that it works with the Avaya IP Office
Resolution 5342: Can we configure the software to only send a failure notice after it gives up Weíre getting a failure notice every time it attempts delivery and it makes it difficult to figure out which faxes have given up and which are having temporary problems.
Resolution 5343: Is there any way to perform WOL across an IPSec tunnel
Resolution 5344: How do I read the sargfile-xxx that are emailed to me from the RF850 Routefinders
Resolution 5345: What product do I need to install at the remote site, to create a VPN tunnel to the host RF650 I would really like to have two remotes on a LAN to have access to the computers on the host network.
Resolution 5346: How do I add more users/password/change password for ssh
Resolution 5348: Fixed - Now allows 'null' or empty field to be entered and subsequently saved for SMTP server or port.
Resolution 5349: Fixed - Now allows longer length when entering PPPOE username and password.
Resolution 5350: Fixed - DHCP Live Log display problem.
Resolution 5351: Added Vista driver support.
Resolution 5352: What's the best way to process 100+ messages a minute The ideal situation would be one number that can deal with that many messages. This project is sms only no voice no web.
Resolution 5353: On the RF820's is there a way to trigger one end or the other to attempt to restart the VPN without having to reboot the router I'd like something that I can say 'force manual renegotiation'.
Resolution 5354: Can a wireless access user get access to our network
Resolution 5355: Does your RF830 support proxy user authentication
Resolution 5356: I just bought an RF860 and wanted to know if there is a way for me to configure the router to use a cable connection for all downloads and our dedicated T1 for uploads
Resolution 5357: Can this RouteFinder be powered up over ethernet
Resolution 5359: The current listing doesn't have the proper login credentials so the login is failing, how can I re-add this faxfinder to the client device list
Resolution 5360: How can I change the VoIP's Web port to something other than 80
Resolution 5362: Can the FF120 connect directly to a DID line, like our FF110
Resolution 5363: Do you have a VPN router with Dual WAN / DMZ capability
Resolution 5364: Setting up the KX-TDA0470 16 Channel VoIP Extension Card for Mobile Users via PPTP VPN with the Multitech Routefinder SOHO Model # RF820
Resolution 5366: When I upload a saved configuration does it replace / overwrite everything Does it make an exact duplicate of the router config that was saved
Resolution 5367: I'm having problems with a MTCBA-E-EN. When I try to make a change to the configuration, the modem doesn't connect or assign an IP address to the local computer via DHCP. The IP LED never turns on.
Resolution 5368: How do I open a port, say 5900 to allow us to access a customers network (via a vpn) to perform remote maintenance
Resolution 5369: Can I map a couple of public IPs to internal LAN IP addresses.
Resolution 5370: We want to assign more than one STATIC IP address to the WAN port, Is this possible
Resolution 5371: Some entries in the FaxFinder fax log indicate 'voice' as the result, what does this mean
Resolution 5372: Is there a way to make this model work on VISTA
Resolution 5374: Can I use a Linksys WRT54g to extend the range of an RF820-AP If not, what device do I need to do that
Resolution 5375: Can the RF830 form an Ipsec VPN tunnel with Fortinet's Fortigate firewall
Resolution 5376: Is there any way to remotely send commands to the module and have it recognize it and respond back
Resolution 5377: What does all mean in encryption strength
Resolution 5378: Can we assign each PPTP user a dedicated IP address
Resolution 5379: We are using a GSM/GPRS Multi-Tech Modem to send SMS with a rate about 10 messages per minute. Can that rate be improved with an SMS Finder
Resolution 5380: Can a Linksys router be setup to connect to my RF550 as a VPN
Resolution 5381: Is there a way to get the arp table on the RF850
Resolution 5382: I am unable to update our FaxFinder with the firmware update on your site. After following the directions many times and trying a reboot I am still unable to update the machine. Then I get an error.
Resolution 5383: We only have one POTS line, how do I turn off / disable the other three ports
Resolution 5384: How can I eliminate / disable the client logs
Resolution 5385: Connection is not working, do I have to add packet filters to accept PPTP
Resolution 5386: Do you have a 2 port, fax modem,(no voice needed) for a PCI Express slot
Resolution 5389: Do you make an industrial grade socketmodem for Ethernet IP which may work below 0įC
Resolution 5390: I have an account with 6-8 users and I want to give 2 users full Internet access (any site) and limit others to only specific sites (maybe 8 for one user and 12 for another). Which product do we purchase
Resolution 5392: Is it possible to create a VPN tunnel between a RouteFinder at our corporate location and the router of one /a few employees at their homes Could this be done using a VPN Server in PPTP mode
Resolution 5393: Do the FaxFinders support NEC Aspire PBX routing
Resolution 5394: The AT&F is not working in all cases, can you tell me how I can set the RouteFinder to default settings
Resolution 5395: Fixed wizard setup so it allows none alpha numeric characters for username and password.
Resolution 5396: Fixed webadmin username and password so it allows none alpha numeric characters to be configured.
Resolution 5397: When initiating a TCP connection for keep alive, the timeout is fixed at 90 seconds, if the TCP connection does not reply back in 90 seconds, it will consider TCP connect failure and it will drop and restart the PPP link.
Resolution 5398: Added a new option in the webadmin UI to disable telnet access. The new option is available in IP Setup -->General Configuration.
Resolution 5399: Allow external applications to query modem information based on AT commands that are configured.
Resolution 5400: We tried to connect an Ericsson PBX to a SIP account at a SIP provider called, but the Initial connection fails as the provider looks at the gateway name as part of the connection security (as well as username and password).
Resolution 5402: In the networks&services, how can I add a known range of IPs
Resolution 5403: We are changing to RF830-AP routers. We have a few sites using ADSL DHCP with dynamic IP addresses, also using DDNS ( Can we connect these sites via VPN, using their dyndns name
Resolution 5404: Can the FaxFinder receive DID digits and route the digits to the email address
Resolution 5406: Is there anyway I can speed up my network by updating my RouteFinder
Resolution 5407: Is there any way of increasing the maximum mail size in the RF860
Resolution 5408: I have multiple mobile users trying to PPTP into the same RF600. Problems seem to happen when they are coming from the same IP. Is there any way to allow multiple PPTP users originating from the same IP
Resolution 5409: When I try to connect to the gsm-modem via 'telnet<ip>5000' I do not get any connection established. The connection simply times out.
Resolution 5410: Please give me a list of RouteFinders that have support for UPnP.
Resolution 5411: I see in the picture that there are only 2 phone jacks on the card. How does the card utilize the 8 modems simultaneously How does the wiring work How many analog lines would I be using
Resolution 5412: Does the MT5656ZDX support Super G3 Fax
Resolution 5413: Is there a way to setup a FaxFinder 820 to send it's fax logs to a syslog device
Resolution 5414: Can you provide me a list of HTTP commands (AT interface) and their uses.
Resolution 5415: We have 820 and 830 devices in the field. We can access them from our office and administrate them via the public IP address. However, unlike the 560s, 550s and 6xxs we have not been able to administrate them thru the VPN via their local LAN IP.
Resolution 5417: I'm trying to get the FaxFinder authenticated to Gmail. They use TLS for authentication, how do I get this to work
Resolution 5418: Do you have any information on connecting the MVP PSTN and ISDN gateways to an Asterisk SIP/IAX2 server
Resolution 5419: I would like to change the email that is generated for incoming faxes. Can I to insert the date into the subject line, Is there anyway to edit the email (template or configuration) to make this happen
Resolution 5420: I want to activate the CallFinder with Sprint, what steps do I take to get it working
Resolution 5421: What are the registration capabilities of the SS models
Resolution 5422: Do you have details on setting up the send to network folder option
Resolution 5424: Can I block an incoming callers SMS message by using AT commands
Resolution 5425: I have set up a user with a new PC. Is there any way to copy the address book from their old PC to the new PC
Resolution 5426: Does the client machine have to stay connected for the entire time that faxes are being sent For example, if Iím sending a fax to 200 recipients does my laptop have to stay connected to the network for the duration of all 200 faxes
Resolution 5428: Does this modem supports a 64-Bit version of Windows Server 2003
Resolution 5429: I would like to see if the router is getting fragmented packets.
Resolution 5430: I have an RF820 router and I need to have a PPTP user only have access to specific internal IP addresses.
Resolution 5431: Is there a number response mode on the MT800SWM WiFi module
Resolution 5432: Is there a way to permanently set the echo off
Resolution 5433: Can the wireless access point be turned off in this device
Resolution 5434: Can I use the RF820 with an ISP provider that uses PPPOA instead of PPOE
Resolution 5435: How do I find out the IP address of my VoIP
Resolution 5436: What is a SIM number
Resolution 5437: Where in the menu do I give the Pin code
Resolution 5438: I'm trying to set up an MTCBA-G-EN-F4, but I can not keep a telnet session open. The telnet session stays open, but it seems the moment that the modem connects to the T-Mobile network. The Telnet Session says 'Connection closed by foreign host.'.
Resolution 5439: I'm setting up an IPSec tunnel between two MultiTech routers. What ports / protocols do I need to forward from the 3rd party NAT to Router B's LAN address to allow it to establish a tunnel with Router A
Resolution 5440: I have a project where I have been using the MT2834 BL in a 2 wire leased line communication network. Is the MT2834BL still available
Resolution 5441: We would like to have one GUI for our entire system and would need the ability to produce a file or an API to provision the unit. Can you provision the unit from a file (i.e. not using the web interface)
Resolution 5442: Is it neccessery to activate this module
Resolution 5443: I have a MultiModem Edge model: MTCBA-E-EN and I want to change it from GMS 850 to GSM 1800. In another MultiModem Edge with the same specifications I want to change from CDMA 800 to CDMA 1800.
Resolution 5444: We need to turn off ftp and telnet on the default outbound ports and all unsecure protocols must be turned off. Is there an easy way to do this (maybe from the command line)
Resolution 5445: An analog device (PBX, etc) attached to the CallFinder does not reliably detect dtmf digits received from the GSM network.
Resolution 5446: How can I select a specific port to use when sending faxes
Resolution 5447: I am trying to archive a copy of all outgoing faxes, is there a method for doing this
Resolution 5448: I need to connect an MTS2EA to a serial device, then I want to be able to telnet (using port 23) straight through the MTS2EA out of the serial port to my serial device. How can I configure the serial port (S0) as port 23
Resolution 5449: We want to upgrade from a 100 to a 200. After exporting the config from the 100 and trying to restore to the 200 we get an error that the files are not from the same model. How can we import the phone book so we donít have to reenter it all
Resolution 5450: What files/directory on the RouteFinder has the user/system parameters used for creating a PPTP connection
Resolution 5451: I am searching for a central management for mobile devices solution. Does Multitech provide such a solution for the RF825
Resolution 5452: We want to swap two firewalls, one being an active RF850 with settings that we want to have exist on an RF860. Is it possible to save the configuration and import them to the other firewall
Resolution 5453: I'm facing a problem of message loss at the TE (Terminal End) when concurrent messages are sent. For Instance, when sending two messages at the same time, both are received by the modem, but one reaches the TE and the other goes to the Message Inbox.
Resolution 5454: What is the current requirement of this modem when powered with 5V
Resolution 5455: Every time a TCP/IP session fails the following message is sent to the RS232 device: 'Telnet SessionClosed'. This message 'disturbs' the software running at the RS232 device. Is it possible to disable this message
Resolution 5456: Can the DSR pin be used to signal the status of the TCP/IP connection
Resolution 5457: What is the capacity of the log file storeage on the SMS finder Also, is archive to an SMTP server a possibility
Resolution 5458: What is the specification on your modem card for receive power from a PBX or CO
Resolution 5459: Is it possible to look at the entries in a 'black lists' of the spam filter as a text file
Resolution 5460: Is there anyway to limit the number of attempts to establish a UDP connection if the server is busy on initial attempts
Resolution 5461: We get two errors when trying to install the client software on to a Windows XP SP2 machine. error in function daddpriner2 error code 126 and error during call dinstallblackiceprinter error 4.
Resolution 5462: The modem doesn't store the date and time after a reload.
Resolution 5463: We are listening to a socket and have a client connected who can't escape out of it and close the socket, the +++ command is just gets transmitted to the other end.
Resolution 5464: I configured the device with WEP64 and entered the correct code for the AP. The MT800 connected. I then changed the MT800 code to be different, but the MT800 still connects.
Resolution 5467: Is there any keepalive support directly by the modem
Resolution 5468: I did an AT#VALL to receive all the AT# parameters and in the list I saw a parameter 'VERBOSE:1'. What is this command
Resolution 5470: What are the UserID, ext# for Does the Fax Finder work only with Outlook
Resolution 5471: Does the RF560 support IPsec Pass-through If so Where do I turn it on
Resolution 5472: I am using a Wireless Modem MTCBA-G-EN-F4, and I would like to know how to configure the unit to assign the WAN IP directly to my pc, like a bridge mode.
Resolution 5473: Is it possible to integrate the FaxFinder to Outlook Express instead of having an in house e-mail server
Resolution 5474: Is there an option to set the date and time on the Web interface
Resolution 5475: I want to add your external GPRS modem to my device through the Ethernet port. Will it run with WinCE
Resolution 5478: Does your Client do priority faxing
Resolution 5479: Is the wifi module capable of sending ppp packets through the serial port and encapsulate them into IP The Multitech module would effectively be transparent.
Resolution 5482: Do you have a SCO Unix driver for the MT9234ZBA-USB
Resolution 5483: Can we use your MTXCSEM module to access RSS feeds
Resolution 5484: Does the SMSFinder support Chinese SMS messaging
Resolution 5485: What are the prerequisites required to configure load balancing When I enable load balancing none of the Internet connections work.
Resolution 5487: Does this modem support ACM as defined in the USB CDC (1.1) specification
Resolution 5488: Vista Ultimate on my 64 bit laptop is saying that the driver I downloaded off your site is not digitally signed, and the install will not complete.
Resolution 5489: Does the SF100 have an SMS Autoresponder
Resolution 5491: Does the MTS2EA support RFC2217
Resolution 5494: What is the procedure for setting up two MultiTech RF860 firewalls in redundant mode
Resolution 5495: Does the RF820 have a 'keep alive' feature for a VPN connection
Resolution 5496: Where do I go on the RF860 to show a live log of all traffic going in and out of the WAN Port
Resolution 5497: Where can I get the Linux 2.6 kernel drivers for an ISI4608-UPCI
Resolution 5498: Inbound faxing is working perfectly, but we consistently get 'No Dial Tone' errors when trying to send outbound faxes. I can't believe there's no dial tone, since inbound faxing is working.
Resolution 5499: Do the MultiModem ISI (ISI5634UPCI/4 or ISI9234PCIE/4) models support the BSC / BiSync / BiSynchronous protocol
Resolution 5500: We have installed many FaxFinder clients successfully, but we have one client in particular that installs ok, but fails when launched. The user is getting a 'Cannot convert to long' ABEND error.
Resolution 5501: What is the configuration cable part number and where can I get one
Resolution 5502: Will this card fit in an X4 or X8 Express slot
Resolution 5503: Do you have or offer SNMP support for the FF420 Fax server
Resolution 5504: Is the network folder option compatible with Novell
Resolution 5505: We only get one bar and the signal range is between 83 and 88, how can we get a better signal on the RF825 with a sprint account
Resolution 5506: Does the VPN on the RF850 use SHA or MD5 encryption.
Resolution 5507: Do you have any plans for X64 2008 drivers for the ISI5634UPCI/8
Resolution 5508: What is the transport mechanism used for transferring UART data over a packet-switched network
Resolution 5509: When I make changes and go to 'Save&Restart'>'Restart' some of the configuration that I just set up gets lost (i.e. if I change the admin password and then Restart, the password doesn't get saved, it reverts back to the original password).
Resolution 5510: If someone sends an email to an invalid email address at a domain, a message is sent to the sender telling them that this is an invalid email address. How many times does a Routefinder 850 send this non delivery message
Resolution 5511: Fixed - A PPP dial backup problem.
Resolution 5512: Fixed - The script for checking VPN status inĎfqdncheckí to prevent IPSec configuration file corruption.
Resolution 5513: Fixed - PPTP when using Radius.
Resolution 5514: Fixed - A missing PPPoE username and password after restoring the backup configuration file.
Resolution 5515: Fixed - Missing entries in the HTTP access log when the URL content is enabled.
Resolution 5516: Fixed - A VPN IPsec manual mode reconnect problem when WAN1 and WAN2 are used and WAN2 is on PPPoE.
Resolution 5517: Fixed - LAN interface traffic doesn't display correctly when High Availability is on.
Resolution 5518: Fixed A Problem when seting up IP Aliases. Duplicate interface alias entries are not allowed. The problem was seen mainly with WAN2. Aliases should not be added with :0 suffix, since they are used up for High Availability.
Resolution 5519: Fixed - The 'fetchipac' process used by MRTG does not execute properly and the MRTG graphs are not displayed properly.
Resolution 5520: Fixed - An IPSec reconnect problem when the RouteFinder restarts and the WAN link is on PPPoE
Resolution 5522: Improved - The Webadmin interface when loading The IPsec VPN setup page with many VPN tunnels that are already configured.
Resolution 5523: Added - DDNS Force Update and Log.
Resolution 5524: Updated - New Daylight saving changes.
Resolution 5525: Changed - Only saves up to 10 old log files for qmail.
Resolution 5526: Changed - Now is ICSA compliant.
Resolution 5527: What can cause an 'SMTP Invalid Response' email status
Resolution 5528: Fixed - DTMF routing of more than 9 digits failed to go to the correct person in the phone book. The fax was routed to the POTS modem it was received on.
Resolution 5529: Fixed - An extension with leading 0s (0320) does not route correctly. The leading 0 was stripped from the number when searching the phone book for the extension.
Resolution 5530: Fixed - Auto Discovery could not default a user id and password to factory defaults if the userid had been changed to anything other than admin.
Resolution 5531: Fixed - If the time zone is set for UK (GMT offset 0) and DST is unchecked in the Administration/Time configuration page, the FaxFinder would receive an error and communication with the FaxFinder would be lost.
Resolution 5532: Fixed - File sharing problems connecting to a Windows 2003 server.
Resolution 5533: Fixed - If a name server was incorrect or it took more than 5 seconds to resolve, an orphaned socket was created. Over time this would prevent the FaxFinder from sending email if the email server was a DNS name.
Resolution 5534: Fixed - An attempt to send email to a user with a blank email address. An invalid email address or an email address rejected by the email server would cause the email to be queued indefinitely.
Resolution 5535: Changed - The Status LED has been enabled. The LED will be solid green on power up then go to a flashing state once the system is ready.
Resolution 5536: Added - Field Validation for the Host Name field in the Administration / IP configuration page.
Resolution 5537: Added - A Share Status field in the Current Status page. The Share Status field shows the last error that occurred when saving a received fax in the inbound fax share.
Resolution 5538: Changed - Shared resources / Inbound Fax Backup. We now attempt to write a file to the inbound fax share to ensure the FaxFinder has write permissions to the drive.
Resolution 5539: Added - A button on the Administration SMTP configuration page. This button allows an Administrator to delete the pending email from the email queue.
Resolution 5540: Added - Support for the 1600 and 9600 series Avaya IP phones. When adding endpoints in the MultiVoIP-AV Gatekeeper, there was no option for the 1600 and 9600 series phones.
Resolution 5541: Fixed - Calls fail when using shuffling with Avaya Call Manager (5.0). When 'Direct IP-IP Audio Connections' is enabled on Call Manager (5.0), calls between channels on the MultiVoIP-AV would ring, but drop when answered.
Resolution 5542: Fixed - When using the GUI on a PC with a virtual COM port, the GUI would occasionally become unresponsive.
Resolution 5543: Fixed - A compatability problem that occasionally causes T.38 faxes to fail during negotiation.
Resolution 5547: What is the throughput on the modem How many messages can be sent per minute, how many can be received
Resolution 5548: What platforms does the API support
Resolution 5549: I am trying to set up a PPTP connection between 2 RF830's. One will have a static WAN IP and the other will be dynamic. Do you have a configuration guide I can follow to do this
Resolution 5551: How can I retrieve faxes off the FF120 if the mail server goes down
Resolution 5553: How do I block an entire domain of email into the router SMTP proxy
Resolution 5554: I have a multitech MVP210 with firmware version 6.9. I am trying to install firmware version 6.11. However, whenever I try to update firmware to 6.11 it starts, asks if it is ok to reboot the MVP, asks if I want to keep settings and then it dies.
Resolution 5555: Does the FaxFinder have provisions for backing up faxes
Resolution 5556: What is the shared resource tab in the administration tool for
Resolution 5557: What is the specific meanings to the LEDís on this modem
Resolution 5558: Is there any possibility to save the outgoing faxes
Resolution 5559: Is there any way to debug the SMTP communication
Resolution 5560: Can the FaxFinder Client sync with the Exchange contact list
Resolution 5561: Since we upgraded to 1.04 we now get the IP address in the subject line. Is there anyway to mask that or put a name in instead
Resolution 5562: I am trying to enter loopback test mode in the MT5600SMI. Every time I issue the command I get back AT&T1 ERROR. Does the MT5600SMI support the loopback mode
Resolution 5563: What DTMF option do I set for IP office
Resolution 5564: Is it possible to send an email outbound to a physical fax machine
Resolution 5565: Is it possible for the 'send fax email receipt' to have a subject header of whom it was sent to
Resolution 5566: Is there a means to reset back to the default values for the user name and password only
Resolution 5567: We are using your embedded serial to Wifi device server in our design. Can Multitech recommend a small rigid antenna for our application
Resolution 5568: The Statistics&Logs ->Hardware and Network reports are not generating any longer. The statistics were last updated: Monday, 13 March 2006 at 05:10:19 PM
Resolution 5569: Is there a module in the RF860 where we can track/record changes in configurations
Resolution 5570: The manual for the MTS2SA says it supports even parity on the S0 side. Is this correct and can you clarify if this is with 7 or 8 data bits or both
Resolution 5571: Steps to retrieve faxes manually from the FF200 if your e-mail server is down.
Resolution 5572: We are about to install a new MA30120 and we want to use a PRI T1. Is it possible to determine which phone number (line) was dialed with PRI
Resolution 5573: We need to switch to an IPv6 option, are the RouteFinder's able to do that
Resolution 5574: I have a problem accessing when enabling the HTTP proxy on the RF850.
Resolution 5575: What db gain antenna is shipped with the RF820/830-AP firewalls
Resolution 5577: I have PPTP VPN setup on my RF560VPN and it works fine with Windows XP on a pc. However, I am trying to get my Verizon XV6700 Pocket PC to work which runs Windows Mobile 5.0 without any succsess.
Resolution 5578: Is the ISI4604-UPCI card Windows 2008 compatible
Resolution 5579: How can a user combine multiple pages to send one fax
Resolution 5580: What is the transceiver sensitivity and transmit power
Resolution 5581: Why does the log show error correction off but modem config shows error correction on
Resolution 5582: What are the specifications for the RF600VPN Compact Flash
Resolution 5583: We are using an MVP130-AV at a remote office to connect a fax machine to the LAN/MAN and use our Avaya PBX approximately 20 miles away. I need some help figuring out how to get faxes through successfully.
Resolution 5585: Does the RF820/830 support 100 Full Duplex on the WAN side
Resolution 5586: We have a Multitech MT5634ZBA-USB-V92, and I want to know if this modem supports DTMF/DID for incoming fax routing
Resolution 5588: Every time that we try to install this card, the first port assigned to it is Com3. We need to reassign the Com ports, is this possible
Resolution 5590: Is the MVP210 expandable to four ports
Resolution 5591: Do the GPRS/GSM modems support iDEN technology
Resolution 5592: Is there a way to resend a fax that didn't make it through on previous attempts without printing it through the FaxFinder printer again
Resolution 5593: We had purchased SSH Sentinel with our RF850 last year and I noticed that I cannot find this software on your site anymore. Has Multitech discontinued this product
Resolution 5594: If a packet filter rule is added, is restarting the unit required
Resolution 5595: Does the RF820 support X-Auth for IPSec VPN connections The goal here is to authenticate against RADIUS and not merely use the shared key.
Resolution 5596: What's the maximum amount of memory this unit can take
Resolution 5597: Can the FaxFinder ports provide the same functionality as Voip ports
Resolution 5598: Can I program this modem to send an automatic response message to an incoming SMS message
Resolution 5599: Do these operate at 2.4 GHz
Resolution 5600: I've successfully used shared resources on a non-domain network. Now I want to try it in a domain environment, where do I put the domain name
Resolution 5601: How much current does this unit draw when in an idle state and when making a call
Resolution 5603: Does the MTA128ST have an internal 100 Ohm terminating resistor
Resolution 5604: We are looking for more security. Can HTTPS be enabled If not, can HTTP be disabled
Resolution 5605: What is involved in replacing the hard drive with flash
Resolution 5606: Does the MTCBA-G-EN allow for data connectivity over the Internet and support SMS technology as well.
Resolution 5607: I need to connect a MultiVOIP (E&M) back to back to a Cisco VIC (E&M). What should the cable pin out be
Resolution 5608: What chipset is used in the 56k External USB Modem (MT9234ZBA-USB)
Resolution 5609: We are connecting to a MT5656SMI through a RS232-USB converter chip. We would like to disable the Plug&Play (PnP) detection of the modem, is this possible
Resolution 5610: How do I determine the connection speed and duplex of the ports on an RF600 running 3.25 software
Resolution 5611: We can only connect on channel 11 at the moment, how can we choose the channel to be on
Resolution 5612: Can I access the Internet through the VPN tunnel
Resolution 5614: When we start up the socket it's necessary to wait around 2 seconds before sending any commands to the socket. Is this delay normal
Resolution 5615: Can your module send on the data path the string 'RING' when there is an incoming call
Resolution 5616: Generic CDMA Modem Activation Notice Rev B. For CDMA modems that don't have their own unique activation process.
Resolution 5617: Fixed - The Device manager did not copy recived faxes off of a server if they were in pdf format.
Resolution 5618: Fixed - Faxes could not be scheduled for 12:00 AM or 12:00 PM
Resolution 5619: Fixed - The ffsend API could cause an exception in the FaxFinder Client while building pages for a send fax. This would happen if the Client tried to access the file while it was being built and an exception occured.
Resolution 5620: Fixed - A dual monitor setup could cause an exception if the FaxFinder was on the secondary monitor.
Resolution 5621: Fixed - A print driver problem printing PDF's with editable fields.
Resolution 5622: Aeris Modem Activation Customer Notice.
Resolution 5624: Added - HTTP / TCP API support
Resolution 5625: Added - Extended characters support and conversion based on GSM 7bit and 8bit
Resolution 5626: Changed - Receives SMS messages without using the SIM card memory.
Resolution 5627: Added - Allows networks to restrict access for webadmin, telnet and API.
Resolution 5628: Added - Remote syslog server.
Resolution 5629: Added - Display of signal strength in 'Statistics&Logs>>System Information'.
Resolution 5630: Added - Options to empty out messages that are in the inbox and outbox.
Resolution 5631: Fixed - An issue where ATZ quickly followed with AT would cause garbage commands. Also fixed an issue where incoming the incoming ring would be garbage,
Resolution 5632: Fixed - A problem when setting AT+VCID=2 on a normal (non CID) line. Now the modem does not display unformatted garbage anymore.
Resolution 5633: Fixed modem reset pin operation for Rev E FF420 hardware
Resolution 5638: Added option to disable Ethernet auto media detection (Auto-MDIX)
Resolution 5639: I upgraded several RF820 routers to the 1.40 version recently and since that time, it appears that the DHCP server function stopped working. I restarted the routers and a few hours later we can't get an IP address from the router.
Resolution 5640: Can I use Gmail as my SMTP mail server for the MTXCSEM module
Resolution 5641: Does this device support the ModBus TCP protocol
Resolution 5642: My MTSMC-G SocketModem appears to be having difficulty sending a short text message. I receive a +CME ERROR: 515
Resolution 5644: Will the MultiModem ZBA / ZBA-USB work under Windows Server 2008 x64
Resolution 5645: How can I disable callback security
Resolution 5647: Is the G.729 coder selection compliant with the Annex A or B specification
Resolution 5648: Do your ZPX internal modems work on Vista and are they voice capable
Resolution 5651: We have an SMS Application which works with SMPP links and we want to integrate this application with an MTCBA-G-F4. Does this modem have any kind of SDK / API
Resolution 5652: Does MT9234ZBA-USB support ACM for Linux The earlier model (MT5634ZBA-USB) did supported ACM, but it seems that the new one doesn't.
Resolution 5653: Is the power supply for the RF660 still available I have a dead power supply.
Resolution 5654: Can we use two (2) MT5634ZPX-PCI-U modems in the same PC
Resolution 5655: When I set a DHCP lease renewal for four hours, it does not work
Resolution 5656: Can we use 2 wire leased lines between an MT5600BR and the MT5634IND modem
Resolution 5658: Can we add another user to Webadmin access
Resolution 5663: I have 3 firmware versions represented in a large handful of GPRS modems. (1.14, 1.17, and 1.18) Is the there a spec sheet that I can look at to tell me the difference in these versions
Resolution 5664: I receive an error every time I issue the command AT+CREG
Resolution 5665: I switched the gateway in DHCP client mode through the Java applet of the Web administration interface and now the gateway won't boot. The red boot LED remains lit.
Resolution 5666: Do you have a Vista version of your redirector software
Resolution 5667: Our SMTP email server is not at the same site as the FF220. It has a VPN link to the site, will this work
Resolution 5668: Voice calls work great through the GSM callfinder, but faxing won't work.
Resolution 5669: How do I add a 9 (nine) to each outbound fax sent
Resolution 5670: Does this RouteFinder have the functionality to export the proxy logs
Resolution 5671: I have a question regarding PPTP and creating local client accounts. Can we use capital letters and special characters for the password
Resolution 5672: I have been using the RF550&RF560 in the past but cannot seem to find these models anymore. What is a similar current model that has an RS232 dial-up backup feature
Resolution 5673: I have an issue with the RouteFinder going out to update with a time server on the Internal(Local) network. Can we setup the RF850 to be a SNTP server for the local network Should it only be pointing to a sntp server on the Internet only
Resolution 5674: Is there a way to load the phonebook via FTP
Resolution 5675: I'm looking for a solution to extend digital phones on an NEC DS 2000 to a remote location.
Resolution 5676: What is the default baud rate
Resolution 5678: Do I get a return message if the SMS I sent is received by the user
Resolution 5679: We are having trouble installing an ISIHP-2S fax card on our fax server running Fedora core 6 (with linux 2.6.22 recompile kernel with isimod module load).
Resolution 5681: Is there a way to place multiple entries in the Email Address field If I try to add another email address after a semicolon, the fax/email doesn't go to either user.
Resolution 5682: Is there a way to set 4 modems for inbound and 4 modems for outbound
Resolution 5683: Can I plug the FaxFinder into PoE (Power over Ethernet) Gigabit Ethernet switch port
Resolution 5688: Do your RouteFinder products have this vulnerability 'Deficiencies in the DNS protocol and common DNS implementations facilitate DNS cache poisoning attacks'
Resolution 5689: I downloaded the file and used the .bin file to try an upgrade, but it failed.
Resolution 5690: This list describes the type of information that falls into each of the 60 URL categories.
Resolution 5691: Is there a way to release and renew the WAN DHCP
Resolution 5692: How do I setup the DDNS configuration of the MultiTech MTCBA-G-EN modem I have tried several options but it still won't update the hostname.
Resolution 5693: We have used the unit for a couple months with no issues. Then we noticed when we call a DID number, the light stays off, and we get a busy signal almost immediately. How do we troubleshoot this
Resolution 5694: Weíve got an MVP810 on the PBX side with a MVP410 on the remote office side. The call transfer feature has never worked. Does the call transfer feature have to be enabled on both ends of the VOIP link in order for it to work properly
Resolution 5695: Can I connect the SF100 to my ROUTER so that about 2 or 3 computers on the network can be working on it at the same time in order to send text
Resolution 5696: Can the MTCBA-G-EN-F2 work with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM Modem that supports sending and receiving SMS in PDU mode
Resolution 5698: How can I configure an RF830 so that while most users are using load balancing, one IP is set to always go out a particular WAN port
Resolution 5699: Can the SMTP server name can be an IP address instead of a name
Resolution 5700: I have an MTCBA-E-EN and I want to transmit a MP3 stream (CBR). I'm doing some testing and I can get an upload speed around 60kbps. How can I be sure to get the maximum updload speed for EDGE modems (177.6 downstream, 118.4 upstream)
Resolution 5701: Is the VoIP rack mountable
Resolution 5702: I'm getting complaints of multiple disconnects through the day. The Router has been up for 6 days, but DHCP needs to be renewed every hour. Could this cause a temporary disconnect Even if the IP remains the same
Resolution 5703: I have an RF820 that I need to set the MTU (non-PPoE). 1.40 Release notes indicate that I can use the telnet mode to allow adjusting of MTU value on the ethernet WAN links # set mtu<eth0/eth2><value>. How do I use telnet mode
Resolution 5704: What is the ring voltage provided by the CallFinder What is the ringer equivalent number (REN)
Resolution 5705: How do install this card in a SCO Unix OS
Resolution 5706: How many SMS users can be logged in at the same time
Resolution 5708: How do I determine what the static IP is
Resolution 5709: Is there are a way to change the 'From' fields while sending a fax, like name, address etc. from the FaxFinder client API's
Resolution 5710: Is there a way to automate the Reset Port Utility
Resolution 5711: I have two MTCBA-C-EN-N2-NAM wireless modems currently with Sprint. Is it possible to move these modems over to Verizon or Alltel without changing the modem
Resolution 5712: I'm planning to make a VMWARE ESX virutal server running 4 XP 'machines' with 2 modems. Is it possible to separate this modem card in VMware or does it act as one modem
Resolution 5713: Can this modem be configured remotely
Resolution 5714: I would like to create two VLAN on my network, how do I grant Internet access to these VLAN through the RouterFinder 760
Resolution 5715: Is there a way to share address books between users on the FaxFinder
Resolution 5717: Is it possible to fax from behind our company's firewall
Resolution 5718: How do I set the modem for 7 data bits, 2 stop bits and No parity bit
Resolution 5719: I have a question on getting info out of Statistics and Logs. Is there a way to get the interface (WAN&LAN) charts out without access to webadmin
Resolution 5720: Can I run the RFIPSC2-5 software on the RF825-E (VPN Celular)
Resolution 5721: I am looking for a definition of 'raw-mode' when applied to the telnet command.
Resolution 5722: Does this product support 64 bit Vista
Resolution 5725: How can I shutdown the RouteFinderr from the command prompt
Resolution 5726: How do I backup / restore my configuration so if I have problems in the future I don't have to set everything up from scratch
Resolution 5728: Is the SMS Finder capable of sending SMS messages in arabic text
Resolution 5729: We would like to introduce this product in countries where we cannot connect remotely with the modems over HTTP. The operator allows only inbound VPN protocols (IPSec / PPTP. Is there a way of creating this type of connection with the MTCBA-E-EN
Resolution 5730: How do I disable / bypass the username&password login in a Telnet session
Resolution 5731: Is there a method for sending messages other than using the included Web interface I would like to have a different front-end.
Resolution 5732: I'm setting up an exchange server on our LAN. Our upstream DSL vendor does spam filtering and other monitoring, etc. Is it possible to tell the RF850 to only accept SMTP traffic from a specific location (the IP of the system)
Resolution 5733: On several of my RF600/850 using 3.34 the Self Monitor Live log has reported 'swserver not running. Restarting the process'. The log appears to indicate it is a continuing problem that it can't solve on its own.
Resolution 5734: I'm trying to use the MTCBA-C-EN-N12-NAM to connect my Windows CE device over a CDMA WAN. Do you have the WinCE drivers to enable my device to work with this CDMA modem
Resolution 5735: Does the CallFinder use a standard SMA antenna connector
Resolution 5737: We have a problem importing a CSV file from excel 2007, the unit doesn't seem to recognise the data, if we import from excel 2003 it works fine.
Resolution 5741: Is it possible to have faxes go to email and the shared directory, or if they can just go to one or the other
Resolution 5020532: Fax Finder x30 version 2.1.0 upgrading concerns
Resolution 5020595: Fax Failures - Having problems with false V.21 detections while receiving faxes
Resolution 5020880: Why does your support portal say Account Verification Failed
Resolution 5021726: Windows OS's, PCIE Device Causing Blue Screen On Shutdown.
Resolution 5022527: No AT command parser available after AT+CFUN=0
Resolution 5022554: Some recipients not receiving SMS messages originating from -C1 devices
Resolution 5022555: A +++ doesn't escape the modem to hang it up
Resolution 5022603: Does the MT9234MU or MT9234ZBA-USB work on a Mac
Resolution 5022605: Does the MT9234MU-CDC or MT9234ZBA-USB-CDC work on a Mac
Resolution 5023104: Need to stop ( abort ) all scheduled outbound faxes from being sent by the FaxFinder
Resolution 5023105: When called fax answering tones are not immediately heard from FaxFinder
Resolution 5023106: Supported document ( attachment ) types and attachment size for the various submitting ( sending ) methods and models of FaxFinder
Resolution 5023108: TIFF or PDF files when sent from FaxFinder are received as blank pages
Resolution 5023112: Normal Boot Capture from FFx30 Series Faxfinder
Resolution 5023115: Changing user e-mail address in client software
Resolution 5023116: View/change the username or password within FaxFinder client software
Resolution 5023117: FaxFinder Client Software Log Location and Details
Resolution 5023120: Can I Update FaxFinder Contacts Automatically
Resolution 5023121: Use Outlook Contact list to Send Outbound Faxes from Client Software
Resolution 5023122: Manual removal and Installation of drivers
Resolution 5023124: How to upload a custom PDF cover page into FaxFinder.
Resolution 5023125: E-Mail Notification Example - Fax Logs
Resolution 5023129: Cannot access the FaxFinder via ethernet cable when connected to a specific hub/switch or Changing FaxFinder Ethernet Port Speed - Auto Negotiation Issue
Resolution 5023468: Issue where the MT5692SMI-V isn't reliably passing voice from the mic input to the phone line.
Resolution 5023606: Command Line access to the modems via SSH or Serial port
Resolution 5023610: Cover Page Creation via Adobe Acrobat Pro 8
Resolution 5023611: Creating Cover Page in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9
Resolution 5023612: DTMF Routing Overview and troubleshooting
Resolution 5023613: E-Mail Notification Example - Server Reboot
Resolution 5023646: +WSTE: 0,0,102 Response to AT+WSTX= command
Resolution 5023728: How do I get PageSender for the Mac to work with the MT9234 USB modems
Resolution 5023903: Sending faxes in standard resolution
Resolution 5023980: Can not view cover page when click on View Button in Fax Finder Client Software
Resolution 5024031: iSMS Will Not Work With New T-Mobile 64K SIM Cards
Resolution 5024174: Cover Pages created with Open Office 3.2.1 don't work since upgrading to firmware 2.1.0
Resolution 5024205: Signal Strength LEDs do not light up after upgrade from firmware version 2.5.x to 2.6
Resolution 5024440: Upgrade to CDC version of MT9234ZBA-USB or MT9234MU modems.
Resolution 5024451: Verizon can't activate device due to lack of E911 / GPS compliance or other reason.
Resolution 5024919: SMTP Deferral: TLS connect failed; connected to x.x.x.xĒ
Resolution 5024970: Client Software crashes in Windows 7
Resolution 5025174: ESN not required to Activate
Resolution 5025221: Transmit Level S register settings
Resolution 5025478: How do I get received faxes off of the FaxFinder if e-mail and or network resources ( shares & printers) are down
Resolution 5025498: H4-P2 (AT&T) Products do not have Signal or Lack of Network Attachment at Power up.
Resolution 5025515: Change to set status of "RING" for C1
Resolution 5025631: Known issue with XP SP2 and/or old versions of Usbser.sys
Resolution 5025699: Modem is reporting Disabled - SIM Inactive, signal = 0
Resolution 5025732: Cannot find the ESN for -C1 product
Resolution 5026012: Connection to share fails indicating "SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.
Resolution 5026236: Merge vs Replace Contact Records ( Existing Contact Records with Similar Information Appear to be Lost or are now Missing )
Resolution 5026502: Modem does not detect RING from Viking DLE-200B Line Simulator.
Resolution 5026696: Cover page creation via Adobe Acrobat Pro X (version 10)
Resolution 5026938: Modem reverts to PSTN when set for leased line operation
Resolution 5026951: How do you run Flash Wizard in developer's mode
Resolution 5026956: How to flash upgrade a modem set for Out Of Band Management (%R1)
Resolution 5027016: Verizon Modem (-N3) not answering inbound Circuit Switched Data (CSD) calls
Resolution 5027253: Error responses to AT+CSQ , AT+CREG (+CPIN: PH-NET PIN)
Resolution 5027517: Answering Circuit Switched Data ( CSD ) calls
Resolution 5027899: Problem with response to +CMGL
Resolution 5028007: AT^SCKS sometimes returns inaccurate results
Resolution 5028162: +CLCK command returns ERROR
Resolution 5029876: FaxFinder Client Exception Error Uninitialized Constant Outlook
Resolution 5030583: Semicolon in password causes password protected screens not to work
Resolution 5031075: RING detect from German analog phone line
Resolution 5031436: FaxFinder client ArgumentError: marshal data too short
Resolution 5031464: MVP software GUI does not seem to work
Resolution 5031541: FaxFinder Inbound Routing and Cisco Unified Communication Servers - Problems Detecting DTMF
Resolution 5031569: FaxFinder - Modem init string options when having trouble faxing from behind PBX
Resolution 5031612: WIPSoft FTP Client -- Problem with FTP binary mode
Resolution 5031946: Diagnostic/Boot mode stuck on after firmware update
Resolution 5031974: When sending a fax via T.37 without using a cover page, the first page faxed is blank
Resolution 5032044: Error when installing client software in XP: Error in function dAddPrinterDriver2, Error code: 126
Resolution 5032543: Router (Out Of Band Management) for MT9234ZBA products.
Resolution 5032737: How do I disable the modem speaker when answering faxes with Mac OS X
Resolution 5032767: common custom cover page issues
Resolution 5032864: FF240-IP work around for Allworx 6x (Alworx 6x does not support T.38)
Resolution 5033079: Reboot the MTCBA-x-EN from the command shell
Resolution 5033726: Renaming Client printer affects print capture ability
Resolution 5033860: GSM/GPRS device not functioning with a specific SIM
Resolution 5034170: Is it possible to use the rCell to communicate directly to the radio via serial port
Resolution 5034434: rCell does not boot (Status LED never starts blinking)
Resolution 5034894: The current language is not supported by the device Driver Installation Wizard
Resolution 5034926: Faxfinder crashes on Windows 7 and won't relaunch
Resolution 5035371: Install issues on Windows embedded OS's with MT9234 product line
Resolution 5035794: Inbound routing of e-mails is failing
Resolution 5036356: Out of Band Management Configuration Suggestions for MT5600 or MT5656 products.
Resolution 5036615: COM Ports do not match phone port numbers on ISI9234PCIE card.
Resolution 5036820: Receive a 608 or 612 after only sending a few sendmsg API requests
Resolution 5037330: Slash in recipient name or line name causes share writing to fail
Resolution 5037714: Deciphering the CCID in the H3 radio
Resolution 5039434: How do I change the MTU for the WAN interface on the rCell
Resolution 5039531: MultiVoIP isn't responding to traceroute packets
Resolution 5039630: Can I use my own certificate on the FaxFinder
Resolution 5040046: Async Buffer Overrun Firmware Support for the MT9234ZBA.
Resolution 5041869: How do I re-flash when the WDT is enabled
Resolution 5042561: How to restore factory defaults in Multi-tech's old IP stack, before UIP
Resolution 5042734: unable to log in as admin due to lost/forgotten password for the admin
Resolution 5043055: Garbled data, symbols, wrong font
Resolution 5043059: In heavy fax environments the FaxFinder client may crash or close by itself
Resolution 5043169: Obtaining SMS delivery and confirmation with H5 modem
Resolution 5043380: Cannot SSH to FaxFinder nor send outbound faxes, but web works
Resolution 5043797: Internal analog modem with lack of CTS on certain Linux systems
Resolution 5044400: Non-volatile store while +CFUN=7 or +CFUN=9
Resolution 5044443: Modem enumerates as a different device on Linux and Mac OS X systems
Resolution 5044662: Determine MultiVOIP's current IP address via console connection
Resolution 5044674: How do I add a new printer driver in the FaxFinder
Resolution 5044759: How to change G2 or G-F4 Carrier Frequency using AT commands for different regions around the globe.
Resolution 5045014: Voice TAPI does not work in Windows 2008 or Windows 7 but does in older Operating Systems.
Resolution 5045587: MT9234 USB Modem Differences
Resolution 5046045: How to get immediate disconnect when using MVPs with Bogen TAM-B paging modules
Resolution 5048420: Received fax has missing lines and is unreadable.
Resolution 5048470: I have a Boston Scientific Latitude device and a MT200A2W - how do I get assistance
Resolution 5049440: Using Voice mode with Analog Modems
Resolution 5049554: Serial port issues on internal modem cards with Linux Kernel 3.8.x
Resolution 5049579: FaxFinder FFx40 fails to check for updates
Resolution 5049656: UIP - setup example for UDP
Resolution 5049681: ERROR response to +CMGS command
Resolution 5049850: Corrupt faxes being received when sent from Adobe Acrobat or Reader
Resolution 5049890: Stack dump when calling device.upload() as non-root user
Resolution 5050017: Recognition of T.37 sender email address
Resolution 5050046: How do I manually configure the MCC/MNC codes
Resolution 5050265: Sending SMS via telnet using rCell causes a lockup
Resolution 5050448: Get Internal Server Error for the Inbound Fax Log page
Resolution 5051018: Windows 2012 R2 or 8.1 using MS Fax and Scan
Resolution 5051070: Outbound fax needs SIP From configured
Resolution 5052858: DSR is stuck on.
Resolution 5052887: What is the name for the size/format of the SIM card used by Multi-Tech's GSM/GPRS/HSPA cellular products

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