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Choosing a Multi-Tech FaxFinder Fax Server

To determine how many ports are needed for your work environment, estimate the amount of fax traffic the server will need to handle in a peak eight-hour period. Take into account heavier traffic times and add more ports if needed. In addition, consider how those needs might grow in the future. The table below may provide guidelines for selecting the appropriate model.

Pages per 8-Hour period FaxFinder® Analog FaxFinder® IP
960 pages FF240 2 port FF240-IP 2 channel
1,920 pages FF440 4 port FF240-IP 4 channel *
2,880 pages FF840 8 port FF240-IP 6 channel *
3,840 pages FF840 8 port FF240-IP 8 channel *
Use Cases
  • POTS lines
  • IP Phone System through station ports
  • Legacy Phone Systems
  • SIP Trunks direct to FaxFinder
  • IP Phone System through SIP and T.38
  • Connects to LAN via RJ-45 connector
  • Analog Station ports on PBX
  • Connects to LAN via RJ-45 connector
  • SIP Trunk License on PBX

* FaxFinder IP hardware supports 2 channels, and is field-upgradeable to 4-, 6-, or 8-channels using 2-channel upgrades

Note: This conservative calculation is based on a 60KB page transmitted at 9600 baud. Actual pages transmitted may be higher.

All FaxFinder Fax Servers Offer:
  • Turnkey solution
  • 2-year standard warranty
  • No per seat licensing fees

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