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MultiConnect® eCell

LTE Cellular to Ethernet Bridge (MTE Series)

The MultiConnect® eCell cellular to Ethernet bridge makes adding cellular connectivity to existing wired assets quick and easy. Providing wireless failover to prevent network outages to vending machines, kiosks, digital signs, ATM machines and countless other fixed assets that require reliable, always-on connectivity. With 4G-LTE, there's no need to sacrifice bandwidth when switching between cellular and Ethernet. Plus, it's easy set up wizard, bundled antenna, power supply and Ethernet cable make installation a snap. Best of all, it's cost-optimized to give you exactly what you need with minimal complexity in a rugged, aluminum chassis suitable for even extreme environments. And with FCC, IC, PTCRB and carrier certifications, the MultiConnect eCell reduces time to market as well as cost - so you can deploy your solution fast. 

Learn more - Webinar: Bridge Wired Assets to Cellular Connectivity and Stay Connected.


  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Long and stable lifecycles
  • Certified and carrier approved


  • 4G-LTE with 3G HSPA+ fallback for AT&T/T-Mobile networks
  • 1 Ethernet LAN port 
  • Reset push button
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Two-year warranty, upgradeable to five years
LTE Cellular to Ethernet Bridge for AT&T/T-Mobile Networks

LTE Cat 3 Cellular to Ethernet Bridge w/US Accessory Kit

North America